…Peaceful Green Love…

Chapter1: Aotsuki Kurenai Tanjyo

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'I'm Kunogi Midori, Gotei 13 5th division captain. I just became captain last June. My cousin Rokuda Murasaki became captain of the 9th division in July after we had a match for the position of the 5th division captain. I thought she was my sister but it turned out that she's my cousin. Hitsugaya Toushirou and Hinamori Momo are my childhood friends until now'

I left Seireitai for 30 years to train so I could protect Momo-chan. When I came home, Seireitai had already finished the war with Aizen. Gotei 13 needed two new captains and I volunteered to be captain of the 5th division.

When autums started, an espada with the rank number 0 and name Cero (means zero) made war with us shinigamis. With Toushirou-kun, Momo-chan and Murasaki-chan we were able to beat the ultimate espada.

Everything didn't go well at that time. Toushirou-kun confessed his love to me but I left him hanging. I thought he gave up on me but he didn't. I thought Momo-chan hated me so I thought I should blame it to Toushirou-kun but in the end it was my fault for not answering him when he confessed. I politely rejected him and wished for harmony among us.'

October comes. The air becomes dry. The leaves of the trees are falling faster as the autumn deepens.

"I'm Aotsuki Kurenai." Bowed a girl about Hinamori's age. Her hair is blue as the clear waters. Her eyes are Deep Ocean blue. Her lips are pink and fair skinned. Such beauty came to the higher ranks. "I'm the new vice-captain of the 13th division." Said Aotsuki politely.

"At last you got a vice-captain, Ukitake taichou." Kyoraku taps Ukitake's shoulder.

After for so long, the 13th division finally have a vice-captain after Kuchiki Rukia killed vice-captain Shiba Kaien. Ukitake had a hard time keeping his work in tuck with his weak body. Now, he can rest longer with a new vice-captain.

October 1, the story continues.

The weather is pleasantly cool. The cool breeze carries cool and dry wind. Along with the breeze, leaves of Momiji (resembles like Maple leaves) tag along.

"Konnichiwa, Toushirou-kun!!!" Kunogi went in the 10th division office.

Hinamori and Rokuda tagged along. They are holding four medium sized traditional bento boxes (lunch box). They came to the 10th division to eat lunch together.

"Nee nee! Did you hear that Otusan has a new vice-captain? I was shocked that it wasn't Kotetsu Kiyone or Kotsubaki Sentaro. I think they deserve to be Otousan's vice-captain but both of them couldn't be vice-captain at once…" said Kunogi.

"Ukitake taichou lost his vice-captain long ago and he got a new one just now. Now the vice-captains are complete so I think it's okay." Said Hinamori. She takes a bit of her onigiri (hand packed rice triangles).

Rokuda simply didn't react. She continues to eat the bento Hinamori made.

Hitsugaya swallows the chicken karaage (fried chicken) in his mouth. "I'm impressed with this bentou. I was surprised that Momo made this. If it's something to do with ART then I only expect Midori to make bento." Said Hitsugaya.

"Impossible! I can't make cook meals! I tend to burn them in the fry pan and I can't cut vegetables properly. I can only make sweets." Said Kunogi. She picked up a lump of stir fried bean sprouts and eats it with great joy.

"You burn? I can't believe it…" said Hitsugaya.

Rokuda speaks, "You know, when I was with Midori when we were still known to each other as sisters, I was in Hell when Midori cooks. Terrible experience, I say."

"That was mean, Murasaki-chan!" yelled Kunogi. "Mine is not that Hell but it's just not good."

"I can't believe Midori can't cook meals… I thought you're perfect in the field of arts. So you have a black spot…" Hitsugaya finishes his first onigiri.

"I'm not perfect so don't expect me too much." Kunogi takes a bit of her onigiri.

They all ate their lunch peacefully. After they ate lunch they went out to take a walk at the lake. The sun's rays are not stinging their skins so they stayed as long as they want.

Kunogi decides to bring an apple pie for her foster parents so she left them first. Hitsugaya went back to his office to clean up the works Matsumoto left (She slacked off again!!!!). Rokuda and Hinamori continue to stay beside the lake to have a little chat.

"Otusan!!" called Kunogi. She runs quietly through the 13th division hallways.

Ukitake is currently talking to his new vice-captain. He notices Kunogi calling him. "Midori!" called Ukitake.

Kunogi stops then shows Ukitake her apple pie. "I made some apple pie so eat it with Okasan."

Ukitake receives the pie, "Arigatou (Thank you), Midori."


The new vice-captain calls attention. "Well, well… Isn't she Kunogi Midori taichou? Nice to meet you, I'm Aotsuki Kurenai." She extends her aight arm to shake hands with Kunogi.

"Hajimemashite, Aotsuki-san" Kunogi shakes hands with Aotsuki.

When they break off the hands, Aotsuki speaks "well, as you are a captain, I think you should act more formal during office hours like now. Captains should make good example." lectured Aotsuki.

"It's okay, Aotsuki. She's my foster daughter so let her be." Said Ukitake, defending his loved foster daughter.

