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The Holy Sword

Chapter Twelve: Not Yet The End

Sasuke can see the sun hiding from the clouds at the top center of the sky. It's already noon and they already arrived at Revless, capital of Dalkia.

The whole group is standing inside their main base, and General Girardot can't stop babbling about what to do. Sasuke was absent-minded. He knew this war is going to end this day… and he will make Strife happy again and even make the residents of Grandall live in peace again.

Girardot finally finished his long speech and walked towards Sasuke.

"This is the final battle, Sasuke. The war will soon be over. This is your time to change the future. Don't you die before me then!" He said proudly.

Sasuke smiled and nods his head. He looked at Dalkia's surroundings. He can see some soldiers standing by near their strongholds.

"It may seem that these Dalkia soldiers are prepared to fight us…" Abelia said.

Sasuke nods his head in agreement. Abelia smiled towards him and grabs her weapons. "Well, let's go now before they attack us…" She said.

Sasuke smirked. "Okay, then." Sasuke replied.

Meanwhile, at the castle grounds…

Queen Aurelia is seating on the throne while her bodyguard Roin walking around the place.

"They got Luna. Tch. Useless girl…" Roin said.

"Hmph. How dare Chester and Luna allow themselves to be defeated without my permission? The Dalkian Queen herself brings judgment upon your filthy swine." Queen Aurelia said furiously.

Suddenly, a familiar man appeared and looked at the Grandall unit from afar.

"Damn you, Grandall… you'll pay for what you have done to my troops! I'll tear each one of you apart!!!" It is him again, Kierkess. Right now, he is very angry at Grandall… he wants revenge…

Roin smirked and looked at the soldiers surrounding the whole capital. "Kierkess?! Heh… that's some reinforcement... Oh, well. I'll let you live until we've crushed Grandall." Roin said.

Aurelia smirked and draws out her sickle. "Onhent Dalkia! Death and Destruction to Grandall!!!" She said proudly.

The Dalkia soldiers started to move towards the Grandall soldiers. Kierkess started moving too.

Sasuke can see some soldiers riding horses coming towards them. "Well, it seems that they are quite impatient on fighting us." Sasuke said.

"Let's fight them before they occupy our strongholds." Abelia said.

Girardot nods his head and ordered the unit to defeat all enemies. The whole unit ran towards the soldiers while holding their weapons.

Sasuke was fighting a man with a dagger. Sasuke knew he uses bombs so he easily dodged the man's attack. Sasuke stabs the man's neck, making the man face away from him.

Sasuke grabs the man's neck and made him fall down the ground. The enemy ran quickly and tried to hit Sasuke, but Sasuke dodges the attack with his sword.

Sasuke then attacks the man, and the man slipped on the floor and falls down on the ground unconscious.

Sakura faced towards him as she hits a girl's head, defeating that girl. Sakura smiled and cheers in victory. "Well, these enemies are not so bad, are they?" Sakura said.

Alyanna giggled as she puts the enemy down to the ground. Alyanna swirls around the place and bowed. "Well, duh… we defeated the elite unit, the Klessirpemdo." Alyanna said.

Sasuke nods his head as he defeats another enemy, which is about to stab Lumaria with her Chinese Sword. Lumaria squealed and clapped her hands. "You're so cool, Sasuke-kun!" She said happily. Sasuke smirked in reply.

Sasuke looked around the place and sees a silver-haired young man with black armor. He has these familiar blades on his shoes, and has a familiar face and what's with the cool eye patch?

"It's you again, Kierkess…" Sasuke said sternly.

It was Kierkess, the Maletta officer he defeated once a few days ago. Kierkess laughed like a mad man. "Ahahahaha! Here I come, Grandall!" He shouted.

Kierkess pointed his armored finger to Sasuke. "You bastard! How could you defeat me and MY king Chester! You'll pay… You wanna die that badly?!" He said in a mad tone.

Sakura gasped and stepped away from Sasuke. Sasuke pointed his sword on him. "Hmph. I'll end this up quickly…" Sasuke said.

Kierkess smirked and made a flying kick. Sasuke crouched and dodged it. Kierkess faced away from him and kicked his head. Sasuke gasped and sputtered out blood. Kierkess twirls and made a flaming dropkick. Sasuke crouched again to avoid the high hit. Sasuke smirked and hits Kierkess' abdomen. Kierkess screamed and falls down on the ground.

