Friendship, love, and hatred- by wolfiegirl93

Chapter 1- Introduction

Wolfram's POV

Friendship………What does it mean?

Love... What does it mean?

Hatred…... What does it mean?

I leaned on the balcony trying to find the meaning of those three words. Those three words are extremely common, yet powerful. After 82…no…90 years, I, Wolfram von Bielefelt, still don't know the meaning of the words.

I watched my wimpy fiancé playing that so-called game baseball with my human brother and frowned. That led me to another question… Why was it always Conrad not me?

Conrad was always with Yuuri but not with me, his fiancé! Yuuri seems to have more fun with that human than with me and it made me furious. Maybe that is the reason I call him a cheater.

That cheater…he's cheating with Conrad, Gunter, his eminence, and hell…even Gwendal some stage. He talks a lot more to Gisela, the three annoying maids, my mother and even Anissina nowadays. He's turning 17 very soon and still hasn't thought anything of our engagement.

Our engagement, I was glad when he had decided to live on as a demon than a human and becoming Shin Makoku's demon king. However, what depressed me the most was the fact he didn't announced anything about our engagement. That night…After his sixteenth birthday, after his choice…


"Get to sleep, Wolfram. I'm freaking tired now!" Yuuri bellowed at me. I frowned at him showing my anger. I showed this throughout his party, after his speech. Yuuri finally noticed my pissed off expression and sighed. He sat up touching my forehead.

"No fever, are you drunk?" I couldn't handle it. I snapped.

"How dare you, wimp! How dare you forget about me?! You're supposed to accept or reject me at that speech of yours but you didn't. You totally ignored me, you cheater! It seems you were drooling over that blonde girl instead of thinking about our engagement!" I was close to tears. I blushed. It's probably that wine I took making me buzzed.

Yuuri just stared at me, eyes wide. After probably a few seconds, he sighed and patted my shoulder.

"You drank to much…Go to sleep. Please don't ruin my day with your engagement speech. I promise I'll think about this, but not now ok? I'm tired and getting annoyed with your childish act. Goodnight…" Without saying anything else, he lay back down and closed his eyes. He left me there, burning with flame. I swore I could feel my powers emerging. Yuuri was totally being such an idiot! I wanted to strangle him. But I held back as I felt tears flowing down. Not wanting to show any sign of weakness, I wiped them away furiously and lay down myself. I turned away from him letting my tears flow freely.

"That's what I am…a childish fool…Piss off…" I whispered knowing the boy next to me heard it. I didn't care what he said next because the alcohol brought me into a deep sleep.

End of Flashback

It has been exactly one year after that. Yuuri's birthday was here and tonight it would be filled with those unknown faces again. I sighed not really in a mood to party. I heard Gunter's pleading voice as Yuuri refused to get ready for the party. It was two hours away and Yuuri's was still playing baseball. I closed my eyes trying to ignore the argument down there. My eyes shot open as I have Gunter screaming my name.

"Wolfram von Bielefelt! Stop day-dreaming and drag his majesty to the baths!" as I was about to answer, Yuuri beat me.

"I don't need his escort to the bath!" he shouted annoyed. I felt hurt. Those words are just making me furious. Was that what Yuuri wanted, my fury?

"Shut up wimp! I need a bath anyway. I'm coming with whether you like it or not!" I looked away and stormed out of OUR room. As I came down, I only saw Gunter and Conrad.

"Where's that wimpy king?" I shouted with rage.

"He went running to baths saying he stinks…" Conrad said calmly. I growled but something snapped inside me, making the two see my pain. My eyes were watering. No, not again. This wasn't happening! Why am I so emotional now? Is it because my love for Yuuri is getting higher and stronger? Is it because I had enough of Yuuri's game? Is it because like Yuuri said, I'm childish? Or is it because I know Yuuri would reject our engagement?

"Lord Wolfram?" Gunter's soft voice was heard. I turned away making tears trailing my movements.

