Interplanet Janet

DISCLAIMER: The Fantastic Four and these characters(except for the ones I've made up) are property of Marvel Comics.


Chapter One

FLASHBACK: Two years before Franklin Richards was born.

"You embarrassed me in front of the science community, Mr. Superhero! I'll show you! I'll show everyone!" Professor Nicholas Daedalus screamed at Reed Richards also known as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.

He was five feet ten inches tall with silver white hair. He didn't have a mustache but he did have a beard. Despite being somewhat handsome he resembled the stereotypical mad scientist.

"Professor, your theories on inter-dimensional travel are all wrong. I've done some dimensional traveling myself so I know what I'm talking about. If you proceed with the work you shown so far it'll be a disaster," Reed Richards answered.

"You're wrong! I shall be vindicated. You haven't seen the last of me!" With that the professor stormed off.

"That guy reminds me of Dr. Doom. I hope he doesn't turn into a problem I'll have to face in the future," Reed thought to himself as he got into his pogo plane and flew home.


"I'll get even with you somehow, Richards," Professor Daedalus said to no one in particular while he was in his laboratory in his secret hideout.

"Oh, really?" the professor heard.

Daedalus turned around quickly. "Who are you? And what are you doing in my private laboratory?!"

"Relax, Professor, I'm here as a friend. I saw what happened with Mr. Richards. We have much to discuss, you and I. First thing, I don't just believe you are correct; I know it. I am Dr. Destroyer."

The man talking to the professor spoke with an aristocratic German accent, stood at six feet two inches tall, wore a hideous skull like helmet, a purple cape with a red shirt and blue leggings exuding power and arrogance.

"Halloween was weeks ago! I don't have time for jokes. Now get out!"

The armored man restrained himself for a moment then said, "I'm not joking, fool. Check your machine. I couldn't have gotten into your universe without it."

As the professor took a cursory look his inter-dimensional travel machine. "I turned this on a few minutes ago to warm it up. But it's only in it's experimental stages. I could tell it has been used. But how?" The professor turned towards the armored man suspiciously.

"Your machine still has a few bugs in it. But my superior technological knowledge enabled me to travel here from my universe filling in the gaps so to speak. You might have figured it out eventually, but I was getting impatient."

"If you only just got here, how did you know about my conversation with Richards?"

"I was watching from another dimension. There are elements here that are hard to find in my universe. But I believe we can help each other. Do you still want your revenge?"

"Of course I do. How can you help me?" the professor asked with curiosity.

"I know that Reed Richard's wife is pregnant. But it's not the least bit obvious at this point. If we put our heads together I'm sure we can come up with someway to transport her daughter into my universe."

"Daughter? How do you know it's a girl?"

"My intelligence is vastly superior to you and this Reed Richards. I know a great deal more than either of you. Once we've taken his daughter we can use her for my plans."

"What good will it do if we take his child away and they don't know it? I want that arrogant know-it-all to suffer!"

"Well, we'll take the child back to my universe, put her in a test tube, turn her into a monster with a whole lot of experiments and then we'll raise her to hate Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four. "Time goes faster in my universe than it does in yours, so in no time at all as far as her family is concerned, she'll be ready to destroy her them and their teammates!"

The professor looked at the doctor for a moment. "What do you get out of this?"

"I told you I was looking for elements that are hard to find in my own universe. I am especially impressed with something called admantium. It's a fairly new element about which you might not know. If you help me, I'll help you. So do we have a deal?"

"All right. I guess we do."


A couple days later, while the Fantastic Four was having a battle with Dr. Doom, the professor and the doctor sneaked into the Baxter Building. While the battle raged on Dr. Destroyer used a device to extract the fetus from Sue Richards into a small incubation device without anyone knowing what was happening. Once this was done they quickly left.

"I could have sworn I felt something," the Invisible Girl said after they had defeated Dr. Doom and driven him off.

"It's all right, Sue. We've defeated Doom once again. He hit your forcefield pretty hard. Just get some rest. The rest of us will clean up here," Reed answered.

Later at Professor Daedalus' hidden lab and base. "So now we have it! Where do we go from here?" the professor asked.

