Summary- everything seems to be going well until some one says the wrong thing and two lives get ruined.

Chapter one: Going for the Gold

"Want do you guys want for breakfast?" Jessica asked as Ellie and David just got done from being chased by Rocky.

"Pancakes!" the two said in unison. Jeff sat at the table reading the spots section of the paper.

"Alright pancakes it is then," she started making the batter as the doorbell rang. "Can you get that Jeff?"

"Sure," he shrugged and headed over to the door. He opened the door and one little boy rushed past him and into the kitchen. Rachel and Dave walked in the door as well.

"Hey Jeff," Rachel said pulling him into a hug.

"Don't you have to be somewhere for Smackdown?" he asked.

"Dave has to start shit with some guy on Raw so were here for the night,"


They walked into the kitchen and the men started talking. Rachel hugged her best friend hello and watched as her son Charlie talked with Ellie and David. She soon helped with the pancakes as now there was a lot more mouths to feed. Dave was always a big eater.

"Let's play cars!" Charlie said.

"Yeah!" David agreed with him.

"No, dolls," Ellie said frowning.

"Only girls play dolls, Ellie,"

"So, just once?" she pouted her lip.

"No!" the boys said in unison.

"Fine," Ellie slid off her chair and went into the living room. You could hear little sniffles.

"Did the boys not want to play with her again?" Jessica asked.

"Probably," Rachel guessed.

"Jeff can you make sure Ellie is alright please?"

"Sure," Jeff replied. "Hold on a sec,"

Dave nodded and turned to the newspaper for entertainment as Jeff went to go check on his daughter. She turned her back to him as she heard him coming. Jeff smiled at how cute she looked. Ellie had her fathers brown hair, mothers blue eyes, and looked more alike to Jessica and was very cute. As David looked more like his father but there was a hint of his mother in him. He sat down on the couch pulling her in his lap.

"What's wrong Ellie?" Jeff asked as she wiped the tears away.

"David and Charlie won't play dolls with me," Ellie said still sniffling.

"Have you ever seen a boy play with dolls?"


"Boys don't like what girls like and girls don't like what boys like,"


"What I'm trying to say is boys and girls like different things,"

"If I played cars with them, can they play dolls with me?" a smile spread across her face.

"Go and try,"

"Okay, thanks daddy," she hugged him and jumped off his lap.

He watched as she rushed down the hall and up the stairs. Kids have a lot more energy and can run really fast. Jeff thought to himself. And to have Jess think I was like them. He laughed at the thought when he entered the kitchen. Dave started eating and there was a plate in front of his spot.

"Did everything go alright?" Jess asked.

"Yeah, she's fine," Jeff said eating.


"Are they good Dave?"

"No," he joked. "Just kidding, yeah they are,"

"Once were done eating let's go work out in that little gym of yours and then get ready for Raw," Rachel suggested. "I still have some baby fat to get rid of,"

"What fat?" the red head asked. "All I see is skin and bones,"

"Well I want abs like you. How the hell did you find time to get them?"

"It's called give the children to daddy," she smiled at Jeff who shook his head. "He's just like them,"

"Ahhh, so is it alright if we do that?"

"Yeah, it's fine,"


"Yay another Raw show!" David said as he was holding his mother's hand as they walked around the arena trying to find the Hardy locker room.

"Can I see Trish yet?" Ellie asked. Trish was her most favorite Diva. Her mom squeezed her hand.

"Sure, she's probably getting ready right now and I'll drop you off after I get changed," the red head told her daughter.

"Hey Jess I'll see you around we got to talk to Vince," Rachel said and bid her friends goodbye. Charlie decided to stay with his mother as he didn't really like the Raw roster except for John, Trish, Stacy, and Cryme Tyme.

"Ladies first," Jeff said holding the locker room door for everyone.

"Hey I'm not a girl!" David pouted.

"Sorry, go in last like a man,"


Jeff went in front of him and before David could get near the door he shut it. David tried to push it open but his dad's foot was blocking it shut.

"DAD!" David yelled. "OPEN THE DOOR!" Superstars that passed were looking at him like he was weird and just passed. "STOP LAUGHING!" he could hear his dad laughing and soon he stuck his head out the door.

"You want to come in?" he asked.


"Then say you're a girl,"

"MOM!" he screamed.

"Jeff let him in," Jessica said heading into the bathroom.

"Fine," he opened the door and David punched his dad's leg.


Ellie laughed at her twin as she started coloring in her new coloring book. David played with his dad's belt. He couldn't hold it as it was too heavy for him, but he did get a kids replica that his dad made sure to get.

About a half hour later Jessica came out of the bathroom wearing a blue and black pleated skirt, a blue tank top tat hugged her curves, black knee high boots with blue lacing, and her hair down in curls with some blue eyeliner on. Also her Hardy pendant was around her neck just like Jeff's always is.

