Like A Lion - Epilogue

-- Seven Months Later --

Roxanne Malfoy merrily trotted down the wide staircase with both hands on the right-hand rail, her tiny feet hitting each step with a resonate thwack. Her Aunt Ginny just bought her a pretty pair of blue jelly-flats (blue being her new favorite color, for the month at least) for her birthday and she decided she wanted to wear them everywhere.

Her father commented how she would wear them out in a week, but it didn't deter the six-year-old girl. She'd keep them on her feet until her toes peeked through.

Just as she reached the last step, she heard the rapid footfalls of her younger brother, the kid scrambling to catch up with his big sister.

"Come on, B, it's time for breakfast," she told him, placing her hands on her hips in mock-annoyance at having to wait.

"Brekbest!" he yelled, lisping on the 's.' Lately, his parents were working on his pronunciation, but so far, his 's' remained just as lazy as ever. They figured it would be a lasting idiosyncrasy, for a few more years at least. Just so long as it didn't bother their son, his parents found his lisp adorable, along with every other female Bailey came in contact with.

Taking the steps much slower than his sister meant Roxy, forever the impatient girl (a trait she inherited from her father), started to tap her foot like she often saw her father doing when waiting for her mother. She remembered just the other day when her mother came down the steps in a pretty dress, her father tapping his foot zealously...

"Hermione, we're going to be late," noted Draco, staring at the wooden grandfather clock elegantly chiming at the top of the hour. The dark bronze hand just reached the top as the bells struck seven. They were supposed to be there in twenty minutes and unlike him, she was running a few minutes behind. AND they still had to drop the kids off at their Grandma Molly's house.

"Where are you going tonight, Daddy?" asked Roxanne, clutching the teddy-bear her Uncle Blaise gave her, yawning hugely.

Giving her a little smile, he answered, "If your mum ever gets down here, I'm taking her to a fancy-smancy ball for my work."

"Is Uncle Blaise and Auntie Ginny going?"

Always the stickler for grammar, he replied, "Yes, they are going, baby. We're meeting them at your grandma's house. That is, if your mother ever gets down here."

Just as the last word left his mouth, a rustling upstairs alerted them of Hermione's arrival. Draco's breath hitched the moment he laid his eyes on her.

At the top of the stairs, Hermione was wrapped in a yellow dress, the fabric clinging to her body, her bulging belly clearly visible from even the bottom of the staircase. She'd pulled her long, curly hair back into an elegant ponytail, a yellow ribbon laced throughout the strands like a cross-stitched pattern. On her pale neck lay the necklace Draco gave her for their third wedding anniversary: a gold heart lined by citrine, the champagne color blinding the eyes from its beauty. If one were to read the etched scripture in the middle of the pendant, one would read 'Always and Forever.'

Draco, whose hand had flown to his chest at the sight of her, stared at her with an open mouth, dumbfounded.

"How do I look?" she asked in a soft voice.

"You look pretty, Mummy!" exclaimed Roxanne excitedly, dropping her bear in her enthusiasm.

Smiling at her, she replied, "Thank you, sweetheart."

Gulping, he approached the staircase and held out his hand, leaning forward for her to take it.

"So, do I look?" she asked again, her dark eyes sparkling.

The man could hardly contain himself - where in the hell did he begin?

"You look...stunning. Gorgeous. Completely ravishing," he told her, taking her hand, kissing her knuckles lovingly.

Hermione didn't answer him, per se, instead giving him a sweet smile, her cheeks flushing prettily. He absentmindedly placed his hand on her stomach, asking, "You ready to go?"

Nodding, excited at the prospect of an evening out, she looked down at her daughter. "Where is your little brother?" she queried.

Picking up her light pink bear, she answered, "He's sleeping in the living room. Are we going to floo to Grandma's house now?"

Draco, giving his wife another quick kiss on the cheek, nodded before taking his daughter's hand and walked his two girls into the other room. Bailey, snoozing away on the couch, thumb in his mouth, fussed when his father picked him up into his arms. It only lasted a second, the boy quickly melting into his father's embrace.

Roxanne went first, followed by her father and younger brother. Draco immediately placed his son in a welcoming Molly's arms and then virtually flew to the fireplace, catching Hermione just as she fell through.

"You all right?" he asked worriedly, meeting her eyes with apprehension.

