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Daughter of the Dawn

Chapter 17

"Look, Sasori-san, I don't agree-" She didn't finish the sentence, instead staring at the bed. As Sakura emerged from the bathroom, still slightly pissed but cooled down a little, she was surprised to find Konan sitting primly on the bed, instead of Sasori. Her eyes searched the room as Konan looked at her inquiringly. Finally, Sakura focused her attention back on the woman seated on the bed. "Where did Sasori-san go?" It was no secret that she didn't like Konan- not after their last encounter- and she didn't like the look Konan was giving her.

"Oh, well he was ordered to go on another mission. He doesn't have to worry about caring for you anymore; that's my mission now," Konan smiled, though it didn't quite reach her eyes, "and you're coming with me to Amegakure. Needless to say, he seemed pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing. You can be quite the handful." Konan stood, heading for the door. "Pack your things, we're leaving in half an hour." Konan said coldly, before leaving the room, the resounding thud of the door the only sound as Sakura stood in stunned silence.

She contemplated refusing for a moment, considered running out of the room and telling Konan that she would stay, or that she needed to speak with Sasori first. But then again, all he wanted was to make her a freaking human puppet that he could play with; when she refused, obviously he wanted nothing else to do with her. Well fine.

She thought about waiting until they had left the area around the Akatsuki base and then taking off too, or disabling the female Akatsuki member and finding help. But she realized as soon as the thought popped into her head that she wouldn't get very far. She was still suffering from the effects of the injection Konan had given her, and Sasori hadn't bothered to have the decency to give her a full antidote. She would collapse from chakra depletion before she got a mile away from Konan, and her chakra-infused attacks weren't even a possibility until the injection's effects fully wore off. She could only anticipate how long that might take, and judging by how much she had regained since the partial antidote, it could be days.

Resigned to having to leave with the detestable woman that her father had now assigned to watch her, Sakura fished out her pack from under the bed and began packing. Maybe this wasn't a total loss. If she could get inside information on Amegakure, when she finally escaped, she could give it to Tsunade-sama. It wasn't like she had much choice in the situation, and besides, her duty to her village came first, so even if it wasn't pleasant there with her father's...well, whatever Konan was exactly, gaining intel on Akatsuki since she was here anyway was more important than her comfort.

"What the hell do you mean Kakashi-sensei?! We can't just give up on Sakura-chan!" Naruto fumed, as Kakashi finished explaining their orders to him. Kakashi stood there waiting for him to cool down as he struggled in Yamato's wooden bindings, before replying sternly, "Naruto, we aren't deserting Sakura. You know that just like you, I wouldn't desert a member of my team. But it's not going to do her much good if you're captured by Akatsuki too, and they get their hands on the Kyuubi. Sakura has survived this long, I'm sure, so Tsunade-sama obviously thinks she can manage a few more days while we regroup and figure things out."

Naruto's face fell, but he calmed down enough for Yamato to release him. "Fine then, but let's get this over with fast. I'm not gonna leave Sakura-chan with those freaks any longer."

"Yes, we shall run with the power of youth to return to Konoha, so that we can return to our search for the beautiful Sakura-san sooner!" Lee took off running, and everyone else followed after him, back towards Konohagakure.

Judging by the scenery as the traveled, and the direction from which they entered the Land of Rain, Sakura had to guess that they had been somewhere in River Country. It wasn't the same place that they had rescued Gaara from though, she had known that since seeing the outside when Deidara took her on their little trip. She filed away the idea that Akatsuki must control both River Country and the Land of Rain, to tell Tsunade-sama later.

They arrived at Amegakure a little after nightfall; Sakura couldn't see much of the village as Konan weaved her through the streets but what she could see of the outlines of buildings, reflected against the starry night, looked like nothing she had ever seen before.

Finally, they came to the end of an alleyway, their way barred by a tall white wall with pipes coming out of it at odd angles. Konan stopped in front of the wall, pulling Sakura by the arm to stand beside her, and went through a quick series of handsigns before planting her hand against the wall. A door appeared, almost out of nowhere, and Konan opened it, shoving Sakura through and into the darkness beyond.

Sakura quickly got her bearings; they were in a very small square room, small enough that she had hit the far wall when Konan pushed her in. As Konan shut the outer door, a dim light flicked on, and the room began to move. Sakura realized it must be an elevator. The ride seemed to go on forever though, and when the slow elevator finally did come to a halt, Sakura was knocked a little off balance.

