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Sowada Sen slammed the door to room, tears streaming down her pale face, & dropped her school things in front of the door.

Sen had another bad day at school. She was late to colorguard practice & had to run laps, which not only made her smell really bad, but also showed everyone how bad of a runner she was. During 3rd period, some weirdo decided it'd be fun to rip her favorite black cord jack and expose her scarlet halter top.

Apparently, the teacher was spacing out until she heard the room erupt with laughing students and wondered why the mountain of homework she had just given them wasn't making them miserable. She looked up to see Sen with her jacket at her feet. She sent her to the office with a note claiming that she was stripping in the middle of class.

And then, as if that wasn't enough, she found a dead cat in her locker, a gift from another prep who was convinced that she worshipped the devil. Then, on top of that, on the bus ride home, her boyfriend, Jason Andrews, whom had gone out with her five years dumped her, but wouldn't tell her why.

Sen flung herself on her bed & sobbed into her red silk pillow.

Suddenly, her television screen flashed on & her favorite song played. She looked up & saw her name with a picture of what she was wearing at that exact second. An outfit she had just finished making yesterday. She picked up the remote & pushed 'POWER'. click. Nothing happened. click. It was still there.

. . . . 5 MINUTES LATER . . . .

After numerous trys, Sen finally got & went to the TV. She pushed the 'POWER' button underneath the screen. Again, nothing happened.

Just as she pushed the button a 2nd time, she was sucked head first through the screen, & the TV turned off.

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