She clutched her stomach, her head swimming from the sensation of swirling around in the floo system. Naturally she felt nauseous, but pushed it aside, keeping her trembling hands on her husband's shoulders. Breathing in and out, she focused on anything save the sickening feeling in her stomach.


"I'm fine, really. I think we should reconsider this whole floo thing," she suggested, pressing her hand to her forehead while Draco steadied her on her two feet.

"Mummy, you look sick," noted Roxanne, her grey eyes nearly watering. "Are you sick, Mum?"

"I'll be fine, baby, don't worry. I think it's best we portkey next time."

"Already have one ready," said Blaise, coming into the room carrying a wide-eyed Autumn, the girl happily suckling on a bottle. Draco and Hermione both smirked when they saw Autumn kick her feet out, elated at the familiar faces in the house. Though she loved her parents the most, she definitely recognized and knew the entire Malfoy clan, even before the age of one.

"Autumn!" Roxanne rushed over to greet the child, someone she considered as her younger sibling. Blaise dropped down to his knees and allowed his God-daughter to brush his daughter's cheek lovingly. "She's wearing the pajamas Uncle Bill got her."

"How is it you remember everything, brat?" asked Blaise, genuinely baffled at the young girl. Everyday she shocked him more and more, and he had to admit, he loved every bit of it. He only hoped his own daughter turned out half as great as this little one.

"I've just got a good memory, like Mummy. Right?"

Smiling, still clutching her stomach, Hermione replied, "I'd say you get your memory from your Daddy, not your barmy old mother."

"You're barmy if you believe that, Granger," whispered Draco, rubbing her belly in soothing circles, "cause you're perfect."

"Yeah, yeah," she grumbled, though her face betrayed any look of malice. Draco, though frugal with tender words growing up, meant everything wholeheartedly about their children and about her. She'd believe anything he told her, she knew him so well.

"Wow! Auntie Ginny, you look pretty!" giggled Roxanne, clasping her hands together in a clap as Ginny graced the room with her presence. Unlike Hermione, whose dress was the epitome of elegance and class, Ginny's dress screamed fun, hardly the type of frock most women would wear after giving birth to a child. In the color of sassy turquoise, two straps wrapped around her arms while the back went dangerously low, giving an eyeful of her creamy skin. The front gathered at one side, pined in place by a fastener in the shape of a flower, covered in dazzling lapis lazulites, a gift from her husband. The gems looked like Blaise literally stole stars from the night sky to give to his wife. Since the dress cut off just above the knees, her toned figure couldn't have been more obvious, short of her walking around naked. Blaise didn't even try to hold back the smirk when she entered the room.

"Thanks, brat," she said, running her hands through Roxanne's curly hair. Looking up at Hermione, she complimented, "Hermione, you look great!"

"I look pregnant," she replied, frowning slightly.

"Then embrace it. Merlin only knows you handle pregnancy better than anyone else. You're glowing!"

Hermione's frown ceased immediately.

Roxanne peered down when she heard the familiar tapping of her father's impatient foot. Then, "Is everyone ready to go? I don't want to be late."

"Merlin forbid," teased Blaise, handing Autumn over to her Grandma Molly. "Marriage and fatherhood have softened you. You're getting old, mate."

"I'm the one with another kid on the way," he fired back, smiling evilly as he hugged Hermione to his body.

"Well, you know—"

"We've already discussed this Blaise," snapped Ginny, "and unless you plan on carrying the kid, we're not having another one."

"We shall see," said Blaise, wrapping an arm around her.

Nodding fervently, Mrs. Weasley added, "Yes, we shall. I need more grandbabies around here. Moot point, however, since you lot need to go. Roxy, darling, give your mum and dad a kiss. You too, little B."

Roxanne and Bailey quickly rushed to their parents, hugging them both as Hermione placed loving kisses on both of their foreheads.

"Have fun, Mummy."

Laughing, Hermione asked, "Are you the parent tonight, baby girl?"

"Yes, so remember your bed time, young lady," she said sternly.

Everyone in the room, save baby Autumn, burst into laughter...

Just as Bailey jumped from the final step, she took his hand and the duo walked into the kitchen to find their father already preparing several dishes on the stove. The two each grabbed a leg, making him smile as he turned his head to spot them.

"I'm being attacked!" he joked, placing a hand atop each of their precious heads. Bailey snuggled into the embrace, while Roxanne disentangled, peering around the room.

"Where is Mummy?" she asked after the observant girl realized they were missing a family member.

