Hey guys!! It's back. This is the sequel to 'Raven's birthday' so if it doesn't make sense you might want to read that first. Thank you and enjoy. xxx

Chapter one


I slowly open my eyes to the bight green walls of my bedroom. Although everything looks normal I can help but feel like something is out of place and then I see it. The crumpled familiar looking green and red uniform on the ground. Holy shit! I can't, no I couldn't have. I slowly turn around to see thankfully not Robin but Raven. Not just the dark angel herself but the naked dark angel. What the hell?!

Calm down.

Calm down? CALM DOWN? I just woke up with Raven naked next to me!!

Dude, am I naked too?

I slowly lift up the covers to see that I too, am naked. Well this makes things a lot worse. Holy shit she's is going to kill me! But what happened? If only I could remember. Think Beast Boy think! I spend the next 15 minutes panicking when I hear stirring from besides me. I turn to see the half awake raven looking sleepily up at me.

"Hey Beast Boy." She said in a surprising soft voice as she leaned towards me. As a natural reaction I jumped back, not realising I had until I did it, grabbing a pillow off the bed to hide my self.

"Ra- Raven?" I said as I could clearly see the hurt wash over her face.

"You don't remember do you?" replied Raven grabbing the sheet and pulling it up to cover her naked body as she turned and looked away from me.

"Rae is there something I should remember?" I asked starting to totally freak thinking of what I could have to remember. Raven just gave a small nod. Oh my god, we didn't did we?

"How much do you remember Beast Boy?" asked Raven in a soft voice.

"I can remember bits and pieces of what happened from chicken to truth or dare and then my memory goes blank. Sorry Raven."

"Oh I see." Said replied Raven looking down at her hands.

"Did we- did we-"I tried to say but the words wouldn't come together to form the sentence I was trying to say.

"Yes." Said Raven finally looking me in the eyes. I could see the hurt in her eyes as she fought back tears.

"Raven I'm so sorry I don't remember and I really wish I did." I replied walking back over towards the messed up bed and sitting next to her.

"You- you do?" asked Raven wiping her eyes as I shuffled across and wrapped my arms around her shaking grey body.

"Of course I do Raven. Out of all the things I want to remember that is the one I want to remember the most." I replied hugging her tighter as if I might never let go.

"Raven I love you and I'm pretty sure you love me too." I said as I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the forehead as she leaned against me.

"I do love you Beast Boy." Replied Raven in a soft whisper.

"Dude." I whispered as we laid in silence for what seamed like forever.


"Raven is there some way I can get the memory back?" asked Beast Boy as he ran his finger through my hair breaking the silence.

"I suppose I could show you mine or maybe try to bring your memory of it forward to your current memory." I replied thinking of how much of my power this could take, but it would be worth it.

"Could I see your memory?" asked Beast Boy looking down with a slight smile on his sweet green face. At least he wants to remember what happened.

"Yes, but it might hurt a bit or you may even feel slightly light headed, ok?"

"Ok I'm ready to do anything to see it." Replied Beast Boy leaning in and kissing me on the lips.

"Ready?" I asked as I rased both my hands to either side of his head as a black aura started to form around them.


"Ok here goes." I replied placing my hands on his cranium. The black energy field around my hands grew bigger until we were fully emerged in it. A wind started to blow around us sending everything within a one meter radius hurdling throughout the air.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." I whisper softly as my mind starts to enter the brain of my green friend. Now to give him the memory of a lifetime.


'He leans across me; I close my eyes as I feel his soft lips touch mine as his hand wounder up my inner thigh...'

'Beast Boy gently started biting my shoulder. The pain adding to the pleasure.'

'Riding out the waves of pleasure I collapsed against his chest.'


"Wow… Raven." Whispered Beast Boy as I let my hands drop by my side.

"Did that really-" Said the shocked looking Beast Boy. I tried to answer but couldn't so instead a simple nod was all I gave.

