In Search Of…
by Underlined Twice

When Ginny got home from visiting the Burrow, the first thing she saw was Harry frowning at a copy of the Daily Prophet in the next room. Sneaking up on him, she threw her arms about his neck, startling him into dropping the paper. She smirked and kissed him on the cheek before he bent and retrieved the errant item. He set it on the small table next to his chair and turned to Ginny, expecting a better greeting than just a peck on the cheek. Ginny was more than happy to comply, but when she glanced at the paper behind him, she realized that Harry had been reading the Personals section.

"Find anything interesting?" she asked with one of those secret smiles of hers.

Harry immediately blushed. "No, I wasn't looking for anything. Really. I was just reading some of the funnier ones. Honest." He realized several months before that he was in love with Ginny and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He was just working up the courage to ask her. He'd even bought a ring! And now she caught him looking in the Personals. Way to send mixed signals, he thought.

"Then why the frown?" she asked.

"I can't figure out what 'BWL' means." Harry scowled in the general direction of the paper. He'd spent the better part of thirty minutes trying to work it out, but to no avail.

Ginny took the paper from the table and said, "Maybe I can figure it out." She couldn't help but smirk at her advertisement that had Harry so baffled: 'WH in search of BWL for matrimonial purposes. Send owl to Virginia Weatherby.' Ginny was surprised that Harry didn't recognize something about the name. It was her penname for writing articles.

"And who is this Virginia Weatherby anyway?" Harry asked her. "She claims to be a 'war hero', but I don't remember anyone by that name." 'WH' had been added to the official list of acronyms after the now one-armed Lee Jordan got hundreds of responses by flaunting his Order of Merlin, Third Class.

"Perhaps it's not her real name," Ginny hinted. He could be as thick as Ron sometimes. Perhaps he got it from her brother. Through osmosis or something.

"That may be, but I still don't know what 'BWL' stands for. Do you have any ideas?"

Ginny couldn't stop her smile this time. "Well." She folded up the paper and handed it to him. "It could only mean one thing," she said as she walked towards the door.

"What's that?"

"'War hero in search of the Boy Who Lived', of course." And with that, she made a quick exit, hoping he'd have enough common sense to work it out from there.

And he did. As soon as the door shut behind her, it all clicked. War hero… the Boy Who Lived… Virginia Weatherby… Ginny! That was the name she used to get published in Defense journals! Matrimonial purposes… Holy hell.

A confident grin snuck up onto Harry's face and he followed Ginny into the next room.

- The End -