…Peaceful Green Love…

Chapter 16: Kyodai

'There must be a way!'

Aizawa Teahouse…

"Nee Toushirou-chan… I want you to speak this time." Begged Aotsuki.

"Eh?" responded Hitsugaya.

"It's not "eh?" but talk! I want to know about you." Aotsuki neatly lays her chin over her hands while her elbows stands stable on the wooden table.

"Well, I have nothing much to tell…" muttered Hitsugaya.

"There are! I want to know what kind of food do you like… what color is your favorite… how was your childhood… like that!" she exclaimed.

"Eh… Well, I like watermelon." He told Aotsuki; it was unlike of him. The proud 10th division captain usually doesn't open himself to conversations relating to his personal information especially to souls he considers as co-workers.

"Watermelons… So you like summer." She smiled.

"No, I hate summer." He said in a monotone.

"Really? Oh... you have the ice zanpaktou so you prefer winter." She looks at Hitsugaya with eager to obtain more of his personal information.

"Yeah…" he barely speaks. He avoids speaking but Aotsuki forces him to speak. Aotsuki continuously asks questions since Hitsugaya won't bring up a topic to talk about.

5th division office…

Kunogi opens the door. To her surprise… Rokuda is doing her paper works in her desk.

Rokuda drops her brush, "Midori…" she whispered.

"Mu-Murasaki-chan… why are you doing my paper works?" she spoke like she hesitated.

Silence takes the whole scenery, Kunogi remained standing at the doorway. Rokuda motionlessly sits at the chair while the brush she was using a while ago rolls down to the floor.

"Midori… please come back here." Said Rokuda in a calm state. Then suddenly, she springs up from the chair. "I won't let that Aotsuki ruin everyone's life! I'm looking for a way to remove the seal!" she exclaimed with desperateness.

"Murasaki-chan…" a drop of tear falls off her right eye. "Arigatou Murasaki-chan… I never consider any other than you as my sister… even we're really cousins." She dashes towards Rokuda to accept her warming embrace.

As Kunogi sobs at Rokuda, Rokuda lightly pats her back. "Are you sure your older than me? If we're sisters, I'm more fit to be the elder."

"Aho (idiot) Murasaki-chan… I'm older than you. It's obvious that I'm the older sister. But you act more like my older sister…" Kunogi stops crying, in fact, she starts to smile even some tears are trickling down her cheeks.

"Midori, finish up the paper works now." The heartwarming sibling-love atmosphere vanished as Rokuda reverts back to her cool state.

"Paper works… Murasaki-chan… help me finish them! Then after work, let's make a cake!" she begged Rokuda.

"Cake? I want your special mixed berry short cake." Rokuda stiffly smiled.

"Then let's start!" the two captains work side-by-side in the desk to finish the remaining work. Within 30 minutes, they are able to finish the work. As soon as the last paper is signed, the two captains rush to the kitchen to start baking their special mixed berry short cake.

"Midori, I will find out how to remove the seal. You continue to act as if your marring Matsutake. I will find it within these 2 weeks. As long as we get the way to remove it, Aotsuki has no chance to win anymore." Said Rokuda, her deep violet eyes reflect the flames from the oven.

Kunogi nods. "Ah! The cake is baked!" she picks up a pair of gloves and then pulls out the freshly baked cake.

"Nee Midori… it's weird."

"Weird? My cake is perfectly baked!"

"No… not the cake but YOU."

"Me? Why am I weird?"

"It's not yet time to celebrate. Momo is still in the hospital, having coma again. And Toushirou is still stuck with that Aotsuki. Above all, I haven't found out how to unseal Aotsuki's moon seal." Rokuda removes the cake off the cake tin and puts it down to the sink.

"Well, it's useless to frown anyway. Why not? I gained hope, that's why I can smile." Kunogi smiled.

The two girls smile at each other as they continue making the mixed berry cake. While adding the cream at the cake, Kunogi accidentally put cream on Rokuda's face. In revenge, Rokuda throws a teaspoonful of cream at Kunogi. The Cream fight messed the kitchen and wasted the cream, as a result, their berry cake has less cream than usual.

The night deepens; Kunogi has to go back to Matsutake mansion. She bids good night to Rokuda and leaves, her smiles fades that is changed into deep thinking frowns. 'I will have to do what I can… I can't still save Momo-chan and Toushirou-kun.'