"Dude!" said Beast Boy smiling that big cheesy grin that he gets.

"You liked it that much?" he said giving me a playful wink.

"Shut up." I replied giving him a mocking glare.

"Ha, you did admit it. I saw everything you know!" he said smiling so much I surprised his mouth stayed on his face.

"I suppose I did." I said. That answer shocked both of us as we just sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Beast Boy?"

"Yeah Rae?" asked the very happy Beast Boy taking my hand.

"Can we go down stairs? I think I need some herbal tea." Yes, herbal tea can solve anything.

"Sure Rae. I feel like some tofu eggs and bacon any way." he replied getting up and putting on one of the many uniforms in his wardrobe.

"After the incident with strip poker you'd think you would wear underwear but no." I said smirking.

"They annoy me Raven. Plus it's one less thing I have to take off and put on." Replied Beast Boy winking before heading towards the door.

"Raven are you coming?"

"I think I'll have a shower first. And I should probably try to fix this." I replied holding up the torn Robin pants.

"Ok, Rae I'll meet you down there." Beast Boy said before walking over and kissing me, then walking down the hallway. I scooped up the rest of Robin's uniform and headed to my room. Nothing like a nice hot shower to take help me comprehend the last hour and try to come to terms with the whole lot.


I walked into the kitchen to see Cyborg asleep on the floor, Starfire floating around on with a big smile on her face and Robin focusing so intensely on his coffee you'd think it had a 'Where's Wally?' picture hidden inside. I walk over to the table and sit down across from the focused Robin.

"I have made the breakfast for everyone!" said Starfire holding up two large plates of what looked like furry green ice cream and jelly with broccoli in it.

"What the special occasion Star?" I asked as she piled a plate with the green mystery food and placed it in front of me.

"Today I will celebrate the love of my fellow titans." Replied Starfire accidentally knocking one of the many bowls off the counter sending the bright pink mixture all over the floor.

"Well, what a great way to start the morning." Replied the amused half demoness that was standing in the doorway.

"Hello friend Raven. Do you desire the taste of breakfast." Asked the overly cheerful Starfire holding a plate of the jelly like food to ravens face.

"No thanks Starfire. Herbal tea is fine." Replied Raven walking over to the kettle and turning it on.

"Are you of the sure friend Raven?" asked Starfire looking slightly disappointed.

"I am sure Starfire." Said Raven bluntly as she poured the now boiled water into her black mug and came and sat at the table next to me.

"So Raven how did you sleep?" Asked Robin looking up for the coffee.

"Pretty good. Could use a few more hours though." Replied Raven as Robin just simply nodded in agreement.

"Friend Robin and myself had a glorious night sleep right Robin?" said Starfire walking up behind robin wrapping her arms around him as he turned a light shade of red.

"Sure did, when we slept." Mumbled Robin with a slight smile on his face as he reminisced to himself the events of the previous night.

"What's with Cyborg?" asked Raven staring down at the snoring pile of metal.

"Found him this way." Said Robin.

"We can not locate friend Terra though." Said Starfire looking very worried.

"Probably sleeping in." replied Raven. Suddenly we all jumped at the noise of metal scraping the floor.

"Coffee." Was all we herd from our tin can friend as he made his way over to the kettle, made himself some coffee and came and sat down next to Robin with one hand on the mug and the other supporting his head up.

"Friend Cyborg do you know the location of the Terra?" asked Starfire as she made a plate of mystery goo for Cyborg.

"Haven't seen her Star-" Cyborg was cut short by the entrance of the blond. She to wasn't looking very well.

"Coffee." Said Terra walking up to the table and taking Robin's coffee and finishing it in one gulp.

"My coffee!" said Robin half-heartedly glaring at Terra the sadly looking down at his now empty mug.

"So friends who else got of the lucky last night?" asked Starfire smirking an almost un-Starfire like grin in Robin direction.

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