"Looking hot," Jeff said and pulled her into a kiss.

"Well I'm going to beat Melina for the Women's Championship right after your match with Nitro," the red head replied.

"Sweet, now go take Ellie to see Trish she can't shut up about it,"

"Okay I will,"

She picked up her daughter and carried her further down the hall till she reached John's locker room. Jessica hasn't seen these two for a few weeks as they took time off to be with their children. She knocked on the door and John answered it with open arms.

"So glad you could finally come," John said hugging the two.

"Ellie wanted to see Trish and I haven't seen you guys in what three weeks?" Jessica guessed.


"Jess, Ellie!" Trish said coming out of the bathroom wearing her "Let's do it" shirt and blue jeans. "I missed you guys," she pulled Ellie in a hug.

"We missed you to, trust me on that,"

"I kept bugging mommy to see you." Ellie said smiling.

"Did you now?" Trish laughed.

"Yeah and now I can!"

"When's your match?" John asked.

"In about 20 minutes, I better go wish Jeff good luck," Jess replied.

"If you don't mind how about you let me come to the ring with you in your match,"


Trish told the two she would look after Ellie until they came back. Jeff was already at the curtain as Nitro made his entrance. The red head wished him good luck and shared a passionate kiss with him before heading back to Cena's locker room with David now.

About 15 minutes later the match ended and Jeff retained his title. Jessica bid her friends and family goodbye and headed over to the curtain with John. They made their entrance with the crowd screaming for them. Jess grabbed a microphone and put it to her lips.

"How's everybody doing?" Jessica asked as the crowd cheered. "Let's get to the chase shall we. Melina get your nasty ass down to this ring right now!" she waited a few seconds and Melina made her entrance. She entered the ring glaring at the red head, her title around her waist.

"Enough with the talking. Let's get this match over with," Melina spazed out.

"Just hold it my little slut," Melina fumed as the crowd cheered. "I've been gone for three weeks and this is the kind of match Coach gives me? Well me and Vince didn't like it so here's the new match," she waited for a second. "It's going to be a Falls Count Anywhere Match for your precious title,"

"You can't do that!"

"I can and just did,"

The ref rang the bell and the match started. Jessica grabbed a handful of her hair and threw her across the ring so she landed on her face and stomach. Just before the red head could do anymore damage Melina ran for her life. John and Jess ran after her and they ended up fighting in the make up station. The red head banged her head on the table and into the shelves. Next she irish whipped her into a door. She covered her up for only a two.

Melina started running again and they ended up in John's locker room since he kinda guided her there. Trish, David, and Ellie watched as their mother duked it out with the Women's Champ. Jessica tossed Melina over the couch and she hit her head on the wall. David even threw his toy car at her.

"Trish get them out of here!" Jessica yelled.

"No, we wanna watch," David complained.

"David, go watch from a monitor. Get out of here," as she was being distracted Melina kicked her in the back. "Go!"

"Come on guys," Trish quickly had them leave as Melina ran out accidentally knocking Ellie over and she started to cry. "Bitch!" Jessica saw what happened and it only made her angrier.

"I'll get her,"

John stayed with Trish to help watch the kids. Jessica ran as fast as she could and speared Melina into a wall. Next she grabbed her by the hair and did a quick girls DDT on the cement floor. The ref counted for a two and Melina got up and ran once again.

She ran back out to the ring and waited for Jess to come in the ring. When she did she kicked her in the face and got a one count. The red head shot up and clothes lined her. She climbed up on the top rope, waited for Melina to come closer and hit a Whisper in the wind. Next she set her up and hit the Swanton Bomb winning her the match.

"Here is your winner and the new WWE Women's Champion, Jessica!" Lillian announced and the ref handed her the title.

"Touch my daughter again and I'll make sure to bust your head open," Jessica said in Melina's ear. "Or how about I do it now," she got out of the ring and looked under the mat and found a steel chair.

"Doesn't she know the match is over?" King asked J.R.

"Didn't you see Melina push her daughter down? She must be getting revenge," J.R. guessed. Jess lifted the chair up and slammed it down on Melina's face, her head bleeding from being split open.

Jessica supported her new belt on her shoulder and headed to the back. Jeff was waiting for her along with Rachel, the twins, John, Trish, and Dave. They were all shocked at what she did but Ellie and David had no idea.

"A little rough don't you think?" Rachel asked holding Charlie in her arms.

"I had to, if you saw what she did I had to," Jessica shot back.

"But that was too much. Taking her belt was enough,"

"Rachel don't start with me I'm too pissed off,"

"Come on Jess, let's go take a walk," Jeff said and wrapped his arm around her waist. The red head rolled her eyes. "Be back in a bit,"

"Yeah okay," Rachel said. The two walked off.

"That was a bit harsh," Dave said.

"Cut her some slack, I would have done the same," Trish said.


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