"D-d-don't tell Gwendal about this. In fact, don't tell anyone about this…" I whispered letting my pain be heard. Conrad walked up to me and patted my shoulder.

"You know what would happen tonight right?" I nodded. Tonight was Yuuri's seventeenth birthday, the day when he was to decide what would happen between him and me.

Conrad sighed and walked away leaving me and Gunter there. I felt hurt, I felt nervous, I felt…nothing…

Yuuri's POV


"That's what I am…a childish fool…Piss off…"

I opened my eyes after hearing those words. Although the voice was firm, it was still filled with emotion. It was filled with pain, depression, tiredness, and emptiness. I called Wolfram's name but he didn't reply. I frowned and sat up. I looked at the blonde's face shocked to see tear stains on his smooth skin. My heart beat faster. Wolfram was crying, because of me!

I rubbed my head and looked everywhere in the huge room. I had hurt the demon prince and it was all because I didn't say what was meant to be said. Does he really care about the engagement? Of course he did! Why else would he chase me everywhere I go? That led me to another question, does Wolfram cry every night after I said unpleasant things? No, Wolfram wasn't the guy to cry easily. That's what I heard from Conrad.

But lately he had become fragile, I noticed him changing since I came to this world. Is that why? Is that why is so fragile now?

I looked at the sleeping figure and sighed. Wolfram's always so scary in the morning but so peaceful when sleeping. I smiled softly and out of nowhere I planted a kiss on his cheek. I blushed furiously slapping my mouth shut. I immediately duck myself under the covers swearing to myself.

Why did I do that? That was so not expected! I close my eyes trying to erase that scene from my mind. I just kissed a guy!

End of Flashback

I rubbed my skin with the soap and sighed. I shouldn't have run away from Wolfram. Wolfram doesn't know I kissed him but facing him would make me extremely uncomfortable. What's worst, I have to decide what to do with our engagement tonight! I growled in frustration and dunk myself into the baths.

I heard footsteps and immediately saw Wolfram. He looked at me and then without a greeting, he walked towards the cabinets where the shampoos and soaps lay. He took what he needed, took of his clothes, went into the baths- at the far end away from me, and then got off, rubbed himself with soap and then back into the baths. I watched him all the time confused at his actions; it was as if I wasn't there!

"Wolfram? Are you ok?" After hearing that, Wolfram immediately got off the baths and wrapped himself with a towel.

"You should enjoy your bath, your majesty. I'll see you shortly." With a bow I watched the knight walked through the large doors. I blinked yet again and a few seconds later, I stood up from the shower and snapped.

"What the hell?!"

Wolfram's POV

I couldn't face him. When I saw him in the baths, I felt the tears rising again. God, I feel ridiculous. Ever since he came, I felt so weak. I did what I was supposed to do and without a second thought, a greeted Yuuri formally and walked out of the baths. I felt like a total idiot!

I saw his eminence leaning against the pillar hiding his eyes behind those glasses of his. I walked up to him and bowed. "Good afternoon, your eminence."

He looked at me a smiled. Although it was just another big smile he gives everyone else, I know something was troubling him. "Is everything alright?" I asked carefully. He sighed and laughed nervously.

"Guess I don't hide my emotions that well huh?" I rolled my eyes. Sometimes this friend of Yuuri's really gets on my nerves. He loves to put on two faces; he had betrayed us with Shinou once. Well, that was what I heard from the maidens. I was sleeping the whole time anyway..

"Actually, this time, it's not about the kingdom or the world." I arched a brow at him confused at his words. He noticed my confusion and wiped his glasses.

"I'm concerned for you and Shibuya…"

I blinked as I step back slightly. After a few seconds, I huffed and looked away.

"What about us? There's nothing to be concern of." I told his eminence. Apparently, he saw right passed me.

