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Yes, a Nazi fic... And you should know that I tried to be as correct with the facts and timeline as possible. Also, I'm in no way racist, so if you hear racist things in here, just know... I mean, come on, it's frickin' Hitler :Sweatdrop:


A ship slowly pulled up to the docks in Rostock, Germany, steam rising to the sky that was already colored a steel grey. There were a dozen people crammed in the back near the cargo, all of them clothed in dirty rags, dirt and grease on their pale faces. A few babies were crying out and tired mothers tried to quiet them with soft folk songs and sweet smiles, but none of the children stopped their cries. It was as if they were scared of the new and foreign country.

It was the year 1909, and since Japan had defeated the Russians in the war, many had fled in fear of them striking their homeland again. Many of the people aboard the ship had lost family members and had left Japan in order to start a better life.

A small blond boy ran around the exhuasted families and went to the rail of the boat. He hoisted himself up and looked out into the beginnings of Rostock, a grin on his face even though he looked like he hadn't had a bath in weeks. His stunningly bright blue eyes reflected the birds that flew by, small fishes in their beaks. He turned and looked at his two parents who were sitting by a large crate of poultry. There was the sound of scratching and squawking coming from inside, but the travelers had gotten used to the noises and it was no more common than the ocean waves slamming against the ship.

"Get down from the rail, boy," an older woman told the child from her spot beside the rail. She had greasy grey hair and one blind eye, her skin made of various wrinkles, "you might fall into the water."

He listened to her warning and jumped down, his bare feet landing on the cold metal that created the boat's bottom. He went over to his parents and smiled a bit, "Okasan, Otosan, when are we going to leave the ship?" he asked. Unlike the other refugees on board, him and his family had been traveling on various boats for four years, ever since the Battle of Tsushima that destroyed their home.

The boy's mother, a soft looking woman with chocolate hair and teal eyes smiled tiredly to her son, "Soon, Naruto, soon," her voice was as soft as her appearence and she gently tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Next to her was her husband, a man with gentle looks. He was an exact copy of Naruto, except he was older and his eyes were more slanted. He gave his wife what appeared to be a sad look.

The ship came to a stop and the sounds of workers out on the docks caught Naruto's attention. He ran back to the rail and looked over, watching as men carried crates back and forth. He yelped when a hand grabbed the back of his shirt and yanked him back, causing him to stumble and fall over the feet of the ship captain. He looked up into small brown eyes.

The captain turned to the refugees, "Some o' ya are gonna have to ge' off my ship! I can't carry ya'll 'round forever! At leas' five o' ya, ge' off now!"

The travelers began whispering loudly, some looking afraid. Naruto's parents looked at each other before standing and walking to their son. As they did that, two families got off, saying something about how Germany would make just as good of a home as England.

"Naruto," the father said to their son, "we're getting off here."

The little blond boy nodded and, with a grin, headed down the lowering steps that went down to the wooden docks. Once he reached the cement, he turned, but noticed that his parents weren't behind him. He looked around, but he still couldn't find them, "Okasan? Otosan?" pushing through the dock workers, he watched as the steps to the ship were lifted back up. And still aboard were his parents, the mother crying softly as his father held her.

Naruto's brows furrowed and he ran forward, but the ship made a loud gurgling noise that scared him and he backed away, still staring up at his parents. The families that had just got off were already heading into town and he was all alone.

"Okasan!" he called, becoming scared as the boat began to leave slowly. Tears came to his eyes and he called again, "Okasan!.!" but his mother didn't look at him, she just covered her face and cried, her sobs loud and erratic. As the ship sailed further and further away, Naruto realized that his parents had abandoned him...


Three weeks had passed since he was left alone in a foreign country and Naruto was looking too thin. His clothes were extremely baggy, his blond hair was filthy and matted down with grease and dirt from the ground he slept on every night, his bones were apparent as they jutted out from his skin, and his feet were cut up and bleeding from all of the walking he did. In the last few weeks, he had walked all the way from Rostock to Vienna, his stomach having been empty for a good week, his throat dry from lack of water.

He stumbled through the empty city, fog rolling in like the ocean tide, covering everything in a thick blanket of white and silver. He started coughing and wobbled, his bony legs giving out under him. Hitting the pavement, he winced, but made no move to get up.

"I want to go home..." he whispered hoarsely, his entire body numb. Closing his eyes, he let himself fall asleep, not caring if he woke up again or not.

His mind drifted off, not paying any attention to the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer. His thoughts stopped and his mind went blank, even when a deep voice spoke to him, a hand resting on his thin shoulders.


