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Yes, it of course deals with Sasori, and Deidara too, though I doubt Deidara will have any romantic role in the story. I don't see him as gay, but I don't really like him paired with anyone either. I think any side pairing I may have will be Itachi.. but hell, the main pairing won't even kick in for quite a few chapters, so let's not rush things!! And as for our little female in this story- well, I said I had a very similar idea- though originally I was toying with the idea of Kurenai too, but hell, she's married and all!- so it's the same kunoichi as the other fic. If you haven't read that, I'm not spoiling things for you. My idea on this whole thing is different though. It's not AU as the other was- I hate AU, no offense- and it's set after the timeskip. If you haven't read or seen- preferably read- Naruto timeskip, go away because there are spoilers!!!

So, to recap... Leader-sama has finally won a long and brutal court case against his ex-wife(and yes, this could happen. There have been divorces, and lawyers, since at least the 5th century B.C. Deal with it.). Finally, he's proven that he is the more responsible parent, and has gained full custody of their, now teenaged, daughter, whom he hasn't seen in 10 years. Happy though he is to have her back though, and away from his wife and her second husband, a leader of a terrorist organization of S-class missing-nins, bent on world domination only has so much quality time to spend with his little princess. Therefore, he's enlisted the help of the recently returned Sasori and Deidara, since both have their jinchuuriki obligations fulfilled- and aside from possibly turning his daughter into art, Sasori seems like a level-headed, trustworthy guy. Deidara isn't too far off from her age, and might be able to relate to and talk to her if she needs a confidant in Leader's absence- someone like Itachi sure as hell couldn't fill that role. So, they've been given strict orders, and have to make sure the girl is safe and happy. But is everything going to go as planned, death threats or no?...

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Daughter of the Dawn

Chapter 1

Sasori sat on his bedroom floor, meticulously and painstakingly polishing his newest puppet. In retrospect, it wasn't that great a work of art in comparison to most of his older puppets. But, as he thought with malevolence, that damned pink-haired girl and his grandmother had destroyed all he had worked for- and had nearly killed him, though luckily he was always prepared ahead, unlike Deidara.

A sudden knock brought him out of his reverie, and he turned to the door, calling out in an annoyed and bored tone, "How many times do I have to tell you to go away Deidara?!.. I just explained this an hour ago. I'm busy brat, and I don't care how happy you are to see me back."

Sasori turned back to his work, satisfied that Deidara had left when he received no reply, and there were no more knocks.

Suddenly, the door opened with an audible creak, and Sasori turned around glaring daggers at the intruder. "Deidara, do you not understand Ja-"

He stopped mid-sentence and quickly shut his mouth, seeing that it was not Deidara, but Leader-sama himself who had entered the room. The man was now glaring at him, and Sasori quickly apologized, "I'm sorry Leader-sama, I was sure it was Deidara-san bothering me as per usual. I didn't mean to offend you in any way.." "Whatever, I don't have time for that right now. I have an assignment for Deidara and yourself. Report to my chambers in 15 minutes." With that, the shadowy figure was gone.

Sasori stood there for a moment, trying to make sense of what had just transpired, and figure out why Leader-sama couldn't just tell him the mission right then and there. But not one to wait, or to want to keep others waiting, he shrugged and grabbed his cloak from a nearby chair, throwing it on as he walked out of the room.

When Sasori arrived at the room, which was, technically speaking, Leader-sama's office, Deidara was already there. He had been sitting cross-legged on the floor of the dark, cavernous room, but when Sasori entered he spun around then quickly jumped up, a huge grin on his face. "Sasori no Danna…un! You-"

"Please, not now Deidara. I'm not in the mood for anymore useless nonsense." Sasori walked farther into the room, finally settling on standing disinterestedly in front of Akatsuki's huge demon-sealing statue.

"Ah, but I'm not going to harass you Danna! I just wanted to say how happy I am that you're back..un! No more Tobi-baka…un! And for months, I've been wanting to tell you," Deidara's voice lowered to a deadly whisper as an evil smirk spread across his face, "- I was right, un."

Sasori went rigid for a moment as he processed what Deidara had said; meanwhile Deidara stood with arms folded across his chest, a smug, triumphant look on his face.

After a moment though, Sasori recovered from his shock and countered, "You idiot, if you were right, how am I still here? I may have seemed to 'go out with a bang' or whatever that crap is that you say, but it seems I've proven my point- fine art will always be eternal."

