Yoshitaka Nakabayashi – 14

Omoeda Nakabayashi – 39 (This is an O.C.)

Shinji Kume – 18

Izumi Sawatari – 14

Mitsuki Sawatari – 13

Anna Kurauchi – 14

Chuji Sawatari (Mr. Sawatari) – 35 (His name is made up)

Mizuho Sawatari – 29

Karin Sawatari – 7

Seiichirou Nakabayashi – 16

Keiji Shaiga – 40+ (Seiichirou's butler) (His name is made up)

Takami Sugita – 25 (WHAM!) hai hai…… 19

Chapter 1: He is STILL My Master!

Izumi was out cleaning at the garden again along with her sister Mitsuki. It had been almost three months after that incident when Yoshitaka nearly went bankrupt just to get her and Mitsuki back to serve him as his maids. Even though the young master had still been on his perverted self, it had become a daily life for all of them. Work work work then Yoshitaka does something perverted, Izumi beats the crap out of him and back to work. This had practically been going on for three months and to tell the truth… Izumi was really getting annoyed by it. "Oh boy… doesn't that kid have anything better to do?" she ranted pathetically. Mitsuki giggled at her older sister as she petted Pochi. "That's just another way of showing his affection one-chan" Izumi blushed slightly before yelling back, "Baka! He's only picking on me and making me wear those stupid outfits. I'm really getting tired by all of this"

Just as she finished gathering the fallen leaves and burning them the door bell rang, "Huh? Who could that be in the morning?" Izumi dropped her sweeping tools and quickly made her way to the main gate only to be startled by Anna, "Good morning Izumi-chan!"

"AHH!! Anna!? What are you doing here?"

"Why I work here silly (giggle)"

Mizuki came by to greet her friend as well, "Oh Anna-san, ohio!"

Ding dong!

"Coming!" Izumi didn't really have the time to chat with them right now so she quickly went to the side door and greeted the visitor, "Good morning, who is it?" to her surprise, it was the mail man. You could see in the man's face that he was quite surprised to see an early high school girl dressed in such a revealing maid outfit, "…… uh… mail…" it took him a long time to say those words.

"Thank you" she took the mail from the man and closed the door, but then something popped up to her mind, "That's strange… Yoshitaka never received mail before in his life. Well, at least not since I was here. Let's see… Nakabayashi Omoeda? Yoshitaka's father? But I thought he died in a car accident? Hmm… very suspicious" her curiosity was really eating her insides so she had no choice but to open it, "No wait! I shouldn't be reading other people's letters. It's supposed to be private!" she quickly slipped it back in and sighed.

Mizuki dropped by on Pochi's back and saw her elder sister holding a letter, "Eh? Did mom and dad sent us a letter? Let me see let me see!"

"No wait Mizuki! This isn't for us! It's for Yoshitaka!" she practically had to pry her sister off the letter with a crowbar. "Oh… one-chan, that was mean!" she turned into her chibi form and cried, "That's because you're not supposed to read other people's letters. Now come on, go clean the back yard while I bring this to that little pervert"

"Hai one-chan!"

(At the flower garden)

Yoshitaka was watering the rose flowers. Even though he was a cold perverted idiot he still had a soft side which he barely shows to anyone. "Hey there everyone, it's good to see you all growing strong and healthy" he was talking to the flowers.

Izumi came by to give him the letter but she stopped when she heard him talking gently to the roses. "Yoshitaka-kun…" she muttered out but he didn't hear her. He was busy talking to the flowers.

"Hey, did you hear? There was a flower festival a few days ago in Osaka! I heard that roses came in third (……) Hey hey don't cry. I'm sure if you guys were there, I'm sure you'll come out in first place. Anyway enough about me, what have you been doing? I see you guys got a lot prettier, (…) Oh hey, don't blush. You're making me blush too hehehehe" he continued watering the flowers. It was amazing. The sun reflected on the beauty of the rose as the water brought out its true form. Izumi couldn't help but stare at how different the boy was with his flowers. He actually looked like a respectable kid from this point of view.

Just as he picked up the watering pot from the ground, Yoshitaka quickly moved into a strange battle stance when he heard a giggled coming from behind, "Who are you!? I warn you that I'm a master of taijutsu!" he then noticed that it was Izumi, "AHH! Izumi-chan! How long were you standing there?!"

