"You are NOT coming, Ginny!"

"Potter, hand me my socks, I don't like to travel without a clean pair."

Harry Potter glared at Ginny Weasley who stood in front of him, packing her bag with a face that showed no sign of irritation. Harry groaned and threw a bundle of socks at her. "Stop ignoring me!"

Ginny rolled her eyes, jumping on top of her trunk in attempt to close it. "I'm not ignoring you, now be a good boy and help me close this trunk."

Harry crossed his arms stubbornly. "I am not helping you, Gin. Why are you packing? I told you, already. You're not going!"

Ginny glared at him before storming out the room. Harry raised his eyebrows. That was too easy…

Ginny grabbed a peach of parchment and some ink before she start to write her letter.

Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I hope I am not disturbing you with this letter, but Harry has been so gladly to inform me about his mission. Well, actually I tortured it out of him, but it's all the same.

Anyway, I was wondering if I could accompany him on his journey, you see, I think Harry will need someone to keep his sanity, which would be me of course. Not Ron, he's too stupid and Hermione would drive him mad. Let's just say I'll just baby-sit him?

I'm also very useful too; I can count to one billion, cool huh? Sorry, where was I? Oh right, Harry. To be honest, I don't want to be separated from him, especially since he's going back in time, he might fall in love with his own mother for all I know! Besides, got to keep the ladies off of him, or Sirius for that matter…

I know this is a weird letter, but can I please go? I'll tell Mum when we reach there, if I told her now she would tie me to the bed and spoon feed me so that's out of subject.


Ginny Weasley

Ginny gave Errol the letter and watched him fly away. Ginny sighed before smiling satisfyingly to herself. Harry might've held her out on the war but he wasn't going to keep her out on this one.

After a few hours Errol was sitting on her bed, sleeping peacefully when Ginny stormed in. She gave the owl an apologetic grin before taking the letter.

Miss Weasley,

It is nice to hear from you Miss Weasley; you were not disturbing me at all. I admire your courage and spirit to go with Harry on this mission. I do agree with you. Harry can be a bit reckless sometimes. With this I grant you permission to go with Harry. He might not like it, but he needs a good friend to knock some sense into him once in a while.

I do not doubt your abilities either Miss Weasley. I trust you will use them wisely to help Harry on his mission? Not to mention he is becoming Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor which means you will be his assistant.

The Tuner leaves at 6 am sharp tomorrow.

Yours Sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore

PS: Oh, and I will appreciate if you didn't tell Molly. I will do that bit myself. She will not be happy at all. And tell Harry that I told him not to threaten to tell Molly about this or I will come down there myself and have my way with him.

Ginny grinned. She ran out the room with the letter in her hands to give Harry the wonderful news.

Ginny was chatting excitedly to Dumbledore as Harry walked in front of them, leading the way. Ginny had managed to get out of the house with all sorts of booby-traps Harry had set-up for her. As if stealing all her underwear would make her stay home.

They were standing in a field when benches and flowers planted around the bench. Ginny assumed this was the Turner seeing no-one would put a bench in the middle of wet soiled ground.

Dumbledore turned to Harry as they shared a briefed hushed conversation, Harry wasting glances at her occasionally which she returned with great retort.

Dumbledore grinned at the couple before offering them the bench which they took. Dumbledore made sure they were aware of the rules and specifically told Harry he wasn't aloud to kill Peter Pettigrew in advance.

"But sir, when we reach Hogwarts, how will you recognize us?" Ginny asked.

Dumbledore smiled. "No need to worry about such things. I believe my younger self is already informed with this information."

"Oh, ok." Ginny mused.

"Ah, it's about time. I hope you enjoy your trip!" Dumbledore exclaimed happily and before either Harry or Ginny could reply they saw the world 'rewind' itself.

Harry quickly collected himself, pulling Ginny up with him as he stood, much to her pleasure. "Let's get going. Breakfast's starting in the Great Hall."

Ginny sighed. "If we must…. Hey, are you going to carry me? I'm still tired…"

Harry snorted disbelievingly at her. "As if …"

Ginny pouted. "Come on, Harry. Please?!" Ginny huffed impatiently when he ignored her. "What in Voldemort's name have I done to you?"

Harry rolled her eyes before beckoning her over. "You do know you'll have to pay me back?"

Ginny grinned as she climbed upon Harry's back. "Sure thing Professor Potter!"


Harry rolled his eyes. Hogwarts here we come…