Ok, so you all must hate me now severely, but I will post a new chapter. I (Sirius mostly) have decided that I will continue to write this story! I'll probably update late this week, if you're lucky, but I will just mainly change the thought of Harry's main reason he went there….I've got something interesting…don't fret!

Sirius: yes…just like how you didn't update for 4 months after you said it would be 3 weeks…smooth…

Annie: Ok, so don't bother with him, but I'll give you guys a bit of a taste of what's supposed to be coming…


Remus walked through the hallways of the Astronomy Tower, Lily hadn't showed up after she dragged James out of the room for some 'alone time', Sirius taking note that he wouldn't return, wanting to throw a sleepover again.

He sighed, he had double work to do tonight, and it was like four nights before full moon. Hearing a noise and some various groans, he sighed; students out of bed. He set a good stride as he turned the corner and found Annie hunched up on the ground, staring blankly at the other wall.

He tapped her shoulder before sliding down next to her. "What are you doing up here? It's already past curfew."

She shrugged. "I always come here during the week before full moon. I like to feel the coldness of the wind. Refreshes the mind."

Remus smiled, shivering when a gush of wind passed through his shirt. "Why would you want to be in the cold and not in the warmth? That's kinda weird."

She offered him a sly smile. "Because every time I go to the warmth it burns be and the cool never hurts me."

Remus studied her and suddenly another wind passed by, her scent filling his nostrils as he suddenly smelled something he never thought he'd smell…


Ok, so that's a tiny winy bit of what's more to come, including, Sirius' party, Remus and Annie (Sirius; you and your perverted fantasies with my friend…what about me?!) Lily and James and some darkness.

And seeing I like to write humor better I think, seeing you lot like humor as well, I'll give you a hint that this story will e a rather joyous one and not an angst one…if you can't find the whole meaning behind what I just said, then no worriers, you will find out soon enough!

But now our farewell! Oh and thank you all for not like leaving me or haunting me down for not posting! Forgive me, I'm really sorry!

Sirius; she was!! But you're doing it only for me anyway so what the hell…