"Long enough to hear you and your… 'friends' talking (giggle)" the young master didn't look very happy about this, "Anyway, here. You got a letter"

"A letter? From who?" he quickly tore off the envelope and read the contents. Izumi started walking back until he heard the watering pot falling to the ground. She turned around to see a shocked face of Yoshitaka. His eyes were widened; the grip on the letter tightened and his usual grin was turned into a frightful growling face. He was angry that much was true. Without any warning, he ran back into the house with anger written all over his face.

"Yoshitaka-kun, what's wrong?" Izumi tried to grab his shirt but he just shrugged off. Clearly sensing something was wrong she decided to follow him.

She entered the house and saw the young boy burning the letter at the fire place. He tore it to pieces and fed it to the flames like something he never wanted to see ever again. Out of all the frustration, he quickly grabbed a bottle of water and drank it all the way in. There was sweat clearly coming out of his head but was he tired or nervous? With the tension building up in the room she decided to ask, "Yoshitaka, is something---" the boy cut her off.


"Huh? Hai…?"

"Tell Anna to go and do the groceries. In the next two weeks no one is allowed into the house. No mails, no deliveries and no visitors… understood?"

Izumi, not trusting her mouth just nodded in reply, "Good… tell Mizuki and Anna as well. And if anyone dares enter by force… you can let Pochi attack" there was a serious change in the boy's attitude. His tone was darken and his eyes were saddened with rage. Izumi bowed and quickly ran to tell the other maids. For the first time in her life… she was actually afraid of Yoshitaka. What did the letter say and why was it from his father? Didn't he die a long time ago?

"Ah onee-chan. I'm done with the back yard!" Mizuki said happily but then it stopped when she saw her sister panting heavily, "What's wrong one-chan?" Izumi gasped in some air before speaking, "Mizuki huff huff. Go get change and buy the groceries. But at least a week supply of huff huff food"

"Onee-chan, what's wrong? You're scarring me" she quivered in fear, "I don't know why but… just do this, ok? Take Anna and Pochi with you too. And once you're done, come back immediately" Mizuki and Anna nodded in reply and dashed off to the nearby grocery store after getting change.

(Somewhere along the skies)

"We're almost there Omoeda-sama" said the man in black suit. He was carrying a pistol on his shoulders and a poison needle in his jacket. He wore a dark cool looking shade that blocked all emotions from his face as he spoke to the man looking out the window. They were on a private jet overlooking the giant city below them. The man now known as Omoeda smirked evilly as a giant mansion stood atop the place.

"Good… very good. Make sure you get the documents ready" the middle aged man said in dark voice that would even freeze the underworld ten folds. He wore a nice looking jacket decorated with lots of jewelries. He had an expensive looking smoking pipe on his mouth and a more rings than you could put in an army. His hair was dark brownish but there was some strain of white hair poking out at some corners. The luxurious private plane clearly stated that this man was indeed a rich dude.

"Of course sir, I'll make sure that everything is set for your arrival" the man in black suit quickly dashed back into the other room leaving Omoeda alone in the room as he laughed manically.

(Time skip night time At Yoshitaka's house, maid's quarters)

"…And that's what he said" Izumi had just finished telling his sister and Anna on what the young master had ordered. They looked frightened since Yoshitaka had never been like this before. He locked himself in his room and only coming out for food and when he needs to go to the rest room. He hasn't said a word to either of them and today he didn't do anything perverted. This definitely stated that something was wrong.

Anna: "so what do you think was in that letter?"

Izumi: "I don't know but he looked shocked when he saw it"

Mizuki: "Awww I want to read it!"

Anna: "It must've been a threat or perhaps even blackmail! There's no other explanation! Why else would he be acting this way?!"

Izumi: "Well… I'm not sure, but you could be right. I'll go and ask him tomorrow"

Mizuki: "Whaaa!!!! I want to read it x3! I'm so curious!"

Anna: "Well… we should get some sleep. Maybe Yoshitaka-sama will explain everything tomorrow"

They all wrapped themselves in their own blankets and quickly snored to dreamland. However… Izumi couldn't help but feeling rather worried and scared at why the young master was acting this way, "Yoshitaka… kun…" she muttered out before her eyes shut.