It is foggy the next morning when Rokuda leaves her room. The surrounds are slightly visible, maybe about 10 meters of vision. She brings her adult-like captain expression while she walks towards the 12th division building.

She knocks the 12th division office door. The door squeaks as she opens it. For a short time, her only visions are the lights of the computers. The succeeding seconds allows her to see three figures, one weird outfitted man and two female shinigamis. Soon, her visions become clear; Kurotsuchi Mayuri and Kurotsuchi Nemu are staring at the 9th division captain.

"Oh, a guest…" Kurotsuchi said in a soft tone but then he raises his anger, "I won't accept any request from any of you!" He seems like he's pissed off from something.

"Oh, that's bad…" said a young voice. "It also means I can't ask you any requests too?"

"Of course!! I'm not in a good mood so all of you get out!!!" Kurotsuchi shouted.

"Don't say that… I can let you experiment Rokuda taichou…" she said in the most creepy voice Rokuda has ever heard.

Rokuda extends her vision, behind Kurotsuchi is… "A-Aotsuki Kurenai" she murmured.

"Oh really? Anything you want for exchange, dear 13th division vice-captain?" said Kurotsuchi in a sweetish voice. (is it sweet? Yuk!)

"No, I just hate disturbers… I hold her movements in captive. Her friend's life is in my palm so I could just tell her to agree so her precious friend won't die." Another of her devilish smiles glow inside the room.

"Well then… Nemu! Nemu! Take her to the specimen's prison!" Kurotsuchi ordered.

"Hai, Mayuri-sama." She binds Rokuda with a special rope and takes her away without any resistance from Rokuda.

"I can't believe I obtained a great specimen! HAHAHAHAHA!" laughed Kurotsuchi.

4th division building…

'I didn't like anyone to protect me all of the times. I wanted to do something for them. But I thought that it was impossible. I couldn't even protect myself. Because of my helplessness, I lost everyone… No, I will lose myself.'

'Midori chan doesn't like Matsutake so she will just let me die instead of marrying him… Toushirou-kun… what about you? You're disappointed, right? A great captain like you won't make you happy to have a helpless girl like me…'

"Hinamori-san… Hinamori-san… Hinamori-san…"

'Whose voice is this?'

"Hinamori-san… please wake up. If you stay like that, you're going to loss them."

'Wake up? Why am I still alive? Didn't Midori-chan leave me? Wake up…'

Slowly, Hinamori's eyes open up. Beside her is Unohana with a worried face. She sits up then wonders her eyes around the white room.

"Unohana taichou... is it you who was calling me?" she asked.

"Yes, Hinamori-san. I'm glad you're awake." replied Unohana.

"How long did I sleep"

"Two days" Unohana gives Hinamori a glass of water.

"Two days... what happened to Midori-chan and Toushirou-kun?" she lightly grips the glass of water.

"They both... they will save you at any cost, Hinamori-san. They will certainly save you and everyone." Unohana smiles to cheer up the sorrowful vice-captain.

"Midori-chan... Toushirou-kun..."

12th division building...

Rokuda's wrists are tightly bond together at her back. Following Nemu, she walks down a dark path. The metal bar prisons are almost empty; however, some prisons have poor souls locked in. The only light in the dark dungeons are torches hung in the walls.

"Kurotsuchi fuku-taichou, please release me." Rokuda demanded.

"But Mayuri-sama ordered me not to set you free." Nemu monotonously said.

"It's an order, Kurotsuchi fuku-taichou." Rokuda demanded again.

"I'm sorry, Rokuda taichou. I'm not your vice-captain so I prioritize my own captain." Nemu opens a bar prison.

"Oh well... I don't want to hurt you. Suika!" Rokuuda shouted.

From nowhere, a green tiger staff toy hits Nemu and bounces back to untie the rope from Rokuda's wrists. "Suika at your service!" it said in a proud tone.

"Thank you, Suika." Rokuda immediately hits Nemu at her stomach to loss her consciousness. As quickly as possible, she ties Nemu. "Sorry, Kurotsuchi fuku-taichou. You will have to stay here." Rokuda grabs Suika and runs at full speed towards outside of the dungeons.

'Midori... I will definitely save you!'

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