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Dearest Mathair,

I am missing you quite a bit. Hogwarts is wonderful as you said.

I was sorted into Hufflepuff and Neville Ravenclaw. I am friends with a girl in Hufflepuff called Susan Bones, her aunt Amelia is your godmother I believe. Susan's parents died when she was very young so she lives with her aunty. Apparently Madame Bones has been quite worried about you; perhaps you could actually look through your pile of mail for once?

On my first night I met a boy called Cedric Diggory who is a 4th year, he's the seeker for Hufflepuff, that means that next year if I want to be on the house team I need to play Beater, Keeper or Chaser.

I met your cousin's the Weasley's. There are four of them at Hogwarts at the moment. Ron who is a first year like me, he is a bit arrogant, and prejudiced, of course not against muggleborn but against anyone not in Gryfffindor. Fred and George are interesting, they play pranks but they are never mean or cruel, just light hearted fun. Percy is an arrogant prick, I know, I know watch my language but really he just thinks himself better than everybody just because he has a prefect's badge.

I was slightly upset that Neville was sorted into Ravenclaw and not into my house, but he seems to like it there, where people aren't necessarily smart but like learning new things, he made a friend with a muggleborn girl called Hermione Granger.

I hope you and Aunty Kat and Anne are well.

Love Harry.

Harry had sent the letter to Lily the day before and she had been please to read it. Neville had written one to Anne and both boys had written to their crazy aunty Kat.


"Hey Nev," Harry said as he arrived outside the potions classroom.

"Hullo Harry, how's Hufflepuff?" Neville asked Harry, because they had only arrived last night, and did not share a dorm or table they had not had a chance to talk to each other.

"Yeah it's good, what about Ravenclaw?" Harry then asked. Neville though didn't have time to respond as Professor Snape had arrived. Susan quickly pulled Harry next to her and they found themselves sitting next to Hermione and Neville.

Snape started the lesson by taking the role, he paused on Harry's name.

"Ah, Mr. Potter our newest celebrity." Snape said smirking at Harry. Harry didn't respond angrily merely looked at him and said "present Professor." Before turning away. Snape who appeared slightly thrown back by Harry's indifference to his insult quickly finished the role.

"Mr. Potter. Where would I find a bezoar?" Snape asked hoping to catch Harry.

Harry keeping calm just told him seriously "A bezoar is found in the stomach of a goat and is an antidote to most poisons."

Snape decided quickly that he needed a new target. "Mr. Longbottom." He growled. Neville had jumped at being addressed by Snape as he had not been expecting it.

"What is the difference between Monkshood and Aconite?" Snape asked a sneer etched on his face. "Aconite is merely the name muggles use for the plant and in the wizarding world it is also known as wolfsbane. Therefore all three are the same," Neville responded, glad he had paid attention to all the lectures Anne had given them on potions ingredients.

"Miss. Bones what would I get if I mixed powdered asphodel and wormwood?" Snape asked her angry now that two students had managed to answer his start of term questions.

"I…I'm not sure professor." Susan said hoping not to face his wrath.

Snape smirked in what could best be described as happily. "Well clearly, just because your guardian is high up in the ministry you find it unnecessary to look through your potions book. Five points from Hufflepuff." Snape said sneering at her. Susan went bright red, but whether it was from anger or embarrassment or anger Harry wasn't sure.

Snape put the instructions up on the boars and the pair began working on their potion. Harry took over chopping the Thergin roots as finely as he could and Susan was stirring. Harry was also timing. After exactly two minutes He chucked the roots in. The potion turned and pale blue, but not quite as blue as it should have been. Susan looked upset.

"Don't worry 'bout it Susie, that was my fault I didn't chop the roots fine enough, but if I hadn't put them in it would have been worse." Susan smiled thankful it wasn't her fault. They continued throughout the lesson working well together. Their potion was probably second or third best to Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zambini or Hermione and Neville.

Harry was quite surprised to find that Neville's potion was so good, although Neville was a Ravenclaw he really wasn't that good at potions even if his aunt had earned a potions mastery.


They then hurried to their next class, which was once again with the Ravenclaws, transfiguration. They walked in and sat down at their desks, Harry with Neville this time and Susan with her friend Hannah.

Harry stared at the cat that was sitting on the teacher's desk. No-one else seemed to register that the cat was there. The cat stared at all of the class, pausing slightly at Harry then moving on as though waiting for something.

"Hey Neville," Harry whispered over to his desk mate. "Look at the cat, do you think that it's the professor, like an animagus?" Harry asked as quietly as he could. Neville glanced at the cat. He then nodded, "yeah, didn't Kat say that the professor was an animagus?" Neville asked.

Harry thought back to the time Kat had lectured them. "Um yeah I thi…." But was cut off as the last person finally arrived and the cat transformed.

Harry just smirked at the surprised looks on his class mates faces.

"Hello and welcome to Tranfiguration," The professor said, a faint smile on her face. "I am your teacher professor McGonagall." She finished.

Harry was shocked, was this Kat's mum? If so why hadn't she mentioned it. Neville seemed to be in even more chock than Harry and had is mouth open wide like a fish.