(Yoshitaka's room)

"Damn it! I can't believe he came all the way here. He actually got the balls to send me a letter too…" the young master was breathing heavily as the lights in his room were still on. He couldn't go to sleep, he couldn't eat very well and heck he can't even think anything perverted at all. He was now more concentrated on the events that might happen in the next few days. He was taking precautions and on his table were a list of names. Names of lawyers and judges both high and low ranking.

"Whatever you throw at me old man… I'm ready. Anytime, anywhere!" he began writing some sort of law suit and folded some documents into one of his large collection of safes. "Bring it on… dad…"

(The next morning)

"Yoshitaka-kun, Yoshitaka-kun? Are you awake yet?" Izumi knocked on his door to see if he could get a response, "(sigh) Baka… do I have to do everything myself?" she grabbed the spare key to his room and unlocked it silently hoping not to disturb him just in case if he was asleep. She crouched down and peek through the slight opening until she got a clear view of the whole room. Since she didn't see the young master, she decided to walk in unannounced. "go-me-na-sai, Yoshitaka-kun" she scanned the room for any sign of Yoshitaka and there he was… on the bed still in his casual clothing. "Geeze Yoshitaka, you should at least change into your PJs for goodness sake!" however… the boy was still sleeping peacefully on his bed snoring soundly. Izumi sighed and tucked the boy into his bed and covering him with his blanket. The boy actually looked kind of innocent from her eyes, which makes it hard to believe that this guy was a pervert.

Just when she was about to leave and do the house hold chores, Yoshitaka grabbed her wrist and refused to let go. "Izumi… chan" he muttered out in his sleeps, "He's dreaming about me? I bet he's dreaming me in a rabbit outfit again!" she thought angrily but what the boy said out next caught her completely off guard, "Izumi-chan… you're… beautiful…"a blush came across her face as he said those words unconsciously. Her heart was beating faster and faster by the second and her sweat glands were acting up. "Izumi-chan… I… I … I…"

"Onee-chan! The bath is ready!" Yoshitaka slowly opened his eyes before he could finish his sentence. Izumi quickly got her arm back and ran off shutting the door behind her. She took deep breaths and placed her hand on her chest. She could feel her heart beat going wild and her sweat falling into her uniform. "Onee-chan, is something wrong? You look tired"

"Huh? Oh nothing! Nothing at all! Let's go hehehehe!" she dragged her sister into the bath and quietly calmed herself down.

(At the Sawatari residence)

Everything seemed normal at the Sawatari residence. It was an ordinary Saturday for the family. Mr. Sawatari had no work today. Karin was playing at the backyard and Mizuho Sawatari was preparing lunch. Yup, everything looked normal… or so they thought.

Ring ring rign ring!

"Hai… mushi mushi? (hello) (phone gibberish) Yes he's here right now. I'll get him. Chuji-san, there's a phone call for you" Mizuho quickly placed the phone on the waiting area and quickly got back to making lunch, "Karin, what do you want for desert dear?"

The elementary girl thought for awhile before replying, "I want cake! Yay!" Mizuho giggled as she expected nothing less from her little girl's sweet tooth, "Ok, cake it is" she opened up the refirgarator and pulled out the left over cake from yesterday's party but when she picked it up… the plate was empty. "Eh? I could've sworn there was still half of it last night"

Chuji quickly hung up after a brief talk with his new client. "Hey, Mizuho, I'm going out to meet a friend. I'll come back before lunch" he took his jacket from the hanger and an umbrella from the stands. His wife came by to give him a farewell kiss, "Eh… what was that for?"

"I thought so…" she said with a smirk. Chuji didn't really understand where she was getting at. "Your mouth… it tastes sweet… with chocolate and cream. There's no mistake… YOU ATE ALL THE CAKE LAST NIGHT DIDN'T YOU!!!"

"Ahhhhh!!!! I'm sorry I was hungry!" the husband quickly dashed off into his car and drove off, hoping to avoid his wife's powerful wrath. "GO TO THE STORE AND BUY ANOTHER ONE!!" she yelled out as in the distance.

(At the studio in town)

Seiichirou was giving out a conference on his newest form of entertainment. He was answering some of the questions until his personal butler came by and whispered something onto his ears, "Nakabayashi-sama. You have a phone call from HIM" Seiichirou quickly understood who it was and ended the conference a bit early, "Umm… thank you ladies and gentlemen but it seems I have another appointment to attend to. I will answer all of your questions in the next conference and I hope to see you all again. Good bye" some of the journalists wanted to ask a few more questions but the boy seriously had no time for any of them.

