Just a story that came into my head, yes it is another Namiku AU fic. My friend and I came up with this during our free time in English. Hope you enjoy

'Why did I decide to do this?' I thought to myself as I hid in the darkness of the tree branches. My long midnight black coat was the perfect camouflage for this time of night.

The wind began to pick up slightly, but did not cause me to lose my balance. My grip tightened onto my Way to Dawn keyblade as I waited impatiently waited for the right time to infiltrate the abandoned mansion in front of me. A few drops of rain began to fall, though this did not faze me. My eyes bore holes into the dark window, trying to see for any kind of movement in the room.

'This is supposed to be a simple assassination mission Riku. Just slip inside and get it over with,' I tried telling myself, the sooner that I was done with this mission...the better.

'The Organization just had to assign me one more mission…even though my last mission had just ended hours ago,' I sighed as I thought of the events that had put me in this predicament.


"Back already Riku?" I heard Saix ask as I walked through the long white corridors.

"Yeah…the old man never stood a chance," I replied with a cocky grin.

Saix just sighed at my actions, "One day that attitude is going to get you killed boy."

I stopped and focused my aqua eyes at the scar-faced man. "Is that a threat Saix?"

The man merely shook his head, "No it's just a fact…I can see it happening."

"Whatever. I need to go report to Xemnas that the mission was a success, " I said, ignoring his words.

I have been an assassin for Organization XII for as long as I can remember. During that time, Saix and I never really got along, he always thought that he knew everything and would always be a kiss ass to the founder of the Organization.

'But I would always come out the victor when it came to dueling,' I thought proudly, remembering when I had fought Saix last time I had crushed him horribly.

Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, had turned me into the perfect silent killer. He taught me how to wield a keyblade properly, making me would go under intense training night and day until I was able to master one skill. It was hard at first and sometimes I would even stay up for seven days straight trying to perfect the moves, but in the end, it was all worth it. He also taught me many types of level three magic skills; I had been his most treasured student even though I was not an official member of the Organization. It was probably because I was able to wield the power of darkness and Xemnas took full advantage of it on each mission he sent me on.

At the end of the corridor, I could see two large white double doors; each one was engraved with the number thirteen on it. I did not have to move a muscle as I approached the door since they had opened automatically.

'This room always looked so strange,' I thought ramdomly as I took in my surroundings.

It was a large, circular room with thirteen thrones placed along the surrounding walls. The thrones each had a Roman numeral number for its designated member. I walked into the middle of the large room and stood in front of the largest throne. A hooded figure sat patiently, waiting for me to begin my explanation.

"Xemnas. The mission was a success; the mayor of Destiny Islands has been assassinated," I stated as I lowered myself to one knee.

The man nodded, "Excellent Riku. It's good to hear that everything went according to plan," he replied in a monotone voice.

I stood up and was about to make my exit until I heard Xemnas call my name. "Riku there is something else."

I looked at him curiously; this usually did not happen unless it was very important. "What is it Xemnas?"

"I need you to go on one more mission…this one is of great importance. I feel that I can only entrust it to you…my best student," He said.

"What is it that you need me to do?" On the inside, I was a little aggravated because I was exhausted from the previous mission, but I kept my mouth shut about that, cringing at the thought of pissing off the Superior.

"Axel has the mission folder in the meeting room," Xemnas replied, pointing to a small door over in the corner of the room.

I silently made my way to the door and entered the room. It wasn't as big as the throne room and it only contained a white desk located on the other side. This was where all missions assigned to the designated assassins or members were given. Axel sat on top of the desk with a manila folder in his hand. A glint of annoyance in his sea foam eyes as I approached him.

"Xemnas sent me here to receive the mission?" I asked, waiting impatiently for him to hand me the folder.

"Yeah Yeah I know already," He said, slowly getting up from his spot. I thought it was amazing how his red spiky hair was able to defy the laws of gravity.

"Oh yeah the name of the person you supposed to dispose of is Namine. Got it memorized?" he asked.

"Yeah I got it," I said as I emptied the contents of the folder onto the desk in front of me.

"I have to go meet Roxas at the Memory Skyscraper, so I'll catch you later." The sound of the door clicked silently behind me.

My eyes carefully scanned the background of the target. Blue eyes, blond hair, Caucasian, around five foot two; just from reading about her I could tell she was not bad looking. Then something caught my eye as I read the last paragraph.

'No wonder Xemnas is worried about her. She is a witch with the power to alter people's memories.'

That definitely explained why Xemnas was entrusting this mission to me. My power over darkness could easily corrupt this little girl.

I sighed before summoning my keyblade to my side, looking at the document again.

'Twilight Town huh? Well I guess I better get going. The sooner I get this over with the better.'

End Flashback

The rain began to pour down harder, soaking me to the bone. Strands of silver were plastered against my face; I continued to grow impatient as I waited for the clock to signal midnight.

'What is it with midnight anyway?' I asked myself.

The sound of a small chime in the distance could be heard coming from train station in the middle of the plaza. A smirk made its way across my face; finally, I was just about to go insane.

I easily slipped through the second story window of the large mansion into what looked to be some kind of library. The target's room was on the other side of the house, it would not have been a wise decision to jump into her bedroom since she could still be awake.

'This is supposed to be a stealth mission after all,' I thought as I silently opened the door, which lead into the Grand Foyer. I took note of the debris that lay at the bottom of the stairs and the rubble that was piled up against the door.

'Someone hasn't been taking care of this place.'

I stealthily made continued my way past the stairs, coming to a halt in front of an oak door. I didn't understand why there were butterflies in my stomach at that precise moment, this type of behavior was unusual for me. I carefully placed a gloved hand on the brass doorknob, the door made a small creak as I eased it open.

'Geez more white?!' The room was completely white, very similar to the halls of Castle Oblivion.

The only difference was that there were many drawings that decorated the walls, making it a little livelier than that of my home. My eyes came to a halt on a petite figure in a white dress who was sitting on one of the many white chairs. Some golden strands falling gracefully down her shoulder. Her back was to me, she seemed so caught up in scribbling lines into her sketchbook that she didn't notice that a stranger had come into her room ready to take her life.

'This…must be Namine,' I thought to myself as I summoned my keyblade to my hand once again.

I watched in amusement as Namine jumped slightly out of her seat at the sound.

"W-Who's there?" she asked in a frightened tone. She began to turn around and gasped at the sight of me.

'Her voice…' there was something about it that made me want to melt, but I kept my composure. The mission was of greater importance at the moment, I couldn't let my concentration fall.

"What do you want?" she slightly shouted, quickly getting up from her chair, which caused her to drop her sketchbook.

I said nothing as I continued to slowly advance towards her, like a predator stalking its prey. The hood over my face and a combination of my silver bangs made it difficult to get a good look at her face. Namine had backed herself into a corner with nowhere to go. A smirk had found its way to my face once again.

'This is going to be easier than I expected. I don't need to use my powers on her,' I thought as I pointed my blade at her heart.

It was then that our eyes met, hers the most brilliant shade of blue. They could almost be compared to sapphires. There was something about those eyes that made my mind scream for me to stop, that I would regret it. I felt that I couldn't look away from her.

'What the hell is she doing to me?' She must have been using her power to control my mind or whatever it is she does.

"P-Please don't…" she pleaded as she lowered her head, hiding her eyes under her bangs.

A battle was being fought inside me, as sobs could be heard coming from the young witch. I raised my blade over my head and swiftly began to aim it at the girl's beating heart.

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