Harry and Neville were working on changing their matches into needles. Although both of them could actually do it without trying, seeing Kat had taught them but they really didn't want to draw attention to them, that they could already do magic, especially Harry who supposedly had been raised by muggles who had never heard of magic before.

They were pretending to try as hard as they could, when suddenly Hermione who was sitting across the aisle called out "Oh professor, I've done it, my match is a needle." Harry had to stuff his fist in his mouth to stop him from laughing and Neville was making choking sounds, trying to keep his laughs from coming out of his mouth.

Hermione was awarded 10 points and Neville and Harry quickly finished their matches and needles, each of them awarded 5 points. Ernie MacMillan and Susan were the only ones who completely changed the needle within the hour lesson.

"Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall called out about a minute before the class ended. "Can I please speak to you after class?" She finished.

"Uh yes professor," Harry said nodding.

The bell rang and Harry and Neville hung back. Susan was going to but Harry told her to go to the common room.

"Mr. Potter, Where have you been living?" McGonagall asked Harry bluntly.

"I was left with some family and they dumped me and my adoptive mother found me. We lived in Ireland when we felt like it, we were in America for two years, Australia for a year and Switzerland for 6 months, Maggie, my mum, is a travel agent in the muggle world so we move around a lot," Harry responded to Professor McGonagall his well rehearsed speech, that Lily had been fine tuning for the last 6 months.

She turned to Neville. "Did you want something Mr. Longbottom?" she asked curiously. Neville nodded.

"You are Professor McGonagall, yes?" he asked quickly.

McGonagall looked at him strangely but nodded. "Well I was wondering do you know a Kat McGonagall?" Neville continued as fast as he could as though Professor McGonagall was less like likely to yell at him this way.

She gasped. "You know Kat?" She asked fairly excited.

Neville nodded, "She's friends with my mum." He said.

McGonagall looked at Neville for a second before slowly asking "Mr. Longbottom you do realize that your parents are in Saint Mungos don't you?"

Neville thought about it, he finally got what she met, "oh erm well yeah, my mum is actually my auntie Anne I just call her mum." He said partly nervously.

Professor McGonagall nodded, "I see, well you said that Kat was friends with your mum?" She asked.

"Yeah," Neville said quietly.

"Do you know Kats real name?" Professor McGonagall asked to make sure they were talking about the same Kat.

Neville smile a small smile, "Yeah, her name is Kaitlyn Athena McGonagall, but she threatened that if I ever called her anything apart from Aunty Kat she would hex me to Timbuktu and back." Neville said reminiscing.

McGonagall nodded showing she understood. "So you call Anne mum, and my daughter aunty Kat?" she asked seemingly curiously, really she was just trying to trap them into admitting Harry lived with Lily Prewitt.

"Yeah and Ha…" Neville's eyes widened and Minerva felt herself wanting to smile but kept it down.

"Did you know Mr. Potter before you arrived at Hogwarts Mr. Longbottom?" She asked trying not to allow herself to smirk, normally she wouldn't have done it but she really wanted to know if her daughter was alright, and where she was living at that stage.

"N…no" Neville stuttered nervously, the room suddenly seeming much warmer than it had a minute ago.

McGonagall finally allowed a small smile to find its way onto her features.

"I know you are lying Mr. Longbottom, Lily Prewitt rescued Harry from the Dursleys and my daughter went to live with you and then I assume you Mr. Longbottom and Anne moved in as well when the death eaters attacked you." Professor McGonagall said her tone slightly accusatory.

"I…I'm no," Neville began but was cut off by Harry. "Give up Nev, she tricked you, don't worry about it though, I'm sure she won't mention it to anybody," Harry said smiling slightly at his professor.

Minerva nodded, "I won't tell anyone, I just want to know if my daughter's safe I haven't heard from her for at least 5 years."

"Yeah, aunty Kat's safe, mathair looks after and makes sure she doesn't poison her self." Harry said thinking about how awful of a cook Kat was.

"Kat tried to poison herself?" Professor McGonagall asked her voice full of worry.

Neville and Harry laughed, "no of course not – but have you ever tried something that Kat cooked?" Harry asked her a smile flittering across his face.

Professor McGonagall let out the breath she didn't realize she had been holding. "Yes, unfortunately, I was in Saint Mungos for a week afterwards, I can tell you the house elves never let her near the kitchen ever again."


"Harry," Susan hissed. They were in charms and Harry had practically fallen asleep. It was Halloween and since the first lesson in charms Professor Flitwick had been lecturing them on the wand movements and how important the incantation was. Harry just yawned sleepily.

"Mr. Potter, Miss Bones, is there a problem?" Professor FLitwich asked his voice slightly squeaky.

"No sir," they replied at the same time.

"Well then Miss Bone, perhaps you'd like to demonstrate the levitation spell then." Professor Flitwick said.

Susan gulped nervously. "Wingardium leviosa!" she cried, flicking her wrist then swishing.

Ernie MacMillan who was sitting next to her smirked. "Honestly, swish and flick, not flick and swish." He said rolling his eyes at Susan.

"If you're so great, then you do it!" She snapped.

"Wingardium Leviosa." He said simply, swishing his wrist then flicking, and much to Susans annoyance the feather rose.


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