"We'll have to travel back to my universe. It will seem as if no time has elapsed when we return. Make sure your base is locked up tight. If something happens to your equipment we won't be able to get back," the doctor answered.

"It's locked down tight. Even if it wasn't no one would be able to find my hidden lab anyway."

"Good, let us be off. I've gotten all of the things I've wanted but we'll still come back quickly. I've already fixed up your machine so it will work flawlessly now."

After they had traversed through the professor's machine they arrived at Dr. Destroyer's island fortress home. "Dr. Destroyer's lab is impressive. It's huge! There are some things in this lab I've never seen before."

Dr. Destroyer noticed the professor admiring his lab and said, "I have the greatest lab in the world, in the universe come to think of it. Now, I'll put this device in a chamber where I can experiment on it later. I can always use another scientist but keep in mind that you work for me, now."

"Yes, I see. But when will I get my revenge?"

"All in good time, professor. All in good time. First you must be brought up to speed on the way things are done in this universe. First, you should know that the year here is 1960. There are other things you will need to know as well..."


A couple years later, in the same universe, Dr. Arcane was asleep, yet he still had a visitor. "Greetings, Dr. Arcane. How have you been?"

"I'm as well as can be expected. But what can I do for you Dr. Strange?"

"I can't talk long. It's difficult being in this universe even in your dreams. There's been a disturbance between our two universes. This person has taken two beings from my universe," Strange said as he showed Arcane a visual.

"Dr. Destroyer! I'll send a the Crusaders after him right away. Thanks for informing me of this. I'll try to send those two back to your world if possible."

"It won't be possible for a long time. I won't even be able to talk to you again for years in your time. When the time comes these two will have to come back. The man I showed you has miscalculated in such a way that he won't be able to traverse the dimensions. The person he brought with him won't be able to help him either. The child that came from my universe will grow to be very powerful. Make sure you raise her the right way. Until we meet again, good bye, my friend."

Dr. Arcane immediately woke up and called the group of heroes he sponsored.


"Everything is going according to my plans. This child's potential for power is great. And my experiments have made her even more powerful. By the time she grows up she'll do my bidding. I'll see to that. Soon I'll..." "What's that noise?!"

!!CRASH!! "Milord, the Crusaders have invaded," one of Dr. Destroyer's agents said to him.

"Stop them you fools!" the doctor ordered. "They would have to show up just when I'm done with my experiment. Professor Daedalus! Come here!"

"You called for me?" "I'm no closer to my revenge than I was two years ago. All I've been doing is a whole lot of grunt work. I've fixed his armor and worked on a lot of his super gadgets. He's simply been using me!"

"At least I've learned a great deal while I've been here. I've managed to use his lab to increase my physical abilities and my intelligence and gain some mental powers. I know I'm now a lot more intelligent than Reed Richards! What the Doctor Destroyer doesn't know is that I have speed reading capabilities, a photographic memory and fast calculating abilities. I'm stronger and healthier than when I arrived here and I've also hard wired some fighting abilities into myself. I'll just bide my time."

"The Crusaders have invaded my fortress island. I've kept my island hidden but they've managed to find me anyway. Use some of the weapons in my arsenal and defeat my enemies!"

"Yes. Of course," the professor answered. The professor ran towards the arsenal and started grabbing weapons when he took a look at a view screen and saw the superheroes outside going through Dr. Destroyer's agents like a hot knife through butter.

"My time is now. I've learned everything I need to know about this earth. I'll grab as many weapons as I can, take one of the aircrafts here and leave. Once I've established a base of operations I'll make my own way in this world. Then I'll figure out a way to get back to my original world after I've accumulated enough power. Richards' brat can go hang for all I care."

"Dr. Destroyer! It's over. Give it up!" a giant sized superhero wearing dark and light brown uniform with a large G centered harness called out.

"Wrong, Giant! It's not over you'll have to fight me first." Then several other superheroes showed up.

"All of your goons have been dealt with," Captain Victory said. He was a muscular man, dressed in a uniform that resembled the American flag.

"You people don't get it, do you? I could easily defeat all of you but I won't have to do that. I'll simply leave this dimension and come back at my leisure."

