a sequel to 'We'll Make It Through This, I Promise"

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A/N: So here it is. The Sequel. Not the Prequel. Cos' the sequel won. and I'm bummed out by it. Anywayz... enjoy!

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Chapter 1 - One Month Later

The alarm clock buzzed shrilly making Meredith jerk up in surprise. She reached over and shut off the alarm, taking her time before opening her eyes. She turned to her right, groaning as she found the spot next to her empty. She knew where he was as she rolled her eyes. She kicked her right leg lightly under the covers and she smiled in victory as her foot came in contact with something solid.

"Ow!" Mark's muffled voice came from under the covers. "That was the back of my head!"

"Serves you right," she smiled in victory as she sat up. She felt Mark moving and she felt his hands took a hold of her feet. "I have rounds, I need to go."

"Stay," he muttered, his voice drowned out by the sheets.

"I need to go," she told him once again.

He finally threw the covers off of him and looked at her with his green eyes. "We still need to talk."

She rolled her eyes and tried to pry her feet from his grasp. "Would you let go of my feet! You know how I don't like people touching my feet!"

"I know," he grinned, leaning forward and placed a kiss on her right foot.

"Mark!" she grimaced and kicked her foot, hitting him lightly on the cheek.

"Ouch!" he winced. "Sloan! That hurt!"

"Serves you right," she muttered as she got out of his grip and headed for the bathroom.


"I got some good sleep last night," Izzie raised her eyebrow as she got in the car with Meredith.

"Oh yeah?"

"So it was either you guys were too tired or you guys got the springs oiled..."

"We were talking," Meredith told her.


"Fine," Meredith rolled her eyes. "We were arguing, okay!?"


"His verbal agreement with the Chief's ended and..."

"Verbal agreement?"

"Apparently, it was just a 1 month verbal agreement... And it's ended... So he's going back to New York..."


"And he wants me to move back there with him," she finished with a sigh. "And I told him I didn't want to."

"Hence the argument?"

"Yeah," Meredith nodded.

"So have you guys talked it out?"

"I deserved to get into the program, Izzie. I'm not about to let go of my dream…"

"I'm guessing he didn't agree with that?"

"He's like that," Meredith shrugged and then smiled. "But I already kicked him in the head, so we're even."

"Kicked him in the head?"

"Yeah," Meredith nodded, laughing a little. "Twice."

"You guys are really a match made in heaven, huh?"

"Cupid made the right choice shooting us with his arrows," Meredith grinned.

"So Derek finally talking to you? It's been a month now…"

"No," Meredith shook her head, shrugging a little. "He hasn't even looked at me or anything. Which is a bad thing. If I really want to specialize in neuro, I need to get into more neuro cases. Apparently, being ex with the head of neurosurgery is a bad thing."

"And Mark and Derek?"

"They've been doing the 'let's see who dies from my deathly glare first' game the last month…"

"You have that effect on men, did you know that?"


"You have that effect on men that makes them go cavemen and primitive…" Izzie shrugged and then grinned. "What's your secret?"

"Shut up, Izzie," Meredith rolled her eyes and laughed.

"It's true!"

Meredith gave her another look and they drove in silence the rest of the way to the hospital. Meredith was quick in getting out of the car, knowing they were already a few minutes late for pre-rounds and Christina has probably stolen all the good cases again.

"By the way," Izzie caught up with Meredith. "Is Mark's brother single?"

"Eric?" Meredith gave out a small laugh and looked at Izzie with raised eyebrows. "You interested?"

"He's hot."

"He is," Meredith nodded in agreement. "But he's not the settling type of guy, Iz. You're better off. He's a playa."

"I can do playa," Izzie shrugged. "I can do a lot of things."

"I bet you can, Iz," Meredith laughed as Izzie playfully pushed her as they walked towards SGH's main entrance.


It was finally 8 o'clock and she was off. She asked Dr. Bailey if she needed anything else from her and when Dr. Bailey said no, she ran the other way, not giving even a second for Dr. Bailey to call her back and have her do something else.

She went to the locker room and found Christina and Alex already changing into their clothes. "Hey, you guys want to go to Joe's?"

"I think you've got plans," Alex pointed towards Meredith's locker.

"Plans?" Meredith asked in wonder as she walked over to her locker. She saw the black dress hanging on her locker's door handle. She took the note attached to it and read it.

I'll be waiting at the lobby.

So they're going to talk... And will Meredith give in and go back to New York? The drama's still up ahead... you have to stick around and wait... I started this with a cute scene so that I'd satisfy your guys need of Mer/Mark fluffiness cos' I didn't give you that much the last time. :D

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