Chapter 4: Omoeda Returns

Izumi woke up after she felt a sudden change in the winds. She stood up from her futon and noticed that she was still in her maid attires. "Darn… I guess I forgot to change…" she sighed and quickly moved out of her futon. To her surprise, Yoshitaka wasn't on his bed. She scanned the room quickly looking for the young master but then she leaped a few centimeters forwards when the door behind her closed. She turned around and saw Yoshitaka with a mug of hot coco in his hand. "Good morning" he said with a smile. The boy looked like a half mummy from Izumi's POV but instead of giggling, she blushed. Her eyes darted at the boy's body build. The young master may look like a wimp but he actually got some muscles hiding under him.

Izumi stared at the well chizled chest part and the abs on his stomach. Her blush became brighter. "Hey…" she turned her attention back to Yoshitaka, "What are you looking at?" Izumi quickly shook her head and ran off without another word. Her heart kept beating as if it was racing down a path to 'who knows where' like some sort of marathon. She placed her hands on her chest and breathed normally. "God… I need a vacation" the moment she finally cooled down, she head to her quarters and changed into her school uniform. Karin was waiting for her outside along with Misuku and Anna.

Karin: "Onee-chan, where's Yoshitaka-sama?"

Izumi: "He said he wasn't going to school today. He said something about some work that needs to be done or something like that"

Anna: "That's strange. Yoshitaka has never been absent in school before. Not that I remember. This might really ruin his perfect attendance"

Misuki: "……"

Izumi: "Don't worry Misuki. I don't think Yoshitaka is angry at you"

Misuki: "But I…"

Izumi: "Come on you three. We'll drop off Karin at the elementary first. Let's go"

All: "Hai!"

(At Yoshitaka's room balcony)

The young master watch as the four girls left for school. He removed the bandages from his eyes and limbs and threw them into the trash can. As he took a sip off his mug, his cell phone began to ring, "Oh, mushi mushi? Oh… it's you…… Yeah everything's fine…… yes yes I know…… Before we get to that, I want you to do something for me…… No nothing like that…… Just call it… a favor" Yoshitaka grinned maniacally as he whispered his plan to the person on the other line. As the conversation went on, a pair of telescope carefully watches his every move from the roof of a nearby house. The agent

Jenku: "Omoeda-sama, it's just as you thought. He appears to be preparing for your arrival"

Omoeda (phone): "Good… I was hoping that he would put up some fight. It wouldn't be interesting if the fight should be cut short. Get a hold of whoever he's talking to and whatever information he has. I would like to see how everything turns out"

Jenku: "Should I 'arrange' the court sir?"

Omoeda: "Hmm… a bit of reassurance may come in handy. Make it so. Oh and one more thing. I believe that Seiichi brat suspects something"

Jenku: "I've already misled him to Yoshitaka. I do not believe he would suspect you sir"

Omoeda: "(evil grin) Very good Jenku… very good indeed"

(Time Skip after school, near the elementary school)

"Oh boy! I can't believe the teacher actually gave us so much home work!" Izumi stretched out her arms and flung it freely in the air. Anna and Misuki nodded in agreement. Today their homeroom teacher said that there was going to be a long vacation coming up so she decided to give all of her students extra work done. As they slowly made their way to the gates of the elementary school, a lone figure waved to greet them, "Onee-chan, Anna-chan, over here!" said Karin with a smile on her face. The elementary school bell rang a couple of times signaling that the gates were now closing in about ten minutes. The three sisters met and greeted each other and with that they soon head off towards the estate.

By the time they got there, Yoshitaka was back to his usual self again. Although his perverted side hasn't returned, he was still back to running the place.

The boy now refused to go to school for some reason but that was no problem. He can bribe the teacher to give him straight 'As' any time anywhere. A simple phone call was all that was needed.

"Yoshitaka-sama, we're home!" Karin yelled out. To their surprise, their master was at the table arranging some folders and papers. He didn't even look back at them when he replied, "Ah yeah, welcome back" he said in a boorish tone. "You girls clean up and lock the gate. I'm won't be coming back till morning" he immediately took the papers and put them in a safely encoded suitcase. After he was done, he put up his jacket and left the estate almost immediately after the girls arrived. When Izumi crossed eyes with the young master, she felt a chill run down her heart. When he walked through those gates with only a suitcase on one hand and his other hand in his pocket. It felt like he was leaving forever and never coming back.

