Chapter I: I am you

Emerald von Diamonde sat quietly at the muddy ground, staring at the ransacked village where she was supposed to meet her brother.

Her long golden locks were all tangled and in a mess while her flawless skin was full of mud and dirt. And there were a few bruises found as well.

She looked different, one thing though didn't change and this was her eyes. Those emerald eyes of hers were full of tears but the fire within can still be seen ready to come out.

"Brother, I am sorry." She whispered, fighting back the tears that she had. She stood up and started walking away. She then stopped, thinking how would her mother think if she let her brother die. She would be in so much trouble.

Lady Cecilie had always favored her sons and she didn't much thought of her one and only daughter.

Gwendell, Conrad and her twin had always been the most favorite in the castle but nobody ever paid much attention to her.

The only friend she ever had was her brother and now, he was nowhere to be found. She'll get a nice beating tonight.

She has to think of something. But what?

How about running away? She can find shelter in the woods and also some supplies can be found there.

Or how about going back to the castle and dressing up as her brother. They are twins, nobody would know the difference.

That's it! Plan B it is. And besides, she can still stay comfortable without being found out.

She ran back to the castle without looking back. She ran and ran until her legs hurt but finally she saw the castle.

She ran faster and entered the grounds without being seen. As she watched if the door was clear, she saw the three maids go out. She cursed the night silently and went to find another place to sneak in.

She counted the windows on where she thought her brother's room is and quietly as her breath could make her, climbed up to the room.

Success was with her and she slowly climbed down.

She looked around; this was her brother's room alright. She had only been here once but it had not changed a bit.

She opened the closet to find everything was a color blue soldier's uniform.

"Blue!" she yelled loudly. Returning to her senses, she hid inside the closet as she heard footsteps.

"I thought I heard her excellence's voice up here." The voice whispered as she closed the door.

Emerald peeked through and went outside to catch her breath. As she started fitting the clothes, she noticed something. Won't they notice that she has curves?

She looked around the room to find something that could help.

There! A chain mail!

She put it on and looked at herself at the mirror. She only had one thing more to do and that's to cut her hair.

She found an extra dagger inside one of the drawers and cut it. She felt herself tremble as the weight of her locks fell to the ground.

Without stopping, she took her hair and climbed down again. She threw it somewhere and tried to look as if she just came from a battle.

After a while, she was ready to face the others.

She cut herself in the arm badly to make sure it looked very convincing.

She quietly entered the castle making sure she walked in the middle so that she can be easily seen from the windows, and as she expected, the lights went on immediately.

She could see from afar that the maids with Gissella run up to her.

"Your excellence! What happened?!" they exclaimed. She did not speak until they reached the castle in where the queen, her mother, was waiting.

"My goodness!" she exclaimed. "What happened to you dear?!"

Emerald coughed deeply and said in a low imitated voice of her brother.

"We were attacked and when Emerald got there everything was destroyed. I was about to approach her when she was shot by a flame arrow by one of the survivors. I managed to slay him and get away before his companions came." She told them convincingly.

They all gasped at the statement. "You mean, your sister's dead…" Lady Cecilie asked her.

"Yes." She simply said looking down at her feet. She felt ashamed lying to her mother. She looked back up and saw that Lady Cecilie was crying. She might not be sobbing like the maids are but her tears quietly fell down her lap.

"I wish she may have a happy second life…" she whispered and left. "Go get yourself changed and we will prepare a meal for you." She last said and left, her tears clearly visible.

As she climbed back up the room she just had been, she thought about what her mother said. "So she really did love me after all…" she whispered and looked down at her feet when she felt someone following her.

She turned around to find Conrad, her half brother, looking at her.

"I'm quite sorry for what happened to Emerald." He told her.

"Yeah! Well, you can't do anything to bring her back can you!" she yelled at him. She never liked Conrad just because of the simple fact that his father was human.

"I was only saying that I am most sorry for her. She is my sister." He told her calmly, though with a tone of sadness but Emerald did not seem to care.

"She's not your sister! And I'm not your brother! So stop talking to me as if we are!" she yelled and slammed the door.

Conrad stood there looking at the door then whispered, "I wonder…"

Inside, Emerald was looking at herself at the mirror. She really did look at him.

With a few practice with the sword and she could be just like him, she could fool everybody.

Quietly she stood straighter and looked utterly serious, "From now on…" she said, "I will be known as Wolfram…"