Friendship, Love, and Hatred- by Wolfiegirl93

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Chapter 13- Finally

"Yuuri!! Quit fussing about!" Wolfram bellowed at his fiancé. Yes, our king and him are to be married once again. Yuuri turned around to see the blonde prince frowning impatiently at him.

"But but but!! Wolfram!! Today's the day we are to be married again! Holy Moly! Again!!!" Yuuri paced around the room faster rambling about the wedding.

"What if someone ruined our wedding like last time again? What if I mess up again? What if Kisa and Vontlare came back again?!"

"Yuuri! You kicked them out from Shin Makoku remember? And besides, two months has passed and there's no sign of them. Stop worrying and get your butt back here!" Wolfram walked up to Yuuri and pulled the taller man's ear. Yuuri gasped at the touch and almost stumbled over when Wolfram began pulling him.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! Wolfram! Stop! Ow, ow, ow, ow…"

"Hmph, wimp!" Wolfram huffed as he dragged Yuuri out of the room. "Come on, we got to get ready!"

He dragged the king to the bathroom and, without bothering to strip him, pushed him into the hot bath.

"YEOOOWWWW!!! WOLFRAM YOU!!!!" Yuuri shouted as he felt the hot water burn his skin. Wolfram huffed again before undressing.

"That's what you get for wasting my time…" the blonde said before slowly entering the water. Yuuri frowned and growled as he watched Wolfram dip in. He then placed a smirk and tackled the smaller boy.

"YUURII!!!" Wolfram shouted as his got free from Yuuri grip. Yuuri laughed and the two boys found themselves kissing. With the warm air and the fiery kiss, both found it hard to breathe. Wolfram groaned in the kiss as Yuuri bit his tongue. The kiss didn't last though, Murata stood in front of the door watching them.

"Shibuya, your parents are here." He said happily. Yuuri and Wolfram pulled away and blushed furiously.

"Alright!" Yuuri shouted before getting out of the tub and pulled off his wet garments. He took the uniform in Murata's hands and ran off. Wolfram sighed and closed his eyes.

"Are you ever going to plan on telling him?" Murata ask. Wolfram opened his eyes slowly and looked at the sage.

"Nothing gets pass you, you know?" Murata just smiled and walked closer to the tub. He kneeled down and got serious.

"He needs to know…Wolfram…" Wolfram got up and wrapped a towel around his waist.

"Know what?" Wolfram asked sadly. Murata sighed and stared at the clear water.

"About the poison in you… You don't have much time left, Wolfram." Wolfram felt his heart clenched and walked out of the room.

"There's still plenty of time…" he whispered. Murata smiled sadly at the fragile boy and then walked out of the room himself.

"It's been two months…Time is running out, Wolfram…"

Wolfram felt tears rolling down his cheek and cuddled himself. "I know…"

Yuuri's POV

I stood there nervously waiting for my future husband to arrive. It's our second wedding and I felt worse than the last time. Maybe it's because i have experienced a ruined wedding before and it might happen again? Sigh, where's Wolfram? I want to get this over with, fast!

"Your majesty, here he comes…" Conrad whispered as the door swung open. I looked straight at the door and the world disappeared.

Only Wolfram stood in front of me, audience and guards all gone. The music was unheard as well. Wolfram's smile was all I could see at that moment.

Wolfram stood beside me with his beautiful wedding gown. Heh, it was the same one he wore for our ruined wedding. "You're stunning…" I breathed into his ear and saw him blushed.

"Shut up, wimp…" he replied frowning. I chuckled and the priest cleared his throat.

"Do you, Yuuri Shibuya, our 27th demon king, and peacemaker, take Wolfram von Bielefelt, son of our 26th demon king as your wife?"

I closed my eyes. It was the exact same speech he did. A smile was formed on my lips.

"What's this, Yuuri?" Wolfram asked curiously. I smiled and snatched it away from the blonde.

"A ring… It's what we use in our world to symbolized marriage. It is worn by both husband and wife. It is a promise between them to never leave each other…" Wolfram nodded and took it from me. He tilted his head cutely and pouted slightly.

"And why is it here?" he asked. I chuckled and kissed his forehead.

"It's for our wedding of course. Mother gave this to me not too long ago." Wolfram smiled and lazily placed his head on Yuuri's strong back.

"And that will be when?" he asked teasingly. I smiled and lifted his head. I kissed him and looked into his eyes.


"I do…" I said. I looked at the boy next to me as he smiled. I knew he was nervous as well. 'I love you…' I sent to him mentally.

"Do you, Wolfram von Bielefelt, son of our 26th demon king, take Yuuri Shibuya as your husband?"

"Yuuri! Get back here, you idiotic wimp!" I chuckled at Wolfram's raging face and pulled the little girl slightly.

"Come on, Greta. Here got to move faster if we don't want daddy Wolfram to catch us!" the little girl giggled and we both sped off. Wolfram hissed but soon caught up with us.

"Are you ignoring me?!" He bellowed his face utterly red. I laughed out loud and so did Greta.

"Yes! Aww, daddy Wolfie can't handle his Yuuri? Not to mention his little Gretty too!"

"Little Gretty!!" Greta repeated. Some can say we were drunk. Wolfram growled and pulled me hard. I screamed in pain but grinned as the smaller boy forced his tongue into my mouth.

"I sure can! It's my job!" I chuckled at my husband-to-be and hugged him tighter.

"Your job?" I asked slowly. Greta snuggled in between us and Wolfram smiled.

"Yes, to take care of my family is my job…" Wolfram whispered.

"Daddy Yuuri and Daddy Wolfram are getting married next week! I can't wait!" Greta shouted. I laughed and squeezed them both tighter.

"Me too…"

"I do…" I heard him say. I thought my tears would fall out from joy. I looked into his eyes and it felt like nothing else mattered.

Wolfram looked at me and before I knew it, we were exchanging rings.

"I pronounce you husband and wife…"

"Wife?!" Wolfram asked. I chuckled and kissed him passionately. Roars and cheers were heard and my smile grew wider. Wolfram is mine now, and there's no one to stop it

"You are my wife, Wolfram. Nothing will change that…" Wolfram scowled and wrapped his arms around my neck.

"I am a guy, goddammit! Or did you forget that?"

"I would never, my dear. I would never…" I leaned in for another kiss and heard more people screaming.

This is what I want… My Wolfram…Is finally mine…

Normal POV

A tall red-haired man stood on the highest hill in Shin Makoku. Deads bodies were all around him. His smirk never left his face. He watched the fireworks being released into the air and chuckled.

"I'm home, Wolfram…"

-The END-

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