As Kierkess is about to get up, Sasuke twirled his sword until it became surrounded with flames. Kierkess finally gets up but gets quickly hit by the unblockable of the Chinese Blade. Kierkess' body armor broke into pieces, exposing his chain mail. Kierkess sputtered out more blood and loses consciousness at the grassy ground.

Sasuke sighed and stepped away from him. Abelia glared at Sasuke sternly and pointed her sword on Kierkess' neck. "What, Sasuke? Why can't you kill him?" She asked.

Sasuke remained silent and made another step. Sakura went towards him to comfort him.

"I will kill him for you, so that this sadistic little boy will finally get what he deserves!" Abelia said.

Sasuke sighed and faced towards her. "We better just imprison him. He can be a good fighter too. We can change his cold heart, you know." Sasuke said.

Abelia gasped and blushed a bit. Suddenly, two Grandall Soldiers came to get Kierkess' unconscious, wounded body. Sasuke sighed as he watched over them. Sakura wrapped her arms around Sasuke's right arm and looked at his face.

"You look tired." Sakura said.

Lumaria looked towards Sakura with great envy. "Of course we're all tired, Sakura-chan. But it's just too bad we can't take a rest in the middle of a war." She said, showing a fake smile.

Alyanna nodded her head and uses a white cloth to clean her rapier. Sasuke closed his eyes and looked towards Sakura. "Don't worry, I'm just very sad about the people who died. Even though they are enemies, they still have a right to live a happy life." Sasuke said.

Aeneas smiled and held Riese's shoulder. "Yeah… it's just too bad we're experiencing a bloody war." He said.

Abelia sighed and went towards Sasuke. "Oh… alright, I understand…" She said.

At the castle of Dalkia…

Roin walked formally towards Aurelia. Aurelia sighed. "So what now, Roin? How many soldiers have been killed by those worthless Grandall soldiers?" She asked.

Roin laughed. "That useless puppet Kierkess died… he's useless too, huh?" He said.

Aurelia stood up furiously and held her sickle tight. "Hmph. Now how's that 'dog' Chester? Are the Dalkia soldiers punishing him hard?"

Roin walked around the room as he puts his lance behind him. "The Dalkia soldiers are doing their best on punishing him. Hmph. That's what he gets for his useless plans." Roin said.

Aurelia laughed like an evil witch. "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Roin smirked and faced towards the window.

Meanwhile, at the Dalkia castle's dungeons…

Chester is tied in chains, half-naked and his body very sweaty.

"AAAGH!" Chester screamed in pain. The male Dalkia soldier with a sword and a small shield repeatedly attacks his bare chest.

Chester spits out blood and tears started to fall from his blue eyes. "Kierkess… I'm sorry…" He whispered.

"WHAT?! YOU LIKE CRINKLES?!?! You can't get any food here!" The male soldier with a Chinese sword said.

Chester shed more tears. "I'm sorry… Those damn soldiers are just… ruining my brilliant plan…" He said weakly.

Suddenly, Roin enters the dungeons. Chester hissed and glared at him furiously. "If both you and the queen die, I'll leave this kingdom." He said.

Roin smirked. "But if we win against Grandall, we will kill you." He said.

Chester growled and closed his eyes to relax for a while.

At the Grandall's main base, the soldiers lay down Kierkess' body on the carriage. Suddenly, Kierkess wakes up again. His sight is very blurry. "Uh… where am I?" He asked. He looked around himself and sees he is half-naked. Both his arms and legs are tied with a rope.

A Grandall soldier went towards him. "You're taken to be a prisoner in Grandall as Commander Sasuke said so." He replied.

Kierkess hissed and struggled to be free. "Ugh! T-That bastard!" He shouted as he continued struggling.

The Grandall soldier called his comrade to hold Kierkess' body to calm him down. Kierkess continued shouting in anger and tears flowing down from his eyes. The Grandall soldier tried their best to hold his body. And finally, Kierkess lost consciousness again.

Abelia looked around the place and sees two female Dalkia soldiers standing near the castle. Sasuke and the others finally have done occupying the strongholds.

"There are two soldiers ahead." Abelia said.

Sasuke looked at the two soldiers and nodded his head. "Okay. Now who wants to beat those girls?" Sasuke asked.

But then suddenly, the two soldiers headed towards them. Aeneas hurried towards them and hits the girl with a silver lance using his Pilum Muralis.