Konan walked out of the elevator into a cold, industrial hallway, before stating, "Follow me, I'll show you to your new room."

The halls were splayed with pipes here and there too, and although the sky had been clear outside, a few of them dripped water into the hallway, which smelled like a fresh summer rainstorm, and Sakura thought gave the place the only semblance of life. She wondered if her father was here, and how soon she would have to see him, and blanched at the thought.

Konan opened a steel door along the right wall of the hallway, moving aside to let Sakura into the room to put her things down. As soon as Sakura stepped into the room though and approached the bed to put down her things, Konan followed her in, shutting the door behind her with a silent click.

Sakura turned around abruptly at the sound, only to be greeted with the sight of giant paper spikes floating in mid-air inches from her head. Konan was just floating in midair near the doorway, the bottom half of her body gone, and small paper wings coming seamlessly out of her back. Sakura's eyes widened, but she summoned what little chakra she had to her fists, ready to rip the paper to shreds. The paper spikes pulled back for a moment, before rushing towards her, and Sakura swung at as many as she could, punching them and trying to rip them to shreds, while trying to dodge out of the way. Three ripped, but most of the ones she made contact with just lost their rigidity for a moment and unfolded, before refolding.

As Sakura went in for another chakra-laden punch, she suddenly fell to her knees, the room spinning. She knew that if she had tried any jutsu while still under the poison's effects she wouldn't last long, but she had hoped to last longer than this...

"You really shouldn't bother trying anymore Sakura-san," Konan began as Sakura looked up at her. The paper began unfolding into bindings. "Did you know that paper can be stronger than steel?" She smiled a little as the paper wrapped around Sakura's legs and torso, Sakura trying to rip it off to no real avail. Each time she ripped at a piece, it would either fold into hard, sharp spikes, or another piece would take its place.

Sakura started to get nervous as the paper encircled more and more of her body making it hard to breathe, but didn't have the chakra left to rip any more of it off. She couldn't die here, what would Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, and Tsunade-shisou think? She had to get back to Konoha and put an end to Akatsuki. She had to save Sasuke-kun- if what Sasori-san had said was indeed true. Why was the female Akatsuki member trying to attack her anyway though? Wasn't she afraid of what Sakura's father would do to her, after seeing what had happened to Sasori?

Sakura's head started to ache like hell, her eyes burning as she struggled, reflexively, to put her hands to then to quell the pain. Failing to get her arms free she lifted her head, trying to wriggle out of the bonds, while glaring at Konan.

Konan stifled a gasp as she met Sakura's glare. She didn't have time to react or comment though, as she was suddenly ripped violently forwards, towards Sakura's place on the floor, the paper spikes and bindings falling apart and littering the floor at Sakura's feet.

Sakura's hands immediately went to her eyes, as she stood up and sent a roundhouse kick at the other female. She couldn't think of a time when she had ever felt such pain before; yet as quickly as the searing pain came, it was gone, leaving Sakura only with a splitting headache. Sakura had no idea of what was going on; one moment Konan was at the door, the next she was right on top of her, and the paper was just lying on the floor.

She didn't have much time to think on it though; as Sakura went to punch Konan, the woman disappeared into a flutter of paper butterflies, surrounding the girl. Before she could attack though, one of the butterflies behind her suddenly morphed into a thickly folded square, striking Sakura on the side of the head, just as she turned around.

Sakura was on the floor yet again, as Konan's upper body coalesced, pulling a familiar looking syringe out of the pocket of her cloak. "No!!" Sakura screamed, but Konan had already managed to drive the injection into her back.

"Don't worry, you won't die. I just don't have the time for you right now," Konan preened, the rest of the limp paper rematerializing from the floor onto her body. "Interesting as spending time with you may be." Konan turned to go, and from Sakura's place lying against the hard concrete floor, she noticed that the woman's sleeve was dripping blood, and a deep red patch was beginning to form along the side of her cloak just under her breast. Sakura must have done that, somehow, but how?

Konan slammed the door behind her, and locked it. Not that the girl could leave anyway. Pein may have gone on to Konohagakure, but that didn't mean she shouldn't follow him just because the girl was here. She was too weak to do much, and still wouldn't have recovered by the time they returned with the Kyuubi jinchuuriki. Konan cursed the girl for the gaping wounds in her arm and side, but it was nothing a little paper wouldn't fix.

