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Title: "Floodlights"

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July 15, 2006

Hall Park; Division St & Adjournment Blvd - 3:01 AM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"It just…" she exhales, watching the white puff of steam slowly dissipate, "sucks sometimes, y'know?"

She feels Paige's arms wrap tighter around her, feels a tender kiss pressed into her temple, "I know."

She shivers, "I like it here."

Paige speaks with a smile in her voice, "It's nice."

The gravel is cold beneath them. The baseball diamond has long since been abandoned. But, that's only logical seeing as it's the middle of the night and no sensible people hang out around baseball diamonds this late. She closes her eyes, breathes in the cold air, and concentrates on the feeling of Paige's thumbs brushing against her side.

"Do you know why I brought you here?" Alex's voice is so quiet she wonders if maybe all she did was think the words.

Paige shakes her head and speaks quietly around the shell of Alex's ear, "No."

Alex shifts, steps away and extends her hand to the blonde. Paige takes it without hesitation and Alex leads them to the dugout. She slips in, kicking a forgotten catcher's mitt out of the way and rests on the bench. When Paige sits beside her Alex pulls her into a kiss. It's slow, but builds quickly. Paige has a habit of nibbling on her bottom lip and she always tastes so good Alex can't even begin to fathom a life where she didn't get to kiss the blonde. When she pulls away they're both breathless and Paige's eyes are saying everything the warmth in Alex's stomach wants them to.

She rests her forehead against Paige's, "I've never brought anyone here. But I've wanted to… share this with you for," she exhales shakily, brushes a strand of hair behind Paige's ear, "for a long time."

Paige kisses the side of her mouth softly in an effort to coax more words. Alex realizes how labored their breathing has become and is tempted to pull away just long enough to recapture her breath. She decides against it.

"I used to come here, sometimes. When things got bad at home. My…my mother used to take me when I was younger. She'd leave me here sometimes. For hours… Sometimes she'd stay. But…"

She feels her hands trembling and busies them in the fine hairs at the nape of Paige's neck. She kisses the blonde again, capturing Paige's bottom lip between her own and sucking softly. Reveling in the small noises Paige makes. When she pulls away again blue-green eyes are so wide and shiny that Alex thinks she could fall right into them.

She could drown in Paige's eyes and she'd hope they never found the body.

"It's special. This place is… it's safe. I wanted to bring you here because…"

Her throat constricts and she can't continue.

Paige frowns softly and brushes the tips of her fingers across Alex's cheek. Alex closes her eyes and leans into the palm. Paige kisses her again, briefly, "Because what?"

Somehow she knows she hast to say this. Tonight. If she doesn't speak now the words will build and build and build until they burst out her ribcage. Splattering bone fragments, dark blood, muscle tissue and chunks of her heart all across the dugout. She opens her eyes, glances at the floodlights (someone must have forgot to turn them off after tonight's game), and tries to draw strength from the warmth in Paige's eyes.

"I love you."

She hears Paige's sharp intake of breath and wishes she could call the words back into her mouth. Alex squeezes her eyes shut and scoots backwards, "I'm sorry… I-I'm an idiot. I just… I had to say it, and I'm sorry if I fucked things up but-"

"I love you, too," the words come out in a tumble. As if they were racing to beat each other past soft, pink lips. Alex stares at Paige wondering if the past few minutes were all some dream.


Paige smiles, pulls Alex closer, kisses her soundly. "I said I love you."

Alex blinks heavily and swallows. "Uh…" she lets out a shaky chuckle, "really?"

Paige kisses her again, more forcefully. Hands in Alex's hair, across her stomach, cupping her breasts, her cheek, dipping under the elastic straps of her bra. Alex sits still, barely managing to reciprocate; the words running about her skull, dancing along her eyelids, filling her mouth and lungs and veins. She feels Paige attempting to divest Alex of her shirt and gathers enough concentration to assist her.

The air is cold but that doesn't matter. Alex sits in her bra, in a dugout, on a bench in the middle of the night as Paige fiddles with the button of her jeans. She pushes Paige back until she's laying on the bench. It's just wide enough for them to fit. Her lips trace Paige's jugular, tongue sweeping out to lick the beading sweat off the blonde's collar bone. Alex manages to get Paige's jeans loose, but has trouble slipping them off. The blonde arches her hips upwards and places her hands over Alex's. The pants land on the floor, a small cloud of red dust rising up and dispersing. Alex hopes she won't be too upset about having to wash them.

When Alex's hand slips under Paige's panties the blonde gasps. Her eyes shoot open before fluttering closed. Her hands clutch Alex's shoulders desperately. Alex closes her eyes and buries her face in the crook of Paige's neck. The skin is salty but soft and it always smells so good. Alex whispers that she loves her as she rocks against Paige's thigh and the blonde moans out her name.

The floodlights keep shining.

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