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Chapter 1 – Electus

Silence. Everything was eerily still. The moonlight glinted off of the equipment in the laboratory. In the living room, the television was on. The mouths of the characters moved in silence. The girl on the screen wailed in silence, and slumped against the chest of a tall muscular man. He patted her head. Abruptly, static streaked across the corny scene. The scene crackled once, twice, and then disappeared altogether.

In the laboratory, green light began to snake out of the Ghost Portal. The doors strained, and burst open. The smoke cleared revealing a slightly dazed looking figure floating above the ground. He reached up and rubbed his head, groaning. Opening his eyes, the figure noticed where he was and grinned broadly.

"I am free," he gloated. "You thought that you could lock away the great Technus did you Ghost Boy? Well you were wrong! I have escaped and I will continue in my quest to take over all technology on earth! Ha ha ha!" His speech was met be complete and utter silence. Technus frowned. Then he noticed the electrical laboratory equipment and grinned. "I shall start with taking over this laboratory equipment."

Technus floated over towards the equipment, and regarded it for a few minutes, deciding what to take over first. For convenience, he chose the nearest thing to him, and tried to phase inside of it. However, he was thrown backwards by a green force field. He righted himself, rubbed his head and scowled.

"Cursed Ghost Shields!" Technus shook his fist at the machinery. "You think that you can stop the great Technus, but you are mistaken! I will simply go elsewhere in my quest for world domination. Ha ha ha!" This being said, he phased through the ceiling into the living room. The corny show was back on. Technus considered phasing into the television, but the show broke for a commercial.

'Come to Cook's Electronic Super Store' flashed across the screen in big red letters. 'Anything you want we've got. From microwave's to lap-top's, Cook's has it all!' Technus rubbed his hands together. 'Cook's Electronic Super Store is located in Jump City…' Technus rubbed his hands together gleefully.

"Jump City here I come," he stated and phased through the wall.

- Scene Break -

The alarm sounded throughout the prison. Guards raced for their weapons in an attempt to stop the break out. They closed in around a form of energy, and pointed their guns at it.

"Your guns will not stop Overload!" the figure declared, and sent bolts of electricity into the weapons. The guards yelped, and dropped their guns. Overload laughed, and headed for the exit.

A second wave of guards tried to prevent Overload from escaping, but the villain just threw them aside easily. Overload destroyed some of the other cells, letting out other prisoners as well. Chaos erupted. The guards madly tried to round up the escaping criminals. Overload laughed, and exited the prison.

- Scene Break -

Cook's Electronic Super Store was dark. It had been closed for the night. Technus rubbed his hands together. This was going to be easy. There was no Ghost Boy to worry about here. He could wreak as much havoc as he wanted, and no one was going to stop him. Technus phased through the wall, and looked around in glee at the amount of electronic equipment. He didn't know where to start, there was so much to choose from. He floated over to a particle accelerator and studied it intently. As he went to phase into the complex machine, there was a crackle of electricity. Technus turned around and narrowed his eyes. He had company. A figure of pure electricity stood on the floor a few paces away from him.

"What business do you have here?" he demanded.

"I am Overload," replied the figure. "I have come to take this equipment."

"You shall do no such thing!" Technus exclaimed. "For I am Technus. That was my idea, and I was here first." Overload stared at him.

"This equipment belongs to Overload!" the electric villain argued.

"No, this equipment belongs to Technus," the ghost argued back. "For I am the master of all things electrical, and soon I shall have control over the world. Ha ha ha!"

"You are not the master of electrical devices," Overload argued. "Overload is!"

"No, Technus is!" the ghost was becoming annoyed with his electrical adversary.

"Overload!" exclaimed Overload.

"Technus!" exclaimed Technus. The two villains glared at each other. "Technus will show you who the true master is!" He exclaimed, and flew at his electric adversary. Overload prepared to fight as well. Technus' fist connected with one of Overload's arms, and the ghost grinned in satisfaction. Abruptly, electricity ran up the arms of the ghost, and he found that he could not break away from Overload. He was even more unnerved, when Overload's arm started to pull his own arm inside. "What's happening?" He screamed. "What are you doing?"

