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Chapter 18: Connections

Sasuffy was shocked, Sanji was confused.

"How do you know each other?" asked Luffy.

"Make the switch, then you do, let me out." Said Sasuke.

Sanji watched as Luffy slumped forward a bit then gained control, he then let Sasuke out using the same Jutsu.

"Wait! He had one too!" yelled Sanji.

"That's right.' Said Haku, "And we knew each other in life."

"Isn't that awesome! We have something in common!" said Luffy.

"I'm still not joining your crew." Muttered Sanji.

"We need to talk alone," said Haku.

"Okay!" said Luffy.

"Fine…" muttered Sanji.

The two of them left to let their guiding spirits talk.

"You sacrificed your life for someone, shouldn't you have gone to heaven?" asked Sasuke.

"You think I would have, but I haven't really lived." Said Haku, "That is why I was sent."

"Oh…" said Sasuke.

"I'm not the only one…" said Haku, "Zabuza became one also in order to earn redemption… however he is not in this universe, I have no idea where he was sent other than the person he protects is named Ranma…"

"I see." Said Sasuke.

"Is okay to ask?" asked Haku.

"Ask what?" asked Sasuke.

"How you died and why you're here." Said Haku.

Sasuke sighed…

He told Haku his story… Haku was surprised by it, after Sasuke risked his own life to protect Naruto when they fought.

"I was stupid." Said Sasuke.

"You were." Agreed Haku.

Sasuke glared at him.

"What you really expected me to reassure you that it wasn't your fault." Said Haku, "You knew he was going to take over your body."

Sasuke sighed.

"It's all in the past." Said Haku, "Our is make sure Sanji and Luffy live up to their goals in life and protect them."

'Yeah." Said Sasuke.

"Which is why I'm for Sanji joining you." Said Haku.

"What? Seriously?" asked Sasuke.

"Sanji has his own dream, one he wants that he can't achieve while here. He feels he can't leave because Zeff saved his life and was like a father to him." Said Haku.

"Have you tried convincing him?" asked Sasuke.

"For the past two years…" said Haku, "He started tuning me out."

"I'm glad Luffy doesn't do that." Said Sasuke, "Have you tired taking over his body?"

"No…" said Haku, "In fact I only took over his body once or twice and those were dies emergencies."

"I lost count over how many times I took over Luffy." Said Sasuke.

"Seriously?" asked Haku with a sweat drop.

"Yeah… it's usually a punishment for something stupid he did." Said Sasuke.

"I see…" said Haku who then realized something, "That's why you took over him earlier, right?"

Sasuke nodded.

"How many stupid things does he do?" asked Haku.

"A lot…" said Sasuke.

"I see…" said Haku.

"But not all the time, sometimes it me saving his butt." Said Sasuke.

"I can see that too." Said Haku he sighed, "So how long have been active?"

"Over 10… you?" asked Sasuke.

"9." Said Haku.

"So despite the fact that's is two years older you've been at it for a shorter time?" asked Sasuke.

"Yeah… weird…" said Haku."

Sasuke nodded, then looked over, "Who's there."

"Don't worry, it's just Zeff." Said Haku, "It's not polite to listen into our conversation."

Zeff came out of the shadows.

"I thought he had a Guiding Spirit." Said Zeff, "Now I know."

"Yeah." Said Sasuke.

"I think I might need to make some new arrangement with Chore Boy." Said Zeff.

"You mean cutting down his tine here?" asked Sasuke, "I guess I can pick up the slack."

"You know Zeff." Said Haku, "A lot of the stuff we've been talking about is private matter."

"I didn't hear anything before you mentioned how long you've been this." Lied Zeff.

"Okay." Mumbled Haku.

Zeff left to go talk to Luffy.

"So one more question." Said Sasuke.

"What?" asked Haku.

"The reason why Luffy was chosen because he was similar to {Naruto." Said Sasuke.

"I could see that." Laughed Haku, "I mean Naruto mistook me for a girl when we first met."

"Everyone mistakes you for a girl." Said Sasuke with a sweat drop.

"I know…" sighed Haku.

"Why was Sasuke chosen?" asked Sasuke.

"Something about him sharing traits with Kakashi… I don't understand." Said Haku.

"Well other than hiding his eye…" said Sasuke, "Is he a pervert."

Haku began to blush… then he blinked, "Wait… Kakashi's a pervert?"

"He reads Make Out Paradise." Said Sasuke, "And I'm pretty sure he even saw the movie a few times."

"They made a movie?" asked Haku blushing bright red.

"Yes…" answered Sasuke.

"You know…" said Haku, "I'm relieved that series doesn't exist here, he would never put that book down."

"I thought so…" said Sasuke.

Meanwhile Luffy was still bugging Sanji.

"Come on." Said Luffy.

"For the last time no!" yelled Sanji.

"Chore boy." Said Zeff.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"I found about you Guiding Spirit I want to talk to you about it." Said Zeff.

"Okay!" said Luffy.

The two began to talk about it.

Meanwhile Haku led Sasuke to the kitchen.

"Here… I want to give this to you." Said Haku.

It was a box filled with pills.

"Solder pills?" asked Sasuke.

"They're a special blend I created, just for me so I can be out of Sanji's body for hours on end." Said Haku, "I can always make more."

"Thanks." Said Sasuke taking them.

Sometime later, Luffy was giving good news to the crew.

"I have good news! I managed to convince the one legged guy to cut my time." Said Luffy.

"Really?" asked Usopp.

"All right." Said Nami.

"How long do you have now?" asked Zoro.

"6 Months." Sighed Luffy.

"Do you only got it cut in half?" asked Zoro.

"That's because he knows about Guiding Spirits." Said Sasuke entering the room.

"Does he have one?" asked Zoro.

"No Sanji does!" said Luffy, "And Haku is his."

"You mean that girly looking boy?" asked Usopp.

"Yeah him." Said Luffy.

"He was a ninja in his life too." Said Sasuke, "In fact we knew each other."

"Really how?" asked Luffy.

"Let's not go into details." Said Sasuke.

"You were enemies weren't you?" asked Nami.

"Sort of… it was a job." Said Sasuke, "And he didn't even try to kill me..."

"What?" asked Nami?

"It's all in the past and please don't bring it up again." Muttered Sasuke.

"Wait… does that mean he came close to killing you?" asked Zoro.

Sasuke glared at him, placed the solider pills on the table then poofed away.

"I think it's a touchy subject." Said Luffy.

"You think?" responded Sasuke.

Well things on the ship had gotten more interesting… but things were just bubbling below the surface and it was going to get worse fast…

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