"She just woke up so she should be down in a moment. Why don't you two give your mum a hand by already having the table ready," he suggested, returning to the family's breakfast.

Roxanne complied, striding to the utensil drawer and picking out the correct amount of forks, spoons, and butter knives. Her little brother stood by her side, begging her to let him help, so she handed him the spoons making him squeal with delight. Just as she embarked on setting the forks and knives, Bailey stood proudly, beaming over his work.

"I did it!" he said, giving her a toothy grin.

"Yes you did," acknowledged their mother, who just walked in wearing a white chenille robe and baby blue pajama bottoms. "Great job, B."

Roxanne noticed the spoons were not only on the wrong side but backwards, but she held back from telling B when she saw her mother lift a finger to her lips, followed by a little wink. She shrugged and continued on her endeavor to set the rest of the table.

Meanwhile, Hermione strode over to her husband and wrapped her arms around his belly, pressing a warm kiss to his neck.

"I got to lie in today," she noted, continuing to press soft kisses to his back.

Nodding, he replied, "Yes, well, don't get used to it. As soon as this kid is born then it's back into the kitchen for you, wife."

Chuckling, she gave him a playful smack on the backside, smirking as she countered, "The day I start taking orders from you is the day I start coaching professional quidditch. Never going to happen, babe."

He turned around, pulling her into his arms, feeling the love radiating off her in droves. After nearly losing her, nearly losing their children, nearly losing their whole life together, Draco realized he needed his family more than anything.

The night Umbridge set it up to take his children and lure his wife into their custody, Draco figured he lost at least a few years off his life. He only felt whole again when they'd safely returned to his arms. Naturally, the Ministry arrested the entire clan, charging Umbridge with four counts of attempted 'Killing Curse' casts, several counts of 'Cruciatus Curse' casts, three counts of kidnapping, and so forth; the list just went on and on. Draco didn't rest easy until the woman entered Azkaban for good.

While the night still made his heart swell with anxiousness, it also reminded him of his proper reunion with his wife. After so many long months without her, it felt good to finally have her back. It never stopped knocking him for six when he realized what he could have lost, what they could have lost together, and he thanked whatever deity existed for returning his wife to him...

Softly, he shut the door behind him, an overwhelming feeling taking over as he stared at her silhouette glowing from the moonlight. After bidding each child goodnight, she'd gone to their room for bed yet the moon distracted her. Instead of retreating to the comforts of their covers, she replayed the night's activities while staring at the starry night.

He almost lost the woman, the mother of his children, his wife, and the thought alone managed to bring up some bile in his throat. He forced it down, determined to spend this night with her without any interruptions or problems.

"It's a beautiful night," she whispered, sensing his presence.

Carefully, so as not to disturb her with silly noises, he approached her, wrapping his arms around her waist the moment he reached her. He pressed his forehead against her neck, breathing in her scent; freshly showered, she smelled like clean soap and jasmine. Gently rubbing his fingers across her flat abdomen, he told her, "I love you."

"I know you do," she assured him, placing her hands over his own. "I love you too, Draco. More than you know."

"I've missed you," he breathed, running his hands up and down her sides, making her shiver from beneath his touch. "Merlin, I thought I'd never get you back."

"I'm sorry."

"What was it like?" he asked, his hands beginning to unbutton her (his) shirt. "How much do you remember of it?"

Sighing, she admitted, "It's confusing. I can remember everything, but it's all a haze. I remember everything up until that night with perfect clarity, and then comes the night when I lost my memory. After that it's fuzzy and unclear, and all I can purely see includes me being a terrible person to you—"

"Stop right there," he told her firmly, turning her in his arms, momentarily forgetting about undressing her. "It doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that you did come back to me and our family is safe, all of us. As long as I have you, I can get through anything. We can get through anything."

Staring into his eyes, glistening like silver in the moonlight, she realized he spoke the truth. She reached her hand up, her fingers tracing the beautiful features of his face. Immediately he closed his eyes, letting out a heavy sigh deep from within him, breathing rapidly as he felt her, his wife, touch his skin. The girl he'd been with for so long, though identical in body and, technically, mind, was no match for this woman before him - her spirit, her life, her love.

"I've missed you so damn much."

