Interplanet Janet


Chapter Eleven

"Direct me to the nerve center of where your nuclear missiles are!" Mr. Fantastic demanded.

"Um. I..."

"Hurry, man! We don't know where those missiles are going to!"

"Do it, comrade," the Russian official ordered. "That is why we brought them here."

"I might be able to..."

"Never mind that now, Janet!" the super scientist said, shutting his daughter down abruptly as he ran off with the Russian scientist.

"Well, excuuuuuse me!" the blond exclaimed with her hands on her hips.

"Take it easy, Janet. There just wasn't any time," Johnny replied, calming the galaxy girl down.

"I might be able to blow those missiles out of the sky before they hit their targets. I just don't know how different the Russians' current nuclear arsenal is compared to what it was during the 80's. If there's not a huge difference, it's possible I can..."

"No!" Darkstar interjected. "You would simply use opportunity to destroy Mother Russia. I know what you're about, you, you ugly American!"

"Fine! But if those missiles find their way anywhere near America..."

"Calm down, Janet," Ben said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure Stretcho will come up with something. He always does."

At that moment the Russian scientist from before showed up again, making his way towards Janet, zeroing in on the strikingly beautiful blond's, expansive, open midriff from her neckline to her belly button. "You are Interplanet Janet?"

"Yes. That's me. And by the way, my eyes are up here. What's up?"

"Comrade Fantastic requests you follow me."

"All right. Let's go." Then Janet noticed how slow the technician was slogging along. "Wait a minute, Ivan. Let's speed things up a bit."

"Huh? What?" the technician exclaimed in shock as Janet picked him up and flew off in the direction in which he had come.

In a short amount of time, Janet and the technician arrived at the Russian nerve center where Mr. Fantastic was working frantically with the other scientists there, his elastic body stretching here and there, grabbing what he needed. "I'm here, Dad. What's shaking?"

"How well are you able to shoot nuclear missiles out of the sky, Janet?"

"I don't know exactly. I never got the opportunity. The only times I trained were in simulations."

"Here's the situation. I can't seem to stop the missiles from here and my knowledge of Russian nuclear capabilitles isn't great enough to keep them from reaching their destinations. Johnny might be able to shoot them out of the sky himself, but he might cause the missiles to explode in an uncontrolled manner. You're the only one who has a chance of stopping those missiles safely."

"I understand, Daddy. But Johnny and the rest of you should come along anyway."

"Why is that, Janet?" Mr. Fantastic asked.

"In my previous universe there were rumours that Professor Daedalus had gotten the schematics of the nuclear capabilities of the Soviet Union. He never really used them, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's helping the Red Ghost some how. Was the Red Ghost ever smart enough to even have pulled something like this off by himself? And if he was capable of taking over the Soviet nuclear arsenal in this manner without help of some kind why hasn't he done something like this sooner?"

"You may be right, Janet," the super scientist replied.

"Not necessarily." All eyes looked down to see a small, diminutive man wearing a green jumpsuit with his hands clasped behind his back as he paced back and forth in front of them.

"Oh, it's that Gremlin guy," Janet commented, rolling her eyes.

"I don't know what kind of universe you came from, woman. But ever since the end of the Cold War, security here has become less stringent. And as far as you going off and destroying those missiles, the Winter Guard will also come along and make sure said missiles will be dispensed with properly," the Gremlin explained

"I bet they had this whole area bugged," Janet said with an air of suspicion. In minutes many of the Winter Guard had made their way inside the lab, the rest of the Fantastic Four following from behind.

"What if we did?" Darkstar snapped at the Galaxy Girl. "We have every right to make certain you don't destroy Mother Russia like Reaganite brainwashing told you to do!"

"If anyone's been brainwashed it's you, Olga," Janet snapped back as the Russian woman got in her face.

"My name's not..."

"Enough!" the Red guardian shouted, getting in between the two women and breaking them apart. Problem was, the Red Guardian had accidently put his hands on Janet's exposed midriff. "We are all going..."

"Excuse you!" the galaxy girl exclaimed as she violently slapped away the offending hand. "Is this what you perverted commies are all about?"