In a few minutes, he arrived at a sound proof room where guards were posted at every entrance. "Keiji…" he said in a low tone voice. The butler nodded in reply and began checking if there was any hidden microphone in the room. Keiji gave out a nod to signal a clear for the room. Seiichirou nodded back and answered the call on his cell phone, "Hello? Yeah it's me"

"Do you have the files?" it was Omoeda who was in the other line.

"Hold on, I want to make sure out communication isn't being monitored" Seiichirou took out some sort of device and began tapping his phone, "Ok, it's clear…"

"Good… so do you have the files?"

"Not yet. I'm having one of my pawns deliver it here. I'll have everything ready by the time you reach Tokyo"

"The agreement forms and---"

"Yes… everything" Seiichirou cut him off. It was hard to see which one of them was the real bad guy but still, "You still remember our agreement correct?" the boy said as he grinned evilly at a photo of Izumi.

"Of course… you just want that girl… Sawatari Izumi… correct?"

"No…" his grinned turned into a dark frown

Omoeda chuckled, "Ah… yes of course… how could I forget? Do not worry… I'll make sure the boy sees the errors of his ways" they both grinned and began to giggle. Seiichirou hung up and laughed evilly like a man possessed.

"Soon… Izumi … you will be mine…"

On the jet plane, Omoeda was having another thought, "Teh! That foolish boy thinks he can outsmart me? Ha! Foolish but his talents are promising"


"Hai, Omoeda-sama!" the man in black suit who is now known as Jenku appeared from behind. He knelt on one knee. "I want you to go find me some info on this Nabayashi boy. Bring me some 'good' info this time" he smirked, "Hai!" and with that he disappeared.

(Back in Yoshitaka's residence, dining room)

After getting all the chores done for the day, the maids decided that it was time to have lunch. Mitsuki cooked while Anna set up the table. "Izumi-chan, can you please go and wake up the young master? It's already lunch time"

"Huh… oh ok" Izumi head up to the second floor and knocked on Yoshitaka's door. There wasn't any answer. She knocked again and started calling his name just to get him out. "Yoshitaka? Yoshitaka, it's lunch time! Don't tell me that you're still sleeping!" there still wasn't any reply. She knocked again and again until she got annoyed. "YOSHITAKA! If you don't come out right this instance I'll---" her yelling came to a halt when Yoshitaka finally came out of his room, "Hey keep it down will you!" the young master was also shocked. Their two faces were mere inches apart and their nose were already touching. They both turned deep red in embarrassment. The two of them didn't say a word, but instead they just kept starring at each other for a long time. A second seemed to past by so slow that it almost felt like an hour. The two other maids downstairs glared at Izumi's strange reaction. Mitsuki couldn't really stand this kind of silence so she decided to yell out.

"Oi… Onee-chan, Yoshitaka-sama! Lunch is ready!" the two of them broke their stares and looked the other way.

"Umm… lunch is… ready" she repeated what Mitsuki said. Yoshitaka blushed even deeper than before. His face was turning really red as if he was having some sort of fever, "I'm… yeah… I'll be there" he said out finally.

Izumi bowed her head politely and closed the door before running back downstairs. Her heart was missing out on several beats and her breath was becoming irregular just like this morning. She quickly composed herself and readjusted her hair the way it used to be. It wasn't long then that the phone began to ring. Izumi walked by to answer it, "Hai… mushi mushi?"

"Yo! What's up Izumi-chan? It's your old man!" said Chuji on the other line.

"Oh hey dad. How are you doing?"

"Oh fine fine. I just got a tip from a client of mine and now I'm calling you from my office!" he said proudly in a good guy pose, "Anyway, I just called up to ask you if…… DON'T YOU WANT TO COME BACK IZUMI?!! As your father I can't allow you to stay in that boy's house any longer!"

Izumi sighed, "Is that all dad?" she said in a bored tone

"NOT YET! I haven't even begun to say my persuasion speech! I know your mother approved of you staying there, but does it really have to be with him!?!!! Cant' you find a nice apartment and stay there instead?! I'll pay the rent of course!"

"Dad… we've been through this and my decision stands. We're staying… and that's final…"

"But wait Izumi! I haven't ev---" Izumi didn't want to hear her father's lame excuse but then it was strange to ask her something like that out of the blues. "Nah… it must be my imagination" she convinced herself in a tired manner.

