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Chapter 23: Loving You is What I Was Trying To Do.

Musa sat alone in the infirmary by Stella's bedside…well…what was Stella's bedside since it had been a good hour or so since the blonde disappeared in an act to get Brandon back, the other girls had all run off too to try and find her, while Musa suggested she stayed put in her room in case she returned there.

However she had heard nothing from her friends about her return, she kept on texting the other girls in hopes to find that one of them managed to find her, still every message that she got back on her phone told her that Stella was still missing.

It saddened her, Stella had been off the wire for months now, and this was her breaking point, she had to admit that she didn't get on too well with Stella, they bickered about the smallest things, but at the same time she was one of the best friends that she could ever imagine.

They both had a connection with each other that was too hard to sever no matter how strong their little tiffs got, Musa loved Stella like a sister, and seeing her in this state for months now had hurt her just as much as it hurt Stella.

It wasn't just that, it was also seeing her in Darcrainia, the way how her usual bubbly self just disappeared in a flash and changed into this bleak witch-like thing that only had one view on life, to destroy or be destroyed. That sight of Stella as this new person had been forever burned into Musa's head and she knew that she would never be able to forget that.

She brought her knees to her chest and sighed, she really did worry about her, and even more so know that she had no idea where she was. She just prayed that she would come through the door any moment now, completely unharmed and ok.

But Musa knew that was pretty much impossible, the storm had worsened and the rain was coming down even harder than before, she knew that in her current condition, Stella would not be able to survive.

Just then to her sheer amazement, the door opened and in stepped a bizarre sight, it was Brandon looking wet and cold with a very limp Stella who was wrapped up in what looked like Brandon's over shirt and she was asleep.

"Oh my Gods!" Musa cried out as she jumped up from her seat, "Quick put her on the bed!"

Brandon was already two steps ahead of her and had already lay Stella back down in the bed, Musa was surprised by this, she thought that Brandon would have left by now, but no, he was standing right in front of her watching her lifeless body with a worried look on his face.

He then looked at Musa in horror, "Well, what are you standing around for? Get the nurse!"

Musa was a little taken aback by Brandon's sudden outburst, still she didn't question him and nodded, then she raced out of the room to Ofelia's office to get help for her friend.

"What happened?"

Musa and Brandon were now standing outside of Stella's room waiting to be given the all clear to go back in; however both of them were very concerned since Ofelia had been in there for a good twenty minutes and nothing had happened yet.

Brandon sat opposite Musa and looked up when he heard Musa speak to him for the first time; he took in a deep breath and sighed miserably.

"Look, I don't want to talk about it" Brandon mumbled as he looked away from Musa.

Musa sighed, "Well something big must of happened, I thought you were leaving, it wasn't until Stella woke up that we actually believed that you could come back".

Brandon ran a hand through his brown hair, "What's there to say? I was going to leave, I had my mind set on living this place and going somewhere far away, I was going to do it but…she somehow managed to drag herself outside and…she started shouting at me, telling me that she's be miserable without me…but what really hit me hard is that she said that I lied to her".

Musa scoffed loudly, "I can see why she said that".

Brandon glared at her, "Look…the reason why I wanted to leave was to help her and I thought she would be angry with me still here, I tried to kill her, Musa. I didn't know if I could face her again after this, it wasn't until she told me that she was still in love with me that I finally realized her".

"You've only just realized that?" Musa snarled at Brandon, "She's risked her life and her power all to get you back, she's gone through months of agony because she was still in love with you and refusing to let go of her emotions for you, I lost count of the amount of times that I heard her crying because she wanted you back, she knew that this was all Helena's work and she never blamed you for a second, sure sometimes she said that she hated you but it was all fake, she was just lost in the moment and I have to say that she was pretty angry too. But at the end of it all she was the one that traced up to Darcrainia with no magic and tried to win you back without fighting you…wow; if that's not love then I don't know what is".

Brandon looked down at the floor again and clasped his hands together, "I really don't know what to say, Musa…look I need to go for a walk…I need to clear my head or something" He mumbled as he rose from his chair and walked towards the exit.

"Oh, yeah…that's it" Musa snapped at him, tears were in her eyes, "Go on, leave again…break her heart like you did to her a few minutes ago, I'm sure she'd love that".

Brandon tried to block out Musa's words as he walked towards the exit, he really didn't know what to think anymore, still his feet carried on moving him towards the door.