"Ow! Oh!" The Red Guardian blushed upon finding out where his hand had been. "I am sorry. As I was saying, we can split into teams in order to stop missiles from reaching targets. No one here wants that to happen."

"Are you able to reach those warheads and missiles, Janet?" Reed interjected, changing the subject.

"I can fly fast enough to go after some of them before they hit their targets, but I have get going. If they're as fast as I recall, there's no time to lose. That's what I was trying to tell you before, Daddy."

"Hmm. I'm going to keep in radio contact with you; so put this headset on," the elastic scientist ordered.

"All right. Make sure it's tight because I'll be moving awfully fast."

"I understand. It's on. The first ones I want you to annihilate are the ones farthest away and closest to their targets. The first one is on it's way to New York. Here are the coordinates for all of them," Reed said, giving her several pieces of paper.

!ZIP!ZIP!ZIP! "Got it. I've read and memorized all of them."

"You can read that fast?" the Red Guardian exclaimed with a sense of shock and surprise.

"Yes. I'm a speed reader with a photographic memory. Now it's time for me to get that first missile. I'll need to make sure I can diffuse it or detonate it without anybody getting hurt from it."

"I am going with you," Darkstar interjected. "I can use darkforce powers to destroy missiles before they detonate."

"Can you keep up with me, Olga?"

"Janet, stop it!" the Invisible Woman piped in. She walked over to her daughter, scolding her harshly and wagging her finger in her face. "We all have to work together on this. Nobody here wants those missiles going off and hitting their targets."

"Is anybody going to inform the President of what's going on? He's no Ronald Reagan, but he has a right to know what might happen," Janet said over her shoulder to the Russians who looked at her with a little bit of hostility.

"We will inform President in due time," the Russian official answered stoically.

Janet looked at him suspiciously for a moment. "All right. It's time I get moving."

"Hold up, Janet! I'll fly along with you!"

"Are you sure about that, Johnny? I'll be flying at a faster speed than I've ever read you being able to fly."

"Just go, Janet! Johnny can take care of himself. We'll worry about all the other details," Reed ordered.

"All right. Up, up and away!" !ZOOM!

"How corny is stupid girl?" Darkstar said with contempt.

"Let us hope she can stop missiles before they detonate," Vanguard replied.

Then Darkstar had a look of seriousness on her face. "Wait for me!" Darkstar called out, leaping up into the air and following after the blond bombshell.

As Interplanet Janet flew off towards the first nuclear missile Darkstar tried to keep up but couldn't, the Galaxy Girl leaving her in the dust with a smirk on her face. "Come back!" the Russian woman called out as Janet's departing form disappeared. Janet's long, blond hair and golden, yellow cape whipped back straight as she flew faster than the speed of sound towards the dangerous missile.

"There it is!" Janet surmised as she closed in on the Russian IBM. "I hope that missile hasn't been upgraded too much from the 80's. Now it's time to get on the side of it. All right. Now!" Janet "blasted" the nosecone of the missile as she had learned how to do in her previous universe. In a couple of minutes the missile began to sputter then fall towards the sea, prompting Janet to fly over towards it.

"I got it, Janet. Go after the others! "

"Ironman! I barely recognized you! Is that some brand new armor?"

"Yeah. I've actually had this for quite some time, but thanks for noticing. Now get the other ones!"

"All right. Come up and see me some time." With that Janet smiled and flew off.

"So that's the girl from the 80's. The 80's had some good looking women!"

!ZOOM! "There's the next one! It's a different class of missile so I'm going to have to blow that one up. I have to do it just right. Now!" !ZAP! !KABOOM! "Got it! Now to blast the area so the radiation doesn't go anywhere. Yes!"

"How is it going, Janet?" Mr. Fantastic said through the commlink on the headset Janet wore.

"So far so good, Daddy. All I need to do is get to the next one."

"I have bad news on that."

"What's that?"

"The next one was made in 1988. It's a more superior model; so you won't be able to do what you did just now."

"How am I supposed to stop it?"

"You're going to have to take hold of it and take it into outer space. There's no other way!"

"All right. I've done something like this in simulations."

"Just make sure you're very careful. That missile is very sensitive."