Unable to contain himself, he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her in for a deep, possessive kiss. Responding in kind, she gave into his mouth fervently, resuming his prior activity of unbuttoning one of his dress shirts that she wore. His hands pulled her with him, guiding them to their marriage bed. Once her fingers reached the last button, she yanked the shirt off herself, ridding the barrier between them. His hands rose to touch every available inch of her body, eliciting groans from her as the couple neared their destination.

There was something animalistic about the moment, and neither Draco nor Hermione could have been more grateful.

Breaking the kiss, he murmured against her lips, "I've missed you, my love. My sweet, sweet wife."

He was awarded by another bout of frenzied kisses while she nimbly loosened the drawstring of his sleeping pants.

"Tell me you'll never leave me again. Promise me, love."

The back of his legs hit the edge of the bed and fell on it without preamble, pulling Hermione swiftly on top of him. Framing her face, he repeated, "Promise me."

"I promise you, Draco. Never, never again."

Without waiting a moment longer, she kissed him fully on the lips, their tongues mingling in a mutual assault. Draco's hands slid down her bareback and over the curve of her backside, tugging at the jersey shorts she wore to bed. Breaking the contact, she lifted up, allowing her to pull his shirt over his head, dropping her own bare breasts against his broad chest soon after, skin on skin.

His mouth curved over hers, caressing her lips like silk, exploring her heat. He sucked on her top lip, playfully chewing on the folds of her mouth. Draco slid his mouth down beyond her chin and suckled on her neck, his hands gliding over her flesh with an urgency she desperately needed to feel.

Their commingling breaths were coming out rapidly and hot, their kisses moving beyond the mouth to the neck, the chest, the shoulders, and anywhere within reach. Once they both managed to rid themselves of their pajama bottoms, Draco united them, the couple nearly choking with relief.

"Draco..." she groaned against his neck, giving him her body, mind, and soul completely.

Surging in hard strokes, he moved his lips against her ear, whispering, "I love you. I love you so...bloody...much."

He moved within her so quickly that for a moment Hermione only saw one color: the gunmetal silver of his eyes, blinding her like the stars had earlier. Biting her lip, she felt her impending release approaching at a brisk rate.

Their connection, their bond, spoke without words, could be heard through the absurdly loud silence - when love can conquer silence, love can conquer all. Draco and Hermione realized this as their mutual release exploded with a wave of colors. Crying out, thankful they cast a silencing charm, Hermione grabbed a fistful of the sheets with her right hand while her left clawed down his back. Draco, torn between unyielding pain and the blinding pleasure his wife gave him, buried his face in her neck, clenched his teeth while his hands dug into the mattress with a fierce intensity.

Coming down from their high, Draco resumed his kissing assault on her upper body as she trembled beneath him. When he reached her lips, he whispered, his lips a breath away from her own, brushing the tips, "You're so much better in bed now than you were at sixteen."

Hermione's eyes danced with mirth as she let out a howl of laughter, playfully swatting him on his sweat-dampened head, smiling radiantly. Brushing back the hair from her brow, he bent down and gave her perhaps the softest kiss to ever graze her supple lips...

"Where did you go just now?" she asked, her lilting voice bringing him out of his reverie.

Smiling thoughtfully, he admitted, "The night you came back to me."

"That's sweet," she whispered, cupping his cheek gently. "Now, let's be honest, were you thinking about the whole night or the mind-blowing sex that it ended with?"

Smirking, he shrugged, making her scowl good-humoredly. He leaned in for a kiss, but she avoided his mouth, turning her cheek at him with a hint of sass. Draco, unbearably turned on already from his prior daydream, pulled her closer to his body, careful not to disturb her protruding baby bump.

Physically turning her head with his hand, he pulled her to him for a smoldering kiss, one that left her woozy and light on her toes. Something about kissing him always left her intoxicated and wanting more.

And Merlin, he was daydreaming about that night? She loved the night as well, remembered it as clear as a crystal ball, but several weeks later, just as the family was finally falling back into the swing of things, they were thrown for yet another loop...

"So I am pregnant?" she asked, her voice dazed and befuddled.

Nodding enthusiastically, the healer answered, "Yes, Missus Malfoy, the test confirms you will be expecting a healthy baby in about eight months."

The doctor was rewarded by the sound of Hermione retching.

"I shall leave you two alone for a moment. I'll get your pre-natal potions started."

Ginny waved the man out, barely casting him a glance, as she rubbed Hermione's back soothingly. The redhead, though feeling for her friend, couldn't help smiling at the thought of the Malfoy family having another child.

