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It was an unbelievably bright day today. Too bright for someone feeling as dead on the inside as I was at the moment. I let out a sigh as I closed my eyes, allowing the breeze to play with my hair, allowing the sound of the waves to overtake me. It had been a week since we had crash landed on the shoreline of Destiny Islands, we still haven't heard word from Axel saying that the others were alright and we weren't in any position at the moment to leave this world. I looked into the deep blue ocean, this was the last place I wanted to be right now, but it seemed that we were stuck here for a little while. A few days ago Roxas tried to summon a portal to take us to Twilight Town, only to discover that the links to all the worlds have been broken. Now here I was, in the only world I had tried to avoid coming to. It felt like an eternity before I willed myself to kneel down in front of the lone tombstone overlooking the ocean.

"Hey," I spoke in a dead voice.

I finally gained the courage to visit this place after one week of avoiding it, Roxas told me the location and so here I was. It was strange talking to an object that I knew wouldn't reply back. My heart felt heavy as the silence slowly started to suffocate me. I buried my head into my knees, my breathing suddenly becoming very heavy. Why? That was the question I always wondered. Why did this kind of thing always happen to me? I balled my hand in a fist and punched the ground; the pain somehow made me forget my inner torment for the moment. I stared blankly at my swollen hand; Roxas was going to kill me. I looked back to the tombstone. My bangs shielding my face to hide the pain that was evident in my eyes.

"I'm sorry that I haven't visited you recently," I spoke barely above a whisper, "It's…hard. That's all," I explained.

I gritted my teeth together as a single tear slid down my face, "I'm sorry that I never got to tell you I love you before you died."

The wind suddenly began to pick up as clouds of gray began to cover up the setting sun. A ghost of a smile fell upon my face.

'How fitting,' I thought to myself as I turned my eyes up to the sky.

"You're crying aren't you?" I sighed, "You know I hated when you did that."

I felt a drop of rain fall onto my arm which slowly turned into a slow downpour. The weather always seemed like it corresponded with my moods. Despite the fact that he was dead now, I could never forgive Xemnas for the pain that he had caused me. I wished that I could revive him and kill him repeatedly.

"Please don't cry," I said, "You always worried about me more than yourself…its what got you killed in the end."

I thought I heard a small rumble of thunder spread across the sky, like she was arguing back at me. A smile fell on my countenance as I pictured her facial expression after trying not to think about her for so long.

I sighed again, looking at the gray stone, "You never really listened anyway did you?"

The sound of faint footsteps approaching caused me to turn around, my broken stare laying eyes on my blond companion. I immediately turned back around, hiding the shame of showing any weakness, I hated when anybody saw me like this. The footsteps came closer until they stopped right behind me. I felt a hand fall onto my shoulder gripping it tightly, for some odd reason that made me feel slightly better.

"You know you'll get sick if you stand out in this type of weather," I spoke, not taking my eyes off the tombstone.

A chuckle was my only reply, "The same could be said about you."

I allowed a smile to fall on my face for the first time that day as I slowly got up, dusting my wet clothes off, "Well unlike you, I wasn't the one who was almost killed," I argued childishly as I turned around to face cerulean eyes.

"Am I right Namine?"

She smiled up at me lovingly, "I guess that is true…but still I was worried about you. You know I hate when you do this."

I turned to look at the tombstone, "I can't help it…this was the first time I have visited my mother's grave since Xemnas took me under his wing," I explained, my voice growing colder at the mention of that man.

I felt arms wrapped around my waist, "I'm sorry Riku. Roxas told me about what happened to your family…I didn't know."

Riku shrugged, "Don't worry. She died trying to protect me. It's not something that I like discussing, I haven't thought about it in so long anyway. Xemnas…almost took everything away from me again," I said as I took one of her hands in mine.


I didn't reply, I just relished the feeling of her being at my side again. I would never ever let her go, I had lost her once and I was damn sure that I would never let that happen again.

"Was it true?" I suddenly ask.

I suddenly felt her eyes on my face, but I kept my gaze fixated on my mother's grave.

"Was what true Riku?" she asked confusedly.

I looked down at her face, seriousness was written all across my face I'm sure, "Your final words. That you always loved me. Was that true?"

Namine's eye widened and faint flush appeared on her cheeks, "U-Um…w-well…"

I waited patiently for her to compose her self, "Of course it was true," she stated.

The anguish that had been lying dormant in my soul slowly started to evaporate the moment those words escaped her mouth, I leaned in and placed my lips on top of hers. I listened as her breath caught in her throat from my impulsive actions, but returned the kiss a few seconds later. I pulled away after a moment.

"Did I ever tell you I feel the same?" I whispered in her ear.

I watched from the corner of my eye as the tears began to fall, a joyful smile on her face.

"Oh Riku," she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I wrapped my arms around her tiny form, fearing that she would disappear if I let go. If she happened to die that day, I would have died along side her. I was beyond relieved when I realized that Roxas and I had made it on time. The rain began to dwindle, the sun revealing itself through the clouds. Mom was happy, I could tell.

"Hey guys!"

Speaking of Roxas. I opened my eyes to see him running towards us, a note held in between his gloved fingers. We broke apart in that moment as he reached us, out of breath from running.

"What's up?" I asked.

"They're safe," Roxas said excitedly as he held out the note, "Axel and the others are safe. They've taken residence in Hollow Bastion. Zexion's trying to find a way here as we speak."

I sighed in relief, "Good. I hate to admit it but I was kinda worried about them," I looked down to Namine, "We should head back, you're soaked."

Namine looked up to me and smiled, "Okay."

I entwined my fingers with hers, to which Roxas smiled, as the three of us returned to the inn we were taking refuge in since landing on Destiny Islands. Who knew how much longer the bridge to the worlds would remain broken, I knew that Roxas would want to find Axel and Namine would want to return to Twilight Town the moment the worlds were connected again. I tightened my grip on her hand…and I would follow her.

'Someday we'll be able to go back,' I thought as I looked down at her, thanking whoever was in charge in heaven that they allowed her to live. I would never let her leave my side again.

'When one isn't afraid to give up everything he has, he will be able to gain so much more in return.'

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