"You're wrong, Doctor! The inter-dimensional rift you traversed through can't be opened for years. If you try to traverse through it now you'll be destroyed!" a young looking but obviously mature woman named Nightveil said.

"You think I'll fall for that? I'll be seeing you." !!SKRIT!! "Aaaaarrrgh!" !!BOOM!!

"I warned him not to try to travel dimensions. He didn't listen thus his arrogance has destroyed him," the centuries old yet ageless, beautiful Nightveil said as she floated above where Dr. Destroyer had been a moment ago. "The place is going to blow up. We have to get out of here!"

Nightveil wore a blue one-piece, barebacked tunic and domino face mask, with purple arm gloves. Her blue thigh-high boots were connected to her one-piece by garter-like straps. Her Cloak of Darkness had a hood and was a deep purple; on the inside a constantly swirling star field was visible.

"Wait! There's a baby over there in that test tube!" a beautiful Asian woman said wearing a superhero uniform that was silver and resembled a swan.

"Get him and let's go!" Captain Victory ordered. Sliver Swan gently grabbed the swaddled baby and left with the others. As the Crusaders flew off in their aircraft the island fortress blew up causing a mushroom cloud.

"She's so cute," Silver Swan said she held the baby in her hands.

"Is that the kid from another dimension?" Fletcher, the olive green garbed, Errol Flynn, look-a-like archer, asked.

"Yes, that's her," Nightveil answered. She'll have to stay here for another twenty years. Then she'll have to go back to the dimension from which she came. The same goes for the other one who came from the same dimension."

"Who is this other guy and where is he?" one of the heroes asked.

"We don't know who he is but when it is time he'll make his presence known," Nightveil answered.

"What will we do about this baby? Who will raise him?" Fletcher asked out loud.

"We can raise her, Can't we, honey?" the beautiful Silver Swan said to her husband, the super strong, Mr. Universe.

"What are these yellow/gold bands on her wrists? I don't know. We can't just..."

"You know since I was experimented on during the late 30's right before World War 2 that I can't have children. We're the most logical parents. Can't we keep her, please?" she said as she looked up at him with puppy eyes.

"All right. But we have to talk to Dr. Arcane about this. We also need to make sure there's no one else who can do a better job," the Charles Atlas look-a-like said, giving in.

"I think you would be the best parents for this child. But keep in mind that she will have to leave this plane of existence when she's twenty-two years old, twenty years from now," Nightveil said solemnly.

"I can handle that. It will be a long time before that time comes," the Korean woman said, admiring the beautiful child in her arms.


Twenty years later 1982.

The beautiful, blond bombshell super heroine named Interplanet Janet flew over the city of Chicago on patrol. She was a member of the superhero group called the Guardians along with the Marksman, Flare, Rose, Goliath, Icestar, Mind Maid, Starlet and the off and on member called Champion.

Interplanet Janet wore a golden uniform that matched the color of her golden blond hair. Her uniform was made up as a cape, boots, bracelets with a rest of her uniform resembling a bathing suit showcasing her amply endowed yet fit and not too muscular body. It was low cut all the way down nearly to her naval with her midriff and back being bare. But despite all this Janet had no problem keeping her V-shaped uniform on.

"Janet Richards has become powerful. Does she yet know that I murdered her foster parents of this universe in revenge for her foiling my plans? In addition to that I've figured out that both of us will have to leave this universe. It's a pity I have to leave this place. But I've gained a great deal of power while being here. I've even reversed my aging to the point that I'm still a lot younger than I was when I got here. I know a lot of things Mr. Richards doesn't know and never will. Once we've gotten back I'll deal with Interplanet Janet and her family the way I took care of her foster family," Professor Daedalus thought to himself as he observed his arch enemy from his hidden vantage point.

As soon as Janet noticed Foxbat robbing a huge and important bank, she touched down. Foxbat noticed her and began to blast her with his famous pop gun.

"Hey, baby! Too bad you can't just help me. Maybe I'll let you put hand cuffs on me and have your way with me," the villain called out lasciviously with a huge smile on his face. He was wearing his usual dark and light brown Foxbat uniform. His henchmen were in the bank putting the money in the bags they brought with them.

