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Sasuke give Saruke, Sukyo and Saksu a good night kiss and went to the garden. Indeed the Uchiha clan was special. He smiled to himself "I'm so happy, if it wasn't for you Itachi. In that fight I got the courage to proposed it to her"


They had finally found who was the mysterious thing or better said the mysterious someone. Itachi was the sources of the mysterious event. They had a fight 2 days ago and he captured Sakura. Sasuke started to search him, even if he failed the back up would be there soon. After those 2 long days, Sasuke had finally arrived.

Itachi: Long time...Sasuke.

Sasuke: Where is Sakura?

Itachi: You mean this…

Itachi moved to a side to reveal Sakura. "Let her out of this". Sakura had string just like Crow. When Sasuke looked at her on the eyes with the Sharingan he notice that she suffered from the Magekyo.

Sasuke: What did you did to her?

Itachi: Nothing...and you in the past?

Sasuke: Enough talk, lets fight.

Itachi: You are not strong enough but I know someone that is dying to fight you.

Itachi was controlling Sakura. Sasuke didn't want to hurt her so he decided to dodge and receive a few blows. Sakura was crying, she didn't wanted to destroy Sasuke. Sakura was going to deliver a death blow, Sasuke only choice was to kick her. She was sent back flying. "I didn't know that you got the guts to do that foolish little brother". Sakura was hurting herself because she was fighting back the strings that manipulated her, even if Itachi's face didn't show it he was angry with the kunoichi. She manage to speak.

Sakura: Sa..su…ke …kun. Finish….me…now.

Sasuke: Tsk. I can't do it

Sakura: Use….Chidori….plea…se.

Sasuke: Promise me you will survive.

Sakura: I…can't…

Sasuke: Just promise me!

Sakura: Fine….

Sasuke started to run with the Chidori and when he plunged his hand in Sakura's stomach he remembered the time when she helped him in the anniversary of the massacre of his clan.

Sasuke: Sakura...after this... will you... marry me?

Sakura: Yeah.

The Chidori was starting to disappear.

Sakura: I….lo..ve..you…

Before she could hit the ground Sasuke grabbed her. "This time it will be different" He finally manage to kill Itachi without the curse mark. (A/N: This is the Apocalypsys Sasuke killed Itachi without the Curse Mark...no wait he KILLED ITACHI NO!!!!! HE KILLED ONE OF THE HOTIES GUY IN NARUTO) He quickly arrived to the hospital. After a week Sakura was out. Sasuke didn't visit her, and what happened it appeared like a dream. She walked to the cherry blossom tree. Sasuke appeared minutes later. "How are you?" "Fine" they both felt in silence. "Sakura I…here" Sasuke handle her a box when she opened it, there was a ring. "So it wasn't a dream".

Sasuke: What was a dream?

Sakura: You were fighting me, because Itachi put me strings, and then you asked me to MARRY YOU!

Sasuke: If you hope to be an Uchiha, don't believe that everything is a dream –smirk-

Sakura: Well…ummm..-blush-

Sasuke approaches, Sakura and give her a quick kiss on the lips. "Sasuke-kun!" for a long time in years Sasuke finally smiles.

Sasuke: Just don't be late for the wedding.

Sakura: But when and where?

Sasuke: Your choice

Sasuke leaved Sakura on the cherry tree alone, so that she could analyse the situation.

End of Flashback

Sakura: Sasuke-kun, you need to sleep, tomorrow you got an important mission.

Sasuke: Hai

Before he could sleep, he had a last thought.


When he delivered the final blow to Itachi. Itachi smirked "That is right little brother, you finally understood, now live happy".

Sasuke: What?

Itachi: Every 500 years the Uchiha clan must sacrifice the younger brother, so I destroyed everyone, believe it or not I loved them, but I loved you too, I couldn't stay in Konoha and I wasn't bringing you to Akatsuki either. Now don't let this thing happen again. Burn the Uchiha scroll Otouto.(A/N: Itachi is a little no better said Itachi is complete OOC, but I think he love his brother in a twisted way)

Sasuke wasn't happy, he now respect his brother, so he picked up Sakura and went to the hospital, there he talked to Tsunade and she agreed on giving Itachi a funeral.

End of Flash Back

Sasuke had entered in the realm of dreams because he is in peace and happy. He is the head of the clan, and captain of the Anbu Black ups. Sakura is a Jounin sensei. Their children are in the Ninja Academy and their best friend are Naruto and Hinata's 3 sons, you guess it the 3 of them love ramen like their dad. The 6th Hokage is Naruto and Hinata is a Jounin sensei as well. Orochimaru and Kabuto are as good as dead because Tsunade killed them but in exchange she died too. And Akatsuki disappear thanks for the Squad of Shikamaru.

Now everybody was happy, including Sasuke.



A/N: To happy for my taste, I know I know Sasuke and Itachi were OOC, but it was really difficult to me that they expressed their "love". Itachi lose on purpose to finally let Sasuke enjoy his life, he captured Sakura so that Sasuke would learn to appreciate what he had. When Sasuke saw his love at the edge of death he couldn't control his emotion so he just exploded like a bomb and revealed his feelings.