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The beginning

A sceptre spoken of in lore

And sealed away since days of yore

Unleashes it's forbidden power

And heralds Trodains darkest hour

Since times long forgotten, a forbidden scepter had lain sealed away in the castle of Trodain. Until one day, a mysterious Jester disturbed it's rest and freed the scepter from it's ancient bonds.

Using this scepters power, the Jester placed a horrid and spiteful curse apon the whole kingdom. In the space of a moment, the people were transformed into thorns and the land frozen in time. A dark cloud plunges the kingdom into constant darkness.

The King and his daughter, victim to the jesters test of power, were transformed into hideous beasts.

However, most curiously, the curse left one, and one person only, untouched...a young guardsmen...Now he must save his King and country and lift the shadow of the jesters evil curse

But, in recognition of their plight, the goddess above summoned another young man to aid the guardsmen on his quest to save his kingdom. A boy, who had lived through the most difficult of lives, but had came out on top. And the goddess always rewarded those who defeated the darkness...

The Journey of the cursed king has begun...


Harry Potter gave a small moan before opening his eyes. He glanced around him and couldn't help the sigh of annoyance as he noticed he was not where he had fell asleep last night.

He sat up and looked around him. His emerald eyes scanning for any danger. He was in a forest by the looks of it, but not one he was used to. He looked up to the sky and frowned. It was a beautiful clear blue, and considering it was late October yesterday, this was very very wrong.

He looked down and gave a thankful sigh at the sight of his staff and backpack. Ever since the defeat of Lord Voldemort two years ago, Harry had still continued on his travels, learning all the different types of magic that he could.

On his 16th birthday he had come into his full magical inheritance, and his magic level had shot up to rival that of Merlins. Dumbledore had taught him everything he himself knew, as had most of the other great masters of the world. He had been taught by the best of the best, and it all paid off.

Ever since the defeat of Voldemort, he had never been happier in his life before he started travelling the world. He had nobody to nag at him, no girls to obsess over him, and not a care in the world...

And he loved every damn minute of it!

After he had destroyed all of Voldemorts Horcruxes, he had immediatly went back to Hogwarts, arriving just as an attack led personally by the Dark Lord started. It was one of the most vicious battles he had ever fought, and he had fought quite a few learning from the other cultures around the world. He had taken Gryffindors sword and his staff and immediatly joined in the fray.

After almost half an hours worth of solid fighting, he had come face to face with Voldemort. And that's where it all went to hell. After all, a fight between the two most powerful wizards in the world wouldn't be anything below awe inspiring.

He had fought as hard as he could, he remembered Riddles face when Harry announced the destruction of his Horcruxes, he had went into an unimaginable rage and had attacked Harry with the most deadly of dark arts in his knowledge, and had almost succeeded in defeating him after he got clumsy and had a hole put through both his knees. But then something that Harry could never have imagined happened...

Voldemort taunted him, and then prepared to strike the final blow. Before he was hit with a killing curse from behind...

From Neville Longbottom...

Using this as his chance, Harry fired his own killing curse at the barely alive Dark Lord, after all: Neither can live while the other survives

Because of the prophecy, it was up to Harry to deliver the killing blow to the Darkest Lord in the history of the wizarding world.

He smiled fondly at the look on Nevilles face. It had practically scream 'OH-SHIT-I-HIT-THE-DARK-LORD-WITH-A-KILLING-CURSE!!'

The once pudgy boy had become a worthy advisery, as the deceased Bellatrix Lestrange would no doubt attest to had she been able to. But even Harry had not expected him to be that important in the final battle.

Of course after all that, with the death of Voldemort and all the death eaters (After all the Dark Mark was a rare form of soul magic, and with no Voldemort, they all died) It had not taken long for the Aurors, Hit Wizards and the Order to clear off the remaining dark creatures.

Then there was the whole award thing afterwords. Order of Merlin First Class, being declared as 'The Man-Who-Conquered' and all that other shit. He had stayed around for about a month after the Final Battle before buying some camping gear, emptying his entire Gringotts vault (Which was over sixteen million Galleons) and starting his travels around the world. Once again being taught the ways of different magic and cultures.

Blood Magic from the Vampires in Russia. Dark Arts from Germany. Martial Arts and Shadow Magic from Japan. Battle magic from America. Soul Magic and Necromancy from Egypt. You get the idea...

Harry ran his hand over his face as he took in his surroundings... wait something didn't feel right there.

He ran his hand over his face again, before he noticed what it was. When he did that usually he would feel the scar from his sword training on his right hand. Looking down he blinked.

There was no scar.

In fact, all his scars were gone.