"It's over Foxbat! Give it up! Interplanet Janet ordered, standing with a pose as her golden cape billowed in the wind.

"It won't be over until you give it up, to me. Bwa ha ha bwaaaa!" Foxbat laughed as he admired his adversary. "She's hotter than Flare. She's around 5 ft. 10 inches tall weighing about 150 pounds. As a connoisseur of women I can tell her measurements are 40 triple D, 26 waistline and 38 inch hips. She's gorgeous with her long blond hair and rock hard body. She has an ass I've seen on a lot of martial artist chicks. Her uniform, if you could call it that is a lot like that golden age comic book character, Phantom Lady of the Freedom Fighters. But wait until she hears this song that's a parody of You sexy thing called You Chesty Thing. I was going to play it for Flare but I'll play it for Interplanet Janet instead."

I believe in silicon. Where are they from, you chesty thing? Busty thing, you! I believe in silicon. Where are they from, you chesty thing?!

"Very funny. There's no silicon on me. They're real! You got me confused with Flare," Janet answered.

"I'm not trying to be funny. But this song is pretty funny. I think you should hear it the rest of it," Foxbat said as he turned up the volume and kept shooting at her.

Where did they come from, baby? How did you grow them honeydew? You gotta know they're everything I prayed for. You gotta know they're worth more than you paid for. Yes I know that I'm one of the homely people but now you're dancing next to me with 38 double D's.

"Shows what you know. I'm a 40 triple D. Your stupid song's all wrong!" Janet answered as she attempted to blast Foxbat with a ki energy blast.

"The song was wrong but I was right. Heh, heh." !!SMASH!! "Ouch! That hurt!"

I believe in silicon. Here they come, you chesty thing! Busty thing, you! Nice and round and spherical, watch em all day long, you chesty thing!

"I'm really getting sick of that song. It's sick, disgusting and degrading."

"You're the one wearing a skimpy, midriff baring uniform that shows off a healthy amount of cleavage. Your assets practically defy gravity. Oh yeah!" Foxbat said, drooling all over himself.

Oow! Slap me! I Love the way you shake em, baby! Bronxy time!

"Oh, get off it! Don't you have anything better than play horrible songs? You're just so gross!"

"You're just like Flare. You prance around half naked and expect no one to look at you. You're pathetic!" Foxbat responded as he continued to take pot shots at her, keeping her at bay.

"I'm not worried about men looking at me but I really hate that song. And it's time to end this fight!" Janet said as she flew over him at superspeed. As Foxbat dodged the faint Janet quickly doubled back, flying right into him.

"What the?!" !!CRACK!!POW!!CRUNCH!! "Ungh," Foxbat groaned as he crumpled to the ground.

!!CRUNCH!! "I so hate this song," Janet said as she crushed the tape player into powder with her bare hands

"Now it's time to take care of his henchmen. I'll just go in there and..."

"Never mind them, Janet," the transparent vision of Nightveil ordered her.

"What? You got to be kidding!" the galaxy girl answered incredulously.

"Your mother never had the heart to tell you what she should have. But you can't stay here. Fly to Dr. Arcane's mansion right now!"

"All right! I'm on my way. Take it easy, Nightveil!"

"Who are you talking to?!" an armored law enforcement officer asked with his crew behind him looking at her quizzically.

"I gotta go. You think you guys can handle Foxbat's henchmen?"

"Yeah, sure. No problem!" With that she zoomed off. "Man she's hot!"

"You're telling me!"


"I don't see what the big deal is. All right. I'm here." Interplanet Janet saw several other heroes she had known over her short career waiting for her as she touched down.

"What's up, guys? Eurostar causing problems again? You guys look as if you've been to a funeral. Who died?" Janet asked curiously.

"I just found out about this, Janet. I'm sorry," Marksman said to her solemnly.

"Hey, I've gotten over my parents death already, all right? So there's no need for any more condolences."

"Come inside, Janet," the flesh and blood form of Nightveil ordered. "All will be explained to you inside."

