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First Impressions

"HELLO!" Dean bellowed into the unresponsive girl's ear. "Hey! Hey you, can you hear me? Sam, I thought you said she would listen to us?"

"I thought I saw her notice me the other day and I'm sure she noticed you earlier today. I swear Dean she just needs to be pushed a little further and she'll notice us." Sam sidestepped as the brunette walked past him, singing quietly to herself. "I don't know Dean, I really thought she'd see us this time."

The Winchester brothers stared at Rae Artemis, as she cranked up the volume on the movie she was watching, staring determinedly at it. As 'Doom' continued she tried to get into the movie but their chatter kept distracting her. Dean kept pestering her and waving his hand in front of her face and stealing popcorn from the big green bowl on her lap; it took all her self-control not to smack him good and hard. Sam was no better; he kept asking her in a quiet, maddeningly calm voice if she could see him. If he asked her one more time…

"Rae? Rae this is Sam Winchester, can you see or hear me? Just nod if you can, okay?" Sam leaned forward in his chair and watched her intently. "Maybe I was wrong. Maybe she'll never see us." He flopped back into the chair defeated.

"Or maybe she's just stubborn, hey Sammy?" Dean stole another handful of her popcorn, and ate it thoughtfully, a familiar gleam in his eyes. It was the same look he got when he was pulling pranks on Sam, who winced out of habit. This look meant a trick was going to happen and that wasn't always a good thing. Sam ran his fingers through his hair, unconsciously remembering the Nair incident.

"Dean, what are you going to do?" Sam carefully asked his older brother as he began to slowly move away from Rae.

"Nothing much Sam other than testing a theory you poised when we started visiting writers. You said that depending how much the person 'believes', for lack of a better word, the more we can do."

"Yeah, so if someone were to totally 'let go' of reality they would in effect pull us onto theirs but only to them and others who had also 'let go'. What are you going to do Dean?" Sam asked, dread in his voice, Dean only got thoughtful like this right before the worst hit.

"Just an experiment, college boy, I think you'll like it too." Dean grabbed the huge bowl of popcorn out of Rae's hands and poured it over her head, grinning like a maniac. "Hmm, I think that conclusively proves she does see us and does believe, even if she doesn't want to. Wouldn't you say so Sammy?" Dean turned to Sam, smirking in his triumph. He didn't see Rae picking up the now empty bowl, or her hands as she dropped it on his head.

"I already have a ghost, I don't need two more that are very strong figments of my imagination!" Rae sprinted for her bedroom door, slamming it to the surprise of both Winchesters.

"Well that was unexpected." Sam deadpanned at Dean who was brushing popcorn off his clothes.

"I'll say. If you were to find out I was real wouldn't you be overjoyed?" Sam gave his brother a blank look. "Never mind you don't count, you're family and though you may look like a chick with that long hair, you aren't"

"Hey! I-"

"Resemble that remark, I know. What are you going to do about her?" He jerked his head to the bedroom door, which was leaking out Great Big Sea's 'Let it go', somehow appropriate for the situation.

"Me! Why do I have to 'deal' with anything? It was you who freaked her out, you made the mess, yo-"

"I just proved she can see us, so you go and finish the job. That's how we work Sammy, as a team?" Dean began snacking on the unpolluted popcorn and grabbed the remote to the DVD player. "Hey does she have any good movies? Never mind, I found 'em."

Sam stood up and took a steadying breath, Okay she's freaked, and now time to freak her out even more. He squared his shoulders, and took one last look at his brother who was apparently settling in for a long wait. Once more into the breach! Sam thought sarcastically as he knocked on the door, fairly sure she wouldn't hear it.

"Rae? It's Sam, um, can we talk?" Sam asked, mentally kicking himself for the uninspired opening line. "Rae, seriously I just wanna talk. I'll leave Dean out here, okay?" Still getting no response, Sam slowly opened the door, what he saw surprised him a little.

Rae sat calmly on her bed, her computer in front of her surfing the Internet, the music blaring from a small stereo in the corner. Rae rocked a little as she typed and was singing desperately under her breath but other than that she appeared fairly calm.

"Rae?" Sam called to her but she either couldn't hear him or was ignoring him. Sam turned down the stereo to just mildly deafening and sat down on the furthest corner of the bed from Rae. "Um, Rae? Are you okay? I don't want to scare you but I think you should probably talk to someone right now and since I'm here…" He let his voice trail off, the typing continuing, unhindered by the vocal interruption. "Rae? Can you hear me?" Her head snapped up and the typing ceased, a slightly maniacal look gleaming in her eyes.

"Yes, I can hear you 'Sam', and yes, I am fine. So you and 'Dean' should probably go now, my roommate will be back soon and she is kind of antisocial." She shook slightly as she fought to maintain eye contact with him, this figment of her obviously over active imagination. Sure she'd wondered what would it be like to talk to these guys but never in her life had she thought her mind would snap and she'd become delusional enough to 'find out'.

"I get the feeling it might be a bad thing to leave you alone right now, so why don't we talk for a little while, and then me and Dean will leave. Does that sound okay?" Sam spoke in a soothing voice, the same voice you would use with a jumper on a ledge. Calm, relaxing, just come back in the window and we'll talk, kind of voice.

