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-Elphaba and Fiyero are married and have a kid. Her name is Cassie. She's adorable. And at the end, Elphaba had found out that she was pregnant again.

-Ummm. Fiyero has a sister named Addie. So if some random person named Addie gets mentioned, that would be her. She's older and she's a midwife/doctor. So she would be, basically, an ob/gyn if they had such a thing in approximately 1900 in Oz.

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Glinda liked to wander by herself after giving her annual commencement speech at Shiz University. The shining, hopeful young faces always inevitably stirred something in her, of her and Elphie and Boq and Fiyero. And look what had happened to them. To their hope.

This had been her fourth time giving the speech, and it was the second-worst day of her year, after the anniversary of Elphie's death. As the ruler of Oz, she apparently qualified as Shiz's most accomplished alumna, despite what she herself might have to say about someone infinitely more noble, more courageous, more intelligent…so she needed to be alone.

She wandered ponderously down a meandering path, past an abandoned riding stable, and into a glowing pine wood, orange and golden in the afternoon sun.

There was a path, nearly overgrown, but she could tell all the same that it had been traveled fairly recently. The indentations in the weeds indicated that someone had been here several times not too long ago. Deciding that if someone had been coming here, it was most likely safe, Glinda voyaged on despite the ripping of her pink skirts beneath her and the dirtying of her silk slippers.

She was not the same silly Galinda that she had once been.

It was several miles until she emerged into a sunny clearing dominated by a crystalline lake and a roaring waterfall. So entranced was she by the beautiful cascade, it was several minutes before she noticed a small stone cottage in the corner of the meadow, and a moment more before she spotted two small girls, fallen silent, staring at her solemnly.

She called out to them, and the taller of the two shook her small red head firmly, reaching out too late to grasp the shoulder of the younger one as she darted up to Glinda and stared up at her with wide blue eyes.

"Hello, sweetheart," said Glinda carefully. "What's your name?"

The girl smiled prettily, clapped a tiny hand over her mouth, and shook her head of black curls, imitating the older child, who now came forward, curiosity overcoming her.

She couldn't have been more than four, a beautiful child with red-gold curls and serious hazel eyes, though not without a spark of merriment. Familiar hazel eyes. But Glinda shoved that aside.

And the smaller girl, clearly her sister now that the two were side by side, had short black curls, a charming, mischievous, smile, sparkling blue eyes, and delicate, pointed features like those of a little elf.

Glinda saw it, of course, the resemblance, but she knew she had to be hallucinating. After all, she had walked here immersed in thoughts of Elphie and Fiyero, it made sense that she would impose their features onto two random little children who had just happened into her path.

"Where are your parents?" Glinda asked, addressing the older girl. She lifted her eyes to meet Glinda's.

"Inside," she said after a long moment. The littler girl slipped her tiny hand into Glinda's, beaming trustingly up at her, and began to lead her, skipping, toward the little house.

The girl's older sister followed at Glinda's side, sending reprimanding looks at her younger counterpart, who blithely ignored them.

"What are your names?" Glinda asked again, hoping to stop identifying them by their ages alone. The older girl relented.

"I'm Cassandra," she said, "And that's Grania."

"Do you have a last name?" Glinda asked, not allowing her heart to leap with hope.

"Tig-" Grania began to shout, but Cassandra shushed her. "Cas-sie," Grania whined.

"No," said Cassie forcefully, reminding Glinda suddenly, distinctly, of Elphaba.

They reached the cottage at last, and Glinda reached out to knock on the wooden door, painted a jeweled shade of cobalt blue. A man answered, sandy-haired, his face hidden at first as he looked down at his daughters.

"Girls, the door is open, you don't have to-" he started, and then noticed Glinda's voluminous skirts and looked up, slowly.



Another voice joined in as a woman came into the doorway.

"Fiyero, what's-"



. "GRANIA!" the little girl crowed happily.