Inside all the members of the Guardians were there. Even Champion had showed up. "Champion, it's so great to see you!" How are you doing?" Janet said as she put her arms around him affectionately. "Oh, goody. He's not withdrawing from me. This is my lucky day!"

"I'm well, Janet. I came here to say goodbye," Champion said gravely. "It's been great working with you. I really appreciate the time you flew all the way to Pluto and got that gem that helped me defeat that inter-dimensional creature summoned by the organization, Demon."

"It was nothing, of course. Anything for you," she said with a sexy smile as she looked up at the muscular, super strong super hero. Then she paused for a moment. "Are you going somewhere? Can I come with you?"

"He's not going anywhere, Janet. You are," Dr. Arcane said as his granddaughter, Donna, pushed him into the living room in his wheelchair.

"Have you ever heard of the Fantastic Four?" the old man asked?

"Sure, it's my favorite comic book. I even bought all of the back issues. To tell the truth, I feel as if I know the characters. It's as if they were family. What does that have to do with anything?"

"You are not of this world. You're not of this universe for that matter. Reed and Susan Richards of the Fantastic Four are your true parents."

"I'm not too surprised about being not of this world. I can fly all the way to another solar system. I am a lot stronger and faster than most but my great grandmother's martial arts training did a great deal to make me what I am today. What?!" Janet said with a look of surprise on her face. "Reed and Sue are my parents? What kind of gag is this?"

Dr. Arcane then explained to Janet her true parentage and origin.

"What?! When I said they were like family I meant that figuratively! Jim and Cho Richards, otherwise known as Mr. Universe and Silver Swan, were my parents. Where do you think I got my superspeed and super strength from anyway?" Janet said with a sense of shock and surprise.

"That was simply a matter of chance. Cho Richards couldn't bear children so she convinced everyone that she and her husband would be the best people to raise you. She didn't want to tell you how you had been adopted. She loved you as if you were her own. You really made her happy; she was so proud of you," Nightveil explained wistfully.

"You know in your heart we're speaking the truth, Janet. You've always been incapable of lying and able to spot a lie. And that's not all. The presence of yourself and the one that brought you here is a danger to this universe. It has created a rift. Both of you have to go back," the man in the wheelchair said gravely.

"Why didn't you tell me this sooner? If I was going to leave I had a right to know that I wasn't staying here!" Janet said angrily and sadly.

"We should have told you sooner but things kept coming up. I was very busy fighting evil creatures summoned by DEMON and other foolish wizards. I apologize for that, Janet," Nightveil responded.

Janet looked at her for a moment. "Who's the other person?"

"Right, here!" All turned towards the voice of one of the most wanted supervillains on the face of the earth, Professor Daedalus! He was dressed in a suit of armor similar to what Dr. Destroyer wore.

"I let him in. He's the one, isn't he?" A woman with long red hair and a slim figure with a rose monogram on her tunic asked.

"Yes, Rose, that's him. I knew you would be here, Daedalus. It's almost time. Say your goodbyes, Janet. You'll be leaving in a few minutes. There are two more things you'll need," Nightveil said as she handed him two pills. This blue pill is for the one called Mr. Fantastic. The orange one is for the one called the Thing. They will be in dire need of these pills when you get back," she said solemnly.

"Goodbye, guys. We had some great times together. I really felt like you were family," Janet Richards tearfully said to everyone. "Gosh, Champion, I wish we had more time. But time won't give us time. Time makes lovers feel they got something real. But you and me we know we got nothing, not time. But time won't give us time. Time won't give us time," Janet sang beautifully with a heavy heart.

"Too bad you have to leave, Janet. I'll take care of Champion for you," Flare said deliberately breaking the moment, interjecting herself in between the two. She then put her arm around the handsome muscular brown haired man wearing black and red.

Janet glared at Flare. "That bitch would have to ruin my good bye song. Oooh!" Then Janet noticed someone else in the room. "Baroness Blitzkrieg! What are you doing here?! You Nazi bitch!" Janet exclaimed pointing an accusatory finger at the beautiful Germanic woman.