The grandfather clock in the small home struck twelve midnight and a pair of hazel eyes looked away from a canvas colored in paints, to the frail child asleep in the small bed up against the far corner of the room. Calloused hands gripped a large paintbrush and the mysterious man in the home dipped the horse hairs into a green pain the color of the hills in Hokkaido. He swiped them across the canvas and began another work of art. Propped up against the furniture in the room were dozens of paintings, all of gorgeous landscapes.

As the clock ended its loud chiming, two eyes slowly opened, ocean blue orbs focusing in and out as consciousness tried to fully take over. A small hand came out from under the white sheets and it was raised up.

Naruto inspected it and then looked around, his tired eyes stopping on the figure of another person. He quickly sat up and backed against the headboard, the sheets falling away from his body, revealing his naked skin that was bruised and scratched from climbing mountains and squeezing through thick groves of trees in search for food.

The man sat his paintbrush down and cast another long gaze at the quivering child, "Do not be afraid, child, I will not harm you," he stood and pushed the stool away with his left leg. He gave Naruto a small reassuring smile and went to sit on the bed, "would you like some soup?" he asked in German.

Naruto slowly nodded and replied with a soft "Ja", having learned the language from samurai around his old home. They had known a few German people and had memorized the language, reluctantly letting Naruto learn, as well.

The male left and kept the door open a crack, cold air from the other room pushing in and chilling the blond's skin. He covered himself with the sheets and wondered why he was naked, but soon looked at his arms, realizing from the clean skin that the man must've scrubbed the dirt and filth away. He touched his hair with his small fingers and noticed that it was dry, soft, clean, and unruly, like it always used to be.

He smiled.

A few minutes later, the gentleman came back in and handed Naruto the bowl, making sure the boy didn't burn himself. He watched him eat and chuckled when the blond began chewing on the diced up potatoes and gulping down the broth like there was no tomorrow, "Slow down or you will choke," he chided.

Naruto stopped his rapid eating and changed to a slower pace, finishing up his meal within another five minutes, broth dripping from his lower lip. He wiped the droplets away with his bare arm and politely thanked the kind stranger, handing him the bowl when it was asked for.

"What is your name, child?" the man asked as he took the small bowl from tiny hands.

Naruto slowly blinked, "Um..." he didn't know what to say. His mother and father had told him to never reveal his true name in a European country. They had said Europeans hated the Japanese, hated all other Asian countries.

"If a white man asks your name, give him a European name in response," Naruto's father said as he hurried his son onto the ship, "that is the only way you'll survive in Europe, do you understand?"

The blond clutched the sheets covering his naked body, "Krzystoff Dietrich," he lied, the name being that of a military soldier he had seen on his way to Vienna.

"Ah, such a strong name. I suppose your father expected great things of you?"

Naruto looked down at his hands, "Yeah..."

"Tell me, where are your parents now?" the brown-eyed man asked, crossing his legs as he shifted on the bed.

Naruto didn't want to answer, but he had to... after all, the man had given him food and took him in, even if it was just for a little while, "They abandoned me," he mumbled. He let his eyes wander up and he took a real good look at his savior. The gentleman had gelled, brown hair that was combed to the left, and his face was young, a mustache growing in just below his nose. He wore a type of light brown suit and his eyes were a deep hazel.

"Abandoned you? Such a perfect child?" the man actually looked upset.

Naruto gave him a surprised look of his own, "P-perfect?" his voice was high in the years of youth.

The man chuckled, "You are the perfect person, Dietrich, let me tell you," he leaned forward a bit, "my dream is to create a new world. One where there is a pure Aryan race! Pure-blooded Germans and men and women with golden hair and blue eyes," he looked at Naruto, "such as yourself."

Naruto watched the man go on, noticing something flicker in his eyes.

"I also want to get rid of all the Jews," he mentioned, "they are dirtying up our German blood and they are to blame for Austria's crisis as well," his eyes fell on Naruto's, "If I can make my dream come true, if I can join the army and build my way up, will you be the example of my vision? The first perfect Aryan, Dietrich?" he asked, his voice a bit scratchy.

Naruto remained still. To git rid of an entire race...? He didn't understand the man's words at all, being as young as he was, but he agreed, giving the man a brighter than usual smile. The gentleman seemed nice enough and Naruto wasn't going to just say no. After all, the man gave him a home and food.

"Good, Dietrich," he patted the boy on the head and stood, "now, I have to take a few paintings to a couple across town. I hope you can keep yourself out of trouble?"

Naruto nodded quickly and opened his mouth to say something, but the man cut him off.

"I have old children clothes in a box under the bed. They are clothes of mine that my father, Alois, kept from my childhood. I believe they should fit you," he then gathered up three paintings that were wrapped up in crumpled, brown paper, and he left with a curt nod, closing the door behind him.