He walked to a small pond that was nearby and glanced at his reflection

And gaped in shock

His face was no longer that of a war scarred twenty-one year old. He looked like he was around seventeen, his face was scar free and looked like an ordinary good looking youth. He gave a small laugh of wonderment, he now definatly knew he wasn't where he was when he went to sleep. In fact, he mused, he doubted he was on earth anymore, or at least an earth that he was familiar with.

He waved his hand and muttered 'Tempus' an stared at the results...

For the month, Date, month and Year there was a question mark. Yep now he was sure. It did however state it was Ten AM.

Harry looked around and noticed that all he had was his staff and backpack. Which held his money, clothes, food, drink and pipe with tabacco (a bad habit he picked up in America) and some other nick nacks. He had enchanted it to be enlarged, and able to hold a huge number of items, no matter size or weight, they fitted in the bag.

Sighing he picked up his staff. It was made of the wood from the Tree of Life, much to his shock and Ollivanders amusement. The creepy old wand maker had been practically dancing with delight when Harry asked for a custom staff. It stood at around six foot tall, about three inces smaller than himself. The crystal was very rare indeed. It was a mixture of a very dark purple crystal that belonged to Salazar Slytherin, and the other, was a calming light blue, which was beleived to be the great Merlin himself. Both crystals were fused together, looking like they had vines holding each other together, but the power was unmatched.

Harry spun it in a circle three times and murmered Zeigen Sie mich nächste Zivilisation Which basically meant 'Point me Nearest Civilisation' in German. It was a handy spell, as the Germans recently discovered how to get the results by speaking what they wanted. Ingenious really.

A small whisp of green smoke appeared stating Farebury and pointing somewhere towards his left.

Sighing he picked up his bag and started walking. He had a feeling that he was in for a long few months...


Harry passed through the gates into the town of Farebury. He had been shocked to be attacked by some weird creatures on his way here, some slime like looking things, as well as a striped cat, and a weird slug like thing with huge lips.

He looked around the square he had stepped into and grimanced. Most of the townsfolk were looking at him in interest, no doubt thanks to his long black robe with his hood currently pulled up.

He walked forwards on the cobbled path. He noticed some stairs to his right leading up to the higher level, but he decided to go forwards, it looked like the town centre was just up ahead.

He spotted a small building that had a sign stating 'INN' on it. Deciding to dump some of his stuff of he made his way in.

An arabic lookin man with a orange turbing greeted him.

"Welcome to our inn Sir, how can I help you this morning?" He asked kindly

Harry gave him a small smile and replied "I'm new around these parts, and I was looking for a place to stay for a while"

The man gave a warm smile "Then you are very welcome here in my Inn, the cost is only 12 gold coins per night, is that alright?"

Harry frowned a bit, remembering they no doubt used different money here. What was the point in having millions of galleons when here they were worthless?

He reached into his money bag, and deciding to try Griphooks suggesting (He had told him that a gobling charm was placed on the bag, and he need state only the currency he needed) and thought...

To his shock, he pulled out the coins. They were around the size of a british pound, were gold and had a G on them. He handed 90 over to the man

"That should be enough for the week, keep the change" Harry smiled

The man beamed at him "Thank you very much sir, now, let me see" He looked around behind Harry before calling "Emma!"

A young girl wearing light green maids robes came over "Yes sir?"

He pointed to Harry and replied "Please take our guest to his room, here is the key" He handed it over

"Yes sir" She replied, she turned to Harry "If you would follow me Sir"

She led him upstairs to a corrider, which had doors ligned up on both sides. She stopped outside the door with a number 4 on it, and let him in. She gave him the key and left him.

He looked around the room and smiled. It had a soft cushy looking single bed, with a side drawer, a mirror, a bookeshelf, a wardrobe and a Table.

He laid his bag down on the table and wandered over to the bookshelf. He decided to have a look at where he was.


Harry was deep in thought.

He was definatly right, he was no longer in his own world. Judging from the fact that there were only about four continents, and about five islands. It was small, but it was unique in his mind. Looking at the map he had he was currently on the continent in the North East. There were a few other towns and even a kingdom nearby. Deciding it to be for the best to stay in Farebury for a while, mainly because he did not no the dangers of this world, or what to expect.

Standing up, he went outside to have a look around the small town.

He spotted a large stall opposite the Inn with a shield sign on it, which he learnt meant armour and shields, he headed there to see what there was.

It was another man in an orange turbin, orange underclothes and a purple jacket that greeted him. This one however looked younger than the man at the Inn.