"Hmm? Is something on my face Izumi?" he noticed the girl starring strangely at him.

Izumi blushed deeply and quickly turned her head the other way, "N… nothing Yoshitaka!" she said hastily, "J… just don't be back too late!" that sentence stopped the boy in his track.

"What?" he asked confusingly

Izumi needed to make an excuse fast or risk her face in shame, "Y… you haven't given me my paycheck yet! So don't come back too late o… ok!"

"Oh… I see…" he sounded a bit disappointed with her words. He continued walking towards the main gate which opened automatically, "Just be sure to have the house locked up tight. And tell Pochi to stand guard. I don't want anything like last night happening again. He can have the extra meatloaf in the fridge" he waved off to his maids and head off to who knows where.

Karin and Mistuki glared at their sister as she blushed like a ripe tomato. Mitsuki was probably oblivious to what was happening but Karin saw that look before. She smiled happily for Izumi as she knew her feelings more than she knew it herself. She would probably deny the feeling at first but sooner or later, she'll probably give in. "Come on you three. We wouldn't to disobey the master now would we?" Anna brought the three of them to their attention. They all got up and prepared for supper.

As they walked towards the changing room, something strange surprised them. Their uniforms… were now different. They weren't the usual sexy-perverted ones that Yoshitaka made. They also weren't the ones the old master used too. They were much more… cuter and not as revealing as the last ones. It was a long dress which reached down to the ankles. Its natural design was like a flower so it provided free movement. Though it still retained the black and white colors, the leaf petals cover would truly make a great style impression to the viewers. (imagine a black and white dress for the Kafra in Ragnarok online)

Izumi's eyes widened with glee as Mitsuki wasted no time in wearing them. Karin also took the liberty in changing into it and posed on the mirror. "Kawaii! (so cute!) I can't believe Yoshitaka-sama would make something like this!" Anna praised the young master's craftsmanship.

"Wow! I bet the whole world would want to buy this design from him!" Karin agreed with her, "This is so unlike Yoshitaka!" said Mitsuki as she spun around to take a good look at herself in the mirror. They all expected Izumi to say something to compliment the new cloths she got because she was the one who had been complaining about the last one a lot of times already.

"Yeah… it is…" was all the girl could conjure up. She glared at the new uniform for a long time. She could feel the warmth in its cloth, proving that it had just came out from the dry cleans. She could feel Yoshitaka's hands and sweat soaked in that dress like he made it just especially for her. She could feel the tension, the determination and the feeling he put inside this piece of art. She held it on her chest like it was the most precious thing in the world. She was so deeply in touched with it that she didn't notice the three girls starring at her with a questioning look on their faces.

"Why am I feeling this way? What is this feeling? Why do I feel like I need to say something out loud?" these were her thoughts as she held the uniform in her arms, "Why am I feeling so hot when I think about him? Why does it feel like something is eating away my inside like a decease?"

(Somewhere along the highway)

Yoshitaka was waiting on the highway for a particular car to stop by. It was raining hard in downtown that night and it was strangely colder than usual. It was good that the boy managed to find an umbrella shop before it closed, otherwise he'd be soaking wet. "Man… of all the days to start raining" he said quietly to no one particular. As the time went by he quickly notified the corvette coming his way. The car slowed its pace so that it would not splash water on the young boy. The person at the back of the car lowered the window and gestured the boy to get in.

Yoshitaka looked both ways to see if anyone was spying on him before entering the vehicle. He shut the door with a defining slam before the car drove off again.

"Driver…" said the girl next to Yoshitaka, "Cruise around the city for awhile"

"Hai, Sugita-sama" the driver replied as he drove through the next intersection.

"That's ok, I'm not staying long Takami" said Yoshitaka as he fluttered his favorite red jacket. "Thanks for helping me by the way"

The girl now known as Takami Sugita just grinned, "No problem. I still owe you money anyway. So did you bring it?" Yoshitaka just tap the suitcase in his arms and smiled, "Good. Now… would you like to have dinner? My treat of course"

The boy just smirked, "You're not trying to seduce me are you?" he asked half jokingly.

"No, not at all" was her reply, "I'm merely showing a friend a good time" there was a hidden agenda behind her words but Yoshitaka wasn't able to pierce through her wall of lies. She must've inherited that talent from her parents that's for sure. "Very well… I'm hungry anyway" the girl gave out a more sinister grin before telling the driver, "Driver, the French restaurant"

"Hai, Sugita-sama" the driver quickly changed his course and head towards the five star restaurant at the edge of the city.