"You know what?" Musa began again, "Maybe she's in that state because you broke her heart, you broke her, Brandon! And now she might never wake up…how does that make you feel?"

Musa was interrupted when she heard the door opening to Stella's room, she and Brandon looked over when they saw Ofelia walking towards them.

"Is she ok?" Musa asked immediately.

"She's stable and asleep now" Ofelia began, "She was freezing though so it's taken a while to get her body temperature back up to normal. She's also still pretty weak from the whole ordeal in Darcrainia, who let her go outside in the first place?"

"There was a bit of a misunderstanding" Musa mumbled while glaring at Brandon.

"Well, I'll be in my office, you can go in and see her if you wish…make sure she doesn't leave again, she's in a very critical condition and I can't have her venturing outside in that weather" She told the two as she walked back towards her office.

Silence fell between the two once again; Musa looked over at Stella's room and then back at Brandon who had paused by the exit, she shook her head and crossed her arms.

"You can go and see her now" She told him, "You've got a choice Brandon, leave or do the right thing and go and see her".

Brandon didn't have to be told twice, he turned on his heel and raced towards Stella's door and closed the door immediately behind him, Musa sighed and leant back on her chair. At least he did the right thing this time.

She slowly took out her phone and sent a message to the rest of the girls, telling them that Stella was safe but not to come back to the infirmary, she knew that when Stella woke up she and Brandon needed to have a talk.

Brandon now stood inside of Stella's room at the foot of her bed and watched her sleep, her chest was rising a falling rhythmically and the whole pattern of it seemed to oddly enough soothe Brandon, as if to say that she was ok because she was breathing and sleeping very peacefully.

He slowly edged his way towards her and sat down in a chair close by and he watched her peaceful face, it was still covered with scratches and looked beaten up, but it was still perfect nonetheless.

His eyes skimmed down past her face towards her arms that were laying over the blanket covers, they were also in bad shape but what really caught his attention was her right wrist that was covered in a white bandage but still had a faint red mark peeking through it.


Brandon squeezed his eyes shut trying to prevent the tears from falling, it wasn't something that had to be spelt out for him, whatever kind of injury that was under that bandage he knew that he caused, it was painful knowing this and all of a sudden the memorise of why he tried to leave before all came flooding back to him.

He wanted to leave because he ruined Stella's life, who would want to be with someone after something like that happened, how could Stella even say that she still loved him when he tried to kill her, the scars on her body were a constant reminder for him.

It hurt his pride knowing that his body had been taken over by some witch, it was all his fault to begin with, if he had ignored Helena in the first place then none of this would have happened, heck, he would still be with Stella and happy at that, there would be injuries or memories like they both had now.

He wanted to leave again, he wanted to bolt out of that door and run, run as fast as his legs could carry him, he hurt Stella, their relationship had been ruined. He just couldn't face life knowing that fact anymore.

He rose from his chair again ready to leave when he saw something move, he looked back down at the bed and saw that Stella was stirring slightly and moaning in her sleep.

That little movement sent Brandon's mind into a hazy fog, he immediately sat back down and leant over Stella's bed and placed his hand over hers.

He felt and instant connection between the two, something that felt very familiar, like the first time he kissed her or the time when she accepted to go on a date with him. It was over powering and sent shockwaves all over his body.

He couldn't leave her after that.

Stella's hand started to stir underneath his and Brandon quickly slipped his fingers into her palm and squeezed her hand slightly, "Stella if you can hear me squeeze my hand" Brandon whispered to her, praying to feel some sort of response from her.

And he did, Stella's lifeless body soon started to awake as she replied by faintly gripping hold of Brandon's hand.

Tears started to well up in his eyes, his first instincts was to call for Ofelia, but he didn't want to, not yet anyway, when Stella woke up he wanted the first person for her to see to not be some doctor, but him.

Sure enough Stella's eyelids started to flicker and they parted. Stella's hazel brown eyes peeked through slightly as she groaned in pain.

"Brandon" She quietly mumbled and he immediately jumped up and leant over her.

"I'm here Stell…I'm right here" He told her as he rested his other hand on her shoulder, "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere".

Stella's eyes opened all the way this time, and as she adjusted to the light she also adjusted to something else that was in front of her and that made her hurt flutter.

The sight of her boyfriend in front of her that actually looked like he cared.

