TITLE: Emotionally Yours

Summary: Jack and Chloe are trying to come to terms with their feelings for each other while working on a new case. But tragedy strikes when Jack & Chloe are taken by the terrorists.

Pairings: Jack/Chloe

Timeline: Post Season 5 (Jack was never taken by the Chinese)

Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian. Colleagues and friends. They had worked together for 3 years. They were the closest friends at CTU; no one would argue that. They had some kind of special bond that no one could really understand.

Chloe admired Jack's bravery. He had saved the world more times than she could count, always risking his job, and his life. And when there was more trouble, he would always be there. He never let other people down.

Jack admired Chloe's loyalty. When he was out in the field, and needed something covert done, he would call Chloe. Not Edgar, not Morris, not even Bill Buchanan. He called Chloe. Always Chloe. He could trust her with anything. All the times he had her risk her job for him, but she never refused to help him out.

When Chloe had first arrived at CTU, not many people had taken to well to her. She was sarcastic, blunt, and her new coworkers didn't find that becoming. But when Jack first saw her, and talked to her, he knew that there was something special about her. Something that many people didn't take the time to see. He was determined to break down the wall of sarcasm that she had built around herself as a defense mechanism.

And he did. He would ask for help. She would help him. They were loyal to one another. And they understood one another. They had both lost so much, but they had helped each other get through it. They called themselves "friends" but deep down they both felt much more, but neither one would ever admit it.

But Jack was going to tell her how he felt. Well, he would eventually. Although he knew Chloe better than she knew herself, there was no telling how she would react if Jack told her his true feelings. So he decided to wait for a little longer, and maybe let things happen gradually first.

Even if they couldn't admit it to each other, they could admit it to themselves. They were in love with each other.