"It is not Overload," the electric being replied. He struggled to get away from the ghost, but his electric body continued to consume Technus. Technus put his other hand on Overload, and tried to push himself free. However, this only resulted in it becoming ensnared too. He struggled violently, but soon both his arms had been pulled inside of Overload. Technus put his feet on the electric creature, and tried again to push himself free. Again, he only succeeded in getting them ensnared too. He watched in dismay as his legs were quickly eaten up. Only his torso and head remained outside of Overload's body. He could still feel his arms and legs, and he struggled violently. Overload's limbs mimicked his actions.

"It seems that the two masters of electricity are being joined together," Technus observed in horror. Overload began to wave his arms and legs madly. Technus could feel his own limbs move accordingly.

"Overload doesn't want to be joined with you!" the electric villain whined.

"Well Technus doesn't to be joined with you either!" the ghost retorted. Now only his head remained outside of Overload, and he struggled against the force that was pulling him towards his electrical adversary. He writhed in vain as he felt his head beginning to be consumed by Overload's. Soon nothing visible was left of the ghost. Overload lurched foreword and let out an unearthly howl as his body began to change shape. Light streamed off of him as his physical structure altered. The light faded, revealing a human figure made from pure electricity. This being flexed its hands and looked around the store. Letting out another unearthly howl, the figure began to destroy the equipment.

- Scene Break -

Raven sat up in bed with a scream. She clutched her sheets tightly, her dark eyes surveying her room. Her chest heaved as she tried to calm down. Her body still felt horribly cold. Her grey hands rubbed her arms subconsciously, and she shivered. Then she heard banging on her door.

"Raven?" a male voice called through her door. Raven made her way over to the door and opened it. A young man with olive-green skin stood in front of her. His deep green eyes were sleepy, but concerned. "I heard you scream." He explained. "Is everything okay?"

"I'm not sure," Raven replied. Her gravely voice was worried. "I sensed something. Something bad." She shivered subconsciously remembering the cold feeling. The young man reached foreword and tentatively placed a grey-gloved hand on her shoulder.

"Slade?" he asked. Raven shook her head.

"No," she replied. "It was someone else. Something else. Something different. But I don't know what." The young man furrowed his black eyebrows, and ran his other hand through his dark-green hair. "I just know that it's close. Very close." Raven narrowed her slender black eyebrows as she said this.

"Well if it was a threat, I think we would've heard about it by now," her green-skinned comrade replied reassuringly. As if on cue, a loud beeping alarm began to sound.

"You had to say something," Raven scowled. He grinned sheepishly, exposing large lower canines. Raven rolled her dark eyes, and began to make her way down the hallway, the young man trotting alongside her.

"Dude," he exclaimed as they entered the living room. "What's the problem?"

"Don't know yet Beast Boy," replied another young man sitting at the computer at the front of the room. His turquoise-gloved fingers raced over the keys nimbly. "But the trouble seems to be at Cook's Electronic Super Store."

"Dude, it's probably just Overload," Beast Boy shrugged.

"I don't think so B.B." a dark-skinned young man replied. He was two feet taller and almost three times as big as Beast Boy in stature. Most of his body was robotic, including a red eye that surveyed the green Titan intensely. "The computer would have identified him."

"Maybe the computer made a mistake, Cy," Beast Boy suggested. Cyborg's dark face turned an unattractive shade of purple.

"My computer?" he asked, bearing down on Beast Boy. "Make a mistake?" Beast Boy shrunk away from Cyborg, and held up his hands in surrender.

"Easy dude," he pleaded. "It was only a suggestion." Cyborg responded by grabbing Beast Boy and giving him a noogie. Beast Boy yelped, and waved his arms wildly. "Okay, okay!" He yelped. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Raven folded her arms and rolled her dark eyes at the boys' antics. She half-expected smoke to start coming off of Beast Boy's head. She turned and surveyed the map up on the gigantic screen. A flashing dot indicated the location of the disturbance. Raven focussed upon the dot. An icy-coldness began to spread through her body. Raven couldn't tear herself away from the presence. The icy feeling shot through her veins. Raven gasped, and her body stiffened unnaturally.