Naruto crawled out of bed, the sheets falling away from him, revealing his dangerously thin body. He slowly bent down and reached under the mattress, pulling out a box that was covered in dust. He ran skinny fingers over the cardboard and marks were left behind, dust dirtying his fingers. Pulling open the stiff folds, he glanced inside, old but clean clothes revealing themselves.

He reached in and pulled out a pair of tan pants and a white dress shirt. Standing, he shoved the box back under the bed with his right foot. Tugging on the pants, he pulled them up to his hips and buttoned them, then he slid on his shirt and smiled at how snug it was.

He was about to go and maybe take a peak at the town just outside the home, but as soon as he reached the door, a painting to his right caught his attention and he turned. It was hanging on the wall and it depicted a lush forest, a creek running through bushes and brushing against a cobblestone path.

Are all of the paintings done by him?

He let his eyes roam over the beautiful work of art, then they landed on the name of the artist at the bottom. He smiled, finally knowing the man's name, before leaving the room, intent on searching around outside for a bit.

Adolf Hitler.


Many people passed by the home, their shoes making clacking noises against the cobblestone pavement that made up the street. The sky was a now a combination of dark orange, red, and yellow, stars twinkling behind whispy clouds. Naruto glanced around, seeing a pastry shop, a cafe, a tailor, and a shoe shop. His stomach growled and he placed a hand on it, licking his lips as he stared at the pastry shop. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd had sweets, but the chocolate cake in the window was making his mouth water.

Crossing the stone street, he peered into the glass window of the cafe and ran his eyes over the many pastries and candies spread about for display. The soup Adolf had given him wasn't enough to fill his stomach and right now, he wanted something sweet. Pressing his forehead against the glass, he watched as a baker inside handed a well-dressed woman a bag of chocolates.

Despite his lack of money, Naruto went into the shop and the scent of cookies, cakes, a pie reached his nose, making his stomach rumble loudly once again. In front of him stood much taller adults, their voices hushed and polite as they spoke to each other. He saw a box that was probably holding a cake being handed to an older man and he licked his lips.

"Excuse me, little boy," a baker approached Naruto as he came in from the kitchen to hand someone their order of cherry tarts, "you're not here to steal any of our pastries, are you?" he asked, a bit annoyed.

Naruto quickly shook his head, "I-I just came to look around... honest," he shifted his gaze away from the intimidating male, "A-Adolf left and I wanted to look around a bit before he--"

"Wait, Adolf?" the man suddenly let out a rough laugh, "are you related to him?" he smiled to Naruto.

Shaking his head again, Naruto said, "M-my parents abandoned me... and he took me in," he blushed a bit, shy. He almost squeeked when the large bag of cookies that the baker was carrying was shoved into his arms. He looked up.

"Probably because you're one of his 'perfect Aryans'," he smiled kindly, "quite a dreamer that man. And I have to say, I do hope he can make that dream come true. Jews, filthy people," he snorted, "now, I'm going to give you these. Make sure they get to Adolf, alright?"

Naruto nodded dumbly, "But what about the customer--"

"Ah, I can bake more. The old man I make them for is very patient," he chuckled and shoved Naruto out a bit, "get going, boy, before they get cold."

Naruto did as he was told and left the cafe. He ran across the street, going around a group of military soldiers that were talking to each other, their guns held with one hand, propped up against their shoulders. As he placed his hand on the handle of the front door, a black blur in the corner of his eye caught his attention and he turned, spotting a raven-haired boy around his age peeking out at an elderly couple who were walking with bags full of deli meats from his place behind an old vehicle.

Curious, Naruto moved forward, glancing back at the soldiers before hurrying to the boy, "Um, excuse me," he called.

The child turned and looked at him with determined obsidian eyes. He was covered in dirt and grime, a pair of small sandals on his feet. His skin was pale, his hair reminded Naruto of the rear end of a duck, and thin fingers were gripping the hood of the automobile tightly.

Japanese, was the first thought that came to Naruto's mind. The boy was definitely Japanese and as quickly as that thought came, another one entered his brain, Asians aren't welcome here in Europe... and it's easy to tell he's not white.

"Wh-what're you doing?" the blond asked.

The raven glared at him, "Trying to stay alive," he snarled, his voice high but firm, "now leave me alone. Go back to your warm home and family," then he snuck around the back of the car and awaited the approaching elderly couple, his cobalt eyes filled with determination.