"You all right?" she asked once Hermione appeared to finish.

Nodding, she silently asked Ginny to transfigure something in a towel to clean off her face. Reacting nearly instantaneously, Hermione took the cloth from her friend's hand and gently wiped down her soft skin.

"It was the night I came back. I know it," noted Hermione, leaning back on the lumpy bed, attempting to get comfortable as she placed her hand on her flat tummy.

Sighing, Ginny suggested, "You should tell Draco tonight."

"No kidding. It's just...what is with the kids coming at inconvenient times?!"

The duo cracked up laughing, the both of them rubbing Hermione's stomach in comforting circles.

-- Later that evening --

"I don't like the sound of this," admitted Draco, staring at the plate before him.

Hermione's head shot up, her eyes narrowed and confused. "What do you mean? I don't hear anything."

"Exactly. Since when is our home quiet?" His eyebrows arched, making Hermione nearly swoon at just how sexy he managed to look. No, she told herself, that's just the hormones talking, you ninny!"It's only quiet when something has happened. What have you done?"

"What have I done? Why do you immediately assume I've done something wrong? For all you know, I could be covering for one of the kids. What about that?"

Draco shook his head, replying, "First of all, the kids aren't even here. Second of all, even though they aren't here, I did get to see them when we dropped them off. I would already know if something bad went down. Roxy didn't seem guilty and Bailey is a terrible liar just like you. Speaking of you, something is up with my dear wife. Now, tell me, what have you done?"

Looking down and away, feeling the familiar butterflies in her stomach, she lied, "I haven't done anything. I'm just...quiet."

"Quiet?" he repeated with some hesitancy.


Clenching his jaw, feeling a little unnerved, he conceded, "All right. You are aware I'm going to get it out of you in the end, my terrible liar, right?"

Ignoring him, she dipped her fork into another piece of her pasta, bringing the cheesy conchiglie to her mouth. Realizing Draco wouldn't stop staring at her, she finally muttered, "I'm never going to get through this meal if you don't stop drilling holes into me with your eyes."

"I'd appreciate it if you'd just tell me what's wrong. You've been quiet all evening, you've taken the kids over to the Weasley's so clearly you don't want them to know something, and you've been distant for a while now. What is wrong, love?"

"Something I wasn't expecting, but is bloody brilliant!"

She shoved back from the table, knocking down the chair as she rose to her feet and walked out of the room. She was torn between crying hysterically and laughing riotously, her hormones so completely out of wack. What in the hell is the matter with me?! she asked herself. Draco hasn't done anything, save knock me up, and here I am, yelling at him like a barmy idiot. It's just a baby for Merlin's sake. It's our baby. It's our THIRD baby.


Three children.

Draco came into the living area staring at her, obviously anxious and clearly perplexed by her odd behavior.


"I'm a strong person, Draco," she told him as she paced around the living room, appearing, in that moment, like she'd gone mad. "I'm intelligent, I'm clever, I'm creative, and I'm also quite cunning when I need to be."

"I've never disputed that, love—"

"And you are a complete Slytherin. You're a great liar, you're sly, you're sharp, you're...yes, intelligent, but you spent our youth using those brains for evil."

"That's not fa—"

"I, on the other hand, used my intelligence to help save the wizarding world. We've got two wonderful children Draco!"

"Now I'm just conf—"

"Confused? Is that what you were going to say?" she asked, still continuing to pace a hole in the floor. "You're confused about this whole thing? Yeah, you're talking to me here. I'm more confused than everyone in this entire confusing world!"


More Silence.

Even more silence.

"You done?" asked Draco.

Nodding, Hermione answered slowly, "Yeah. I s'pose so."

"Good. Now, Hermione, my love, my whole world, I want you to know that I mean this in the best of ways."

"I'm daft?" she suggested.

"I was going to go with bloody lunatic, but daft will work, yes."

Sighing, Hermione turned around to stare onto the back patio, their beautiful brook just a short distance away.

"I'm not a lunatic, Draco, though you have every right to think of me as one right now—"

"—I believe bloody was in there too, but continue—"

"—but I'm not. Truth is, I'm so happy right now I can barely contain myself. I'm going to have to, of course, but I guess this little outburst—"

"—meltdown—" Draco interrupted.

