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Booth stared up at the looming building, trying to figure out a plan of action, but not knowing what to expect made it really difficult. He exhaled.

"Here goes nothin'"

Taking the elevator to the 9th floor he noticed that this floor was under construction, the hall was empty and deathly silent, the door numbered 4815 seemed to call out to him, he walked over and stood in front of it, his hand on the doorknob.

He slowly turned it and entered into the dark room.

An eerie voice called out from the darkness.

"Agent Booth, at the moment I have a bullet trained to your frontal lobe, I suggest you slowly take your jacket off. Just to be safe, you know how I love to keep myself safe. Oh and by the way take the gun from your ankle holster and toss it this way"

'Damn I was hoping he wouldn't know about that.'

Booth complied, his mind racing.

"Excellent. Now empty your pockets"

As Booth obeyed he said "Let's can the theatrics, who are you. I've done everything you said"

The voice rose in anger "You have no idea who I am? Well you wouldn't know me, but you would know my teacher. Howard Epps. The man that you murdered, the genius whom you killed, I will have my revenge."

"I didn't kill him, and he wasn't a genius he was a psychotic murderer." Booth said firmly

"SHUT UP!! SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP. You have no right to talk about him. I will destroy your life, just like you destroyed mine. You will pay for what you've done."


"What is that coughcough wh……" Booth blacked out.

The man walked over to him, the gas mask on his face made him look like something out of a horror film.

"Nighty night Agent Booth. When I get through with you, you'll be singing a different tune HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

Back at the hospital……

Bones was terrified, which didn't happen all that often. She'd tried Booth's cell multiple times, but it went straight to voicemail, which meant that when she had Hodgins try to track him via his phone, it was useless.


'He'll come back, he's Booth, he's……invincible….'

Parker started to wake up, as he rubbed his sleepy eyes he asked. "Doctow Bones?...whews my Daddy?"

"I……….." She gently smoothed back his sleep tussled hair.

"I don't know Parker…….but he'll be back soon……."

'I hope'


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