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Chapter two


"So friends who else got of the lucky last night?" asked Starfire smirking an almost un-Starfire like grin in Robin's direction. And with that the whole room fell into a heavy silence broken by the sound of metal scraping as Cyborg got up dragging his feet and made his way to the kettle avoiding the pink mess that Starfire called breakfast that was still spilt across the floor.

"Surely Raven you and friend Beast Boy preformed the act of making love." Said Starfire now turning her attention to myself and Beast Boy who was smiling so much so it was pretty weird.

"Starfire I-I don't think-"

"Just say so Raven, I think everyone already knows." Beast Boy said cutting me off while smiling at me and slipping his hand in mine under the table.

"Friend Raven it is of the apparent that you got 'some' as your people would call it for this is the first time I have seen you with a grin upon you face especially in of the morning." Replied Starfire as if it was a simple as that. I don't like where this conversation is going.

"Yes, Starfire I 'got some' as you put it." I replied as I could feel my cheeks burning up.

"Friend Raven if I may ask was it much of the enjoyable?" Asked Starfire smirking as the other titans just stared in shock and Cyborg accidentally spat coffee everywhere.

"Starfire I don't think sh-" started Robin before he was cut off.

"Yes it was Starfire. Was your time enjoyable?" I asked turning things back around to her while wiping coffee off my face.

"Friend Raven I would expect you of all people to as of a question of that nature." Starfire said blushing whilst trying to avoid the question.

"Was he small? Is that the problem Starfire?" I asked smirking as Robin now started to turn red as well while his fellow titans tried extremely hard to hold back laughter.

"Raven!" beast boy said kicking me under the table.

"What? It was just a question." I hissed back.

"I can assure you Raven that Robin is not of the small thank you very much." Said Starfire getting out of her chair and walking over to me. And then she did something neither myself nor my fellow titans thought she'd ever do. She slapped me. That's it. The rest of the room went into silent.

"Oh my." Said Starfire stumbling backwards as she realised what she had done.

"Azarath, metrion, zinthos" I whispered as a black energy field formed on her ankle and tripped her over. She hit the ground with a thud. Robin got out of his seat and ran towards Starfire who was sitting there in shock with her mouth partly open. I felt something pulling at my arm. I turned to see a frantic looking beast boy.

"Raven come with me now." He whispered in a harsh tone as he dragged me out of the room. We left the now hectic kitchen where terra and Cyborg had gone to see if the upset Starfire was ok.

"Raven I can't believe you would do something like that!" Beast Boy shouted at me once we were in the safety of my dark bed room.

"Did what Beast Boy? I don't know what you're talking about?" I replied. I don't normally play dumb but I feel that this situation needs it.

"Your lucky Robin didn't see you but I have no doubt that Starfire will tell him as soon as she stops crying!" said Beast Boy still semi-shouting glaring at me.

"She deserved it! You seen her, she slapped me!" I said finally losing my temper and shouting back at him.

"Raven I know that but-" Beast Boy said lowering his voice and started focusing intensely on his shoes unable to find a good defence for her.

"But what Beast Boy? She was asking prying questions and I asked some back and she didn't like it. So what did she do, she slapped me! I just tripped her over as retaliation." I replied still semi-yelling. I have to calm down… breath!

'Scared you'll lose control? Scared you'll let me out?' said the deep dark voice in the back of my head that only I could hear.

I don't lose control.

"Oh." Said Beast Boy walking over to my bed and sitting down.

"I think that's pretty reasonable don't you Beast Boy?" I asked lowering my voice and walking over to him and sat down next to him.

"Yes I suppose it is Raven." He replied wrapping his arms around me and pulling me in for a nice hug.

"Do you really think Robin will find ou-" I started before my question answered its self with the sounds of fists banging on the door heavy industrial strength door. Beast Boy jumped to his feet and running over to the door.

"RAVEN!" shouted the now pissed off Robin in between the pounds on the door.

"Stand back Raven, I'll answer the door." Said Beast Boy opening the door to the red faced Robin.

"Get out of my way you grass stain! She- she tripped over Starfire! Starfire could have been seriously hurt but does little-miss-half-demon-I-think-I'm-better-than-everyone-else care? NO!" said Robin trying his hardest to push past Beast Boy which was proving to be quite a challenge for Robin.

"Dude, Starfire slapped Raven first! And if it's anyone that thinks there better than anyone else it's you, you arrogant asshole!" shouted Beast Boy pushing Robin back out of the door was and slamming the door in his face. Great now we have to deal with this too.

