Chapter 11: Hyuuga bond

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The two stared at each other intently.

"What have I done to be hated so much?" Hanabi questioned.

"That again. Tch, I thought I already told you or is it that your head can't understand it?" Nata smirked.

Hanabi glared.

Genma looked at the two…"Begin!"

Hanabi got into the Hyuuga stance. Nata just stood there smirking. Hanabi then charged at her. Nata knew how fatal it'll be if she got hit so she basically dodge the hits.

"Is dodging the only thing you can do?" Hanabi smirked.

Nata smiled and grabbed Hanabi's right hand and threw her towards the wall. Hanabi quickly tried to grasp the situation and quickly add chakra to her feet. She landed on the wall safely and jump back to where Nata was at.

Nata smirked. "Ne, where are you heading?"

That surprised Hanabi as she turned her head to see that Nata was behind her. Nata smirked and kicked her hard to the ground, making Hanabi cough up a bit of blood. She got back up, looking at Nata angrily.

"Aw…how cute. You're angry." Nata smirked.

"How?! How can she see with that blindfold on?" Hanabi took position.

Hanabi charged at her again, but this time she was able to gaze Nata in the stomach. Nata step back and looked at her angrily.

"Aw…did I make you angry?" Hanabi smirked.

Nata's glared turn darker. "Ne, why don't you activate your byakugan…Hanabi-chan."

"Mn…" Hanabi closed her eyes. "Byakugan!" She was clearly irritated at how Nata called her name but she still activated it. "I'll make her regret it!"

Hanabi used the gentle fist and tried to hit Nata's chakra points. Nata was able to dodge them, but came really close to being hit. Nata strike back by throwing three shurikens at her and got down to trip Hanabi. Hanabi jumped, but Nata caught her foot and threw her towards the ground. Hanabi quickly got up into a defense position.

"Wonder whose going to win." Ino said looking at the two.

"…" Sakura nodded her head as she stare on.

"Ne…Naruto…" Shikamaru looked at him.

"Hm?" Naruto looked towards Shikamaru.

"Who do you thinks going to win?"

"Hrm…I…don't know." Naruto answered truthfully.

Kotetsu and Izumo were still contemplating over whose going to win. Hiashi was getting a bit irritated that his daughter was not landing that many hits on her opponent.

Hanabi looked up towards Hiashi. "I have to win…father's watching me." Hanabi looked at Nata. "She must be using something under that blindfold. I have to take it off!" Hanabi charged at Nata again.

"Father's watching so I must win…" That caught Hanabi a bit off guard. Nata smirked. "That is what you are thinking now…right…Hanabi."

Hanabi gritted her teeth. She added more chakra to her hand and ran towards Nata. Nata easily dodge the move.

Hanabi smirked. "Right where I want you."

Hanabi quickly twisted her body around. Nata seeing this realize what she was up to, but it was too late. Hanabi was able to hit Nata's chakra points and skid back. She looked at Hanabi angrily. Hanabi gave her a triumph look. Hiashi smirked.

"Hinata…" Yami thought worriedly.

Nata knew she had to be more careful or else she won't be able to use her chakra anymore.

"I don't have time to waste…We'll finish this later Hanabi." Nata smirked.

Nata smirked and stood up straight. She looked at Hanabi with a chilling smile.

"You're so mean Hanabi. You should respect your…older sister." Nata mocked.

That caught a lot of people's attention. Hiashi became more alert of Nata. He had a bad feeling about this.

"What? Don't you dare to call yourself my sister! I don't even know you nor am I even close to you!" Hanabi shout to her.

"Ah…But you are…Hanabi-imouto." Nata then looked up to where Hiashi was at and smirked at him. "He…Hiashi Hyuuga is your father no?"

"What about my father?" Hanabi was now on full alert.

"Ne…if I remember correctly…didn't you 'use' to have an older sister?" Nata smirked.

"Eh? Well…Why do I have to answer to you?!" Hanabi retorted.

"Eh, Hanabi has an older sister?" Naruto looked towards Shino.

"…I don't know." Shino replied.

"So cruel…just like a Hyuuga ne?" Nata looked back at Hanabi who was giving her a look. "I bet he trains you everyday…after all…father loves you."

Everyone could feel something was not right. There was something amiss about Nata. Hanabi and Hiashi had a feeling this fight will not turn out too pretty if it lasted any longer.

Nata smirked as Hanabi suddenly charged at Nata.