"Welcome to the armour shop, What can I do to help you?" The man asked

Harry shook his head "I'm just browsing"

The man nodded his head "Well we have some of the usual stuff a novice traveller may need" He pointed to a pile of blue robes with a cape "This for example, Wayfarer's clothes, these are beloved by travellers across the world. We also have some of the leather armour, leather shields and even a leather helmet"

Harry nodded his head in thanks and walked off to his right, to where the town centre was. He spotted two stalls with a Wing sign on them, Item shops. He headed under the archway and smiled at the small fountain where a group of young children were playing with the water.

It was nice to see children acting so young, after the war the children in Britain had...well lost their innocence.

He headed up the stone steps to see what was up on the higher level. He immediatly spotted the two crossed swords sign, the weapons shop, he may need to go there sometime in the future

He looked to his left and spotted the church. As he had read, Religion played a very important factor in this world. They did not have a god, but a goddess. The sign for the church was similar to that of a candle holder, the one that held three of them.

He strode down the street between the houses, and spotted a sign with a mug of beer and an arrow pointing round the corner

Harry grinned, he just HAD to know what the drink in this world was like. He quickly made his way into the pub.

It was around 9-ish now he guessed, the sky was red with the setting sun, and the darkness of night was steadily growing.

The pub was full of people, and Harry couldn't help but grin. These people were all very friendly by the sounds of things, he doubted that pub brawls were common in this world.

He made his way to the bar and took a seat. The bartender came over, he had a long nose, and was wearing red robes

"Good evening Sir" He spoke with what sounded similar to a French accent "What can I get you?"

Harry gave a small laugh and replied "What have you got?"

The bartender gave him the names of all the available drinks, it was mainly beer or whisky. He smiled and asked for a beer, since the man next to him had one, he could't help but want to try one.

He was sitting sipping his beer when an argument between the two people next to him broke out. They weren't yelling just talking loudly to try and get their point across

"...I am telling you Kalderasha, I know your secret, but why? you are making yourself more miserable every day, do you think what you are doing is right?" The old man asked. He had short white hair and a scruffy beard. He was talking with a man with long black curly hair.

"What business is it of yours?" The man, Kalderasha, he guessed, retorted. He had a strange accent, like russian, or gypsy. He didn't really know

"Kalderasha you are only hurting yourself more by doing this. And what of Valentina? What of your daughter? How do you think this is effecting her?" He replied pleadingly

Kalderasha stood up "I do not have to listen to your thoughts, it is my decision to make. keep out of my business Master Rylus" He drained his pint and left.

The old man, Master Rylus, shook his head sadly, before turning to Harry.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise

"Well, I do not think I have saw you around these parts" He smiled

Harry shook his head "No sir, just got here this morning"

He gave a small smile "And I see that your in full control of your magic, most curious"

Harry choked on his drink and looked around, before narrowing his eyes at the old man "Excuse me?"

He chuckled and patted his shoulder "No worries lad, I can sense these things. For I myself am a sorceror"

Harry raised an eyebrow "If you don't mind Sir, I beleive we should talk in somewhere more private"

The man nodded "Very well, meet me at my house, it is the one next to the Inn" He drained his glass, stood up and left.

Harry gave a grin to himself, he of course knew that the magic of this wold was very different to his own, and he needed to learn as much as he could. If Rylus was indeed a sorceror, he could teach him quickly.

Later Harry was sitting in Master Rylus's house, having just spent the night telling him of his magic, his life, and other such stuff. Rylus had been very interested in hearing about his world, and impressed with the knowledge he had. They stayed up until around sunrise, comparing theories of Harry's magic and Rylus's magic.

"Yes I can see you are powerful, and there is something about you that makes me feel as though you will play an important role in the future"

Harry groaned "After Voldemort I do not need anymore hero adventures"

Rylus laughed heartily "Well, in either case, I would be willing to teach you, but alas, it is a four year apprentiship, and I fear that I will not be around that long"

He gave a sigh "Something is about to happen, I can feel it, like a shadow that is looming before me, a darkness waiting to strike"

Harry nodded his head, before his eyes widened. Of course!

"Master Rylus, seeing as we don't have that time, would you be willing in allowing me to do a small spell? It is from my own magic, and it will copy your knowledge you have from your mind, and plant it in mine"

Rylus nodded his head "Yes, that would indeed work, it is only knowledge correct?"

Harry nodded "Yes, the spell cannot transfer anything else, such a memories, thoughts, feelings etc etc"

Harry grabbed his staff and close his eyes, Rylus watched in awe as his magic began to swirl and pulse around him. He opened his eyes a Rylus was shocked to see they were pure white, glowing brightly. He pointed his staff at him and thundered in a powerful voice

Knowledgus Existo Colligo Fieri Una! (Borrowed from 'In light of silver memories' by Taliath)

A Large burst of white light exploded from the end of his staff, and flew directly to Rylus's head, it enetered and a few seconds later flew back out into Harrys head, carrying with it a long stream if sliver mist.

