Chapter twelve: Broken Leg and Consequences

"Mother Fucker!" Jessica yelled on the top of her lungs. Her foot was tangled in the ropes as her leg went the opposite way.

John rushed to her side. "Are you kidding me? You didn't break your leg did you?"

"Fuck you John, get me the fuck outta here!" she screamed. Little kids and their mothers all stared at the two.

"Watch your language there are little children around," one of the brave mothers said coming up to the netting.

She watched them the entire time they were at the park. This was the second time they went through the ropes.

"Fuck you bitch! You don't even know what the fuck just happened! Get me out of here John!" the red head was in no mood for procrastination.

The woman gaped at the red head as she saw the tattoo of a mans name on her lower back. She grabbed her daughter and whisked her away to the car.

John picked Jess up carefully, not to touch her leg any way possible. Since they walked to the park it was harder to find a ride.

Jessica grabbed her phone from her pocket and called the one person who she knew would drive her anywhere.

"Hello?" he asked, a little boy screamed in the background.

"Jeff baby," she winced as the pain shot through her body. Her voice was a little strained. "I need you to come get me and John at the park.

He could hear the pain in her voice. "Jess, what's wrong?"

"I think I broke my fucking leg," she let out a little scream as her foot barely touched the ground.

"I'm on my way!"

It took under five minutes for Jeff to show up in his black Escalade. Ellie and David were in the back, watching as John set their mom carefully in the front seat. He sat in the back and gave the go for Jeff to start driving.

The hospital wasn't too far away, only twenty minutes. Jessica was complaining the whole way.

A nurse was calling out names to a crowd of over fifty people. It was a busy day at the hospital. No one seemed to be as injured as the red head was so Jeff stormed up to the nurse.

She smiled up at him as he winced when his wife let out a cry of pain.

"My wife just broke her leg. She needs to see a doctor immediately," Jeff begged.

"I'll need to take your name and hers as well," she handed him the clipboard. "Mr and Mrs. Laplace you may see Doctor Charlie now,"

Jeff scribbled he and his wifes name on the clipboard quickly. There were many names left and he knew it would be till forever till Jessica got to see this Doctor Charlie.

John finally was at his friends side with Jess draped across him. Ellie and David went straight to the kids section of the waiting room. They started playing with the toys before any of the other kids could.

The nurse look annoyed as Jeff continued to stay at her side. She was very busy and couldn't deal with anyone like him.

"Please take a seat Mr-" she looked at her clipboard. "Jeff Hardy," she paused. The name rang a bell in her ears. "Your Jeff Hardy? This is awesome! I'm such a huge fan. And that's Jessica and John,"

"Thanks for fucking noticing. But we have a goddamn situation and I feel like my leg is gunna fall the fuck off. Can I see a doctor now or later?" Jessica demanded. "If not now, then I will scream bloody fucking murder and cause all kinds of hell because I'm in a load of fucking pain!"

John chuckled at the nurse's expression. She didn't know what to do. A part of her wanted to help but it wasn't fair to the others to let them first.

"Just let them go. The girl is annoying," a man with an incredible build told the nurse. A few of the other patients agreed.

"Right this way then,"

The nurse led them into a large room with many machines. Jessica laid down on the bed as a black board was laid under her leg. She winced as the pain shot through her body again.

Jeff held her hand as she squeezed it many times. The nurse finished the x-ray and led the Hardy's to another room where a doctor waited.

They took a brief moment to go over her condition. Another nurse came in, handing the doctor a folder. Both nurses excused themselves and went straight back to helping the others.

"I'm Doctor Charlie and you must be Jessica Hardy and your husband Jeff. Its nice to meet you. Famous people never come here," he chuckled to himself as he pulled out the red head's x-rays.

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Okay I don't care. All I want you to do is fix my fucking leg!" she yelled.

Jeff stroked her arm, trying to calm her down. "Sorry she isn't good with pain,"

"It's okay. By the looks of it, you have a broken leg. I'll have to pop it into place and get you a cast right away,"

"Excuse me do what?" Jessica couldn't believe what he said.