"Don't be such a judge, Janet! My cousin has recently reformed. You remember how the President offered a pardon to any super-villain who helped stop those meteorites, don't you? I hope you're not so arrogant as to think you were able to stop all of them by yourself," Flare stated as she stared at her.

"That's right, liebchen. I'm turning over a new leaf. My beloved cousin has redeemed and helped me to see the light. But my name is Sparkplug now."

"You think you can just walk in here as if nothing happened after you electrocuted Isaac Dayan, my former fiance?" Janet asked in a rage.

"That Jew wasn't going to marry you anyway. I know how his mother blamed you for what happened and forbade her son from ever seeing you again. It's not as if I killed him anyway. He recovered, eventually. He's back working for the Israeli army and..."

"Have you been keeping tabs on him? Planning on finishing the job? You wanted to kill him just because he was with me. You can take your Aryan superiority and stuff yourself with it! I know you hated the fact that I was half Korean and the fact that men liked me more than you or Flare for that matter. I ought to kick your Aryan ass one more time."

"Weren't you paying attention, dumbkopf? You're not half Korean. And you're not better looking than me or my cousin. I told you I've changed. It's a good thing you're leaving. You're holding a grudge against me and you don't like my cousin even though she's been a saint all her life. So get out of here!"

"You bitch! I'll..."

"Listen Janet! My cousin didn't know any better. She was raised by Nazis in Argentina. So don't judge her so much. I've seen some of the videos of you beating her up. I find your heroism questionable," Flare answered as she came in between of the two.

"Is that so?! Talk about family loyalty. It's a good thing I'm leaving or I might go Dresden(1) on your ass!" Janet said to the former villainess.

"That's a horrible thing to say. A lot of people died in that. That was Anglo/American brutality at it's worst!" Sparkplug answered.

"That was a mean thing to say, Janet. My cousin has some issues but you have some issues as well. Just leave. I'm sick of seeing you anyway," Flare said.

"And it's obvious to me that you're jealous of me. Everyone has always liked me better than you. You're just using you're Nazi cousin to bust my chops and get revenge on me. That meteor shower happened months ago. Why didn't you tell me about your cousin's conversion before?"

"Ladies! Let's not send Janet away in such a manner. I'll really miss you, Janet." Champion said solemnly.

Then Dr. Strange's ghostlike vision showed up. "It's time. All you have to do is enter the portal. Both of you will have to do it at the same time."

"Dr. Strange? You're real, too? How will my parents know it's me?"

"Just have Reed do a paternity test. He'll know what to do then. Now hurry!"

After wistfully waving at everyone and glaring at Flare and Sparkplug, Janet glared at Daedalus for a moment. "I'll deal with you when we get to the other side."

"You'll do nothing! I'll finally have my revenge on your egotistical father, and you too. You've foiled me too many times in the past. I owe you both!"

"You mean you knew my true parentage all this time?" Janet asked incredulously.

"Of course I knew. I had no reason to tell you anything though. Let us leave while the going's good."

They both walked through the portal and disappeared. "Will we ever see Janet again?" Champion asked with Flare beside him.

"No, Champion. This universe is closed off from the one to which Janet returned . We'll never see her again," Dr. Arcane said as his granddaughter wheeled him into his study.

"All those times I put Janet off. I was actually in love with her. But I was so busy. I should have made my feelings known to her. Seems like a blew it royally." Then the superhero, Champion, left the mansion and sadly leaped away.


In the Marvel Universe

"Electrical systems check. Heating systems check. Everything seems to be in order." Then Reed Richards halted when he saw "Annihilus! How did you get by our..." !!BLAST!! Reed went down in a heap on the floor.

"You four have ruined my plans too many times. Now that I've cut off the head, I'll take out the rest of your accursed quartet," Annihilus said as he regarded the dying form of his hated enemy.

"There's no way you could survive a direct hit from my most powerful blast. Now, where's the rest of your group?" Annihilus immediately tried to fly towards the door when he ran into an invisible wall.

"Oof! I know you're there, Invisible Woman! If you don't let me go I'll blast my way out of your force field anyway. I've just blasted your husband into goo. He probably won't live but you have a small chance." He has no chance but there's no need to tell her that. Heh, heh."