Beast Boy managed to free himself from Cyborg's robotic arms. He caught movement out of the corner of his eye, and his sensitive hearing picked up a slight gasp. He looked up and saw Raven's body stiffen, her dark eyes rolling up inside her head. Then her body pitched foreword. Reacting quickly, Beast Boy jumped towards her, and caught Raven in his arms. Her dark eyes refocused, and she looked up at him.

"Easy, I've got you," he assured her. Raven slumped against his chest, her head resting on his shoulder, and moaned softly. Beast Boy picked her up and carried her over to the couch. Although Raven was a few inches taller than him, Beast Boy didn't have any problems doing this. Raven shivered violently, her grey skin paler than usual. "I'll be right back." Beast Boy promised. Then he ran to the kitchen, poured some water into the kettle, and put it onto an element. Then he ran out of the living room.

Morphing into a cheetah, Beast Boy speedily reached his destination. He reverted back to his human form and stood in front of the door, debating whether or not this was a good idea. But Raven was cold, and he wanted to help her. Tentatively, Beast Boy opened the door and stuck his head inside the forbidden room. Raven's room. He scanned the floor for the item that he was looking for, and saw nothing. He edged inside of her room, all his senses on high alert. He crept towards Raven's closet, and gingerly opened it. After having been sucked into Raven's mind through a mirror, Beast Boy wasn't taking any chances of stumbling into any unfriendly domains.

He was relieved to find what he was looking for, and not a portal into a hostile alien world. He reached foreword and grabbed a blue hooded cloak from a hanger. Then he exited Raven's room quickly, and headed back to the living room. Raven was rubbing her arms with her hands, her black leotard not providing much warmth. Beast Boy went over and handed her the cloak.

"Thank-you," she pulled the cloak around her, and pulled the hood up over her head. Then she frowned. "Wait. This means you…"

"Went into your room, yeah," Beast Boy scuffed the toe of his shoe on the floor. "I know I'm not supposed to go in there, but I hated seeing you so cold. Please don't hurt me." He raised his hands in front of him as he said this. Ready to fend off Raven if he had to. The sound of the kettle boiling saved him, and he raced towards the kitchen. As he poured the steaming water into the tea-pot, he glanced back over at Raven. She was still shivering violently. Beast Boy put a tea-bag into the pot. "Be right back again." He promised and left the living room for the second time.

Morphing into a cheetah again, Beast Boy quickly made his way to his own room. He opened his door, and stepped over the piles of clothes that were strewn across the floor. He walked over to his closet and opened it. Once he had opened the closet, a pile of clothes fell down onto him. Beast Boy stuck his head out of the pile of clothes and was met by the sight of a toy monkey holding a pair of symbols.

"Help me," it chimed in a high-pitched voice. "Help me, help me, help me count: one, two, three …"

"I really should get rid of that thing," Beast Boy muttered, and pulled himself out of the pile of clothes. Then he began to go through the pile, throwing clothes, pillows, and comic books over his shoulder. Finally he found what he was looking for. A black fuzzy blanket. He had bought this as a gift for Raven, but had never plucked up the courage to give it to her. Now he could. Beast Boy climbed over the piles of clothes, and exited his room. He ran towards the living room.

Beast Boy made his way to where the other Titans were sitting. They weren't even trying to help Raven. They just sat there. Beast Boy walked around the couch. Raven was lying, curled up in a little ball on the couch. She was still shivering. Beast Boy swallowed hard, and began to tuck the black fuzzy blanket around her. Raven's dark eyes opened, and regarded him intently.

"Thank-you," she murmured. Beast Boy grinned toothily in response, and made his way back over to the kitchen. He opened up the cupboard and pulled down a blue mug. He poured the tea into the mug, and stirred in some sugar and milk.