"Nope, I'm fine, really. Just checking for signs of mental deterioration, and all that. You know, regular Friday night fun stuff." She grinned slowly, insanity building up behind her eyes, threatening to burst the thin dam of her 'sanity' at any moment.

"Rae I swear you're not crazy, we've met up with other authors who can see us. Um, let's see, there's P., she can see us, so can Anna Wolfe and um, Kat, or you know her as gdspgcfan and so can…hey Dean, who else?" Sam called out the door to Dean, who tore himself away from the movie long enough to throw back a few more names, WinchestersGirl, bjxmas, even morning sunlight and chocolatejet whom Rae had beta'd and been beta'd by. "We've met up with a lot of people and a lot of them have the same reaction as you. Don't freak okay? If you want you can message some people and see that you're not nuts - just tuned into a different mental frequency." Rae took a deep shaking breath and looked at him suspiciously before pulling up her email account,

"So if I email anyone you mentioned they'll say they've talked to you guys and that I'm not nuts?"

"Well it probably depends on how well you know them for the nuts thing but they will say they've spoken with us." Dean drawled as he leaned against the doorway, smiling broadly at his own wit. Sam threw him a dirty look and shook his head as Dean's smile just got bigger.

"Nice, aren't you suppose to let me handle this?"

"Yeah, well you're taking too long and I want to talk to her about this 'Wicked Little Girls' story she's doing." Dean entered the room and Rae scrambled back on the bed, not exactly the reaction she'd imagined would happen if either of the boys were to be in her bedroom. "Geez, it was just a little popcorn, not the end of the world, right?" Dean stopped moving and sat down on the floor, leafing through her CD collection. "Hmm, figured you'd be more death metal and less, whatever you call this." He pulled out 'The Hard And The Easy' by Great Big Sea, which Rae snatched out of his hand before throwing herself back to her end of the bed.

"Dean you're not helping, so why don't you-"

"I call it good music and I am going to email morning sunlight just to prove that I am insane and that you're not real." Rae's fingers flew over the keys and she sent off emails to all the writers she knew on Sam's list.

"Well now what?" Dean asked after ten minutes had gone by.

"We wait." Rae stated firmly, her arms crossed, eyes glued to the computer. A few more moments of uncomfortable silence went by.

"So how is it you guys exist?"

"World wide belief. Different levels of reality. All writers are insane and share a common delusion. Choose one, they all work in theory." Sam offered, his eyes searching her face. She appeared to be calming down. Her breathing had slowed, and she no longer had the jumper on a ledge quality.

"Oh, like in Spider Robinson's 'Callahan's Chronicles', different 'fictions' for time periods and alternate realities. Hmm maybe he really did talk to Jake…" Seeing the blank looks on their faces she realized they'd never read the Callahan Chronicles. "Oh come on! You've never heard of Callahan's or Lady Sally's House? Well it's a series that has time travellers and reality jumpers and they refer to the different ones as 'fictions', it's a great series, all about a bar and a House."

And so she proceeded to fill them in as to the going-ons of Lady Sally's House and Mike Callahan's tavern, all the way to the nuclear destructions of the bar and the closing of the house. By the time she was finished, she was calm, collected and had a number of email replies in her box.

"And drum roll please, the moment of truth." Rae murmured as she opened the first email from chocolatejet backing up the boys' story.

Hey Rae!

As to the question of your mental state, rest assured that you're sane (or as sane as fangirls go, anyway). Your reaction, however, is completely understandable. When the boys first appeared before me, I had to pinch myself four times (Dean added a fifth – the jerk left a bruise) to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Alas, I was far from delirious – the realisation resulting in my passing out. Since then, they've been a royal pain in the ass, hanging over my shoulders as I try to write – constantly bombarding me with questions about alternate realities, and also, the significance of my username (both of which are subjects I refuse to discuss).

God, how I wish I actually was mentally unstable…


She went on to read the others all backing up the fact she wasn't insane or not in a bad way at least.

"Okay I can admit when I'm wrong so I was wrong. There I said it, so what did you want to talk about Dean?"

"Well, just about how I keep getting the whammy put on me while Sam gets whammied in a different way but it's getting early, so next time." He got up from the floor stiffly, brushing off his jeans. "C'mon Sam we agreed to meet P. for breakfast before she goes to work and you promised chocolate rules that we'd drop by and chat stories, and childhood with her, so we gotta run." Dean gave a shrug of his shoulders in apology. "Next time we'll hang out and maybe talk shop. See you later Rae."

"Remember: you're not nuts, just tuned in to a different frequency." Sam smiled at her reassuringly. "Don't worry, we'll be back - we just have stuff to do today. Relax, you'll see us again."

"Okay. 'Bye." Rae gently put her laptop back on her desk and got ready for bed, sure at any moment she'd wake up and find it to be a really strange dream. As she fell asleep, she smiled at the look on Dean's face as the popcorn bowl was dumped on his head. "Served him right." Rae murmured quietly.