"Lily, take Harry and go! It's Him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off-" Shouted James as he pushed Lily into the room.

The sound of someone stumbling from a room, a door bursting open followed by a cackle of high-pitched laughter. Voldemort stood there with his wand in his hand.

"Not Harry! Not Harry! Please not Harry!" cried Lily.

"Stand aside, you silly girl ... stand aside, now!" he shouted.

"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-Not Harry! Please ... have mercy ... have mercy." Lily cried out but all he did was laugh. A firm cold voice shouted the killing curse as Lily potter fell with a little baby in her arms. The dark lord then moved on to killing the one he was here for.

His innocent emerald eyes stared into his blood red eyes as Voldemort directed his wand to the little figure.

"Avada Kadavra!" he shouted as a green light shot towards the baby but it bounced off and flew back to its caster. Voldemort slumped onto the floor and gasped. He felt most of his magic being drained out of him but he was sure he was still alive. The dark wizard looked towards the now crying baby and saw that he had come to no harm and only had a small scar shaped like a lightning bolt on his forehead.

"In there!" shouted a voice from outside. Voldemort quickly picked the baby up and aparated just before the aurors came in. Ever since that day, the people believed that Harry Potter who had unfortunately died along with the most feared wizard of that time vanquished The Dark Lord…

Albus Dumberdore paced in his office while he waited for his informant to return. After fifteen minutes of pacing the said informant dashed into the room. His greasy hair plastered to his face and he wore a smirk.

"It's true that he has gone Headmaster! The other Death eaters are running away but the ministry caught most of them. Some even said they were under the imperius curse and have no free will or what so ever to control their actions. They said that the Potter kid vanquished him but died too. Evans and Potter senior were killed too." He said spitting out the last two names.

"Yes I'm aware of the death of the Potters, Severus. Their death has lead us to a world of peace and we will be greatly thankful for this. Tomorrow, we will lead peaceful, calm lives. However, I have reasons to believe that Voldemort might not have died like you've said. We should continue to train our aurors to prevent any more dark lords from rising." Said Professor Dumberdore.

"Yes sir. For now, we shall rest." Said Snape as he left the room with a new feeling of freedom.


-Fifteen Years Later...-

His black cloak swept the floor as he moved towards this prey. His face was covered with a black mask that matched his jet black hair. Despite the cold, dark atmosphere, his smirk was clearly visible and his emerald eyes showed the pure determination in him. 'This guy is a death eater?!' he asked himself as he focused his eyes on the little form shaking in the corner.

"No! Please don't! Have mercy!" squeaked a voice from the pathetic excuse of a man.

"You have never been loyal to the dark lord. For this you shall be killed." He said as he pointed his sword at the man. "You disgust me. You no longer have any reason to live. Before you die I shall tell you one thing," he said as he bent down next to the man's ear. "The dark lord will rise again." He said before stabbing the man with his sword as he turned to walk away…