Murtagh's Date

Chapter 1: In The Car

"So you like totally don't know how to like drive one of these things?" asked Kaitlin.

"Uh… No, I don't." Replied Murtagh.

"LIKE OH MY GOSH! You were like serious!" Kaitlin said.

"…I guess so," "Oh, and can you do me a favor?" asked Murtagh.

"Like sure, what?" Kaitlin asked.

"Remind me why I followed through with…our…um…relationship?"

"Relationship? You know when guys start brining that up it usually means…"said Kaitlin

A couple seconds later…

" You're, you're…"Mumbled Kaitlin.

"I'm what?" asked Murtagh.

" So you're…YOU'RE LIKE BREAKING UP WITH ME?" Kaitlin said in between sobs.

"Uh, what. WHAT? No-NO! Most DEFONITELY not!" "Although I wish that I could…" Murtagh said under his breath.

"What was that-" Kaitlin asked (still crying).

"Nothing!" Replied Murtagh.

"So…you aren't going to break up with me?" asked Kaitlin.

"I wouldn't dare to do so." answered Murtagh, while considering what might happen if he were to.

30 minutes later…

"So where exactly are we going?" asked Murtagh.

" I don't know. You should like tell me, YOU'RE THE BOYFRIEND!" said Kaitlin.

"Ya! Well… You're-you're the one who's driving!" Shouted Murtagh.

"LIKE, SOME DATE!" "You don't even know where we're supposed to be going!" Yelled Kaitlin.

"I'll tell you this much…I'm planning on jumping out the window." Murtagh Whispered to himself.


"Damn, you're worse than my brother," "But I do give you the credit, for actually having the guts to say that to me." Said Murtagh.

"OH LIKE DON'T GIVE ME ANY OF THAT!" "You know what? I just thought of the perfect place to go!" Said Kaitlin.

"Where?" asked Murtagh.


Murtagh started to laugh.

"Oh, help me! I'm scared now!" Murtagh said, sarcastically.

1 hour later…

"YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU KNEW HOW TO GET TO ALAGAESIA!" Shouted a bounded wrist and ankle Murtagh.

"I've got my sources, Oh and by the way those ropes won't undo by magic, there magic-resistant." Said Kaitlin, as she walked away to leave Murtagh in the middle of Du Weldenvarden.

"Hey! HEY! I'm talking to you! You're not going to just leave me here! ARE YOU?" Shouted Murtagh.

" Oh like totally don't worry Murtagh, surely your brother will find you. Or I'll show up sooner or later…" Said Kaitlin, while getting into the car.

"WHAT!" Screamed Murtagh.

Thorn please help me!

Sorry, Murtagh I'm on vacation right now.

"Perfect." Whispered Murtagh.