The force field covered Reed and carried him away. Annihilus turned around when The Thing came barreling in from another door Annihilus had been unaware of.

"Invade our headquarters, will ya? It's clobbering time!" Ben Grimm charged, calling out his battle cry.

"Wrong! My powers have reached a high ebb. I'll blast your atoms apart!" Annihilus blasted the Thing dead on. Ben eyes widened in surprise as he crumpled to the ground.

"You killed him! I'll get you for that!" the Human Torch said as he came flying out of an opening from the ceiling, blasting Annihilus.

"Aaargh!" Annihilus screamed when he was hit indirectly by Johnny's nova flame. Annihilus then crumpled to the ground unconscious. Johnny then fell to the ground passing out.

"Ben!" Sue Richards screamed as she ran to him checking his fainting pulses. Then two people came out of the portal that Annihilus had just created.

Sue looked up in surprise as she saw a beautiful woman that looked like a cross between a younger looking version of Reed's mother and an older version of her daughter, Valera. Then she noticed "Professor Daedalus!" Professor Daedalus had quickly changed into a leisure suit during the time they had traversed between the universes. He looked the same as he did before he left except he was younger, more muscular and handsome.

"Mrs. Richards! This girl is a lunatic. She's crazy! Don't listen to her whatever you do!" the professor said before Janet knocked him out with a well placed blow to the jaw causing him to collapse to the ground.

"Look, Ben needs this..." But Janet was immediately knocked back by Sue's force field.

"I don't know who you are, lady. But I'm not letting you anywhere near him!"

"Hi, Mom."



As you might have realized this is a reworking of the fanfic Stratostar Returns. I decided to make Reed and Sue's kid a daughter. I also really like the song Interplanet Janet from School House Rock..

The universe Janet was in was the Champions roleplaying game universe. Most of those characters I didn't make up. If you don't know what that is, that's okay. Most people have never heard of the game. Nightveil is actually from AC comics.

(1) Dresden was the city in Germany that was viciously fire bombed by the Allies during World War II.

I'll update this sooner if you people send me a lot of reviews. Before I forget here are Interplanet Janet and Professor Daedalus' stats. If you want to see how Janet and Daedalus stack up against other super heroes and villains just go to Classic Marvel. You can see how the system works from there.

INTERPLANET JANET aka Janet Richards.

FIGHTING: AMAZING (This means an ultimate human fighting machine at the maximum human level much like Captain America)

AGILITY: INCREDIBLE (This means superior talent with training. Better than an Olympic athlete with the ability to do dodge single bullets with ease )

STRENGTH: AMAZING(UNEARTHLY) (This means being able to lift 50 tons but Janet is capable of inflicting 100 tons worth of damage due to her martial arts training)

ENDURANCE: MONSTROUS(This means super human fortitude, rarely ever tiring)

REASON: EXCELLENT(This is the equivalent of a master's degree)

INTUITION: REMARKABLE(This is about the equivalent to a Detective background and or skill)

PSYCHE: AMAZING(This means indomitable will power)


KARMA: 100




Martial Arts Supremacy: Unearthly

Martial Strength: Janet's strength for all purposes except lifting, throwing and health score is Unearthly. This is due to the ki training she went through. She can also add the appropriate martial arts on top of this.

Killing Attack: Due to her martial arts training, Janet has the ability to engage in killing attacks whenever she wants; whether with her energy attacks, her bare hands or any weapon she's familiar with. As she has total control over her own attacks she can also keep her attacks from killing anyone.

Analyze Abilities: Janet can with a successful intuition roll figure out the health stats, martial arts skills(A,B,C,etc.) and defenses of anyone she's in contact with. If said person is fighting she gets a +1 to her roll for every round she sees her target fight.

Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance to Cold, Heat, Radiation, Corrosives, Disease and Toxins

Invulnerability: Class 1000 versus power drains and transformation attacks.

True Invulnerability: Incredible. Amazing Invulnerability versus fire based attacks. Unearthly Invulnerability versus light based attacks. She also has Unearthly Flash attack Defense giving her the ability to stare into intense light without flinching.

True Flight: Unearthly in atmosphere, Class 1000 in outer space.