By the time Yoshitaka got down from his room, he gave out a weakly glare at Izumi as she walked pass by. It was the first time he ever saw her true beautiful face dazzling in the sun light. Her body was definitely super model material and her legs were really getting on his head. "I need to get those cloths off their cabinet" he thought silently to himself.

A few minutes later, Mitsuki brought the food to the table and soon they all began to eat. It was a four by four square table. Mitsuki and Anna stood across each other while Yoshitaka and Izumi were the same. The three girls began talking about random things and minor gossips they heard from school. Mitsuki's fan club was a good source of reliable info and she had all the juicy secrets of every classmates. Izumi suddenly noticed that one member on the table wasn't exactly having much fun himself. "Ne ne… Yoshitaka. Did you hear the one about…" he sentence was cut off after a brief glimpse of the young master's eyes.

Usually his eyes would be burning with fire and always conscious and he would always pay attention to Misuki's gossips. But now it seemed like everything was different. His eyes were dark and cold and he barely even paid any attention to any of them. He barely even touch his food that was lying on the table. "Oi… Yoshitaka-sama! Are you alive?" Misuki waved her hands in front of him which brought him back to the real world, "Huh? Oh yes, that was… interesting" he just blabbered something out randomly. He forced out a smile from his face. "I… I… I'm not hungry today. I'll see you girls later" and with that he left the dining table and back into his room. Izumi was now getting really worried. Yoshitaka hasn't said anything rude to her or give her one of those useless orders he does everyday.

After lunch, the three maidens decided to sweep the front yard. Anna swept the east side while Mitsuki helped burn the leaves that fell from the trees. Izumi was sweeping too but right now she was too worried to even work. "What's wrong with him? He hasn't said anything today" she glared at the window of the young master's room but it looks like he shut the curtains. "Why am I so worried about?! It's not my problem if someone blackmailed him!" she was mentally annoyed with herself and decided to continue sweeping. She screamed in her head so loud that she couldn't even hear her sister at the door

Ding dong…

Mizuki decided to answer it. She rode on Pochi's back and went to the side gate, "Hello, can I help you? Ah! Karin-chan!" she quickly opened the door and let her little sister in, "What are you doing here?" she bent down to her sister's height level and smiled widely. "Hello sisters. I came to visit you… is that ok?"

The blonde haired maiden nodded, "Of course it is silly! I said that you're always welcome here. Come on, Pochi would like to play too!" she then ran towards her big sister, "Eh, onee-chan, look who came by to visit!"

"Huh? Oh, Karin. Hi there, what are you doing here?"

"She came to play with us onee-chan! Come on Karin, let's go to the backyard with Pochi!" before the little sister could even reply she was already pulled away from Izumi.

The day went by uneventful. As the clock struck six, Misuki knew that it was time to cook dinner, "Hey Karin, why don't you stay with us for dinner? We're having grilled fish tonight" she said in a childish tone. Karin hesitated at first but then she noticed that it was raining so she nodded in reply. "Yosh! I'll make this my best meal yet! Come on!"

(At the Sawatari residence)

"I'm home…" said Chuji as he entered the house. He hung his half wet jacket on the hanger and made his way towards the sofa and relaxed like the lazy man he is. "Hey Mizuho, what's for dinner?" he switched on the TV. Mizuho poked her head from the kitchen, "We're having fried rice and stew dear" the husband just nodded and flipped though the channels.

A few minutes later he noticed that there was voice missing in the room, "Say… where's Karin?"

"Oh she went to visit her sisters at Yoshitaka's place. I think she'll be staying there for the night"





"NANIIIIII!!!!!" before Mizuho knew it. Chuji grabbed his jacket and left the house in a blink of an eye. "Curse that wife of mine! How could she possibly allow Karin to stay at that freak's house?! As if Izumi and Misuki wasn't enough! Who knows what he could be doing to her right now!?" some perverted images of Yoshitaka and Karin popped into his head. He tried shaking away the thought but then when he began imagining Karin… he began to drool. "Ahe hee hee… Karin-chan" he was so distracted that he didn't see a car crashing down on him.

"… Ouch…… that wasn't so bad…" he said in pain. But then… a truck loaded with cow manure appeared, "I take that back…… this is bad"