She wasn't even sure why she cared, but she was infuriated right now. She could have expected that this was why Pein's daughter was brought to them, because Madara had stated that he was interested in the Rinnegan. But Konan had just thought that when Sakura and Sasuke had their children, it would be a luck of the draw; somewhere in her, the stupid girl must carry her father's genes, and they would just have to try and try until one of the children manifested them. Konan had never thought however that the girl herself had the kekkei genkai, and wondered if she was the only one who didn't know.

'No,' she reassured herself, 'the girl was nothing just as Pein said. She'll help Akatsuki to further its plans, and then she'll be dead. I'm the one who has stood by Nagato all of this time, his angel, the only one who he can truly trust and who has absolute loyalty to him. Someday; someday he will realize how much I care, once we have rid the world of wars and pain..' Konan let one, hopeful tear fall, before transforming into a mass of butterflies and heading to Konoha.

"Sasuke, I'm disappointed in you. I don't enjoy someone trying to trick me." He glared at Sasuke, who looked completely indifferent to the whole ordeal.

"I don't now what your problem is," he replied, "you wanted the Hachibi, and here it is. Come on, we're leaving." Sasuke turned to Team Hawk, ignoring Madara.

"Where are you going Sasuke-kun? You haven't completed your mission!" It was said in Tobi's voice, as though Madara was trying to taunt Sasuke.

"I got your damned jinchuuriki. I'm going to Konoha." With that Sasuke began to walk out, cloak fluttering behind him.

"Sasuke, Sasuke..." Madara shook his head, tone serious again. "This is a fake; I'd hoped you would be able to tell the difference a little better than that. No matter," he said getting up, "I'll just have Kisame-san do it then. He'll appreciate a good fight...and it might work to our advantage."

Sasuke paused, glaring at Madara, but didn't say anything about the Hachibi jinchuuriki being a fake- he seriously hadn't know, and his team had certainly taken enough of a beating for him to be the real deal.

"Oh, and Sasuke?..." Madara continued. "Pein-san is taking care of Konoha. Your goal should be the Kages and their councils. They are the real bureaucrats behind the Uchiha clan's death, and all of the suffering your family went through. Anyway, I need to make a quick stop-over in Ame, but I'll be back to join you soon." Madara disappeared, and Sasuke stormed out of the room. He decided that he would target the Hokage especially though, along with her three advisors. Let Pein handle the village itself if he wanted to, but Sasuke would have his revenge.

Naruto couldn't believe the death and destruction; Konoha was unrecognizable, and Tsunade-baasama had been knocked unconscious a few hours ago. Kakashi-sensei was dead. And this guy called himself Ero-sennin's pupil?! Everything that he had done went against everything Jiraiya had believed in! Naruto hated him, hated them all for using war and suffering to take away everyone important to him and to Konoha.

He had been standing in this giant tree made of paper for the past ten minutes, screaming at Pein- or Nagato, whatever this guy's name was- about how wrong he was. About how Jiraiya who was sensei to both of them, had believed that the world could change, and there could be peace, without having to murder thousands of innocent people. "...The hero's name was Naruto. And I'm going to live up to Jiraiya-sensei's dreams and hopes for this world. I'm going to be the one to make peace a reality for everyone!!" Naruto looked at Nagato, conviction and hope in his voice. "I won't fail!!!"

Nagato looked down, losing his resolve. "I'm not what it was that you said, but I think we finally understand each other Uzamaki Naruto. Hopefully you can make your dreams a reality; I believe if anyone can, it is you." He made a handsign and held it, as Konan screamed, "No!! No, Nagato, you can't!!"

"What's he doing?!" Naruto asked.

Konan looked on sadly, terrified of the implications this jutsu would have, but helpless to do anything to save the man she loved. "It's said that whoever controls the Six Paths of Pain has authority over life and death... Nagato is the original Rinnegan bearer, and so he has powers that compare to a god. He's bringing back all of those who have died in Konoha- at the cost of his own life." As Nagato died, Konan broke down, collapsing onto the floor in tears.

Sakura had managed to get herself up and into the bed, after a few hours of lying on the cold hard floor. She knew that the poison was causing her severe chakra depletion, but she hadn't gone through all of her medical training for nothing. She had been laying in the bed for what she estimated to be about 10 hours now, and needed to get herself up to get something to drink before she passed out again.