Energy Emission: Janet has a light based ki energy blast of Monstrous intensity.

Penetration Vision-Nrays: Unearthly. Can see through any substance but can't see through worn apparel(clothes, masks, ext.)

Telescopic Vision: Unearthly

Regeneration: Incredible

Life Support: class 1000. Janet can survive any environment including outer space and does not have to breath. She can go without eating, drinking or sleeping for an undetermined amount of time so she normally eats as much as she wants.

Hyperspeed: Incredible

Bump of Direction: Janet has a built in compass so she always knows her north, east, south, west, up and down regardless of where she's at or her position. This also allows her to know where the earth or any planet that she left is no matter how far she is from it. This keeps her from getting lost in space.

Lie Detector: Janet has the ability to discern when a lie is being told with Shift Z ability.

Psiscreen: Amazing

EQUIPMENT: Uniform: Interplanet Janet's uniform, wristbands, and boots give her the following abilities.

Excellent cling to surfaces.

Insta Change: She can change into another set of clothes. She can make her uniform appear and disappear at will. Her uniform cannot be taken away from her and adapts to Janet and all her powers and abilities regenerating if damaged.

Bindings: She can also create yellow objects of light energy of Excellent material used for restraint purposes only as small as handcuffs. They vanish when Janet is knocked unconscious or if she wishes them to vanish.

Flash: She can generate a burst of intense light that blinds anyone Janet wishes within 1 area with Remarkable rank.

TALENTS: Electronics, Rocket Science, Dancing, Pilot, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Escape Artist, Martial Arts-All, Aerial Combat, Weapons Master, First Aid, Astronomy, Navigation, Astro-Navigation+4, Psychology, Singing, Detective, Languages: English(Native), French, Italian, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Scholar: Science Fiction, Scholar: Tai Chi, Speed Reading, Lighting Calculator, Photographic Memory, 70's and 80's memorabilia, Media Relations(she knows how to deal with and manipulate the media)

LIMITATION: Janet is incapable of lying. She's also barren, incapable of getting pregnant.

Interplanet Janet is a free spirit and is very relaxed. She's also a bit of a publicity hound.


PROFESSOR DAEDALUS aka Nicholas Daedalus.

FIGHTING: REMARKABLE(This means superior talent in hand to hand combat)

AGILITY: EXCELLENT(Near olympic level ability)

STRENGTH: AMAZING(The ability to lift 50 tons)

ENDURANCE: AMAZING(This means metahuman stamina)

REASON: AMAZING(Genius:- Level 2 (Multifocus); create leading tech. This puts him in the same league as Reed Richards and Dr. Doom but he's still not quite as smart as either of them)

INTUITION: INCREDIBLE(Strong empathic sense; "gut feeling")

PSYCHE: MONSTROUS(Strength of will is beyond humanity along with intensive training and experience with mental powers)


KARMA: 165



Mental Command: Remarkable

Mind Probe: Incredible

Mental Bolts: Amazing

Psiscreen: Unearthly

Total Memory: Unearthly

Body Resistance: Excellent

Regeneration: Excellent

Teleportation: Unearthly. He can teleport from anywhere on the earth but only to his hidden base.

Invulnerability: Class 1000 resistance to Cold, Heat, Fire, Radiation, Corrosives, Disease and Toxins

Invulnerability: Class 1000 versus power drains and transformation attacks.


Computers, Computer Engineer, Computer Science, Physics, Leadership, Robotics, Cybernetics, Engineering, Electronics, Inventor, Dimensional Travel, Inventor, Scholar: Mazes, Martial Arts-All, Business/Finance, Repair/Tinkering, Espionage, Chemistry, Robotics, Weapon Design, Forensics, Medicine, First Aid, Biology, Biochemistry, Speed Reading, Lightning Calculator, Photographic Memory, Languages: A lot,

EQUIPMENT: Armor is Unearthly material and gives him Amazing protection against physical and energy attacks. It also provides other protection. His armor also has a subspace where he hides all sorts of gadgets and weapons whether the armor is out or not.

True Flight: Unearthly. His armor has other unknown abilities.