"So, what happened Raven?" Robin finally spoke.

"Dude, give her a break," Beast Boy exclaimed as he walked back over to the couch. Robin crossed his arms over his chest. Raven struggled into a sitting position. Beast Boy held out the mug to her, and she took it gratefully.

"It's okay Beast Boy," she murmured after she had taken a sip. She pulled the fuzzy warm blanket tighter around her slender body. Beast Boy plopped down on the couch next to her. There was an awkward silence as Raven took another sip of her tea. Robin and Beast Boy scowled at each other.

"Friends, are you having a match of the staring?" a sweet voice cut through the silence. Robin's expression immediately softened as the speaker made her way over to the couch. She was tall, and her skin was slightly orange. Her long auburn hair framed green eyes. She was clad in a purple mini-skirt, purple and mauve thigh-high boots, and a purple and mauve high-necked sleeveless top that exposed her slender midriff. On her forearms were mauve fingerless gloves, and around her right bicep was a mauve band.

"Nah," Cyborg replied, shrugging his massive shoulders. "B.B. and Robin are just ticked off with each other." This answer only made the girl more distressed.

"But why are they the ticked off?" she implored. Her unusual speaking habits were due to the fact that she was actually an extraterrestrial.

"It's not important Starfire," Robin replied hastily, shooting Cyborg an ugly look. Cyborg just grinned in response. It was painfully obvious that the Boy Wonder and the alien had feelings for each other, but neither of them would admit it.

"Yes it is!" Beast Boy exclaimed jumping up. "You're not giving Raven a chance to recover. In case you haven't noticed dude, she's in a lot of pain!" He clenched his fists angrily. Robin stared down at him in shock. From her spot on the couch, Raven reached out and put a gentle hand on Beast Boy's arm. The green Titan immediately relaxed, shot Robin an ugly look, and plopped back down beside her.

"Man, since when do you care so much about Raven?" Cyborg asked. Beast Boy's olive-green cheeks began to turn red, and he scowled at the robotic Titan while muttering something inaudible. "What's that?" Cyborg teased, leaning over and cupping a hand to his robotic ear.

"Enough!" Raven's interrupted darkly. "He's concerned because he heard me scream this morning. The presence that's causing the disturbance is unlike anything I've ever sensed before." She shivered again and stood up, still wrapped in the fuzzy blanket. "We should go stop it."

"You're okay to fight?" Robin asked. Raven nodded.

"Alright y'all, to the T-car!" Cyborg announced. Raven levitated her empty mug to the kitchen and put it in the sink. Then she pulled off the blanket and held it out to Beast Boy.

"Thanks," she said. Beast Boy gently pushed her hands away.

"It's a gift," he replied softly. "Keep it." He looked up, and his deep-green eyes locked with her dark ones. For a moment, neither Titan spoke.

"Come on you two!" Cyborg called. Beast Boy and Raven's cheeks both burned with embarrassment. They climbed into the T-car, avoiding each other's gaze. Soon Cyborg pulled up in front of Cook's Electronic Super Store. The Titans climbed out, and entered the building. An electric figure was throwing the equipment around the room. "Oh no, not the particle accelerator!" Cyborg exclaimed in horror.

"What kind of Electronics store has a particle accelerator?" Robin asked.

"A good one," Cyborg answered. Robin shrugged.

"Um what's a party call axe-a-later?" Beast Boy asked.

"It's a particle accelerator!" Cyborg corrected. "It's a device that accelerates atoms close to the speed of light, and collides them together in order to break them down into quarks."

"Huh?" Beast Boy hadn't followed a word.

"It bashes tiny things," Raven summarized.

"Oh," Beast Boy responded. Cyborg rolled his human eye. An unearthly howl brought their attention back to the scene in front of them. The figure was facing them now. It looked human, but was made purely of electricity. "So does anyone want to tell me who Mr. Zappy Electric Dude is?" He asked.