The Girl jumped. "What do you want?" she asked as she hits Aeneas. Luckily, Aeneas used his lance to dodge her attack. Aeneas hits her and makes her fly in air. He rotated his lance, making the girl dizzy and feel a lot of damage at her back.

Meanwhile, the other girl with an ugly face and wields a sword and shield came near Meiga. Meiga grabs his Katana out and dodged the girl's first strike.

Meiga ran quickly and stabs the girl's abdomen vertically, making the girl fly in the air. The girl screamed like a baby as Meiga hits her again.

The girl stood up slowly and charged towards Meiga. Meiga moved right, dodging the girl's attack.

Meiga stabbed the girl's chest. The girl sputters blood and lost consciousness.

Meiga raised his sword in pride and smiled. "I am the victor of this match." He said.

At Aeneas' battle, the girl, because of the damage at her spine, lost consciousness as Aeneas hits her back again.

Aeneas placed his lance behind and sighed in relief. Suddenly, he saw a long-haired man in heavy armor and lance coming towards them. "An enemy!" Aeneas said.

It was Roin, Queen Aurelia's bodyguard. Roin smirked. "Holy war? Hmph. Don't make me laugh."

Sasuke drew out his blade but Abelia grabbed his hand. "I'll fight him for now. You and Sakura should go inside the castle as I fight this man." Abelia said, drawing her sword and shield.

Sasuke smiled and nodded his head. "Oh, okay." He faced towards Sakura and proceeded towards the castle. "Let's go, Sakura!"

Sakura smiled and proceeded. Lumaria's eyes widened in envy. "But whaddabout me?"

Alyanna faced towards her and held her shoulder. "You can't go inside. It's really dangerous." Alyanna said.

Lumaria pouted. Eurydice and Riese giggled from the Back while Meiga, Leraje and Aeneas are having a chat while resting. Ailian and Girardot are having a little chat about the war.

Alyanna smiled and placed her hands on her waist. "The two of them are really strong! I know both of them can do this… I know Sasuke will help us end this war!" Alyanna said.

Girardot looked towards Sasuke and Sakura proudly. He was happy that the baby birds he raised are starting to grow up and fly by themselves…

Abelia raised her sword. "I'll defeat you, Roin…" She said.

Roin smirked. "Abelia, so you're here again… you can never beat me!" Roin said as he pointed his lance Sacrifice towards her. Abelia charged towards Roin and stabbed his abdomen. Roin gasped in pain and tried to attack Abelia repeatedly with his lance, but Abelia used her shield to dodge his attack.

Abelia twitched in the pain she's feeling from her spiked shield. She growled, charged towards Roin and hit Roin's repeatedly with her shield.

Abelia stood up again and raised her sword towards up. Roin stood up and grasped his head in pain. Abelia's sword got covered in lightning and the lightning from her sword hit Roin's body. Toin twitched in the pain and lied on the floor unconscious.

Abelia went towards Roin and looked at Roin's pale body. "Hmph. He's dead." She said.

Suddenly, Abelia heard claps from the unit. Abelia smiled and bowed.

"Now that's really the pride of the Academy, Abelia Schillfelt!" Eurydice said.

Ailian smiled. "I wonder what's her inspiration…" She said.

Abelia blushed as a picture of Sasuke pops in her mind. Lumaria sighed and sat on the grassy ground. "Awww, now I'm worried about Sasuke!" She said.

Alyanna faced towards Lumaria. "There's nothing to worry, Lumaria. He's the commander…" She said.

Abelia smirked and placed her hands on her waist. "Yeah, also, Sasuke is really strong… He can really defeat Queen Aurelia." Abelia said.

Eurydice giggled as she whispered towards Riese, "There Abelia goes again, in her 'Pro-Sasuke' mode."

Riese laughed and faced towards Aeneas. Aeneas blushed and waved his hand towards her. Meiga and Leraje continued chatting about their weapons: the katana and the rapier.

The two finally arrived inside the castle.

The Castle was dim and spacious. It was only lit by some torches, and there she is. Queen Aurelia stood in front of the throne, looking at the ceiling, both her eyes closed. Sakura gasped and stepped away. Sasuke walked towards the Queen of Dalkia; His hand holding his sword tight.

As Aurelia heard Sasuke's footsteps, she opened her eyes and faced towards Sasuke. She glared at Sasuke furiously. Sasuke remained silent and glared at her sternly.

"Worthless servant of Strife, you shall pay with your blood… " She pointed her Black Widow sickle towards him. "…For daring to defy me!" She said furiously.

