…Shi to Ai no Yakusoku…

Chapter 1: Game Over

Yagami Light… L… KIRA… Trapped in the corner of the warehouse. His body covered in blood from Matsuda's gunshots. He faces Ryuku and begs him for life.

"Light… it's game over." Said Ryuku.

"Kira, you have no escape. Please submit yourself." Said the boy named Nate River, also known as Near.

"Ryuku…" in agony, Light's face is full of desperation.

Ryuku flies beside Light. His shinigami features don't express his feelings. One thing he didn't do is get his Death Note. "Since Light entertained me, I should do something for you. Even I'm a shinigami, I can help you." Said Ryuku. His usual tone doesn't change much in any emotion he is in.

All the SPK and NPA members shiver of fear. Ryuku will help Light? He will use his Death Note to save Light? No… Ryuku will not sacrifice his life for Light.

"If your catching Kira then you should catch me. I can hand over the notebooks to anyone here in the world, you know. However, I'm going back to the Shinigami Realm." Ryuku looks at Light. "Light, forfeit the ownership of the notebook." Said Ryuku.

"Ryuku…?" Light has no idea what is Ryuku is about to do; with all the fear of being caught he couldn't think anything else but to beg for his life.

Ryuku then faces the SPK and NPA members. "Isn't pointless to execute a memory less criminal, right? In this case, it's not amnesia so the memories of once Light became Kira will not come back unless he comes contact with the notebook. The notebook will take away Light's memories of the existence of the notebook."

The Kira investigation team members murmured to each other. Near simply stares at Light then thinks over what Ryuku said.

"Don't worry. I had enough entertainment so I won't come back here. I want you to let Light go. Without the memories and the notebooks back to the Shinigami Realm, Light will live a great detective. Like you said, Light surpassed Near and L. He lost because Near and Mello combined powers. He would be good use in the human world, right?" said Ryuku. Now, this is the end of his nice explanations, "If you still plan to execute Light then I will come back here and create chaos again with my notebook." He said with a threatening voice.

Ryuku's threat rings into each person's ears. Everybody murmured again to each other.

Near stops staring at Light, he looks at different angle then looks at Ryuku. "Deal then. We won't tell anyone that Yagami Light is Kira and we will let him live a normal life… as long as you keep your promise, Shinigami Ryuku." Said Near.

"Let me have last words for Light." Said Ruyku.

Matsuda helps Light sit up.

Ryuku looks at Light, "Remember that I will come back to you. I will write your name when the time comes. Remu sacrificed her life for Misa so she gained the lifespan of Remu. Take good care of her, Light." He plays his fingers, thinking of any other things to say. "Oh! I will be watching you from the Shinigami Realm so I will be able to witness your wedding. He, he" laughed Ryuku.

"Oh yeah! The wedding! That's something that's interesting to see." Joked Matsuda as if Kira does not exist anymore.

"If the deal is set then Light, forfeit your ownership." Ryuku swings and waves his right arm.

"Ryuku… I never thought you would let me live… If you will give me a chance to live as Yagami Light then I will not refuse to. Ryuku… I forfeit the ownership of the Death Note." Light could barely speak with the wounds in his body.

Ryuku takes the notebook in Mogi's chest then pass through the concrete wall to take the other notebook that Light owned.

"So the Kira case ended like this… in the end, Kira is impossible to catch." Said Matsuda.

"Kira exist forever, eh?" Near stands up, "Take Yagami Light to the hospital."

"Hai (yes)" Matsuda answered obediently. He carries Light up.

Mogi helps Matsuda carry Light outside. Light lost his conscious the moment he forfeited the ownership of the notebook. It's almost two in the afternoon. Even this event lasted in less than an hour, it seems so long.

In the middle of the night, Light wakes up. He looks around the room and finds himself lying down in a hospital bed. "Why am I here?" he asked to himself. He tries to move to reach his watch but pain in his body stops him. His hands and some other parts of the body are wrapped in bandages. "No wander I'm here… but why do I have these wounds?" He digs up the pile of memories… "I was shot by… Matsuda? For what?" he couldn't remember anything about the Death Note.

He stops thinking because it seems useless to think about it now. He decides to go back to bed but he hears something.


Light hears a familiar voice; a voice of a girl that he knew. He looks at the bedside and to his surprise Misa is sleeping.

"Misa…" he tries to pat her but his hand is so painful. Even with the pain, he forcefully wanted to touch Misa.

The dark room lightens; the cloud that hid the moon drifts off. Light notices it then decides to go back to bed. The moon is spectacularly beautiful.

This is my first Death Note fanfic. When I finished reading the manga a week ago, I was terribly feeling uneasy. At that time, I surfed the internet and found a site where you can type in a fan created Death Note. I wrote Light's and Misa's name. I'm adding the post that I typed in the online Death Note in the last chapter. I'm a Light fan but I'm not a Kira fan so I made this story come out that Light ended his career as KIRA then starts a new life.