"Let me in!" demanded Robin pounding his fists on the door yet again.

"No." replied Beast Boy simply as he leaned on the door.

"Beast Boy let me out please. I have to sort this out before it gets out of hand." Not like it's not already out of hand. This is blown way out of proportion. I got up off the bed and headed towards the door but was stopped by Beast Boy.

"No can do Raven." Said Beast Boy moving across so he was directly in front of the door blocking my way.

"Beast boy please, I have to sort things out."

"No Rae I don't want you going out there. Robin's in a really bad mood."

"But I have to." I kissed him on the cheek and walked over to the other side of the room and started to open a portal.

"Raven please-" was the last thing I heard from Beast Boy before I stepped though the portal that took me to the now quiet kitchen. I looked around for any one but failed to see anyone when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned to see Starfire looking at me with her hurt eyes and her cheeks tear stained.

"Starfire, I'm-I'm sorry" I hate fighting. It's bad enough when you have to live with the people but when you're working with them as well.

"As am I friend Raven." Starfire said as tears began to roll down her cheeks in a slow steady pattern.

"Star please don't cry." I said pulling her in for a hug to comfort her. There's something about Starfire that makes you want to smile but seeing her sad makes you want to break down, even the strongest of people.

"Get you hands off her!" shouted Robin running in the room shortly followed but Cyborg, Beast Boy and Terra.

"Robin it is of the ok. We are having one of the moments where we realised that we are of the best friend as will we always will be." Said Starfire smiling at Robin who was standing there in shock.

"Well rock on guys!" shouted Terra who ran over, jumped on us and hugged us both. Ehh… too much hugs. The rest of the titans we standing there smiling, even Robin.

"Friend Cyborg could you maybe get the Terra off us!" asked Starfire in between breaths as Terra was crushing her.

"Come here Terra." Said Cyborg as he scooped up Terra in his arms and span her around until she started to look green.

"Who is up for a slice of the cheese?" said Starfire getting up and heading towards the phone.

"I am feeling a bit hungry after all of this." Said Cyborg as he placed Terra down gently on a chair.

"Soy cheese and extra olives and mushrooms for me!" shout Beast Boy running behind Starfire.


A few pizzas later and a slab of drinks me and my fellow titans were feeling very happy and most have put the incident before behind us and were now enjoying a night of fun.

"Friend Beast Boy I challenge you to a game of the Tekken 5!" said Starfire grabbing the controls and turning it on.

"Starfire get ready. I am going to kick your butt!"

"I believe you are of the mistaken Beast Boy for it is I who will do the kicking of the butt!" said Starfire in excitement as we started up the game. A few minutes later the room erupted in cheer (mostly from Starfire) as Starfire won the sixth game in a row. Dude what a bummer.

"Hey guy's I'm heading out. Crazy party in the big city, any one want to come with?" asked Terra getting up and stumbling towards the door with a half full vodka bottle in her hand.

"No thanks Terra I don't really feel like it, I must bet Starfire."

"I will Terra. Hang on I have to go get my wallet." Said Cyborg dashing out of the room.

"Hang on Terra!" said Robin getting up and blocking her pathway.

"You want to come?" she asked smiling at Robin.

"No I don't Terra a neither should you"

"Friend Terra I think you have a problem of the alcohol!" exclaimed Starfire dropping the controller and making a grab at the liquor bottle in her hand.

"I do not! Now if you will excuse me!" Terra said as she pushed past them and ran out the door. I got up as did the other titan (with the exception of Cyborg who was still getting ready) and we ran after her.

"Terra! TERRA!" Robin and Starfire shouted in unison but could find her.

"Where's Terra?" asked Cyborg walking back in to the room holding his wallet.

"She ran off friend Cyborg." Said Starfire looking worried

"But don't worry Cyborg I'm sure she'll turn up when she needs a fuc-"

"Friend Robin do not use words of that nature!" said Starfire cutting Robin off. Then Starfire, Robin and Cyborg fell into a deep conversation about the whereabouts of Terra.

"What an interesting night." Said Raven getting up.


"Well Beast Boy I'm off to bed.". Said Raven wrapping her arms around me pulling me in for a goodnight kiss.

"I'm feeling a bit tired too Rae I think I might join you." I said stretching my arms up while faking a yawn.

"Would you like to stay with me tonight?" asked Raven smirking a sexy grin. As if I was going to say no.

"God girl, what are you on?" I replied smirking and started to lead her off to her room.

"Oh boy here we go again!" said Raven once we left the main room.

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