Sasuke pointed his sword towards her. "Very well then, Queen of Dalkia… Let's fight!" Sasuke said.

Aurelia smirked and stretched her sickle. She tried to make a horizontal attack. Sasuke used his sword's blade to dodge her attack. Sasuke twirled around and tried to kick Aurelia, but she crouched down to dodge the attack. Sasuke hissed as Aurelia hits Sasuke's shoulder with her sickle. Sasuke twitched with the pain, making him a little paralyzed. Aurelia smirked. "Does it hurt, filthy peasant?" Aurelia mocked him.

Sakura gasped and hid behind the wall nearby. "SASUKE!" She screamed in worry.

Aurelia glared towards Sakura. "So you're friend came with you… After I finished with you, I'll kill this girl next." She said, facing towards Sasuke.

Sasuke breathed deeply and stood up. "I won't give up… I won't let you defeat us… I… I won't let you kill Sakura!!!" Sasuke said.

Aurelia laughed maniacally and tried to hit Sasuke again, but Sasuke moved quickly towards the left to dodge her attack.

Aurelia got furious and stretched her sickle towards Sasuke to hit him. Sasuke jumped up to dodge her attack and Sasuke jump-kicked Aurelia's head. Aurelia felt pain on her head. She fell on the ground, grasping her head in pain. Sasuke ran towards her and stabbed Aurelia's chest. "Goodbye, Queen of Dalkia." Sasuke said, showing a smirk on his face.

Aurelia's eyes widened as blood started oozing out from her chest. "It can't be… I'm the Queen! I can't fall to the hands of you! Damn you! Damn youuuu!!!" She shouted. She twitched in pain and finally closed her eyes as she lost her life.

Sasuke stood up and breathed deeply. Sakura smiled and ran towards him. "Sasuke! You did it! The war's over!!!" Sakura said, wrapping her arms around Sasuke.

Sasuke smiled and hugged her back. "We better go now. The others must be really excited to know about this…" Sasuke said."

Sakura raised the Grandall flag on the castle, signaling the others to go inside.

Outside the castle, Abelia smiled as she saw the Grandall Flag.

Alyanna jumped in joy. "Yes! I knew this is gonna happen!" She said childishly.

Lumaria crossed her hands and smiled. "The war's over… Sasuke-kun, you're really our hero…" She muttered.

Girardot, Aeneas, Riese and the others stopped resting. Girardot walked towards the castle and raised his lance in glory.

"Let's go inside and celebrate our victory!" Girardot said.

All of them cheered in joy and went towards inside.

Sasuke's injuries have been plastered by Sakura as she ripped off a Dalkian curtain to cover his wounds.

The other members of the unit finally got inside. Lumaria is the first one to run towards Sasuke while the others just proceeded.

"Sasuke-kun! MY HERO!" Lumaria squealed happily.

Sasuke blushed and faced towards Sakura. "Is the war really over, Sakura?" He asked.

Sakura just smiled and nodded her head. Girardot went towards Sasuke and patted his head. "Of course, Sasuke. Peace reigns the world again… and it's all because of you." Girardot said.

Sasuke shed tears of joy and hugged Sakura. Sakura giggled. Lumaria pouted and became envious again.

Alyanna, Eurydice, Ailian and Abelia just laughed.

"Cheer up, Lumaria. At least you're still safe." Ailian said, patting Lumaria's shoulder.

Lumaria sighed. "Oh well… It's always like this." She muttered.

Meanwhile, Riese went towards Aeneas and hugged him tight. Aeneas blushed and hugged her back. "What was that for?" Aeneas asked shyly.

Riese smiled. "N-Nothing, really… I'm just happy that this war is already over…" She said.

Meiga looked towards them and winked towards Aeneas. Aeneas sweatdropped. "What was that for, Meiga?" He asked.

Meiga chuckled as he walked towards Sasuke. The other members of the unit are around Sasuke, chattering about their victory against Dalkia.

Ailian went towards Sasuke and patted his shoulder. "You did a good job, Commander Sasuke…" Ailian said.

Girardot smiled and lend his hand. Sasuke and Girardot shook their hands. "We are all very proud of you." Girardot said.

Abelia blushed a bit and smiled. She held Sasuke's hand and bowed in front of him. "Thank you very much, Sasuke. I should've survived this war without you. How can I even repay you?"

Sasuke showed a rare smile. Sakura smiled too while Lumaria sighed and rolled her eyes. "You don't have to repay me Abelia. You're really welcome." Sasuke said.