"Roger that! I'm on my way!" Janet sped up, closing in on the large missile. As soon as she was right next to the nose of it she created a golden glow around her hands, calmly grabbed it and directed it upwards. As the missile went upwards it began to sputter a little when it seemed to hit a ceiling. "Time to pull this thing up."



"There's a young man with blond hair who's going to take that missile off your hands. His name is Quasar. As soon as you get that missile into outer space he'll take over from there."

"Hey, Janet!" a young man called out with glowing gold bands on his wrists.

"Quasar? I barely recognized you! I like what you've done with your hair."

"Done with my hair? I've had my hair like this for a long time," Quasar replied, perplexed. "She's hot!" "Thanks, Janet. I have to take care of this missile, and I'm sure you have some more work to do. So I'll be off now. So long!"

"Bye, baby!"

"Janet! How did it go?"

"It went fine, Daddy. Where's the next one?"

"It's a cluster of them, ten miles north of you. Their EPA is less than thirty seconds! Move it, girl!"

!ZOOM! "I'm here. Yeowza! There's twenty of them!"

"I don't know what you can do at this point, Janet," Reed answered with alarm.

"I'll have to try this!" Janet used her light powers to slowly heat the nosecones of the missile group. Then she melted the missiles down and eventually blew them up safely.

"The missiles are gone! What did you do, Janet?"

"I was able to melt them down before destroying them, Daddy. I..."

"Explain it later! Twenty miles due south of you are over a hundred missiles heading for Tallahasee, Florida and a similar number headed for New York City. There's not enough time to deal with them both."

"I'll stop the ones going to Florida first."


"There aren't too many super heroes in Florida, but it's quite possible some of the heroes in New York might be able to stop them. There are a lot of nuclear silos in that area of Florida. If those missiles connect, it would be a disaster."

"How did you know all that?"

"No time to talk, Daddy. Gotta go!" !ZOOM!

In a couple of minutes, Janet was within range of the offending missiles. "I'm going to have to fly up to the lead missile and redirect it upward out of the Earth's atmosphere!"

Janet took hold of the first missile and dragged it upwards towards the sky. "Earth's magnetic field is fighting me, but I can't afford to stop now!" Janet had straddled the missile, grasping hold of it with her legs and riding it like a horse as she directed it into outer space. "Yeow, this thing is getting hot! Now that I'm out of the Earth's atmosphere, it's time to blow these things up." Janet lighted off the missile and flew away a good twenty mile distance from the nuclear warheads and blasted them! !KABOOM!BOOM!

"All right!" The Galaxy Girl made her way back to Earth at break neck speed.

"Janet, what happened! I heard the explosions. Are you all right?"

"Fine, Daddy," Janet answered. "Where are the other missiles?"

"Some of the other heroes and the military have managed to neutralize most of the others. However, there is one that the Russians have made recently. It's ten times as big as the ones you've dealt with. It's very sensitive. Its payload is enough to blow away all of New York and it's headed for the White House!"

"I'm on my way!" Janet flew faster than the speed of sound as she made her way to the capitol.

"Oh, my!" The length of the missile was longer than some trains while the girth of it matched a public basketball court. The size of the weapon of mass destruction surprised the Galaxy Girl. "What am I going to do?"

"Hey, blondie!" someone called out to her from a flying motorcycle.

"Hawkeye! What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to stop that oncoming missile."

"How do you plan to stop that thing with only a bunch of fancy arrows? Janet asked with unconcealed contempt.

"Listen, babe," Hawkeye stated as the giant sized missile got closer to the White House. "Never mind that now. No time to explain." !TWANG!

"HAWKEYE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THAT THING'S GOING TO KILL EVERYONE! NOOOO!" Janet screamed in terror, putting her hands on either side of her face, a look of horror on her frightened face.

"No. It won't. I read the manual on this missile. I made an especially designed arrow to nullify that thing," the archer said with a sense of confidence and a wry smile. Then the missile sputtered, landing a few feet from the capitol without exploding.

"Did you like making me sweat like that?" Janet said in a rage, her face red.

