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-Chapter 6: The Things Percival Cox Doesn't Do-

As Perry runs down the hall, everything for him is a blur. It's as if the situation was making his entire life undistinguishable. The bright, florescent lights from above ran together with the reflection on the tile floor, mixing badly. Nothing was making sense for him. The last thing he had understood was the strained "Dr. Dorian" coming from the nurses lips. After that, well…

It all went to hell.

Sometime while he was running, he had forgotten where he was even going, too mixed and muddled in his own worries. His mind screamed at him to run faster, to run to the emergency bay.

To save Newbie.

When he had finally reached the ambulance entrance, he could hear the sirens still too far to see. He stared unblinkingly at the entrance to the hospital, and watched as the ambulance drove erratically into the empty space before the ramp.

Perry had to forcefully move his legs, willing them to move forward. As the large swinging doors pounded open, and two male paramedics wheeled Dr. John Dorian out, one pounding on his chest the other steering the gurney, Dr. Cox no longer needed to tell himself anything, he let his instinct take over. (it had never led him astray before)

"Status?" he asked curtly as he arrived at the gurney's side and took over chest compressions.

The young paramedic that had been resuscitating the girly doctor sounded winded when he replied, "A compound fracture in the arm, dislocated leg, possible concussion, and we think one of his ribs might have punctured a lung. He went into respitory distress, and he crashed twice on the way over here."

They continued to move towards the ER while the paramedic listed the injuries that had been inflected upon his usually (and annoyingly) chipper protégé. Perry could feel a small lump forming in the back of his throat, and wasn't sure whether he felt like crying or like throwing up. (He was pretty sure it was that last one. Percival Cox does NOT cry)

"What happened to him?" whether or not the two men had heard his voice crack meant nothing to the Irish doctor. All that mattered was making sure this little prick lived. Out of the corner of his eye, Dr. Cox thought he saw the younger paramedic (what was his name? Jaime? Joey?) give him a sympathetic look, but he chose to ignore it. What good would sympathy do?

"He was in a car accident. Run off the freeway into a ditch." By this time, they had gotten the young doctor's heart to start, and were wheeling him into the Emergency Room, as the younger paramedic compressed air into his lungs.

Several nurses swarmed around the gurney, and Perry himself, forcing the two paramedics away from the gurney, and out of the problem.

As Perry glanced over his shoulder, he watched as the two men walked away, wishing this case was just like any other.

But then, wishes wouldn't make Newbie better, so, he turns around and thinks no more of anything else but helping his patient.

It's a strange sensation, coming back from dying. Things are black, and nothing really registers, not time, not people, nothing. It's like being asleep. Then, I start to hear things, bits of conversation, until I can understand all of it. Nothing is coming into sight yet, but from the feeling of movement under me, and the wind rushing past me, it's a safe bet I'm on a gurney, and I'm glad I haven't opened my eyes. I always get motion sick easily, and I'm already nauseas.

I try listening to what's being said around me, anything to get my mind off the pain. I can hear voices, one I recognize as the paramedic James, and the other is familiar, yet I'm unable to place it. It's like a fart in a crammed elevator; you know it came from someone, but you just don't know who.

The words are starting to make sense now, and I concentrate harder, to catch myself up on the conversation.

"A compound fracture, in the arm, dislocated leg, possible concussion, and we think one of his ribs might have punctured a lung. He went into respitory distress, and he crashed twice on the way over here."

Huh. So I've been dead twice huh? Well, that's nice to know. And where exactly is "here"?

There's a sort of pause in the talking, and I think for a minute that I might have missed something, when that familiar voice from before speaks again, and suddenly I hear that unmistakable voice.

"What happened to him?"

The voice is so comforting somehow, that I can barely contain my joy. (Well, actually I did a pretty good job since I had no physical reaction what-so-ever.) I couldn't have been happier if he had whistled, called me a girl's name, and ordered me to "cut my beauty sleep short because we have work to do, even though I terri-ha-hi-bly needed it, and I don't get paid to sleep, so GO! GO! GO!"… and I'm pretty sure I would have jumped up and start my rounds if he had…

It was Dr. Cox.

But, somehow, his voice sounds different. It wavers, and almost sounds like it cracked.

I sincerely hope he's sick.

Why would he be crying? It couldn't be because of me could it? Do I look that bad? Or maybe I interrupted his favorite soap, and he's crying because he's gonna miss the season finale?

That must be it. I mean, after all, "why would he care if I wasn't there?" right?

God, I wish I hadn't thought that, that way I could stop repeating it to myself.

James' reply, luckily, cuts off any come-back my brain was thinking of.

"He was in a car accident. Run off the freeway into a ditch"

"A ditch"? Huh, and all this time I'd been calling it a ravine. That sounds much nicer. Much more dignified. I mean, which sounds cooler "I drove into a ditch," or "I was run off the road into a ravine"? One's definitely gonna get me more booty.

If I, you know, live.

Dr. Cox doesn't reply, and I'm not sure which scares me more: the cracking/crying voice or the silence.

When hands suddenly start touching me, and unfamiliar voices start shouting orders, I'm pretty sure it's the silence that scares me.

And then I'm out of it again.

"BP's dropping!"

"Heart rate's slowing"

"He's crashing!"

