Ch.3 A Whole New World

Me:No, Ino, this is NOT about ALADDIN!

In:Are you sure?

Me:Yes,I'm !I'm gonna get into my jam!*music*Here's a llama,there's a another little llama,llama,llama, duck!

Gaara:(storms into room)WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SINGING THAT SONG?!!

Me:I'm sorry my sexy Gaara(pouty faced)

Gaara:*sigh* It's okay,(kisses forehead)(I faint) I HAVEN'T EVEN KISSED YOUR LIPS YET!!

Me:(jumps back to feet) Okay!!(Gaara makes crazy sigh)(I laugh and glomp him)

Couls anythong be worse? Sen thought. She already had ANOTHER bad day at school and now that she didn't have a boyfriend anymore, she didn;t have anything to comfort her. and now, after being sucked through her own television, was falling from a height of who-knows-what and was going to land, and possibly die, in who-cares-where.

She didn't even know why she was screaming. She-


"Naruto !" she heard someone cry with heavy japanese accent.

What's a Naruto? she opened her eyes and sat at where she was, Sen noticed, not only that she had survived the fall, but three surprised-looking people: a pink haired preppy looking girl who had a cute emo boy with raven hair clinging to her waist in a 'questionable' way and a silver-haired man who wore a headband on his head and a black mask covering but his right eye, staring at her with tears in his eyes, er, eye.

Sen wobbled to her feet, trying to keep her balance. Where am I?

"Aahhh!!" the pink-haired girl screamed as she covered her eyes,nose bleeding, while at the same time knocking the emo-boy to the ground. The emo-boy was staring behind her, smiling and blushing immensly, and the silver-haired man seemed to come out of a trance. Sen turned around to see a barely conscious naked blond boy with cat whiskers on his face.


Sen screamed as she fell unconscience on the bridge floor.

Me:Poor Sen! She saw Naruto naked! I can't believe she fainted! What a wuss!!

Naruto:(Walks in Naked) Wuz up?