Alyanna smiled and raised her hand in triumph. "So, what shall we do now?! Let's Celebrate!!!" She shouted in joy.

Aeneas and Riese went towards them. The whole unit raised their hands in pride and cheered with joy.

Then The unit went back to the carriages and traveled back to Grandall.

It's really a happy day for them… But is Everything really over? How about Emperor Strife? How about Chester? Kierkess? Luna?

Yes, everything's not over…

At the Dalkian Castle's Dungeons, the chains from the wall are broken. Chester struggled to make himself free. He grabbed his dagger and forcefully destroyed the chains.

Chester twitched in anger as he heard the joyful cheer of the unit. Chester grabbed his other clothes and puts them on quickly. He breathed hardly and kept his dagger. Chester held his wounded shoulder and slowly walked away.

"Everything is not over, Sasuke… you'll pay… you'll pay for destroying my plans. You'll go to Hell… Now, the next person I shall use is your own master, Sasuke…


Chester's eyes widened in anger as he slowly moved going to the secret path towards the Castle's exit. It was his shortcut towards Grandall before, when he was the leader of the Brigands. Nobody knows about that except himself.

Chester finally arrived at the Castle. Chester hissed as the two guards of the Castle's gate block his way with their lances.

"Let me in, pawns of the Emperor! I'll be the new tactician and ambassador!" He said in anger.

The soldiers cowered in fear. "But sir, we just can't—"

The dialogue was cut as they heard the Emperor's footsteps and voice. "Let him in…" Strife spoke.

The soldiers sighed in relief and placed their lances back, letting Chester go inside the Castle.

Strife opened the gates and saw Chester glaring at him sternly. "Hmm… You must be the former leader of the Brigands. What brings you here?" The Emperor asked.

Chester smirked and bowed down in front of the Emperor. "Forgive me for my attacks against Grandall, your majesty. I, by the name of Chester, shall now be your tactician and ambassador." Chester said.

Strife smirked. "You're in perfect timing, Chester. My current ambassador is really tired. Okay, ambassador… your job's done. Your pay for this month is here. " Strife said, handling the former ambassador some high amounts of cash.

The ambassador, now old and tired, showed a happy smile and bowed towards Strife. "Thank you very much, your majesty." He said. The man went away happily from the castle.

Strife chuckled. "Now, Chester… may you be a very good tactician and ambassador. You shall be a very loyal and very trustworthy ambassador. If you failed, I shall never forgive you and I shall execute you." He said.

Chester smiled and stood up. "Then shall we start?"

Strife walked towards the stairs going to the Dungeons. "But First, Chester… let me show you your assistant. He can be really useful since you know him well."

Chester became curious and carefully followed the Emperor.

At the Grandall Castle's Dungeons…

Strife walked around the Dungeons. His cape is moving freely as he walked. Suddenly, he heard cries of anger and pain. Strife's emotionless face transformed into a serious face. He looked towards the left and saw a cream-haired young man wearing almost nothing but his tight black pants.

Strife smirked. It is Kierkess, the former captain of Maletta, now, a prisoner of Grandall.

"You must be that captain Kierkess who Sasuke fought before." Strife said.

Kierkess faced towards Strife. Tears of anger are flowing from his eyes. His eye patch is still there, but tears can still be seen flowing down to his cheeks. "Yes, your highness… and you know I just can't forgive him. And now what are you going to do with me??? Aren't you guys gonna kill me or something?!" Kierkess responded.

Strife placed his hands on his waist and smirked. "No, we just can not kill you. I am still thinking of what am I going to do with you. But never worry, I am sure someone can help you pretty soon." Strife said.

Kierkess' eyes widened. "WHO!? TELL ME YOUR HIGHNESS!!! PLEASE!!!" Kierkess said.

Strife faced behind. "Chester, come…"

Kierkess shed tears of joy as he saw Chester again. He held the bars tight and looked towards Chester's eyes in joy.

"Chester… my king…" He said.

Chester smiled towards him. Strife handed Chester a key. Chester smiled and opened the cell. "So you survived, dear Kierkess…" Chester said, offering his hand towards the former captain of Maletta.

Kierkess hurried towards Chester and hugged him tight. Chester smiled and hugged him back. "Now together, we shall continue our plan. You shall be my assistant, dear Kierkess…" Chester whispered.

Strife smirked. "Now, let us begin… This is a new beginning…" Strife said.


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