"—has a lot to do with the fact that your quidditch team is well on its way. I know I promised you one and so I guess I'm just fulfilling my duties as a wife—"

Draco cut off Hermione by sweeping her up into his arms, twirling her around the room as he clutched her close to him. Hermione threw her head back, her long, dark hair dancing in the air, her toes pointed toward the ceiling. With her arms wrapped around his neck, she allowed her husband the joy of the moment.

"When? When am I getting another one?" he asked once he stopped spinning her.

Smiling at him, her legs twined around his waist, she replied, "In about eight months, love."

"A boy or a girl?"

"It doesn't matter. I already have names picked out so there is no need to know."

Narrowing his eyes, he said, "You do, do you? I don't get a say in the naming process?"

"Not a chance," she teased, shaking her head for effect.

"And just what are these names?"

"If it's a boy, Leon, and if it's a girl, Leandra."

Draco thought them both over and in all honesty, he found he didn't mind either of them. In fact, he thought both of them would be fine with the last name Malfoy. He was, however, curious as to how she concluded those were to be the names.

So he asked her.

"Leon means 'lion' and Leandra means 'brave as a lion.' They're perfect for a kid belonging in Gryffindor."

"Why you little—"

She silenced him with a kiss. A kiss which inevitably led to...other things...

"Mummy, did I set the table right?"

Hermione peered down at her daughter, noting the adoring smile Roxanne used on her. It was her father's smile, one which meant mischief. Quirking her mouth in suspicion, Hermione walked over to the table to check all the place sittings. The forks: check; the spoons: check; the plates: check; the glasses: check; the cat dish: check; the—

Cat dish?

The Malfoy family doesn't have a cat.

"Roxanne, darling, why is there an animal dish on my table?" asked Hermione, her voice soft but authoritative.

Roxanne's eyes bugged out innocently, her bottom lip protruding ever so slightly, as she answered, "Oh, I forgot about that."

"Did you?"

"Well, Mummy, I was thinking...maybe we could get a kitty. I've always wanted one and I'll take real good care of it!"

Hermione sighed, thinking the situation over. Roxanne's birthday just passed meaning they could get her one as a belated gift, plus she supposed the house was big enough for a cat. She only had one question:

"Roxy, who got you that dish?"


"Traitor," he mumbled, coming up from behind Hermione.

She turned around, facing her husband with her hands on her hips. The same innocent mein her daughter previously wore now graced her husband's pale face. If she didn't know him inside and out, she would have thought he actually was an angel.

"You got her the dish?" Hermione's tone was all but accusatory.

Holding out his hands as a sign akin to 'I come in peace,' he told her, "Roxy brought it up. I just kind of...helped her along."

"You want a cat, I see. You gave her the idea and went through her, didn't you?"

"Love, you make that sound like a bad thing. What was the point of having all these kids if we can't use them for our advantage every once in a while?" he asked, throwing his hands up in exasperation, a smile dancing on his lips. When Hermione's face didn't change, he added, "Plus, once they're old enough, we also have them to do the dishes."

As much as Hermione wanted to stay mad, she just couldn't.

"You need to remember, Hermione, that we've got a growing family here."

"I always remember everything, Draco."

"Now, love, is that a really good argument to use?"

If she had her wand on her, she probably would have jinxed him for that one. The smile he gave her only reminded her just how right he was. The prat.

"All right, we can get a cat."

"YAY!" shouted Draco and Roxanne at precisely the same time.

Bailey, completely unaware of the situation, joined in on the yelling, giving his mother a toothy grin.


For the first time, Bailey didn't lisp.


Did Draco and Hermione get their happily ever after?

Well, following the incident, the couple managed to get their life together back in order. Did they still bicker? Yes. Did Draco's arrogance still drive her up a wall? Of course. Did Hermione's organizational habits still make Draco want to pull his hair out? Absolutely.

But what about the love?

Did they still love each other? With everything in them. Did Draco still drool at the sight of his wife? Each time he laid eyes on her. Did Hermione still melt when he whispered sweet nothings in her ear? Each and every time. Did their love making continue as that - love making? For Draco and Hermione, every touch, caress, stroke, whisper, and kiss meant more and more each time. The lovemaking only continued to get better.

And did Hermione ever forget about him again?


Her dreams would not allow it. Each dream became one worth keeping, and in her mind's vault, she stored them for the rest of time.

As for Roxy, Bailey, and their baby sister, Leandra?

That, dear readers, is a whole other story.

-- The End --

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