Ok…..This is the first story I have presented on fanfic…….i hope I get heaps of reviews even flames ….. I just wanna improve my writing style….ok onto the story

Lilliana Margaretta Prewitt

Chapter one…going to live with Lily and James

I looked around the house. It seemed so empty so plain so…so….nothing. It wasn't my home without my parents. My parents. It had been two weeks since dad and uncle Gideon had been murdered and 6 days since my mum was murdered. Strange you say that both my parents were murdered within 8 days of each other. No it was not a coincidence the Prewitt's had always been a powerful well respected pure-blood family. Not that being pure-blooded mattered to us. I'm actually surprised they haven't gone after aunt Molly yet….actually perhaps they have and just accidently on purpose forgot to mention it to me.

"Aunt Lily, I have gotten everything, we can go now I screamed" "Ok, get the floo ready Lil," "Ok hey are we cooking tonight or is your wonderful husband who has no cooking talent cooking for us I teased" (as much as I love my uncle James he has no ability in the kitchen….actually come to think of it last time he cooked he blew up the oven…yes blew it up!!!) Incase your wondering my name is Lilliana so most people call me lily (also my aunt's name) or liana. "We are cooking tonight so don't worry there wont be any sick stomachs from food poisoning" she said as she walked into the room. "Lets go kid" "Hey" I said before we both took a pinch of floo power said Godric's Hollow and were gone.

Over at the burrow a year later

"Oh Arthur what am I going to do, Gideon and Fabian gone as well as poor Rose what is poor Liana….I mean how is she going to cope, she has lost her mum her dad and her uncle, I…if anything happens to one of us or the kids or Lily or….or James………oh Arthur" Molly Weasley sobbed into the robes of her husband Arthur. Molly Weasley was Molly Prewitt first, yes the sister of Gideon and Fabian Prewitt. "mummmmmmy…..mummmmmmmmy…..mummy? why are you crying? Why is mummy crying daddy?...oh and Lily is here" chattered Fred or George (3 years old) excitedly. Molly looked at her son and smiled, "calm down George, sweetheart" "I'm not George I'm Fred!" "Are you sure?" "Yep," "sorry for thinking you were George" "that's ok mummy" he said hiding his gleeful smile. Molly walked onto the stairs then down them she placed him down on the couch. "Hi aunt Molly" a cheerful voice sounded in her ear "hi Liana dear, how are you?" "Well thanks aunt Molly" she replied "now where is little Ronni-kins" she said snorting at the nick name baby ron had received. Molly blushed at her nieces words then became sort of angry. Who told you about Ron's name." "Just little Fred before you came down the stairs with George" "Aaah……hang on a minute I had Fred with me up there…." "Nope I had Fres with me you had George" She turned on the twins and smirked "you 2 are terrible don't you dare let me hear you are tricking your mum ever again….am I understood" "yes Lily" they replied together looking ashamed. "Lily how can you tell them apart her aunt asked her curiously the girl smirked again "skill, my dear aunt skill."