There was a small boom sound when the last strand of silver entered, and Harry fell back unconscious. Rylus could only wait until he awoke.

Harrys sub conscious was weaving through the newly acquired knowledge.

He knew healing spells, that could heal from scratch to fatal

He could cure the effects of poison, sleep and paralysis

He could call and control fire, even the blazing flames of the underworld, and even create enormous fireballs

He could call down powerful thunderbolts

He could skewer enemies with a hail of sharp icicles

He could blast enemies with incredibaly violent explosions

He could confuse, poison and paralyse enemies

He could make shields of magic, so stong they could even repel physical attacks

He could call and control whirlwinds

He could send enemies into the afterlife

It was amazing, the old man knew a lot of magic. He was also a master in almost all types of weapons. Swords, spears, bows and arrows, hammers, staffs, whips, boomerangs, scythes, clubs, knives and even hand to hand!

It was almost three in the afternoon that Harry awoke. He stare around blearily trying to sort out his thoughts. He was glad he had learned occlumency, or he would be one pissed off guy with a major headache.

He sat up and looked around, he was still at Master Rylus's house by the looks of things. He spotted a note on the table


Gone out, have heard most disturbing rumour, well done with success on spell, I will see you tomorow


Harry shook his head and made his way outside. Now that he had the knowledge of the monsters, and how to fight them, he decided that he would have to start exploring. He would probably leave soon. First he had to go get a sword...


Harry woke up in a daze. It was almost three weeks since he's arrived in the small town, and he was still at the Inn. Why the hell had he woken up at this time of night?

He was answered by the sounds of screams coming from outside, he could hear the crackle of fire, and smell smoke.

He quickly grabbed his staff and newly acquired coppor sword.

He rushed outside the Inn and looked to his left, and he paled

Master Rylus's house was ablaze, and was collapsed. He knew instantly that his new friend was dead.

He growled when he heard a high pitched laugh, a cackle, like a jesters. He looked up and paused at what he saw.

It WAS a jester, but not one he would ever expect to see. He was wearing a red and purple striped jesters clothes, with little balls hanging from the end of the tails. He had yellow trousers with knee high black boots. But it was his face that made Harry pause

His skin was a dead clammy grey. There were two red lines going down over his eyes. And his hair was long and to the shoulders, a silver colour. He had a terrible smile on his face, one that was usually saw on the face of an insane man.

In his hand he held a scepter, brown, the top of which had a ravens head holding a pulsing dark red jewel in it's beak.

Harry clenched his jaw when he saw the aura of this...thing. It could be called nothing else, the aura was a disgustingly dark and evil reeking purple, almost black.

"Such a Pity" He said in his high sounding voice "Such a pity, that one so knowledgeable had to die"

Harry stepped forward, and the jesters attention turned to him.

"Ahh now who do we have here?" He asked, his insane grin still on his face. He looked at his staff and his grin grew wider "Another staff user?, how interesting"

Harry kept his face blank "You are the one who murdered Master Rylus?" He question coldly.

The jester threw his head back and laughed "No, I did not 'murder' him as you so kindly put it" He grinned "I did however start the fire that did!" He laughed loudly again.

He was caught off when Harry's aura pulsed, it was a bright white.

The jester looked curiously at him, he was mumbling to himself but everyone could here him.

"One with such power, could be considered a threat, I sense the boys seen a lot" He frowned at him.

Harry merely raised his hand, pointed it to the jester, and fired off a burst of icicles.

The jesters eyes widened, and he quickly but up a purple shield of magic, which the icicles bounced harmlessly off of.

He looked down in anger at him, before firing a ball of black magic from his hand.

Harry threw his own white ball, causing both to cancel out.

"So tell me, jester, do you have a name?" Harry inqured coldly, throwing a few medium sized fireballs at the jester.

The jester dodged his attack and replied "I am Dhoulmagus" Before throwing a large ball of dark energy back at him.

Harry tapped his staff on the ground, and with a woosh of magic a light blue shield sprang up in front of him, blocking the ball of energy. Dhoulmagus? He knew that Rylus had taught him magic at one point, he mentioned it the night before. It didn't make any sense.

Dhoulmagus growled before he raised his arm again, before he paused suddenly, he looked tense.

"I cannot waste my time with you, I have more important things to be doing" He fired a quick pulse of magic which threw Harry back into the Shield stall, Harry crashing through it.

The jester gave a final cackle before he faded away.

Harry sat up and hissed, he spat the blood out of his mouth and glared at where the jester was.

The hunt was on...

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