Stella's paused slightly and with her free hand she slowly reached out and touched his cheek faintly.

"It really is you" She whispered, "But…I thought you had gone".

Brandon shook his head, "I really don't know what came over me there…but I'm not going, I had to have it spelled out for me but I didn't realize how much you loved me and how much I loved you, I was trying to run away from everything that had happened but…I realized that you can't run away from things that happened in your past…you have to accept it and move on".

Stella took in every word that Brandon said and slowly nodded, "Good to see that you finally understand that" She mumbled.

"Stella, I really don't know how to apologize to you…I wish I never met up with Helena in the first place, if I didn't do that then none of this would have happened" Brandon mumbled looking down at the floor.

Stella then reached out and held onto his wrist, "It would have, Brandon. Helena had that hold over you the second we met by accident in Magix, ever since then she's been working her way back into your life through you and me, she came to Alfea to work me up and she spelled you to get you back".

She then slowly sat up, causing Brandon to immediately place a hand behind her back and help her sit up, "If anything I should be apologizing to you".

"How is that even possible?" Brandon asked.

"Well, Solaria was the one that brought down Helena's Mother, she was hell bent on getting revenge on me, and the fact that you were my boyfriend kind of motivated her even more to get revenge, she was going to steal you from me and when I was weak enough, attempt to steal my power" Stella explained, "Face it, if you weren't involved with me then you would have stayed safe in all this".

Brandon chuckled gently, "I guess we're both to blame in this".

Stella smiled, "Yeah…see it's not all of your fault".

Brandon then paused, "Hey, if we're blaming people I guess we can pin the blame on Helena's Mother, if she didn't try to take over Solaria in the first place then none of this would have happened".

"You know what? I like that idea better" Stella giggled.

Brandon smiled gently, "So…now that all of this is behind us, what do you say we get back together?"

"We never broke up Silly" Stella said to him, "Yes we might have told each other that we were through but we didn't mean it…well I certainly didn't mean it".

Brandon nodded, "Neither did I".

And with that he leant in and kissed Stella soundly on the mouth, "I love you, Stella; you're the light of my life".

Stella smiled back up at him, "I love you too Snookums".

After their little reunion, Brandon left the room to get Ofelia back in to do another check on her, he waited in the room upon Stella's request to make sure that she was ok.

He waited patiently as Ofelia flittered around Stella making sure that her drip was in securely and that her injuries were all properly covered up.

However to relive both of them, Ofelia found nothing drastically wrong with Stella and all over the injuries were healing up well. She was slowly on the road to recovery.

And to their amazement, Stella's magic had somehow changed again, they were all concerned that if she transformed I would go straight to her dark form, however after a few tests they all found out that after Brandon admitted that he still loved her in Darcrainia her magic had reformed back into its usual Sun and Moon power.

Once Ofelia left, Brandon took his place back by Stella's side and watched her get herself comfortable, "So, can you feel any pain or anything?"

Stella shook her head, "I could before but now I can't its like everything's healing up by magic, even my wrist doesn't hurt that much anymore".

Brandon smiled at her, "That's great, Stell, I'm happy that you're feeling ok now".

Stella nodded slowly, "Me too".

She then let out a dreamy yawn, "Wow, I'm tired".

"I'm not surprised" Brandon said, "You've been through a lot recently".

"And all that time I don't think I ever got a decent nights sleep" Stella admitted.

Brandon nodded at her bed, "What's stopping you? I won't mind".

Stella smiled at him, "Only if you're sure".

"I am".

"And promise me something" Stella whispered as she lay back down on her bed.

"What's that" Brandon murmured as he stroked the top of her head.

"Will you be here when I wake up?" She asked.

Brandon didn't have to think twice about his reply, "Of course I will, I want toy be the first thing that you see when you wake up".

Stella smiled at him, "I love you Brandon".

"I love you Stella".

And with that she slowly drifted off into a peaceful sleep, Brandon didn't let go of her hand once during this, he was pretty surprised by everything that had happened over these past few months, still not for one second, even though he was spelled and angry with Stella, he never stopped loving her.

Love hurts, it was painful and cut people deeply, but when you're sat by the person that you've loved for year and plan to love for the rest of your life, it's the best thing that could ever happen.

Because, what hurts the most about life is not some painful cut, its love, and when it's not hurting…it's the best thing in the world.

The end.

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