"Pop it back in place. You wrestle, it shouldn't be too painful,"

He kneeled down by her leg, grabbing the loose bone. With a quick snap you could hear the bone snap back in place and the blood curdling scream that rose from Jess's mouth.

Jeff covered her mouth, stifling the screams. Charlie laughed to himself, he always got a kick out of watching famous people endure pain. It was like they were human for once.

After about an hour and a half of sitting around in the doctors office, the cast was complete and they were allowed to go home.

Jessica picked out a purple cast and once she got her crutches she was going to spray paint them green.

John signed her cast as soon as they were at the hotel. Ellie, David, and Jeff were next. Trish stopped by to see her boyfriend and signed the cast as well after hearing the story of how it happened. Cena also told everyone how last time they went to a park like that she broke her leg as well.

"I hate rope parks now," Jessica pouted.

John laughed. "But they love you so much,"

"Ha ha, that was seriously not funny," she stuck her tongue out at him.

Trish stood up, gaining every ones attention. "Well I'm gunna go back to my room. Raw is tonight and I need to get ready,"

Jessica's mouth hung open. "Shit, I have a match against Beth tonight for my belt. What the hell am I going to do?"

Jeff placed a piece of her hair behind her ear. "We'll talk to McMahon, he'll understand,"

Trish let out a laugh. "Are you kidding me? This match was his idea!"

John frowned. "Don't worry Jess, I'll think of something,"

"Thanks John," a small smile creeped across her face.

"Bye you guys. I love you," Trish said pulling everyone into hugs. John followed in her steps.

"Bye," they all said one last time in unison.

Jessica grabbed her crutches and hopped to her twins room. She used the crutch and pushed the door open. Ellie and David were both coloring on their beds. The red head kissed each their foreheads and hugged them.

"I'm off to bed. Don't stay up too late. I love you," Jessica said, standing in the door way.

"Love you to mom," Ellie replied, blowing her mom a kiss.

David waved. "Love you to,"

She blew them a kiss goodnight before shutting the door behind her. Jeff followed his wife into the bedroom where he helped her change into a pair of sweats.

The red head struggled a little when she tried getting into bed. She pulled Jeff on top of her, spreading her legs to make room.

Jeff kissed his wife on the lips, nibbling on the bottom lip. Jess moaned at his nipping and pulled his lips to hers.

Not being able to control himself any longer Jeff let his fingers touch down Jessica's arm to her thigh. Jess shuddered as his fingers played against her inner thigh. At the same time Jeff slipped his fingers into her, she slammed their lips together in a heated moment.

Jess was going insane as Jeff pleasured her with his fingers. She let out a moan as she kissed him harder. Her hand trailed down his chest, to his boxers. Jessica slipped her hand down his boxers and stroked his man hood.

Ecstasy coming close for the two, Jeff ripped off his boxers and slid inside Jessica, deeper than his fingers could. The red head felt herself orgasm as the pleasure intensified. Jeff pushed harder, making sure the bed didn't squeak or bang against the wall.

They both felt the climax coming. Jeff spreaded Jessica's legs a bit more and moved their hips fast. Jess scrapped her nails down her husbands back as she felt herself climax. After climaxing, Jeff pushed three last times for the last bit of pleasure

He rolled over on his side of the bed to catch his breath.

"I didn't know that was possible with a cast on my leg," Jessica laughed, laying her head on Jeff's chest.

Jeff chuckled. "Anything is possible when you want to have sex,"

"Yeah that's true. I love you baby,"

"I love you to,"

He kissed her on the forehead, then on her lips. Jess cuddled up closer, and closed her eyes, feeling her strength drain from her body.

"McMahon, please can we schedule the match another day. I'm not giving up my title like that. Its not right and I'll look like a total schmuck," Jessica complained as Vince fed her his offer.

Vince McMahon leaned back in his chair, his hands folding across his chest. "Then how about this. You find a diva to face Beth in your place. If you can't find one then you will forfeit and hand her the belt!"

Jessica glared at her boss. "Goodbye Vince,"

"No thank you? I could always go with my original plan,"

"Sorry, thank you Vince for your offer," she hissed.

"Thank you Jess. Now get out,"

She slammed the door shut and hopped to Jeff's locker room very pissed off.