Killing Loneliness

Inspired by listening to HIM's song too many times and reading too many fan fics. This was written while i was doing about three things at once besides this so sorry if it is a little confusing or they seem out of character or some thing like that. I really hope every one enjoys this. I am still unsure on whether I should continue this or not. Review and tell me what you think so far.

Summary:I may suck at this but here we go... Hikaru and Haruhi start dating and after a while Kaoru, while happy for his brother and friend, begins to feel a little lonely and starts wandering around the city. he stumbles upon a little cafe and a girl named Misa who is either just odd or completely insane.

Part One:

Kaoru looked around his room trying to figure out some thing to do. His brother had gone out on a date with Haruhi earlier that evening. It wasn't that he wasn't happy for his brother, it was just that they had been spending less time together since he started going out with Haruhi and he was beginning to feel a little lonesome, and bored. He sighed and grabbed his jacket before heading out the door.
I think i'll take a walk, maybe i'll find some thing to do, he thought to himself.

He walked looking down at his feet, kicking rocks in front of him into the street or farther down the side walk. After a while he looked up and looked at his surroundings. The things around him were unfamiliar, he didn't know where he was but he also didn't really care at the moment. Kaoru continued to walk down the street looking at the various shop windows which contained many clothes, jewlery, sweets and toys. At the end of the street he found himself in front of a cafe called the Red Moon and decided to enter. As soon as he entered, his nose was penetrated by the smell of sweets and various blends of coffee. He decided to stay and took a seat at the far back by the window. After a short while a waitress came to take his order.
As he waited for the waitress to come back with his coffee he looked around at the people in the cafe. When he turned back there was a girl with black hair and violet tips sitting across from him. He hadn't even noticed when she got there.
"Can I sit here with you? It would really help," she said to him.
"Um, sure go ahead."
"Thank you." she smiled and ducked under the table.
I thought she said sit down not hide under the table.

The door to the cafe opened and a boy with spikey dark blue hair, about seventeen, walked in. He looked around as if he was searching for some one then left. Kaoru watched him pass the window, from the boy's expression he could tell he was angry.

"Whoo. Almost got me that time," the girl said coming out from under the table. "My name is Misa."
"Pleased to meet you. I'm heading out to the park, want to come?"
He thought for a moment, he really didn't have any thing better to do. "Sure."
"Awesome. Come on."

Misa grabbed his hand and started to pull him out of the cafe and into the street. As soon as she let go she walked into the street just as a car was coming. She had time to come back onto the side walk but the strange thing was, she just stood there. Kaoru ran into the street to where she was standing and pulled her out of the way just as the car sped by.
"Are you crazy?!" he yelled. "You could have got run over."
"Could have. But i didn't did I?"
He stared at her as she smiled and spun around the street. She's nuts. he thought. Kaoru watched as Misa spun around again and the skipped across the street to the other side before turning around and calling out to him.

"Don't you know if you stand around the street like that you can get run over?" She giggled and ran towards the direction of the park. Then for some odd reason...he followed her.

Kaoru woke up late the next morning and examined the back of his hand. There was a cut running diagonally across it as well as a couple more small ones on his arm. He had spent most of the night running after Misa making sure she didn't get hurt and risking getting hurt himself. After standing in the middle of streets a couple more times as cars were passing by and pulling her out of the way, Misa proceeded to climb a very narrow wall and walk across trying to keep her balance. He walked on the ground next to her until he heard her say "oops" and tried to catch her as she fell.
Afterward they finally got to the park Misa had decided to go into the forest nearby and went through the bushes which was where Kaoru got a few of the scratches on his arms as he tried to catch up. The cut across the back of his hand had mostly been his own fault when he tripped on some thing trying to figure out where the strange girl had gone to and cut himself on a sharp rock. Kaoru was finally relieved when Misa yawned and said she was tired and should be getting home. She asked if he would meet her at the cafe the next evening and he had, for some reason, agreed.

He ran his finger across the cut and sighed. That girl is insane. he thought to himself. Kaoru woke up his brother then headed to the bathroom to shower and get ready for school. As he got ready, he found himself wondering where Misa was right now, what school she was at. Well actually, he was more worried that she was standing in the middle of streets again as cars came or if she had managed to climb onto any thing and fall.
"Hey Kaoru." There was a loud knock on the bathroom door. "Hurry up already, we're going to be late and I have to go pick up Haruhi."
"You go ahead. I'll catch up," he responded. He heard his brother mutter some thing that he didn't quite under stand and then the door to their room slam shut. He finished getting dressed, go his things, and ran out the door.
All through class that day he managed to pay very little attention. His mind seemed to be occupied by random thoughts that he hardly understood at the moment. He also went through every thing that had happened the night before with Misa. While on the outside she looked like a sweet and quiet person, she was quite the opposite or at least far from it. Kaoru seemed anxious for school to be over soon.

Later that night, Kaoru walked down the same he had walked the night before to the cafe and walked in. The place wasn't nearly as full as it had been the night before. He walked over to the back of the cafe to the same place he had sat the night before and waited for Misa to arrive. He was startled by a knock on the window and turned to see Misa waving at him from outside and motioning for him to join her. He got up and went outside but when he got there, she was gone. Kaoru looked into the street, she wasn't there. Where is she?

"Hey Kaoru! Over here."

He turned around and saw her waving at him from further up the street and ran to join her.

"Glad you came. Now where do you want to go?"

"I'm not sure. Got any ideas?"

"Plenty. Let's go."

Misa grabbed his hand just as she had the night before, Kaoru could feel himself blushing and tried to hide it but it didn't seem like Misa was paying all that much attention. She was trying to remember the directions to some where but wouldn't tell him where. They walked side by side together, Kaoru on the edge of the side walk to prevent Misa from running into the street again. Soon they came upon a large old abandoned house that Karou had never seen before. Actually, he had never been through any of the streets that Misa had taken him through or knew they existed for that matter. This was one part of the city he had surely never been to.

"We're here," Misa said in a sing song voice as she giggled and ran up the steps of the old house. "What are you waiting for Kaoru? Come on"
"Should we be here?" Kaoru asked.

"No but that just makes it even more fun so come on. Hurry up."
He looked around. The house looked like it had been abandoned for quite a while. All the trees had died and looked as if they would fall at any given moment. Kaoru seriously hoped they wouldn't fall while they were there, on them for that matter. Misa turned the door knob back and forth until it finally opened and went inside. Kaoru followed after her.

Inside the house was full of cobwebs and dust. Most of the furniture looked as old as the house was yet the patterns of roses and people in victorian style clothing looked beautiful. There were a few paintings on the wall of people dressed in victorian clothing, they were mostly women. Some of them looked like family portraits.
"Kaoru, come up here."
He looked around for Misa who had silently crept away as he was viewing the paintings. He found her at the top of the stairs holding some thing up but he couldn't quite see what it was. Kaoru began to make his way up the stairs to get a closer look. Just as he reached the top of the stairs he heard the sound of wood cracking beneath him and knew instantly that the stairs beneath him had cracked under the pressure. Before he knew it he was falling. Not down the stairs but beneath them.
"Kaoru!" Misa screamed as she tried to grab hold of him and save him but was just a little to late.


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