The grin fell from Deidara's face and he stuttered madly trying to come back with a defense- but really, Sasori's argument was flawless. "Well Deidara, I guess you'll just never learn…" Sasori said flatly. "But.. but… your puppets..un! You thought they were eternal works of art, and after what that stupid kunoichi and you own grandmother did, their beauty and usefulness flitted away, just like any of my masterpieces! So ha, I wi-"

"Ahem," the Leader's shadowy astral projection loudly cleared his voice, having appeared at some point during the two artists' argument. "What did I tell you two retards about arguing in my presence?.." Deidara and Sasori immediately bowed. "Gomen nasai Leader-sama." "Yeah, gomen nasai…un."

"DON'T let it happen again," he replied threateningly. Then, his tone lightening a bit, the Leader said, "Anyway, as I informed the two of you, you have a new mission assignment. Seeing as how Deidara retrieved his designated jinchuuriki, and Tobi retrieved Sasori's in his absence, the two of you have no further obligations in that regard unlike most of the other teams. Therefore, I am giving you a much easier- though certainly no less important- assignment."

Deidara looked at Sasori, confused, as Leader-sama turned his back on the two and called out, "Zetsu, bring her in!! ..Gently!.."

"Her..un?..", Deidara mouthed to Sasori. Sasori merely shrugged in reply as the Leader turned back to face them. Movement could be heard from a door that was on the far wall behind the statue.

"Anyway, as I was saying, you two will have a top priority assignment. You see, after almost ten years of fighting, the court finally ruled in my favor, and I finally gained full custody rights of my little princess.." Deidara looked even more confused than ever, not to mention a bit scared, and Sasori looked like he was going to be sick for a moment at the Leader's sickeningly sweet, happy voice.

As Zetsu finally emerged from behind the statue with a squirming girl in his arms, dropping her unceremoniously onto the floor before the Leader, Sasori almost fainted. Yes, puppet though he was, he almost fainted. Then blind rage took over, as he moved to grab one of his scrolls and have a puppet rip out her throat.

"Hey… Sasori no Danna..un… Isn't that that kunoichi who almost killed you?" Deidara whispered to Sasori, blinking repeatedly and thinking the world must have come to an end or something.

"Oh, so you've met my sweet little blossomy princess then? Even better, I don't need to introduce you all!" The Leader, having overheard, interjected excitedly, in a sugary sweet voice even more laden with honey than that of any grandmother on the planet. Sakura's eyes were bigger than dinner plates as she stared from Sasori to Deidara, and to her father, then back again. She squirmed to get out of the thick ropes tying her, and to spit out the gag stuffed deep into her mouth. Sasori meanwhile finally retrieved the scroll containing the new puppet he deemed worthy to bring about this pink haired bitch's demise, and immediately summoned it.

"Ahem..", the Leader quickly interrupted his blind fury, "Sasori, I think my daughter might be a bit tired from her trip. You can give her a puppet show, or let her play dolls with your puppets after she's rested up a bit. After all, I had to send Kisame to the house with Zetsu, so that her chakra could be drained for her long trip here.. As of now, you are to take her back to one of your rooms- you decide amongst yourselves- until proper living arrangements are established for my 'wittle sweetheart'.." Sasori glared at the Leader like he was ready to rip his throat out, but was sensible enough to put the puppet back into its scroll.

Leader's voice suddenly grew much more serious and took on a dangerous air. "You are to watch her at all times, and ensure that she is safe, gets whatever she desires- within reason, and remains on these premises unless previously approved by me. I will be here twice a week, as per usual, so I suggest that if she desires to go out anywhere, you plan the excursion thoroughly to ensure her safety, and bring it up with me beforehand. If I find that anything has happened to my daughter, or that you have disobeyed my dictate in any way, I will immediately have you both executed in ways so painful that you cannot even begin to imagine. And believe me Sasori- you will feel inconceivable pain at my hands, puppet or not, if my daughter is harmed or displeased. I will be back to check up on things in 3 days, and I expect to receive a good report."

He then turned to Sakura, and the astral projection bent down, patting her on the head. "Ohhh, sorry wittle sweetie, but Daddy has to go for now. I'll be back soon though, I pwomise… It's just Daddy has a tough job, you know, so I can't be here all the time… But you make sure these two give you everything you need while Daddy's gone, okay?"

The Leader pulled his daughter into a tight hug, apparently not noticing her vehement struggles to escape his grasp, or the wild, terrified look on her face. Leader then righted himself, glared warningly at Sasori and Deidara, and disappeared with a poof, leaving Sakura bound and gagged on the floor.

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