"There's no point lying to you, so... Yes, I did like making you sweat. You need to get over yourself, Janet. Besides, the 80's weren't as great as you think they were. And I'm a whole lot better than any archer in your previous 80's universe.

"Why you..."

"Janet, are you there?" the galaxy girl heard from the communications device.

"We're OK, Daddy," Janet replied as she calmed down.

"What happened?"

"Hawkeye stopped the missile."

"Good work, Janet. The crisis is over. Come back to Russia where we're located as soon as possible. We still have the problem of the Red Ghost with which to deal."

"Roger that, Daddy. I'm on my way back." Janet gave the purple clad archer a harsh glare before flying off.

"What a stuck up bitch!" Hawkeye thought to himself as he landed nearby the immobilized missile.


"Bringing this piece of work into our cabal was a waste of time, Thinker!" the Red Ghost exclaimed as he paced back and fourth.

"You dare impugn my greatest?" Professor Daedalus said in retort.

"My plans are still in motion," the Mad Thinker said to both his compatriots. "There's no need to worry about anything." The Mad Thinker began to pace back and force with his arms clasped behind his back as he and the others viewed a large monitor that was in front of them.

"How could that be? Fantastic Four's new ally has single handedly stopped all missiles I was able to acquire. Bah! I should have done all this myself."

"Interplanet Janet would have simply shot your missiles down anyway!" Daedalus stated sharply. "And that's assuming you could have gotten control of those missiles without my help."

"I could have easily gotten the control I wanted without waste of space!" The Red Ghost gave the armored professor a scathing look of concept.

"Really? Then why haven't you done this long before now?"

"Don't judge me, fool! I've been working on this for long time now. I..."

"Enough, gentlemen," the Mad Thinker interjected. Then he turned towards the Red Ghost. "Thanks to all the information the good professor has given to me, I was well prepared for Janet Richards destroying all those missiles. As it was, it was really just a feint anyway. Now my real plan can commence."

The other two men in the lab looked at the Mad Thinker incredulously for a moment.

"The missiles over which I've gotten control are much different from the missiles the Galaxy Girl has dispatched." The short man wearing a green jumpsuit looked at his two cohorts seriously for a moment. Then a smile crept on his face. "These missiles which haven't been shot off as of yet, will give off a gas that will make the people of the former Soviet Union and the surrounding areas very susceptible to my mind control. In fact these missiles don't have to be shot off. Even though they're still in their launch chambers, they're slowly giving off these gases."

"Won't someone be able to detect this gas?" the Red Ghost asked.

"No. This gas is not only invisible, but it's also flavorless and scentless. There's no way anyone will be able to detect it."

"Ah, so that was your plan all along," Daedalus commented.

"Yes. This could have actually been done without your help, Professor, but things would have been tedious to say the least. Now in a few moments Russia and its people will be under my control."


The Galaxy Girl arrived back to where she left Russia near the Russian nuclear nerve center. "I'm back!" Janet called out as she landed.

"This way, Janet." Her mother, the Invisible Woman motioned to her as she appeared out of nowhere. Then she led her daughter into the main control room where a large monitor showed a visage of the Red Ghost!

Reed Richards spoke up. "You were right about the Red Ghost, Janet. He actually didn't have the capability of getting his hands on the codes by himself, but he did have help from someone else."

"Was it Professor Daedalus?" Janet asked with suspicion. The Russians in the room looked at the blond bombshell with a sense incredulity.

"We have no idea who this Daedalus is," the Red Guardian replied. "But we have figured out where Red Ghost is hiding. There will be nothing stopping us from taking Red Ghost in custody."

"All right. Let's go then."

"Not so fast!" Darkstar interjected, glaring at Janet who returned her gaze with a look of incredulity.

"What is it now?"

"I don't trust you. You should just stay here and let Winter Guard handle it."

"Look, Darkstar," the Red Guardian interjected. "Interplanet Janet has been very helpful in stopping missiles from hitting targets. She and rest of Fantastic Four should come along."

Darkstar walked off, sulking and saying nothing else.

"Then let's go!" Janet called out with her fist raised in the air.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Be here next time when the Mad Thinker's plans come to fruition, or so he thought.