A flurry of nurses surrounding the bed scramble to do things Perry Cox hadn't even been able to say yet. Taking the defibrillators that had been shoved into his hands, he numbly ordered a charge, shouted out a resounding "clear", and stuck the metal plates to the doctors chest. Everyone in the small room fell silent and stared at the monitor, waiting for a change. Dr. Cox kept his gaze trained on Newbie, watching. He charged again and shocked the pathetically skinny (and spoon shaped?) chest, causing it to arch upwards and fall back down in an unnatural way.

Perry starred down still, as if the situation was nothing more than a dream.

Still, nothing.

For a minute Perry thinks he might drop the small paddles in his hands. They shook so bad, he didn't trust himself to touch the young man in front of him. His eyes sting, and he's about to put the paddles down and go on a rampage when he hears a choked sob come from the back of the mob of nurses.

He glances up, and with red-rimmed, stinging eyes, he spots Carla in a similar situation. Her eyes are leaking tears, and her hands are at her mouth, and for a minute Dr. Cox doesn't know why she's there. Then he remembers that she had to cover an extra shift. (Nurse Simmons was learning to tango for her wedding. One Newbie was helping to plan.)

Perry starred at the broken looking woman a minute more before he turned to the defibrillator and turned the charge up, then turned, and with one silent threat to god, and put the paddles to JD's chest, and watched as it arched upwards once more.

His gaze swung from the too-frail-looking boy in front of him to the heart monitor connected to him, watching, waiting, hoping

Finally, a mechanical beep sounds throughout the room, and it's as if it knocks the air out of all the people there. The breath they had all been holding releases and with it, their senses come back. Perry puts the paddles on the cart as he shouts orders to the nurses, ordering an emergency OR room. Perry was sure Dr. Wen was on call tonight, and was grateful for that bit of mercy. Dr. Wen was one of the only surgeons Perry actually trusted. (With the exception of Gandhi, to which he would never verbally admit) They needed JD in surgery an hour ago. The hole in his lung wasn't getting any smaller…

Perry wheeled the gurney holding his protégé down the hall, towards the surgery wing. His mind felt as if there was cotton shoved into it, making everything slow and mucky, he couldn't concentrate on anything besides getting Newbie to that surgery; on anything but saving him.

Perry hadn't noticed Carla walking closely behind him as they went down the hall, even when they finally got to the room, seeing Dr Wen already scrubbed up, and standing in the OR. If the surgeon had said anything, Perry didn't notice. He was too busy watching as the OR nurses took the gurney from him and wheeled him into the room.

Suddenly, the door to the room closed, and it was as if he awoke from a dream. He lifted his gaze slightly, and gazed at what was happening inside through the window of the door. He watched as one nurse put a small mask on the young doctor's face. Anesthesia.

When Dr. Wen pulled up a scalpel, Perry was sure he was going to throw up this time. He turned from the surgery, and was going to make a run for it, when he saw Carla still standing behind him.

She wasn't looking at him, he noticed, but rather, past him, and over his shoulder. He watched as more tears poured out of her eyes. She looked like the world was ending; he felt like it.

He wondered fleetingly what was going through her mind, then figured that there probably wasn't that much. She was probably too focused on what was actually happening to be thinking about it. She was probably like him.

"We should tell Turk and Elliot."

The comment was so sudden and unexpected, that even though it was spoken softly, it almost had Perry jumping out of his skin. (Only not, because Percival Cox did NOT get scared. Except for maybe when one of his doctors was in danger of dying, and except that, well yeah, he totally was)

He gazed at Carla for a minute longer, gauging what she was thinking, in silence. Then he answered with a curt "yeah", and walked away.

He wasn't sure how he did it. Walked away, that is. His chest hurt more and more the further he walked from the room, and for a minute he thought that maybe his heart was breaking or something. (Only not, because Percival Cox does NOT have a heart.)

He was almost half way down the hall when he was stopped by Carla calling his name.

"Dr. Cox," her voice trembled.

He stopped walking, but didn't reply; didn't look at her.

"He's going to be okay right?" her tone was frazzled, maybe even desperate. He wanted to reassure her, to tell her that all would be well, but he couldn't. It was as if his throat was swelled shut. The lies that usually came easily to his cruel tongue hung dry on his lips, and he couldn't even say a word.

It was silent for a full minute before Carla broke the pause with a choked sob. Perry could feel her eyes on him now, and wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Except maybe there was something he wanted more, and he was hoping that Dr. Wen was helping with that right now. (Only not, because Percival Cox does NOT hope.)

"Oh god," she choked out, "He's going to die."

It was as if that one statement brought him back to realize where he was, what was going on, and who he was talking to. He wasn't allowed to let Carla hurt like this; he was her friend. (Only not, because Percival Cox does NOT have friends.)

"No, he's not!" he shouted. And suddenly his lies and bluffs and deceptions came back to him, and he turned to look at the broken woman.

"He's not going to die. He's going to be fine. Dr. Wen's going to fix him, and then he's going to wake his ass up, apologize to you for the trouble, make some stupid joke, and get back to work. He is not going to die!" Carla spluttered a laugh through her tears, and the small token of gratitude shinning in her eyes made Perry's voice soften.

"He's not."

Except that, a lot of things that were not happening were starting to happen…

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