Lily grew up a princess in the realm of Naralee, waited on hand and foot, pretty little dresses and delicate entrees were her life.

Lily was a princess in the realm of Naralee, and hated being waited on hand and foot, she loathed the pretty little dresses she was forced to wear and the delicate entrees that tasted like burnt grass.

Lily was not like other princesses, she loved to fight. From a young age she would escape the clutches of her ladies maids and wander down to the duelling arena where all of the warriors of Naralee were trained and simply watch, taking in all of the lessons, and all of the fights, and in the confines of her room, late at night she would mimic them.

By the age of 11 Lily could single handed take down a group of fully grown men in a matter of minutes without a scratch.

Her father had tried to stop her, locking her in her room, keeping guards on the doors, but crafty little Lily, with the mind of a warrior escaped every time. As the years passed Lily's abilities grew, and her father ceased trying to contain her, she was better then every one of Naralees warriors.

Everyone was convinced that Lily should have been born male, the prince of Naralee, instead of a princess. Eventually Lily was allowed to become Naralee's first female, let alone princess, warrior.

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An 18 year old girl, with long curly red hair, waltzed down the stairs and into the kitchen of the castle. Her green eyes were sparkling with a sense of mischief as she struggled with her long gown that she was forced to wear to make her appear more 'lady' like.

Every time her ladies in waiting would tell her this she would snort then say, 'I very much doubt that'.

Lily was a tomboy. But she still talked and walked and groomed like a Princess, but that was only because she was made to, if she had it her way she would be in pants with a shirt with a pair of 'slightly battered' riding boots.

Taking a seat at the kitchens main table she fingered her hair lazily, there was no doubt that she was ravishingly gorgeous, many suitors had tried and failed to receive her hand in marriage, but Lily being Lily would not hear any of this.

'Good afternoon your majesty, what may I do for you this evening?' Asked the polite cook named Helen.

'No need to call me that Helen you have known me since I was born, to you it is Lily, How many times must I remind you?'

'At least once more my lady' she volleyed back, not ready to abandon her post as a loyal and polite servant of Naralee's royal family. 'What can I interest your majesty in this lovely evening?'

Sighing in defeat, realising that this was not to be a battle won 'Just a sandwich thankyou Helen.'

'Won't be a minute my lady' she said with a little curtsy.

Lily groaned at this, she disliked any ritual performed that labelled her as the princess, She wanted to be the captain of the Naralee army and defences and she was more then qualified to do so, but her father, being old fashioned had denied her the right.

In fact that was where she was before now, in the throne room discussing it with him, and after she was declined she decided to get something to eat to cool off.

Her father was worried that if something happened to her no one would be able to take over the crown once he passed away. This was not entirely true, Lily's older sister, petunia, could, if all else was lost, take over rule of Naralee. She had long married an oaf of a king and now had a son, Prince Dudley, gruesome child, and would not be impressed with the idea of running her own realm.

She would be a horrible leader, with her everything had to be perfection, tradition was strictly important and anyone who broke it would lose their heads. This applied to Lily as well, being a female warrior and all.

Lily mother had died a couple of years back in an attack on one of her routine checks of the land, she was a brilliant lady, every one loved her, many were jealous. It eventually cost her life. Lily was suddenly snapped out of her trance by a gentle tap on her shoulder.

'If Madame could follow myself to the royal throne room, the king wishes to speak with thee' A middle aged, balding man recited with a snobbish accent.

'Niles, will you quit with the royal pain in the butt act, you no I hate that sort of thing' Lily whined. But once more she faced herself with another loyal and polite member of Naralee.

'Please, if my lady could follow' he said without any expression.

'Hmm, Niles and Helen would make a great couple' she thought to her self while allowing herself to pursue Niles to the throne room.

As they approached the door leading into the other room, Lily allowed her mind to wander 'I wonder what it could be? Father hardly ever calls me to the throne room just to chat, it has to be something important, maybe he has changed his mind about making me captain!'

Niles reached forward and pushed the doors open for her to pass through with as much elegance that her dress would allow, this ended up as very little indeed as she stumbled into the large hall that was the throne room.

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