Luckily, on her- very limited- inspection of the room, which had been carried out from the bed, she had seen that there was a bathroom. She struggled to get up, moving herself shakily to the wall and using it as support as she made her way to the bathroom, nearly falling more than once on her journey.

Just as she had finished drinking and shut off the water, she heard the doorknob to the room turn. She dreaded seeing Konan again, dreaded what that woman might try next. Sakura shut the bathroom door, opting to sit on the toilet, and pretend that she was sick so that nobody would try to come in.

Yet it didn't seem to make much difference at all, as an orange mask suddenly appeared through the door, as though the structure wasn't even there in the first place. Sakura couldn't help but yelp in surprise as she jumped back reflexively, hitting her arm painfully into the wall beside the toilet.

"Hi Sakura-chan!" Tobi waved happily, as the rest of his body phased into the room. "Wow, you look terrible!"

Sakura lunged at him, remembering what Sasori had said. After all, if Tobi wasn't dead like everyone else had been telling her, then didn't that mean that everything Sasori said was true? 'Tobi' merely sidestepped her, and her right arm simply phased through the side of his body it should by all rights have made contact with. "Damn, you bastard!" She cried, pulling herself up off of the tile immediately and flipping herself around to face him. The room swam in front of her eyes as her chakra system screamed in pain.

"Oh, Sakura-san, Tobi loves hugs too, and loves that you're falling all over me, but there's no time for hugs right now!" He whined, before pulling her up from her seated position roughly by the neck of her clothing. Glaring at her through his eyehole, he continued, his voice dropping decibels, "I'm not in the mood for games, Sakura-san. We have places to be, and I'm sure that Sasuke-san will be anticipating our arrival." His hand moved to fist her hair, and he dragged her by it across the hard floor, as she did everything she could to release herself from his grasp. Could this be called the worst day ever? Sakura certainly thought so.

He wasn't sure what made him go all the way to Ame. It certainly wasn't a sense of loyalty to the organization or their goals, but he reassured himself that it wasn't any sense of loyalty or concern for her either. It had to be that he just was going to psychologically torture and break her and wind up getting his revenge no matter what. Yes, that was it. Sasori did not fail, no matter what obstacles got in his way.

He had only been there once, when he had joined the organization years ago, back when it was still a tiny underground operation. Needless to say, he spent about 20 minutes searching the alleys behind the cold building, which seemed at times tall enough to reach the sky. Fitting for someone who believed himself a god. Sasori scoffed at the though as he, ironically, found the hidden door to Pein's residence. He knew that Pein usually managed things from the top floor, and so, as he began concocting an excuse as to why he was here, he pushed the button for the top floor.

Konan wrapped the body in paper, as Naruto spoke. "I hope this doesn't mean that you'll be returning to Akatsuki."

Konan looked into Naruto's eyes, giving him a sad, sweet smile. "Don't worry, I'm done with that horrible organization. Nagato-san and Yahiko-san were my everything. I will return to lead my people, as Ame's Kage I suppose, and hopefully Konoha and Ame can be close allies from now on." Paper from Konan's forearm peeled away, and she held a bouquet of paper flowers out to him. "Hopefully you can realize the dreams that Nagato-san, Yahiko-san, and I have worked so hard for. I'm counting on you to restore peace, because I believe in you, just like Nagato-san did."

Konan turned to go, the bodies of her fallen comrades in tow. "I will send your teammate Sakura-san back to you. I'm sorry for all the pain we've caused..." There would be no reason to keep the girl imprisoned any longer, with Pein gone, and Konan having no interest in Madara's plans.

When he saw the open door, he knew Sakura must be in there. He couldn't sense her chakra when it was so low, but walked into the room anyway, only to be greeted with a very unwelcome sight.

Tobi was standing in the middle of the room, fisting Sakura's hair as she was forced into a kneeling position, her head drooping as far as his actions would allow it. "Oh, Sasori-san!! Yay, visitors!!" Tobi said excitedly, causing Sakura to jerk her head up to stare at the doorway. Tobi pulled harder on her hair, causing her to cringe and muffle a little moan. "But, Sakura-chan and Tobi were just going to go out to have some fun! I guess we'll see you later then, Sasori-san!" He waved with his free hand, and Sasori ran at the pair, but before he could get two feet, Tobi and Sakura had vanished from the middle of the room, with no trace of them ever having been there.

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