Murtagh's Date

It's been so long sense I have updated this story, and Now I'm actually updating it! Can you believe it!?! Well if you read my profile it should tell you the reason why I couldn't update any of my stories lately...I'm just too lazy to write the reason again... Anyways back to Murtagh's Date. I hope this is a funny enough chapter…I didn't think that it would be in the beginning but it changes very quickly…trust me… Oh, and I think I owe apologies for anyone who likes this story because I know how annoying it is to wait, and wait for a good story to be updated. So I'm VERY VERY SORRY.

- Emberseve

Chapter 5: I Got Beat-up By A Girl…Again…

"Eragon! You're coming with me right now!" "I need to get you away from them as quick as possible!" "I mean, look at them! THEY COULD HAVE DISEASES!!!" shouted Murtagh, making his way to Eragon, who was still on the stairs and very confused.

"You better watch that screwed up mouth of yours boy." Arya said viscously.

"Oh, and primarily by that I mean the female with the pointy ears." Murtagh whispered to Eragon when he grabbed Eragon's arm and started to pull, but Eragon was as stiff as ice and wouldn't move.

"Hey!" "Don't you dare think I can't hear up there!" shouted Arya.

"Get off of me!" growled Eragon.

"Eragon!" "Come on! What the hell do think your doing!" asked Murtagh, still trying to pull Eragon. But Eragon started to fight back, by pounding Murtagh on the arm and shoulder.

"I said GET OFF!" yelled Eragon.

"HEY!!! I'm talking to you!" Yelled Arya.

"Damn! WHAT!!!" Screamed Murtagh, as he let go of Eragon.

"DON'T YOU WHAT ME!" shouted Arya.

" Well I did what you! Whatcha gonna do about it?" said Murtagh.


"Well what then?" asked Murtagh.

"…um…" said Arya

"EXACTLY!" "Next time you open that mouth of yours just maybe you will think, or if your lucky your scrawny, little, pathetic, brain will work!" shouted Murtagh.

" I BEG YOUR PARDON!?!" Arya shouted.

"YOU HEARD ME!!!" screamed Murtagh.

"Oh! OOOHHH!!! YOU ARE IN FOR IT NOW!" screamed Arya.

"Oh, help me. I'm so scared. Oh, I'm gonna die. A little girl wants to beat me up." Murtagh said, imitating the voice of a five year old.

"Boy you can't ever get a clue in your mind can you!' shouted Arya while climbing the stairs.

"Well no I can't! I GUESS I'M JUST TOO DUMB ENOUGH TO GET A S-I-N-G-L-E H-I-N-T OF SMARTNESS!" screamed Murtagh.

Arya started laughing.

"Hey! What are you laughing abo-" said Murtagh, but was cut off by Arya who went in a sprint from where she was and tackled Murtagh to the ground.

Meanwhile In the background…

Eragon:Wondering what would happen if he married Arya. Also wondering why he loved her so much. And what's for dinner…………..

Oromis:…….I want something to drink…….yummy……

Vanir:These people have some serious issues…

Roran:Why am I here again?

"Alright! I'm out of here damn it!" shouted a bruised Murtagh, finally out of Arya's grip and slamming the door shut.

"Oh you better run! REMEMBER IF I SEE YOU EVER AGAIN, I'LL HAVE A RESTRAINING ORDER SITTING HERE WAITING FOR YOU!!!" Arya screamed at Murtagh, out the window.

To Be Continued…