"You're mind is saying that Shibuya would reject you tonight at the party, am I right?" I turned my back to face and him and clenched my fists. That would be one thing I don't like about him, nothing can get pass the great sage.

"I do not wish to be rude, but my business is my business. Please do not be so nosy…" I heard him chuckled and walk away.

"Just don't think too much about this. Shibuya had put a lot of thought in your engagement." I almost wanted to laugh. Yuuri had actually thought about…us?

Every time I was around that wimp I always see him either playing, complaining, or sleeping. That king is just too immature to be thinking about us.

"I'm still young, Wolfram! These decisions are supposed to be made when I'm like 18 or above! Hell, I'm only sixteen turning seventeen! Not even close to eighteen! What do you want me to do about it?!"

I punched the wall and groaned. It has been a month before his seventeenth birthday when he said that. I squeezed my eyes shut feeling extremely weak. I knew that our time together would come to an end tonight. I knew it would.

Yuuri's POV

The ballroom was crowded again. I searched over the heads trying my best to find a blonde. I sighed as I failed to see him. He was no where in sight after I left the bathes. Conrad told me he went out for a while and would be back in time for my party. However, he hadn't come back yet…or so I thought so.

Just then, I saw Conrad and Gwendal running outside the room followed by Yosak. I went curious. Are they out to guard the palace or are they out for a mission? I silently excused myself from the lady I was talking to and ran out myself. What I found wasn't pleasant.

It was like I was dreaming, or worst, having a nightmare. My breath caught as my eyes started to water. It was as if everything had stopped.

There he lay on Conrad's lap as pale as ever.

"What the hell happened!?" I screamed running towards the crowd whose eyes were filled with shocked expressions. I kneeled down trying to wake my unconscious fiancé but failed. I was weak.

"Get Gisela, now!" I shouted to the guard next to me.

"Your majesty! Please back off!" Gunter shouted grabbing my arms. I shoved it away and hugged the cold body.

"Is he-? Don't tell he's-" Conrad laid his hand on my back and shook his head.

"His injuries are deep. He was attacked while coming back from the village. Apparently he was too deep in mind to notice the bandits." I shook my head and snapped his hand away.

"Is he DEAD?!" I couldn't believe I said it. I felt as if I was going to pass out. He couldn't just die, not on my birthday! Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I shivered.

"We don't know your majesty. I sent two guards of to find Gisela while you sent another one. She should arrive here as soon as possible. I'm so sorry, Yuuri. It's my fault for letting him go-"

"Just shut up and bring him to our room immediately!" I screamed with anger. Did I just call my room "our" room? I could feel my powers rising. No, not now, I need to be here, for Wolfram…

"Yes!" Conrad said and carried his limp brother and ran off. I sat there with tears running freely.

"Wolfram!" I screamed. Rain started pouring heavily and the music stopped. Yosak and Gunter immediately blocked me from the crowd as Gwendal informed everyone to enjoy their meals.

"The party speeches will be done a few hours later. Please mind the delay…" he said before Gunter sent me back into my room through another entrance; the same one Conrad used.

Wolfram's POV

I decided to go to the village before Yuuri's party. It was boring in the castle anyway. Conrad easily let me go sending my guards to follow as well. But that wasn't the reason I wanted to go to the village. I wanted to go alone.

After a few distance away from the castle, away from Conrad's eyes, I ordered my troops to head back without anyone seeing them and rode off myself. I needed time to think, about my own future.

Next thing I knew I was shot through my stomach by some bandit and fell off my horse. Yes I could feel my powers healing the wound.

"Damn you! Show yourself you coward!" I stood up and tried my best to see a head behind those trees and bushes. I slowly pulled the spear out of my stomach and winced at the pain. When I spotted a head, more of them were seen. I gasped and before I could grab my sword, more came at me; on my shoulder, my arms and legs. My powers failed to heal all the wounds at one time. I screamed as loud as I could and fell to the ground.

Giving one small smile, I closed my eyes, going to the world of emptiness.