What Hurts The Most

I came up with this idea in my drama class, we had to make up our final piece and the ideas my group game out with just got my brain started with ideas for a story.

Summery: Brandon's ex girlfriend suddenly turns up in an act to get him back, Stella is not going to back down this easily, she's going to fight for the one she loves.

Disclaimer: The cartoon is not mine but the story is.

Chapter 1 Plane Journey

Someone's P.O.V

I gazed out of the window and smiled to myself, about half an hour and I would be at my destination, finally, I'm off to find him, after three years of waiting I have found him, I'm currently on a plane off to find him.

But what I still don't get is why he ran off without telling me where he was going, but now I'm on my way, to finally declare my love for him.

But still what I still want to know is what did he mean by those words he said when we last met, those words that pierced my heart but still I refused to accept them.


"Listen to me" A guy with short brown hair said to me shaking my shoulders, "I can't carry on like this anymore, you need to control your temper".

"What" I gasped, no way, not him. The guy I expected to be with for the rest of my life was telling me it's over, no one EVER tells me when it's over, only I can.

"But you said we'd be together forever" I protested.

He sighed, "I know but that's in the past, way before you changed, you just can't control yourself now, you hit people, insult them, I just can't be with you, people call you mental and they're starting to call me, The Mental's Boyfriend".

"That'll pass, surely your not going to let a few nicknames get between us do you?" I said looking up at him.

He sighed again, I could tell this was frustrating him, he kept on glaring up at the sky, "It's not that, the nicknames don't bother me, you know that, it's the fact that you're so violent all the time".

"Now you listen to me" I hissed snatching his shirt and pulling him towards me so he was looking at me right in the eye, "No one ever tells me it's over, got that?".

He pushed me off "You see, you're starting on me now, look I can't deal with you anymore, have a nice life" And with that he turned his back on me and walked away.

"This is not over" I whispered clenching my fists, "I'll get him back".

End Flashback

That memory still makes me shudder but still, its true, I will get him back even if he's got a girlfriend.

A girlfriend, that had never occurred to me, he was a good looking guy and I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't spend his days moping about what an idiot he is for leaving me, he'll be out flirting with other girls and trying to get with them.

But I'm sure, if he did have a girlfriend I'm going to do all I can to split them up, even if I have to go to drastic measures.

I shifted the bag in my lap and opened it up, there was only a few necessities in there, some make up, my passport and ticket, and of course a picture of him.

I pulled it out and stared at it, wow, he's got such a sweet smile. The kind that would make you melt like ice, the picture was of me and him, he had his arms wrapped around me and I had my head resting on his muscular chest, I remembered that day as if it was yesterday, it still felt warm from where he had his arms around me.

I leaned on the armrest and I drifted into thoughts about him and me, I could just imagine our lives once I find him, once I have him back in my grasp.

I was too lost in thoughts that I didn't even realize that the plane had landed and that all the passengers had walked off the plane.

"Excuse me, Miss Daniels" A flight attendant said taping me on my shoulder, "We have arrived at Magix airport".

"Oh, right" I said getting up from my seat and grabbing my bag, I slowly walked off the plane and towards the airport to collect my luggage.

Everywhere I looked there were happy couples, maybe in a few days I would be one of them, with his arms around me once again, just wait.

"You wait my love, I will find you and get you back" I whispered as I picked up my suitcase, "Just wait Brandon".

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