"I am Electus!" the figure shouted. The voice consisted of two separate voices. One of the voices sounded like Overload, and the other the Titans did not recognize. The figure jumped towards them, emitting another unearthly howl.

"Teen Titans go!" Robin shouted. The Titans sprang forewords to meet their enemy.

"Try to soak him," Cyborg said. "That's how we defeated Overload." Starfire shot green energy bolts up at the ceiling. The sprinkler system activated, pouring rain down on the Titans. Instead of defeating Electus, the water only seemed to enrage him. He took a wild swing and knocked Beast Boy, who was currently a leopard, into the wall.

"Do we have a plan B?" Raven asked dully. She flew over to Beast Boy, and helped him to his feet. The green Titan was dazed, but otherwise unharmed. Starfire flew at Electus, pelting him with star-bolts. This had absolutely no affect on the villain whatsoever. He sent an electricity beam at Starfire. She screamed, and fell to the ground.

"Starfire!" Robin screamed. He glared at Electus, and charged at him. Robin landed a punch to Electus' stomach area, and a shock wave went through his body. Robin staggered backwards and threw some of his freezing bird-a-rangs at Electus. Ice covered the villain's body, and the Titans were about to heave a sigh of relief when the ice exploded sending Robin flying into the wall.

"Robin!" Cyborg exclaimed, and charged at the electric villain. The villain simply grabbed Cyborg. "What are you doing?" Cyborg asked fearfully. Electricity began flowing through his circuits. "You're messing with my circuits! You're going to blow…" Cyborg's robotic eye went dull, and he dropped to the ground.

"Guess it's my turn," Raven mused. Her eyes glowed white. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" A stream of black energy flew towards Electus. He screeched as it came into contact with him. Raven pelted him with some projectiles. These didn't have too much of an effect on Electus. He grabbed the nearest thing to him, it happened to be a radio, and threw it at her. Raven disappeared and materialized a few feet away. Electus pelted a microwave at her. Raven disappeared and reappeared only to be struck by the particle accelerator. The force of the impact sent her into the wall, and forced all the air out of her lungs.

Electus charged at her. Raven's lungs screamed for oxygen, but in vain. Suddenly a green Tyrannosaurus Rex slammed into the electric villain. Upon the contact, Beast Boy alternated between his dinosaur and his human form a few times. Finally, he reverted to his human form, and was swatted away by Electus. Air finally flew into Raven's lungs.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she yelled, and hurled the particle accelerator back at the villain. It caught him off guard, and sent him back a few feet. Raven began pelting him with bolts of black energy. Electus shrieked in pain each time one struck him. Raven summoned her strength and sent a wave of black energy at him. There was a flash of light, and an unearthly howl. Raven shielded her eyes against the light. Electricity seared through her body as Electus grabbed her. She screamed, and tried to phase out of his grasp. She couldn't. Electus cackled horribly.

A green ox barrelled into Electus. The villain dropped Raven in surprise, and Beast Boy raced to catch her before she hit the ground. Electus howled again, turned and disappeared into the power lines. Beast Boy looked down at Raven. She was still a bit dazed, but otherwise unharmed. Colour returned to Cyborg's eye as his systems rebooted. Starfire sat up and rubbed her head. Robin sat up and scanned the store.

"Where did he go?" he demanded.

"Power lines," Beast Boy jerked his head in the direction of the power lines.

"Titans, follow him!" Robin leapt to his feet.

"Slow down dude," Beast Boy implored. "We just got our butts kicked and we don't even know where he's going."

"I do," Raven replied. "I can sense him. His presence is getting weaker."

"I can also track him through my scanners," Cyborg piped up. He began typing on one of his arms. Raven closed her eyes and focussed on Electus' presence. He was travelling along the power lines. She followed him until he began to slow down. Mentally she jumped ahead of him to see where he was headed.

"Amity Park," she murmured opening her dark eyes. "He's going to Amity Park."

"My sensors say the same thing," Cyborg confirmed. "Looks like we're heading to Amity Park."