Until we meet again

A/N: This is the third part of my series; you don't have to read part one "Soulmate Lost" or part two "Always" to understand what happens here, I'll have a flashback ^_^ Takes place twenty years after "Always".

italic: Michiru's thoughts

normal: Spoken words or actions

It's over now. Michiru looked at the grave in front of her. No more enemies, Haruka. We defeated them all. Are you proud of me now? She let out a heavy sigh and put down the roses she had bought for her beloved. It had been twenty years since the day Haruka had died in the hospital. Michiru sometimes thought that she was "old"; she was almost forty, but she felt much older. She heard footsteps approaching behind her, but she didn't turn around. "Hey Michiru-Mama." came her adopted daughters voice from behind her. "Hey Hotaru." Michiru answered, finally turning around to face her daughter. Hotaru pointed at the gravestone that read "Tenou Haruka. She was like the wind." "You still visit her every week, Michiru-Mama?" Michiru nodded. "Yes, I do. It hurts everytime, but I don't want to stop." "I understand you." Hotaru told her. She placed her tulips on the grave, and both of them stood in silence, remembering the events that had led to Harukas death.

~~ Flashback ~~

"Haruka-Papa wins!" Hotaru exclaimed happily. "But Hotaru, the race has just started." giggled Michiru while watching her lover's car getting faster and faster, speeding past her contrahents. "But I know she will win." Hotaru announced proudly. Michiru just smiled at her "daughter" before turning her attention back to the race. Haruka sped past the leading car, conquering the pole position, when suddenly the tire of her car went off. The crowd screamed in shock when Haruka's car started to sling around wildly before it crashed into the wall next to the race track. "Haruka!!" Michiru screamed, running through the suddenly silent crowd and hurrying over to the crumpled car. Haruka was hanging over the steering wheel unconscious, blood flowing from her nose, mouth and ears. "Oh God!" Michiru started to cry. "Haruka, wake your eyes, please..." She looked around to see shocked faces. "Call an ambulance!" the aqua haired girl screamed. "What are you waiting for! Call an ambulance!"

The ambulance came too late. Michiru wiped a tear from her eye. Too late... Two days later, her beloved had died in the hospital. My true only love died. A sob escaped Michiru's lips. But I didn't betray you, Haruka. I never found someone again. I never loved someone like I loved you, and I will never do. "Are you thinking about her, Michiru-Mama?" Hotaru asked softly. "Yes." came Michiru's almost inaudible reply. A single tear ran down her face. I'll never forget you, Haruka. Hotaru took her mothers hand, and they started to leave the graveyard. I'll keep you in my heart. Until we meet again, Haruka. Until we meet again.