Naruto felt his stomach flutter and he became nervous, looking back at the soldiers who still remained oblivious to the act that was about to go on. But he knew they'd immediately react once the couple yelled "thief!", so he went around the car as well, gripping onto the other male's wrists, recieving another piercing glare.

"Don't do it, there's soldiers just down the street... What if they catch you?"

Sasuke shrugged him away and went to strike, but he was once again yanked back by Naruto. He turned and growled, "Leave me alone!" he snarled.

"You're Japanese, right?" Naruto asked, "then you're just like me! If you get caught, you'll be killed! The Europeans don't like asians and--"

"You're not Japanese," the child scowled.

"I am," Naruto insisted, "my name's Uzumaki Naruto and... and I was abandoned here," he looked into dark eyes, "I came from Japan during the Battle of Tsushima."

The young male's scowl slipped away and he led Naruto away from the car, back into the alleyway, only slightly disappointed that the elderly couple had passed by without him taking action.

"You're lucky you look European," the raven said, "then you could maybe find yourself a home. That can never happen to me. I'll probably have to hide myself away until I can get enough money to head back to Japan," he looked down as the scent of cookies reached his nose, "a-ah, you have food?"

Naruto, being a generally kind person, nodded and opened the bag. He was sure Adolf wouldn't mind if he just gave the poor boy a few cookies, "I can give you half of them, but not all. They're for the man who took me in," he pulled out a handful of the warm, soft pastries and offered them to the child, "What's your name?" he asked as he watched the other eat.

"Mmm, Uchiha Sasuke. But my name here is Haydn Kaestner," he started on his third cookie and took another handful from the blond, "I came here three years ago after the Battle of Shaho... even though I'm Japanese, I lived in China, near Liaoyang. My entire family was killed except for my older brother... he brought me here so we could get away from the war, but we didn't know we'd be hated by the Germans," he bit into another cookie and frowned.

"What happened to your brother?" Naruto asked, tempted to eat one of the cookies. He refused, though, wanting to give the hungry boy as many as he could, and leaving enough for Adolf.

"He's dead... We lived in an empty cabin out in the woods and one day, when he left to go into town to buy us some food, he was seen by a soldier and shot," Sasuke growled, "I went to go search for him three hours after he left, knowing something must've been wrong since he was gone for so long... and I found his body lying in the middle of the street. No one even stopped to look at him, as if it was an every day occurance..."

"Oh, I'm sorry..." Naruto aplogized, though he didn't need to. He folded up the half-empty bag of cookies and suddenly had an idea, "Sasuke, why don't you come into Adolf's house with me real quick? I can give you a new outfit and some more food."

Sasuke looked at him in surprise, "What? Why would you...?"

"Because I don't want you to get caught stealing. You'll get killed," Naruto motioned for him to follow and they went to the home's front door, Naruto turning the handle. The door was pushed open with a loud "creak" and they went in, the blond closing it back up, "He might come back any second, so we need to hurry," he ran into the bedroom and bent down, yanking out the box of clothes from under the bed. Picking out a pair of black pants a light tan dress shirt, he handed them to the poor raven and then ushered him out to the kitchen.

He looked through the cabinets and pantry, "What kind of foods do you like?" he felt bad digging around, but he could just tell Adolf that he was still very hungry and had eaten some food, "bread? butter? fruits?"

Sasuke spoke softly, "I like apples... and maybe some bread and butter. Do you think that maybe... you could give me some ham, too?"

Naruto smiled and grabbed the half-loaf of bread that was sitting on an old wooden cutting board, as well as the small cup of butter beside it. He opened the bag of cookies, sat them all on a glass plate that he found in one of the cabinets, and placed the bread and butter inside the bag. He then looked inside of the small meat locker beside the sink and opened it, finding a frozen packet of ham. He placed that in the bag as well then shut the door, grabbing a couple of apples off of the counter. Rolling the top of the bag up, he gave it to Sasuke.

"Come back whenever you need food... just make sure the car's gone."

Sasuke took the food and smiled, thanking the blond, "Thank you, Naruto..."

"Now get going, Adolf should be home soon," he urged the raven outside, opening the door for him and watching him run off. A honk went off behind him and he jumped, wincing painfully as the balls of his cut up feet scraped against the gravel in front of the door. He turned and saw a car being parked, Adolf stepping out with a good bit of money in his grasp.

"Who was that I saw running off?" Hitler asked, pocketing the money.

"A-ah, the son of a neighbor," he lied, "I sort of invited him in and we ate together... I hope you don't mind," he kept himself from bowing. That would've definitely blown his cover.

Adolf chuckled and stepped inside, letting Naruto go in front before shutting the door, "I do not mind at all, I am glad my perfect Aryan found a friend."

Naruto smiled.