Takami: "So… mind telling me what this is all about rich boy?"

Yoshitaka: "It's complicated"

Takami: "Try me"

Yoshitaka: "Teh…… Let's just say I have some issues with my father"

Takami: "Your father? But I thought… he died in a car accident"

Yoshitaka: "No… he didn't. Just my mother. That man never loved her. The only reason she married her in the first place was because of her wealth and power and influence. During the writing of her will I was able to save this land and ten percent of my mother's inheritance from that man's greed. Now he's back to take everything even though he has more than me"

Takami: "And you think that these files will be enough to turn the tides?"

Yoshitaka: "It's my trump card Takami. And it's better if you held on to it for awhile"

Takami: "Are you sure? It would be better if you kept it in the bank"

Yoshitaka: "My father has ears and eyes everywhere Takami. I'm taking a big risk just talking to you. When the time comes, I will need you to bring out this case. Understood?"

Takami: "Ok… I'll make sure no one touches it"

The boy gave out a smile, "Arigato Takami-chan. Driver, just stop here" the car slowly came to a halt next to a phone booth.

"Wait a minute!" Takami tried to stop the boy, "Don't you want to have dinner first?" Yoshitaka just smiled back again, "No thanks. My house is nearby anyway. Thanks for the ride" he quickly unbuckled his umbrella and walked through the rain in a very cool stance. Takami simply sighed before closing the door. "Driver…… take me home"

"Hai, Sugita-sama" the driver quickly changed its course back to the Sugita estate which was probably on the other side of the city.

Once the boy was out of sight, Takami put the folder down and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed up an odd number and placed it right next to her ear. The ring went on for awhile before someone decided to answer it, "Yeah it's me…… you were right. I have the files……… he won't be using them in court anytime soon heheheheh" a demon like grin crept up on her face. The storm hardened in the city, letting rain fall upon its borders, flooding its alleys and sidewalks.

(At Seiichirou's studio)

Seiichirou was writing on his desk when suddenly his cell phone began to ring. He picked it up slowly and gazed upon the monitor. His eyes widened considerably as the name appeared on his number one hit list, 'Yoshitaka' he hesitated to answer the phone. Why would that freak relative of his be calling him at a time like this? By the time the boy composed, he clicked the cancel button and immediately switched his phone off.

"I've got to myself a new number…"

(Outside Yoshitaka's residence)

"Hm? No answer?" Yoshitaka hung up his phone after getting no answer from Seiichirou. "Maybe he's sleeping already" he hoped that would be the case. After so much hard work the boy got out of the nearby office building and decided to head home. Luckily he still had his umbrella with him otherwise he would already be soaking wet.

He arrived at the door of his house always glad to still have it in his possession. After finally imputing to information into his head, he quietly opened the door hoping not to disturb the girls sleeping inside.

Clank clank…

The door was locked, "Oh yeah. I remembered I told the girls I wasn't coming back tonight" he recalled the earlier events. "Oh boy…" he sighed, "I guess I'll just have to find a hotel to stay for the night" but before he could take another step further, a voice crept up to him.


The boy nearly leaped out into the street when he was caught by surprise. He turned his head around to see who dared to spook him. But to his amazement, it was Izumi who called him from behind the large steel door. "Izumi?" he replied back to the girl, "What are you still doing up so late?" the girl just smiled back in return, "I thought you would be sleeping by now"

"Aheh. I was just taking a walk when I heard you at the door" she lied. She couldn't sleep at all. The moment her face touched the bed she had been tossing and turning like there was a sharp jagged rock under her bed. It felt like hell compared to her sisters and Anna. They were practically snoring like Pochi with bubbles on their noses. Izumi quickly unlocked the side door with her extra keys and let the young master in.

"Sank-you Izumi-chan" said Yoshitaka. Izumi's heart nearly stopped when his face filled her heart with glee. His smile was perfect and his hair was slightly wet from the rain. His whole essence was no longer filled with the perverted aura. He let out a beautiful, pure caring glow to Izumi which melted her eyes out. "Come on, let's go back in before we catch a cold" his words brought the girl back to reality and quickly relocked the door.

Once they were inside, Yoshitaka shook the umbrella and placed it along with the others. He fluttered out his jacket before removing them letting only his black T-shirt in place. "I'm going to sleep. Good night Izumi"

"Good night…… Yoshitaka-kun"