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As I fell I kept chanting my words, trying to figure out what was wrong with my powers. After a moment I felt myself slowing and kept my mantra up. My train of thought was suddenly derailed when I landed in a pair of large, strong arms. "Thanks," I said, assuming it was Beast Boy who'd caught me since I felt fur. But the voice that responded wasn't his, and the vision that hit me showed it wasn't a friend.

"Oh, you're quite welcome, Mademoiselle." It was Monsieur Mallah, and before I could get out of his arms I felt a pinch, then I lost consciousness. When I awoke some time later the webbing had been cleared away and I looked around. I found myself sitting on the floor of a stone cell, wrists shackled above my head. I tugged, trying to break them, and failed miserably. Trying my powers proved equally useless.

The noise from the chains was apparently enough to draw attention and a moment later I heard footsteps, then a voice. I looked up to see Monsieur Mallah outside the cell. "Ah, you're awake Mademoiselle. I'm so pleased, you see I've got a call to make, and I need your help." Mallah pulled out my T-comm and then a key. He unlocked the door as he continued. "You see, we're going to call your friends and let them know you're alright. It's been a day and a half, after all, I'm sure they're worried."

I watched him turn on the communicator and tried to figure out a plan. I wasn't gagged, but without my powers I'd have to be clever. I thought quickly as Mallah approached, and the beginnings of a plan were in place when he crouched next to me. He held the comm in front of me and I saw Beast Boy's face.

"Raven? Finally, we've been worried sick, where are you?! Why'd you bail during the fight? And what about our date?!"

"It wasn't by choice, believe me. Mallah took me. I'd much rather be with you."

"Where are you?" he asked, tone deadly serious.

I looked at my captor before I replied. "Mí torech nuin i band minas mí ost o galad." (1) I silently prayed that Beast Boy would understand me.

He nodded. "Are you hurt?"

"No, my powers are blocked but otherwise I'm okay. But you should still hurry, they may be treating me like royalty now, but there's no telling when heads will start to roll." It was a very out of character thing for me to say, but I had to give the Titans as much information as possible without tipping off Mallah. I just had to pray that the team put the clues together right.

Mallah took the T-comm away and held it up to his face. "You can see we've taken good care of your lover. As she said her powers are blocked, but we had to take precautions. If you wish you can search for her, and in return we shall do our very best to keep her entertained. Au revoir."

'Wait! Can't I at least say goodbye?" I heard. Mallah brought the comm back to my face and I saw Beast Boy. I spoke before he could. "Im estel utule linte o rama." (2)

"Ve im amin estel na linte." (3) He paused for a moment. "Bad yassen amin pá sina." (4)

"Mankoi?" (5) I arched a brow, wondering what he had in mind.

He rolled his eyes at me. "Cé ta thellavlye ner lúmë utule." (6)

I returned the gesture. "Yan merle ta." (7)

He chuckled. "Im thelutule ar tegi le mar. Im gwesto ta." (8) I promise you Rae, I won't let anything happen to you or the baby." Before I could reply he disconnected.

I looked away, wondering why Beast Boy would say that, but Mallah turned me by the chin to face him. "I suppose if you're pregnant we'll have to go easy on you. Tell me, how far along are you?"

Everything fell into place and I pulled my face from his grasp. "About a month. We just found out ourselves. We haven't even told the rest of the team yet." I said, pulling my knees up to my chest. "Why do you care anyway, you're the enemy."

"He seems rather concerned for such an early stage of pregnancy. And while I may be the enemy, I'm not a monster. Besides, the plan never included doing you harm unless it was necessary."

"The women in my family have a history of high risk pregnancies. More than our share have died in childbirth, and this isn't exactly a normal baby, so Beast Boy is understandably protective. "

"And yet he let you fight?" He shook his head. "Rather a reckless decision, wouldn't you agree?"

"He doesn't mind my fighting as long as I stay out of the physical action. I'm still a superhero after all." I paused. "That said, he is pretty protective of us."

