Killing Loneliness

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Summary: Hikaru and Haruhi start dating and after a while Kaoru, while happy for his brother and friend, begins to feel a little lonely and starts wandering around the city. he stumbles upon a little cafe and a girl named Misa who is either just odd or completely insane.

Part Four:

What's that word again?

With their misunderstanding finally cleared up the two walk silently side by side around the park stopping occasionally as Misa hopped across things with Kaoru making sure she didn't fall. It wasn't that he was hoping she would, but he wouldn't exactly mind catching her either. They continued walking until they came upon the abandoned house they had been to weeks earlier.

"Let's go inside," said Misa. "We didn't get to see any of the rooms last time."


They walked up the steps of the house and the door this time opened easily. No doubt due to all the work Misa did to open it the last time. In the day light the inside of the house looked alot better than it had at night. When Kaoru turned to Misa to see what part of the house she wanted to go through first he wasn't surprised to find she wasn't there. Misa seemed to disappear and reappear at random moments.

"Up here!" He looked up to find her at the top of the stairs. The same as the last time they had come here and he was pretty sure this had been the same place he was standing the last time too.

"Misa, you shouldn't be up there. The stairs could break again." Kaoru said to her from the foot of the stairs.

"But they haven't yet, have they?" Misa said with a smile. He rolled his eyes and started to go up being very careful this time and trying to avoid the hole from last time. As Kaoru went up he began wondering how Misa had even gotten up there since the hole left very little space for some one to pass. He also wondered what her interest with the house was for that matter.

When he finally reached the top of the stairs he found himself in a small hallway with two doors. Misa has disappeared again. One door opened and Misa stuck her head out.

"In here. Remember what I was showing you last time?" she asked.

"I couldn't really see what it was." Kaoru responded.

Misa nodded and came out of the room carrying a wooden frame which she gazed at with a sad smile on her face. She turned it around for him to see. The picture was identical to the one he had seen in the room he had been into downstairs. Well, almost identical, there was an addition in this picture. A girl with wavy black hair, the same one from the other frame he had seen. The girl still seemed to look so familiar to him but he couldn't place her until he looked up from the frame to see Misa. Black hair and dark green eyes.

"The girl was you."

Misa looked some what confused.

"I found to pictures in one of the rooms last time we came and I fell."

"No fair, I told you not to look with out me."

"It was an accident. The door fell open."

"That was probably my sister's room. She was the only person I gave a picture to. It was so she would remember me when I left." Misa said sadly. She looked as if she would cry at any moment.

"This is your family then."

Misa nodded. "I left one summer to Spain as part of a cultural learning program. When I came back in August, they were all dead and I no longer had a home." Tears had already begun to fall. "I live in the streets for nearly two months before I met Hiroshi. Nobody really knew what happened to them, they think it may have been a robbery."

Kaoru wrapped his arms around her as more tears began to fall. After a moment he pulled back and pressed his lips to one eye, then the other, kissing the tears away. Then he brought his head down to meet her lips and kissed her lightly before wrapping his arms around her again.

"Why don't we go some where else," he whispered into her ear. He felt her nod on his shoulder and then began to guide her carefully down the stairs and out the door of the house. Before they reached the street, Misa turned to look at the house one more time.

"I still don't understand why this had to happen," Misa said softly.

"Some things you just can't explain."

"I still wish they hadn't left me here all alone."

"You're not alone Misa," Kaoru said. "You have Hiroshi, and now me. I can assure you, i won't ever leave you alone."

He wrapped an arm around her waist and used his other hand to tilt her chin up so their lips could meet.


Kaoru leaned against wall outside the theater for Misa to arrive. They hadn't been together for very long but he felt he had to be sure of some thing before their relationship went any further. He stood there looking down the street when he felt a light tap on his shoulder and turned to see a smiling Misa.

"Sorry i'm late," Misa said. "I was arguing with Hiroshi. He's like an over protective father some times."

"It's alright. I wasn't really waiting that long." He said kissing her lightly on the lips and giving her a hug. Before he even let go he could hear Misa trying not to laugh.

"What's so funny?" he asked looking a little confused.

Misa simply responded, "Where's Kaoru?"

"How did you know?" Hikaru asked.

"The kiss didn't give me butterflies, the hug didn't feel right, and also, your scent. It's different," she said smiling. She felt some one put an arm around her shoulder and turned to hug the person next to her. "Now this is Kaoru." She gave him a kiss on the cheek. He kissed her on the lips.

"Well i'm leaving," Hikaru said as he watched them kiss. "Have fun you two."

As soon as Hikaru left Kaoru asked, "Is that really how you were able to tell?"

"Well, that and my heart knows you already."

"I love you Misa," Kaoru said giving her another kiss.

"I love you too Kaoru."


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