"What? That again. Can't you at least be up to par with Neji?" Nata provoked her farther.

"I…have to take off that blindfold. I have to know what kind of jutsu she's using with her eyes. I won't let her win me over her words!" Hanabi then thought of something and smirked, "I'll use that move one more time…it has to work!"

She charged at Nata, aiming for her arm. Nata easily dodge it. She twisted her body around and grabbed the black cloth. That caught Nata off guard. She didn't see this coming. She cursed as she landed on the ground.

"Hinata!" Yami clutched the rail.

"Heh, now to see what you're hiding behind the blindfold." Hanabi smirked at her success.

Nata stood still as her eyes were still close. She smirked.

"Why don't you show your eyes? Scared of something?" Hanabi provoked.

"Heh, truly…who would've thought you would do something so daring. I was hoping not to show them until later." Nata laughed.

"Later?" Hanabi was a bit confused.

Nata then slowly opened her eyes. As it got halfway, Hanabi couldn't believe what she was seeing. Hiashi was in a state-of-shock. Everybody, even the Third Hokage was confused or shock. Kurenai almost sat up from her seat. Neji, who has been out of the infirmary, was now in watching in disbelief.

"What's going on?" Ino and Sakura didn't understand the situation anymore.

The Jounins weren't sure of what to do. All they could do was watch the situation unfold.

"Wha…how can this be?!" Hanabi could not grasp what was happening. "Why…WHY DO YOU HAVE THE SAME EYES AS ME?!"

"You? Heh…You've got to be kidding me. But then again…it's not like anyone really knows…right…Hanabi-imouto?" Nata licked her lips.

"Quit calling me your sister! Just…Just who the heck are you?!" Hanabi demanded.

Nata looked at her with an almost…ALMOST sad smile. "That…will have to wait…" Nata then looked up towards Hiashi. "But…I will tell you this…my real name is…Hi-na-ta…Hyuuga Hinata."

That caused a stir. Hiashi couldn't believe what was happening before his very eyes.

"THAT bitch is back!" Hiashi was now glaring at the Hinata who has been smirking at him.

"Hyuuga? That's not right! I've never seen you before!" Hanabi yelled bitterly at Hinata.

Hinata laughed. "Aw…this makes me so sad…my stupid dear sister doesn't even know how to greet me. Well…whatever…not like I care." Her cold expression sent shivers down Hanabi's body.

Hinata then turn her attention towards Genma. "I…quit."

"Eh?" That surprised Hanabi.

It surprised everyone except Hiashi. He couldn't help but feel that this will turn out badly if it had continue.

"Sad? Don't worry…you'll get to fight me very soon Hanabi…chan." Hinata smirked and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Ah…winner…Hyuuga Hanabi!"

The crowd cheered. The jounins, chunins, and genins didn't know what to do. Should they be happy or should they be sad? Hanabi's match was just too confusing for them to sink it all in. It had left an anonymous feeling behind.

"If Sasuke-kun don't show up, he'll be disqualified." Sakura was even more worried.


Yami jumped to the ground. "You better hurry up and show up Uchiha!"

"Sasuke…where are you?" Naruto mumbled to himself.

Not a second to pass, there was a puff of smoke in the middle of the arena. And there, stood in the middle were Kakashi and Sasuke.

"Sasuke!" Naruto smiled and jumped down to greet him.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura said happily.

"Late as usual." Genma commented towards Kakashi as he just laughed it off.

"Oi! What took you so long?!" Naruto smiled at him.


Genma then looked at Sasuke. "Your name?"

"Uchiha Sasuke." Genma smirked.

"Oi Sasuke!" Naruto smiled.

"What dobe." Sasuke look towards him.

"I…also want to fight you." Naruto had a determine look on his face.

"Hn." Sasuke smirked.

"Now, shall we go?" Kakashi left the arena and Naruto went back to the others.


"WAIT!" Yami yelled out.

Sasuke and Genma looked at her.

"I quit!"

"EH?!" That was the fourth time someone said 'I quit' without doing much at all.

"Scared?" Sasuke provoked her.

Yami simply glare at him and then turn her attention towards Genma.

"Have him fight Gaara instead of me." Yami quickly stated and disappeared in a puff of smoke but without saying something to Sasuke.

"We'll fight…soon." It was only meant for Sasuke's ear.

As that being said, Gaara came down and took Yami's place to fight Sasuke. He was clearly agitated.

"Begin!" Genma then moved away.

Gaara and Sasuke faced off getting ready for their stance.


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