Aotsuki grins. She makes a bow, "I apologize for my rudeness." Then she leaves.

The next day, Hitsugaya, Hinamori and Kunogi are walking along the park side of Seireitai. The scenery of the autumn leaves falling is spectacular.

Kunogi notices Aotsuki sitting by herself near by.

"Aotsuki!!" called Kunogi.

Aotsuki quickly notices the calling Kunogi but her gaze is not on Kunogi. She springs out of seat and dashes her way to the three.

Her focus goes to Hitsugaya, "You must be Hitsugaya Toushirou! Such cute captain!" She suddenly wraps her arms around Hitsugaya and rubs her cheeks on Hitsugaya.

"Hey! Stop it!" Kunogi pulls Aotsuki away from Hitsugaya. "What are you doing?! You lectured me yesterday that you should be formal during formal hours."

Aotsuki poses with arrogance in her face, "Captains are meant to be the examples of the subordinates. My captain does it, so do I."

Kunogi's blood seems to be boiling. She hates this new vice-captain. Her thought of Kiyone or Sentaro being vice-captain becomes a wish. She takes Hitsugaya and Hinamori and leaves Aotsuki without greetings.

In a mansion far away…

"Father… Mother, I'm taking my leave to search for a girl who's worth to be my wife. Good bye." The boy is wearing a traditional shinigami's black kimono. He leaves his mansion and went to Seireitai.

In the captain's meeting…

"Wai!!" Kunogi jumped in joy.

"What??" the rest couldn't believe.

Yamamoto said "This month we will have a festival. Part one is Undokai (Sports fest) and the other is Gekishoubai (Stage play). It's for the officials to stretch their backs from the everyday paper works so be happy about it."

After the captain's meeting…

"Isn't exiting!? I love Undokai!!!" Kunogi is in a state of hyper again.

"Shouldn't you shiver to the bones? I thought you hate stage plays." Said Rokuda.

Kunogi did shiver. "We-well… I'm participating it as a costume and makeup artist…!"

"You can't only do that. Yamamoto shoutaichou said everyone should act." Said Rokuda in a scary tone.

"Waa!! Don't say like that, Murasaki-chan!" Kunogi curled her body and hid her head.

Somewhere near…

'This is the way out from the captain's meeting hall…. I should wait for someone to come out…' thought the boy from the mansion.

The first to come out is Kyoraku and Ukitake… 'Agr, both males…' Next came out are Hitsugaya, Kuchiki and Kurotsuchi… 'More males!' then at last Soi Fong comes out… 'Not her… look at her expression, she looks scary.' Thought the boy.

Dashing in the hallway is Kunogi. The boy had struck his eyes on her. 'Perfect!'

Next comeing out is Komamura and Rokuda. Since Komamura is huge and Rokuda is small, Rokuda wasn't seen.

The boy follows Kunogi until they are on the way to the 5th division. His chance for asking her hand to marriage in the quiet walkway with autumn leaves raining is such perfect place.

"Soko no kawaii ojyou-sama! (The cute little lady over there!)" The boy shows himself.

Kunogi turns her attention to the boy. She wonders who is he; she never saw him before. "What is it?" asked Kunogi.

The boy takes Kunogi's right hand gently, "My name is Matsutake Matsukichi. It's my pleasure to meet you."

Kunogi slides her hand off from Matsutake. She bows a little, "I'm Kunogi Midori, nice to meet you." Said Kunogi in a polite manner.

"Midori… nice peaceful name. Midori, I…" he takes her hand again but Kunogi makes the stage play ruined.

"AAAHHH!!! I forgot to submit this to Yama-jiisan!" Kunogi pulls out a piece of paper tied with a green string. "Gomen ne (I'm sorry), Matsutake-kun. I have to go for a while. Please wait me at the 5th division office." Kunogi with shunpo disappears.

"Eh?" Matsutake is left blankly.

He has no choice but to go to Kunogi's office and wait. He followed the straight path and he sees the 5th division building soon. He enters the building and he asks for direction from a member of the 5th division.

Matsutake knocks the door.

"Come in" answered Hinamori.

Matsutake opens the door and enters the room. He finds another girl with the same age as Kunogi sitting at her desk doing her paper works. He finds her beauty attractive but what deserves him is a captain so he didn't give interest on her.

Hinamori stops writing then faces Matsutake. "Anything you want?" asked Hinamori.

"I'm told by Kunogi taichou to wait for her here." Answered Matsutake.

"Have a seat over there." Hinamori pointed at the single seat couch.

He patiently waits for Kunogi. His mind wonders for his next action, recreating his well-laid plans. Minutes later, Kunogi comes in.

Kunogi sits at her seat in her desk. "Well, what is it, Matsumoto-kun?" asked Kunogi.

'The mood is ruined… anyway' he thought that this is his chance so he just bares the fact that he lost the great chance. "Kunogi Midori, Ore to kekon shite kudasai. (Please marry me)" said Matsutake in formal manner.

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