"I see. He certainly sounded that way, even if I couldn't understand what he said. Now, if you don't mind satisfying my curiosity, Mademoiselle, where did you tell your lover you were? And what did you discuss during your goodbyes?"

"I said I didn't know where, just that it was some kind of cell. As for the rest, he was making sure I was alright, and telling me not do do anything stupid. I told him I wouldn't and told him I was alright, for the moment," I replied, playing innocent. "Where am I actually?"

"You're under a famous French prison. Marie Antoinette died here you know." He smiled, the effect rather creepy in the wake of his remark. "Your own fate will be far less gruesome, especially if you cooperate."

"Cooperate with what?" I honestly had no idea what they could want from me, but I wasn't looking forward to helping them. "And if I do what you want, will you let me go? Will you return me to Beast Boy?"

Mallah chuckled. "You do ask the pertinent questions, don't you? Yes, if you do what we ask you will be returned to your lover alive and well. As I said before, I'm not a monster. As to what is being asked of you, Perhaps it would be easier to show you."

I looked pointedly at the shackles, then back at the gorilla. "Does that mean you're going to release me? Or are you bringing my mission to me?"

"You'll be partially released. Those shackles will be removed and you'll be given a different set of restraints. We can't have you doing anything stupid, now can we?"

"What is it you want me to do? My magic is weakened thanks to the baby. A portion of my power is being diverted to protect it." What I said about demonic pregnancies was true, the baby did divert some of the mother's power and therefore weakened her. The only lie was that I was pregnant.

"I'll try to keep your workload light then. I wouldn't want to hurt the child. But tell me, why didn't you say something yourself?"

"I didn't think you'd care, you're the enemy after all. Besides, why should you get to find out before my friends do?"

"As I said before, yes I'm the enemy, but I am not a monster. Your unborn child has done nothing wrong and there's no real reason for me to hurt you. If you're incapable of doing what we want then you'll be returned. If you are able, however, then you'll be returned after you've finished."

"What is it you want my to do?" I asked again, not putting much faith in his promises. True, the vision I'd had when he caught me hadn't shown any violence, but Mallah was still my enemy, no matter how genial he was.

He didn't respond, just turned and left the cell. He returned after a moment with two sets of shackles. He chained my ankled, then my wrists before releasing me from the wall. I let him help me stand, memorising the lay of the lair as best I could as he led the way to whatever it is he wanted from me.

When we stopped we were in a large lab area. The Brain was there in his jar, and Raven wondered exactly what was going on. Mallah gestured to a lab table covered by a sheet. "You're here to transfer my friend's brain into this boy's body. He is a descendant of the Brain, and is comatose."

I shook my head. "You do relies I'm not a brain surgeon, right? If I attempted this, I could kill not just this boy, but your friend."

"Does that mean you will make an attempt in the hope of doing just that? After all, it's what your father would do."

"No. I am not my father. You and your friends are my enemies, but I am not a killer. I can't do this. I'd like to go home now, I have a child to think of, and this is not making the situation any easier for me."

"I understand. But you see, I think you can do this, and simply do not want to. I'd like you to try. I care nothing for the boy, but I want my friend back and I believe you can make it happen. Please try, or I may be forced to resort to violence, and neither one of us wants that."

I sighed, retreating to the nearest wall and sliding down into a sitting position. I wrapped my arms around my knees and shook my head. "I cannot do this. I am not a brain surgeon, I don't want to kill anyone, and I don't need all this extra pressure." I hoped the others were on their way, because I just wanted to go home.

1.) Mí torech nuin i band minas mí ost o galad. - In the lair under the prison tower in the city of light.

2.) Im estel utule linte o rama. - I hope to find you swift of wing.

3.) Ve im amin estel na linte. - As I myself hope to be swift.

4.) Bad yassen amin pá sina. - Go with me on this.

5.) Mankoi? - Why?

6.) Cé ta thellavlye ner lúmë utule. - Maybe it will allow us more time to find you.

7.) Yan merle ta. - As you wish it.

8.) Im thelutule ar tegi le mar. Im gwesto ta. - I will find you and bring you home. I swear it.

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